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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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What do you guys think of the annual Dream Diary Fangame Jam on Tumblr? Are any of you participating? If so, what are your projects? And have you seen any good fangames come out of it? Any favorites?


Game Jams are universally shit.


Dislodge the stick in your ass. Good things occasionally come out of Game Jams. You don't need to throw a fit every time somebody uses your trigger word.


>Good things occasionally come out of Game Jams
Such as? I genuinely believe no fangame ever produced on those things has had any relevance outside those jam circles.


iirc didn't .flow start out as sort of a game jam thing on 2ch?


All we got going from that was an interview that was deleted. I can't really check sources and the veracity of the claims at the moment.


You might be right when it comes to Yume Nikki fangames specifically, but otherwise there are loads of good ones. Toilet in Wonderland was a Jam game if I recall correctly.



Like, "only played the original game and didn't finish it" familiar? Or "I watched a Masada AMV once" familiar?


I'm very jealous they can make games and I can't so I hate them all, I give them the cold shoulder like woooooosh: ded - you can't hang with me and my uboaers, you wish man. Don't need that Tumblr shit either, hoe please, I see yo ass fixing my powerline when our storm comes.


>Good things occasionally come out of Game Jams
Um, no faggot. You seem to be the one getting miffed. Your example doesn't hold up because I did some digging, and the viprpg FESTIVAL, is not subjected to game jam rules. They only share the most superficial similarities and can't be equated. First of all, there is no set theme or genre, and second of all, from what I could find, there is no time constraint on the total development time, just a submission deadline. Even if there is a rule against releasing a game that you have been working on for a long time, the time given is at least a month or so from when contests are entered. Game Jams are near universally with a 48 hours only or some other stupid, tiny time constraint for the entire development. There's often also some contrived theme. The problem with that is that it makes game development a speed competition rather than something done out of passion and a desire to express ideas. The end result is a flood of pumped out shit.
>● Schedule
>04/16 entry acceptance commencement
>04/21 work submission acceptance commencement
>05/03 work release · afterwards late occasional work release
>05/20 entry acceptance end
>05/31 submission submission · main body renewal >acceptance end
>06/01 update end planned
>● Conditions of participation
>· It must be a work produced in the Tsukule series. MV works are also welcome!
>· Or, it must be a tool work related to Mokuru series.
>· Only one entry per one person will be accepted.
>· Multiple game files Included in self-responsibility.
>· Genre is irrelevant. Anything from royal road RPG to underground story OK


For comparison, here's the yummydickijam rules.
>Jam runs from June 1st, 12:00am EST to June 28th, 11:59 EST. You can plan out your game all you'd like before then, but you can't work on it until June 1st hits.
>Late entries are accepted up to 5 days after the jam, however, you must contact me so I can add them in on the jam page.
>You can work by yourself or on a team, and you can make as many games as you can participate in.
>The game can be a demo or a full game. For traditional Yume Nikki Fangames, it has to fall under the requirements of a v0.00 (see "Completion Goals" for more details). Yume Nikki is still in v0.10!
>You can make your fangame any genre you'd like, don't feel constrained to horror.
>You can use any engine you'd like. The RPG Maker series is suggested for a traditional fangame, but traditional Yume Nikki fangames have been made on other engines as well.
>Keep your game rated M or lower. You can add explicit content after the jam if you really want to.
Just reading through a bit of this blog makes me compulsively jet out a torrent of bile.


Those are the actual rules? The fuck? How do they expect anything even halfway decent to come out of that?


I could wipe my ass with the keyboard and they'd still probably accept what comes out of that. Consider me fucking converted.


File: 1525902309623.jpg (46.89 KB, 719x720, consider.jpg)

Dream Diary Jam my ass, I'll tell you what that is about, the event is nothing but life support for the already dead YN fanbase in Tumblr, and a desperate attention tactic from the admmin.

Oh yes, because a bunch of amateurs who can't even finish their main games rushing a release is a great idea.

RPG Maker Game Jams are cancer, we're talkingg about beginners here, what you get in the end is 30 shitty bugged YNFG demos, as if we didn't have enough of that!

I mean have these fuckers seen the wiki? It's full of shitty games, don't do this to yourselves, stop the jams and let the newbies work at their own pace and improve before introducing even more crap to the lists.

>Keep your game rated M or lower.

That's one fucking random rule to have.


>Keep your game rated M or lower.
You're telling me I have to get rid of all the graphic lesbian sex scenes in my Yume Nikki fangame? I'm hurt.


Post it here, we don't judge


Doesn't actually exist but it might one day (as a one-off gag or something).


File: 1525918018254.jpg (66.95 KB, 850x850, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_d….jpg)

That actually sounds really cool. Sex scenes in addition to other events. Imagine a Poniko one. Flip the switch too many times and she, "punishes", Mado.


Was thinking the regular Nikki girls and maybe some fangame characters could function like effects, and you need to *find* 'em all to get the ending.


>That's one fucking random rule to have
It reduces the possibility of accidentally triggering someone

You're allowed to put that stuff in after the jam "if you really want to" >>13007
I don't think you can resubmit it/update it next year though.


There needs to be a token hetero sex scene/tender loving embrace between Masada and Mado.

And one where she gets graphically raped by kyuukyuu-kun, who is reimagined as the fattest, sweatiest, filthiest, ugliest fucker from absolutely any hentai doujin ever.


How do I delete posts from my memories?


File: 1525967801282.jpg (179.56 KB, 1242x1848, mbbw3vnvish01.jpg)

I'm just saying. Any Yume Nikki based dating sims could only be accurate if they're as fucked up as School Days or worse.

Mado fucks girls for fun, pays the price for her infidelity, and learns that her only true love is a Martian beta.


That's gay and dumb. Fuck the uguu martian man.


File: 1525975067649.jpg (102.93 KB, 500x440, fuckinglol.jpg)

>It reduces the possibility of accidentally triggering someone
mfw somewhere, someone is thinking like this unironically.


People that sensitive shouldn't play horror games. ESPECIALLY not Yume Nikki, where you can extract all kinds of horrible messages and themes from it.


File: 1525978144508.jpg (123.33 KB, 400x299, ito-doll.jpg)

Those are the types of people who think horror is only about some amorphous force or supernatural, totally disconnected from reality creature hunting people down and light gore. They are too blinded and shallow to appreciate the non-superficial aspects of horror. There has to be something real, psychological, and potent about it. Feeling real dread is practically the same as being, "triggered".


are horror game fans seriously needing to filter gore?


File: 1525984814778.jpg (392.74 KB, 1084x1280, 89ba5e35d6e4e4361bfdf4b3af….jpg)

>fuck the uguu martian man
Gladly. With Kyuukyuu-kun.

I'm not being serious about this you know?

I wouldn't be surprised. Most horror RPG games aren't extremely as visceral as the more common stuff, so I'd imagine it could probably breed a mentality like that. Ib, Off, Ao Oni, The Witch's House, and many more can't really be considered "blood and guts" type of horror. Mermaid Swamp is probably the most "extreme" only cause of the mermaid's corpse, which is likely the reason why no one plays it. Witch's House and Ib both have lots of fun ways to die, but none to suffer really, there's no body horror or agony. Ellen's body isn't super detailed, and the monsters are all invisible or kinda grainy. Misao and Mad Father were also obviously toned down in later updates.

Generally most RPG horrors, from my experience, are mostly just games to "spook" you with the ambience and occasional jumpscare (and that especially is falling out of fashion. There are tons of Tumblr posts with trigger warnings regarding jumpscares and some are even trying to justify the lack of them because they're too easy. Yet they must certainly be effective for you to not want to see them anymore.) There's nothing really nauseating or truly fear inducing. Just a vague sense of eeriness that barely passes. I guess that's why they so adamantly clain YN as a horror game, so they won't have to play something super disturbing.


File: 1526004896619.png (372.37 KB, 799x1056, 2016-01-14-801948.png)

I'll put up a thread somewhere else if this actually enters development, for now I'll try not to derail the topic.

>Mermaid Swamp is probably the most "extreme" only cause of the mermaid's corpse, which is likely the reason why no one plays it.
Sad because that's one of the better ones.

I would still classify YN as a horror game in the absolute strictest sense (spooky wooky ooky), but it's so clearly and obviously different from every other horror game that I 100% understand why people try to distance it from that label.

I don't understand how people that sensitive to gore and shit even tolerate these games. YN and Witch's House both have horrible tearjerker endings, wouldn't THAT scare them off if they're so emotionally immature? Like, what do they actually like about them that doesn't set them off?


File: 1526006219931.png (118.34 KB, 400x550, tumblr_inline_o8gxj44QXp1t….png)

It's the quirky/eccentric/edge factor. The one thing greater than their sensitivity, is their obsessive desire to be unique and special. These games have a female protag, are outside of the mainstream, and have oh so relatable themes about depression and isolation. It's easy for them to project on blank slates like Mado. Tumblr culture glorifies mental illness in a way that is far more harmful than making jokes. That's why a lot of tunblr ocs cut themself for example. I don't know, it's just part of their grotesque, circle-jerking, self-pity loving culture.


File: 1526041366664.png (532.41 KB, 1500x1500, 62602614_p0.png)

>and have oh so relatable themes about depression and isolation.
Yeah I remember the time I switched bodies with a witch that killed me. And the time I jumped off of an impossibly tall balcony and turned into a tiny puddle of blood that two jellyfish men proceeded to dance over. #relatable #feels


You forget just how fucked up Tumblr is. They tried to drive an artist to suicide just because she didn't draw their landwhale waifu as morbidly obese as they wanted. There are several individuals on there who can somehow "kin" with William Afton, the pedophiliac serial killer from the FNAF games, all because he's hot and has a British accent, and when called out about the fact that they sexually identify with a child murderer, they backpedal and say "Well, the voice of him in my head is REALLY SORRY he raped and murdered those children" and with the same breath go on and condemn anyone who jacks off to any sort of loli/shota porn to a violent and painful death. Even having an anime girl icon on there is liable to get you death threats.

They aren't really affected by this shit. They're just looking for anything, ANYTHING to pretend to get offended by. And if they find even one, small specimen that they can't consider politically correct, regardless of whatever it is, they'll pretend to be outrageously offended and make a big stink out of it, rally a mob of likeminded individuals, and demand that the creator slit their own throat, all just because they enjoy the attention they get from it and for looking like a champion of social justice.

It's a big gross masturbatory circlejerk of self-righteousness. The RPGMaker fandom isn't exempt. There are people on Tumblr who cry heresy and pretend to have panic attacks and sic their carefully cultivated cult of personality onto anyone who dares suggest the Urotsuki might not actually be a demigendered rabbitkin sapiosexual translesbian. Same people despise the bathing suit Urotsuki wallpaper and actually edit the game to remove it.

However, there are other who will absolutely disregard anything that might NOT be considered politically correct, so long as it's in something they like or by someone they like. Then it can do absolutely no evil. No one gets pissed at defending a literal pedophile in LISA, no one cares about rape in Yume Nikki (though they justify it as being a product of fake fans' imaginations), Off has child abuse that they actually joke about, etc. And that bullshit fake 'sequel' to Space Funeral gets a pass on all of it's awful, and actually kinda bad tasting joke racism because of trans Busby, who was only in it because the author is a freaky futa fetishizing furry. They at least turned 180 on their opinions about Middens and Gingiva when allegations against Clowder surfaced.

'Sympathetic' might be better than 'relatable'. I still don't think they sympathize though, not for the right reasons. They probably only like YN for it's 'quirkiness' and the fact that you can kill people without consequence, and they can project their lesbian desires onto Poniko. They mostly ignore the fact that Mado probably suffers with depression and suicidal thoughts and kills herself at the end, although they can at least pretend to understand, since they all claim to be suicidally depressed as well, even if they aren't really, they can at least claim they "know what it feels like". They don't care about Ellen's horrible plot because Viola is just so cute. There's probably a component of justifying selfishness there. And there are many who love Mary from Ib too, because they kin with cute girls and want to be yanderes.

Admittedly what got me into YN was the depression bit and being able to sympathize with thoughts of suicide, due to being in a fairly awful place in my life. It probably wasn't the best thing for me at the time but still. And Ellen I can probably sympathize more with due to having chronic illness. That still doesn't justify what she did though. How they can actually excuse her actions (or rather, refuse to acknowledge them) is beyond me.


I hate Toomblr! I think Toomblr is bad! ⊙) Look at my valuable hot take that is not at all shared by the rest of the website everybody! My time is of such great use writing about how bad Toomblr is, lol gettin' triggered up in there. shiet


File: 1526064229870.gif (10.06 KB, 96x96, Retaliation.gif)

Somehow I'm reminded of this time some random kid tried to call out a YN artist because the latter drew amongst other things, "minors in suggestive poses" (aka drew Wadanohara simply sitting down with crossed legs), and Wadanohara gored up.

While having a .flow icon. And having apparently liked Me. And runs a Yume 2kki blog.


>undercover tumblrfag
That's the only reason you would have a problem with tumblr being shit-talked. Only people who are butthurt complain about people writing about things. The purpose of this board is to discuss things, that includes the nuances of why tumblr isn't a good site. It's interesting and engaging. If you actually wanted to discuss anything, you would ignore threads with topics you have no interest in and make your own. Based on the way you write alone, you are a newfag. You need to go back.


Simply epic


Yeah, a two word, "snarky", response is all you can come up with.



File: 1526070049251.jpg (170.32 KB, 890x890, cirno.jpg)

ITT: Faggot tumblr invaders butthurt because we don't like their shitty attention grab event that messes up new developers' learning pace.

Why are you even here? Just continue talking trash about your fellow devs in anonymous confessions and let us be.


Fake News


File: 1526071393595.png (265.89 KB, 629x434, wilypalm.png)

>giving a faggot attention
For fuck's sakes.
Back onto the topic in question: I don't see the point of a jam when it comes to yn-like/surrexploration games, mostly because despite how easy is to come with the base games, due to general community expectations (read: you're supposed to do the graphics/music yourself, come up with new characters and copypaste event characters since 99% of all "Yume Nikki fangames" have less to do with YN itself and more to do with donut steels doing their own thing), it takes away a lot of time that could go on a different gameplay direction/twist (which is in a way, part of what would make a game jam remotely interesting). Add this to typical tumblr behavior as Yume Nikki is one of those games that attract your average tumblarina and you only get trash.


File: 1526074137703.png (169.12 KB, 600x600, 2010-07-14-302709.png)

>literal pedophile in LISA
Shit, reminds me that I need to play that soon. Probably after Oneshot.

I was just joking with the #relatable post. I agree with everything you said. Beautiful. Two things though:

1. What was Middens's creator accused of? Haven't heard about this but I'm honestly not surprised. He's a weird dude.

2. Thanks for scarring me for life with the knowledge of that Space Funeral ""sequel"". Was wondering what all that tranny Bubsy shit was but I guess now I know.


File: 1526075544455.gif (6.21 KB, 96x96, Purblind.gif)

Guy apparently has been in some sexual convos (complete with nudes?) with a 16 year old that was also suicidal and needed his help DESPITE him being ill-prepared to deal with a tumblarina which I am 80% sure posted here under the name Meri. Last I checked, more could be found in http://clowdergate.tumblr.com. However the lack of actual logs (which all the aforementioned happenings had under skype so it's not like you couldn't get skyperious to provide the logs somewhere for download and access or give the FULL pastebin logs or even give footage of you opening that and censor the aforementioned nudes) and the very fact that rather than contacting the police first with the logs rather than making a mere tumblr callout blog does NOT help their case. However, Clowder went MIA, not even replying or making posts on the Where They Cremate The Roadkill kickstarter (game got released and someone else handled the posts) around the same time the accusations began to pile up, which doesn't help his side of the story.


Gonna pre-emptively assume guilty on that one cuz the guy was always super nutty.


His reaction to a more negative review on RMN.net certainly doesn't help.


File: 1526077972703.png (90.89 KB, 500x522, ifuckinglold.png)

I fucking lol'd


and the original icon was a plate of spaghetti and a cat as a banner.


We'll see what games come out of it. Some good concepts last year, but nothing really refined afterwards I don't think.

Also, isn't the "18+ rule" just so they can get it featured on itch.io without getting removed or something?


>Also, isn't the "18+ rule" just so they can get it featured on itch.io without getting removed or something?
Well, that's fuckin dumb. There's other places to host files. It's not worth restricting what people can put in their game. I haven't heard of itch before, but from what you've said, and the two seconds I looked at it, it's bad.


File: 1526102868450.png (40.85 KB, 518x587, 1425845286004.png)

Why are all the major indie distribution sites such pussies about sex and nudity? I think Gamejolt is the only one that allows it. What bullshit.


File: 1526141100929.png (41.21 KB, 692x840, fags.png)

Look, they noticed. It's pretty ironic they act like victim when they're the ones talking trash about us(and about themselves) all the time.


This is a respectable and polite post with absolutely no victim complex


I don't even care what bullshit they say about themselves, but it really annoys me when they legit think we're some sort of /b/
and actually care enough to make shitty games to ""bully"" them. Seriously, where does this stupid meme come from? ubuu is probably in the top 3 of chillest chans out there.


File: 1526142838615.png (248.13 KB, 262x224, 8de.png)

>leisure suit larry of fangames
Yo, Mado Lesbian Dating Sim guy >>13012
, you're free to work on it anytime now.

Make sure you include Tatsuki from Debris so we can get some epic scissoring going on.

Keeps the TRIGGERS down and lawsuits out.

You know how it is these days. Amazon got rid of their badly written erotica section, Reddit's cracking down on NSFW content, and Craigslist banned personals, among other lame shit.


File: 1526143136723.jpg (81.38 KB, 401x385, away.jpg)

Let's break this up so they can stop being so paranoid, there seems to be many myths about this site merely because it uses imageboard software.

>Should we be worried? Right now I'm scared that they're going to flood it with a load of garbage troll entries.

That's flattering themselves a bit too much and pretty contradictory, the thing we've been complaining about is PRECISELY garbage entries that end increasing the list of shitty YNFGs.

How they will tell the difference between their average garbage RTP broken game with MS Paint recolors and an actual troll entry is beyond me.

So to make it short, we're not some kind of boogeyman of the internet that organizes doom while you sleep, we don't do raids or hackatons, so you can be calm now.


>I'm scared they will flood us with troll entries
Yeah, zero percent


Yeah maybe in the question itself, which is fucking anonymous and could be anyone, I meant the actual response which is what I thought we were referring to here.


File: 1526144138356.png (24.02 KB, 1130x428, 0000000abc.png)

Hold on…YNDD fangames dude, does that game have fans?


File: 1526144389244.png (58.66 KB, 200x240, Get me out.png)

Man, the unwarranted self importance is sure showing on that anon.
There's over seven billion people in the world. There will always be shit taste and people will be fans of things even if it is unironically crap.


That's a suprisingly reasonable response. I wonder who's, "working undercover", though. Now that the idea has been implanted in my head, i'm tempted to make a gag entry.


Also, game rating are pretty arbitrary in general and up for interpretation. Ultimately, they're harmful to creators. Everybody intentionally tones down their content to stay within that viable selling range. The rule could have been no hardcore sexual content, but instead, they chose this vague standard. None of the games mentioned in the response have, " horror", grade gore, as in extreme mutilation or body horror. Those two things are part of horror. They can be overused sure, but fully resticting them is shooting creatives in the knee caps.
Games have also been given the ao rating for having violence that's too psychologically disturbing. Saya no Ura for example is definitely within that range.


I've had RPG Maker 2003 open for a while with no work done, but it's definitely getting made now. Suggestions welcome.


Isn’t a gag entry just an entry anyway, it just has a different intent than the others? And I doubt all entries have the same intent. Some people will try to create a scary game, others a sad one, or maybe something upbeat. A gag one would just be a comical one like Toilet in Wonderland or that cool Yume Nikki visual novel that I forgot the name of. or Dickme Dicki
I say go for it. I would be good to have something to make me laugh if there are any bad and buggy “gore is scary” and “being me is woe” entries that I want to forget.


File: 1526148035660.png (349.01 KB, 1000x625, 5309d8ada1a69c76cf063811ab….png)

Even Toilet in Wonderland wouldn't really count because that game has a shitton of work put into it and is really fun despite being crude. Like, if anything even approaching Toilet's quality is entered into this Jam, it'll win.

Only kind of game I could imagine being shitty enough to not work under these rules would be the Yume Nikki equivalent to a Terry Wad.


>ubuu is one of the top three chillest chans out there

Out of curiosity, what are the other ones? 420chan? U-18Chan?


My personal 3 are: Sushi, ubuu, and futaba (except the 二次* boards, which can have autism only equivalent to that of /n/).


File: 1526155092552-0.png (50.65 KB, 480x479, tumblr_m72b2sObOk1rt46spo1….png)

File: 1526155092552-1.png (193.33 KB, 1039x394, tumblr_nf5bmwcMFy1rqnp5qo1….png)

I'd suggest making a parody fangame that's just essentially "uboachan's wet dream" but the popular opinion for what sort of fangame we like is constantly changing. Early on, I saw a lot of people fapping to non-traditional fangames with weird gimmicks, no recolors, and actual dialog. Then half of these games went off to become their own things and now /fg/ says non-traditional is cancer or something. That's just what I'm seeing anyway.

Like, fuck, I still can't get over how /fg/ jerked off all over N'Oubliez Jamais. Even if it wasn't "typical" you gotta agree it wasn't as good as /fg/ made it out to be.

Or we could just make another incomplete fighting game and enter it. I seriously wonder if anyone's ambitious or stupid enough to try it.

Depending on how silly this will be, give Sabi a throne of dildos.


File: 1526156706781.png (161.16 KB, 552x618, 2010-11-18-345778.png)

I'll start work on this thing tonight. I'm not super good with RPG Maker so this should be a good learning experience for me.

Would you guys get mad if I made a /fg/ thread about this later on? (Only after I have something to show for it, of course.)


I doubt anyone would be. Most people on here are pervs so as long as it looks good and is all lesbians it'll get positive reception. Besides, the first YN H-game would be historic.

You might wanna start a thread to solicit suggestions on who people want to see, how routes or shit should be played, and mostly take note of what sort of hideous fetishes lurk in Uboachan's mind. Or you could visit the old nsfw board for inspiration.


I'd suggest Mado recolors, eyerape zones with loud BGM playing and a "WHAT ARE THE LORE IMPLICATIONS" ending


On it. Thanks guys.


File: 1526160162106-0.png (26.56 KB, 642x640, 720_0.png)

File: 1526160162106-1.png (21.36 KB, 491x635, 721_0.png)

File: 1526160162106-2.jpg (224.52 KB, 750x750, e4ef653147dced314210c1da31….jpg)

File: 1526160162106-3.jpg (117.14 KB, 480x640, 4a28204a21fd466a6f0f1077dd….jpg)

>and mostly take note of what sort of hideous fetishes lurk in Uboachan's mind
Loli, rape, torture, electrical shocks, spikes, cannibalism.
Make it the best ryona fangame ever made.


Loli and rape are a given.
That gun pic on the top-right could be useful for Sabitsuki…


File: 1526163760546.jpg (27.56 KB, 640x360, cutest-smiling-dogs-640x36….jpg)

15 active members! That’s 10 more than what people usually suggest.
They probably are or were a user here.
Hello 14 other people. Hope you’re having a good day.


I love you member #12


File: 1526165568351.jpg (78.96 KB, 522x947, 1444803235344-1.jpg)

The question is… who is member number 1?



We're all #1 here.
I'll give suggestions after you start a thread. Seriously, please do.


check the catalog turtleboi


File: 1526180906604.png (493.46 KB, 788x350, uboachanpla.png)

You know, considering the intentions are good, heh, like using this "game jam" to keep the YN community in tumblr alive, why does it have to be a game jam?

I mean, there are hundreds of shitty games that will never be finished, instead of letting developers develop their skills, they give these beginners a deadline, deadlines can cripple the final product's quality even for professional studios, who in their right mind would think this is a good idea? It only fucks with beginners' learning proccess and adds shitty games to the already infested library, everyone loses.

The point is, why not a "fanart jam"? Or a "music jam"? or a "fanfic jam"? Anyhing would have the same effect, and no downsides.

Pic is our reputation there.


Why not? There are plenty of them being made every day anyway that only get two people who notice them. A game jam just advertises them all to each other and encourages people to actually make something alongside other creative people.

and it's not like the games can't be updated after the jam, they're just 0.01 alphas or whatever


Advertising games is great, but it shouldn't be a dumb, timed competition. That helps nobody. People will be less inclined to update after since they didn't make the game because of passion in the first place.


Because it forces the concept of a deadline into newbies, that alone can ruin more than you can imagine, I could write walls of text, also this >>13096 we have seen some people in the jam barely know what Yume Nikki is, it will just add to the graveyard.

Even if I am being too picky, there is no reason to take the risk if they could just make a fanart jam, it's harmless.


>Pic is our reputation there.
that's a bit pessimistic don't you think?



File: 1526223718051.png (13.04 KB, 622x318, 1.png)

Kek, it seems a nerve was hit there. I told you this would happen, they can't handle criticism.



Gonna bet 5 bucks it's the same anon as the tumblr post in >>13050


File: 1526224554465.jpg (76.66 KB, 717x785, 055eb023ee17090ebfdecaff05….jpg)

Let's break this down too so they can be in peace with us at once.

>jealous of a certain game jam going on because they haven't been able to complete any of the projects they've started and just given up.

That is just an obvious lie from someone who obviously has never been here before, Uboachan users have successfully completed a lot of games and a lot of relevant ones.

Do not make me give you a list of the games that were born here, because you'd find some of your favourite ones, you'd be surprised with what us just 15 people can do.

>So, instead of letting other fans work on their games and encouraging them, they're just gonna insult and demean them and try to bring everyone down so no one can be happy and they can feel good about their decision to give up instead of working hard anymore.

Dishonest and manipulative strawmaan, the point of the complaints here was, as a couple users reposted, that the concept of a game jam for newbies messes with their learning process by introducing advanced dificulty settings on easy mode, and adds their crappy games to the endless graveyard that is the YNFG Wiki.

Saying most YNFGs made by beginners are crap is no insulting, it's an objective truth, they are most likely to commit the same repetitive cliches and mistakes that no one likes to play with, if you add the fact they have the rush of a deadline, it's almost guaranteed to be a bad demo.

We even gave suggestions for harmless activities that encourage production, like the fanart jam.

But no, someone's feelings got hurt because they don't like objective criticism, and instead of arguing like adults they decided to do vague ad hominems and strawmans like a dishonest mutant viper.

Also, we're open to debate, prove us wrong here instead of doing vague petty shit like you do to your fellow tumblr devs.


File: 1526225160425.gif (672.49 KB, 320x240, WughKh.gif)

>they haven't been able to complete any of the projects they've started
Living under a rock?


I agree with most of what your saying- that tumblr anon is probably a 12 year old who doesn't realize they're the problem by fear mongering and creating a "us vs them" in the first place.

And yeah, tell them that bleet started here, or the guy who made Answered Prayers, they'll probably ignore it though.

Though I don't mind the jam itself, I can ignore the 50 shitty games if it means one good game comes out of it. Let people have that taste of deadlines and crunching, sober them up to what it takes to make a fangame, and laugh at the godawful ones that might come from it. There were good ideas last year, like the one with the effect combining. If it gets creative people off their asses to actually make a good game, I say go ahead. I don't expect anything finished, I expect people to just get started on something and then keep at it after the jam's over.

There's not really a "risk" with doing a fangame jam since Sturgeon's Law is always a thing. So the 500 terrible games on the YNFG wiki get 50 more, big deal. A fanart jam just wouldn't be the same I think- you'd also get a ton more tumblr koala designs flooding the all the good art if that happened.


I guess that's a matter of opinion, in all honesty I don't care if newbies get their builds fucked and hard to fix because of rush.

But what I do care about is adding more shitty games to the library, browsing the lists looking for a decent YNFG already is like scratching the bottom of the toilet bowl in a public bathroom with your bare hands expecting to find a coin.


That tumblr anon's post is very ironic, aren't they the ones who need community confession blogs to contain their bullying urges against each other…while smiling at each other in public?


File: 1526304705944.png (28.87 KB, 672x538, petty.png)

Look, more opinions about us, are we trendy yet? This time by the host of the game jam herself.


File: 1526305736458.png (153.25 KB, 494x346, 0000000ac1.png)


It seems the host misunderstands how Uboachan works, although she knows more than others in tumblr, let's clarify this as well so the lurkers don't get the wrong idea.

>just insult each other

We do call each other faggot and other "mean names" in a spirit of camaraderie, we don't see these instances as insults.

Context matters, though, and even if heated arguments happen, we know that actually insulting an imageboard user is like pissing on a cascade of piss, an insult doesn't hurt here.(that doesn't mean you should overdo it, we have rules against that)

>they insult everything

Now that's not true, you fucking faggot cunt bitch(I'm joking, check the irony)
But no really, that is a lie, so stop it.

>a decent amount of being negative and complaining about things but hey.

That is true, we complain a lot about things like YN:DD or people lying.


File: 1526307182351.jpg (78.1 KB, 688x728, Kudodera_lesson.jpg)

There is something else our dear lurkers from that community should know before posting here, even though we aren't as bad as they make us look, if you have low tolerance for slurs, you will find this place repulsive and it's not wise to stay or post here.

That doesn't mean we're homophobic, racist or etcetera, it's part of our culture, we have trans members, gay members, black members, jew members and they are all fine with it.

An additional special clarification is needed, even though slurs and insults happen, they are not encouraged, it's easy to tell the difference between an anon calling someone a fag and an an anon saying purely discriminatory stuff.

The overuse of slurs may attract actual racists, sexists, and homophobic people we don't want around here, like /pol/ so the rules clearly say that we can be fun edgy butts to one another, but we should stay chill for the most part.

We also post things like soft mutilation images, which some may consider "gore", although explicit shock images(like with intestines flying out of someone's anu with multiple bone exposure and shit) are encouraged to be posted with spoiler alert.


File: 1526317437808.jpg (45.52 KB, 423x585, zh18.jpg)

I’ve been here for maybe 6 years and I don’t remember a single instance I was insulted by any of you faggot pieces of shit. And if I was, I either deserved it or decided to ignore. It’s not like you’ll die once someone online insults you, you just get over it. And I’ve seen cases of people getting banned because of going overboard with being an asshole.

Also, it’s pretty obvious ubo is full of tumblr users. Probably most people that complain about the tumblr communities here are users that have to be quiet there and come here to open up. I don’t have a tumblr, I’m only present in the YN community here on ubu, and I don’t know any of the things the people complaining are talking about. I only hear about it here once in a while. They probably once or twice used ubu to throw dirt at each other, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re free to talk here if you follow the rules, even if others don’t share your opinion.


Well, if you have advice for someone doing the game jam, what would your advice be?
Things like "don't" and such aren't going to be helpful. What is the recipe for the best game possible?


>Things like "don't" and such aren't going to be helpful.
Why lol. I think "don't" can help a lot, like…

>Don't make empty huge empty worlds.

>Don't make dense dead ends, especially if your char walks at 1.0 speed.
>Don't do Mado recolors, or any kind of recolors unless you have permission.
>Don't do music loops of 3 seconds in shitty midi, go look for CC music, it's free.
>Don't use japanese if you are not 100% sure of what it actually means, seriously, it's pathetic.
>Don't make 10 half assed worlds if you can just make 2 or 3 with a lot of detail, quality>quantity.
>This is more like a personal opinion but don't draw a sign in your MC clothes doing a bad pun with the name.
>Don't steal resources or trace art, you will get caught and everyone will make fun of you, even me.
>Another personal one, don't use RTP


>Probably most people that complain about the tumblr communities here are users that have to be quiet there and come here to open up.

That's false, they have their confessions blogs for that, I have a tumblr, like many here, but my interaction with them is zero, I don't think it's a good place to promote games when you have websites like itch.io or gamejolt among many, many others with stable, friendly communities.


File: 1526321513969.jpg (140.79 KB, 939x911, bestimage.jpg)

Obligatory repost


Trying to explain chan culture is a total waste of time. People will either get it, or they wont. Even if you try to explain it to somebody, if they're not capable of understand chans, they'll just misconstrue your explanation or assume you're being deceptive in one way or another. Insults are also almost exclusively reserved for perceived outsiders here. Tumblr, like all social media, was a mistake. The blog part of the website is good for porn. That's all there is to it. As a community, is is utter dogshit.


This is actually super helpful! Thank you! I'll try to keep those things in mind. Most of those were on par with what the Game Jam kind of recommends anyway, from my understanding.

I'm curious about RTP. Could you tell me more about that? Thanks s-senpai. ♥


>Thanks s-senpai. ♥
Stop. Read the posting guidelines and rules before posting.

>I'm curious about RTP. Could you tell me more about that?

RTP is a package that comes with RPGMaker that consists of graphics, sound and other resources for RPGM. It is free of charge and can be used in any commercial product. As a result of RPGMemer's ease of use and the widespread availability of this RTP, any RPGMaker product that uses RTP is immediately thrown out the window as shovelware.


> Most of those were on par with what the Game Jam kind of recommends anyway
Well, it's just common sense, it's just logical to recommend those things, as long as these things are avoided, I dodn't really care if they mess things up in other aras.


Ah cool. Thanks for the heads up. Was trying to lighten the mood since the thread was kinda, uh… ??? a way? Tense? I'll keep it in mind for the future. (kinda sucks for me cause the emotes help me feel like I am conveying the right emotion to help avoid misunderstandings, but i get it.)

I'll try to check how to remove RTP.


I'm curious, for how long have you been interested in Yume Nikki and Rpg Maker?


>Implying uboanons can finish games


>emotes help me feel like I am conveying the right emotion to help avoid misunderstandings
You either need to start amassing images or a vocabulary.


>Implying you even lurk


To be fair, there are far more unfinished fangames than completed ones.


Like…every other website with indie devs on it, but there are lots of complete projects and even some notable ones.


What notable ones? We only have Answered Prayers, but that's abandoned. We had Other Line, Broken Bottles, and Looking Glass, but these stopped being fangames after awhile and were still abandoned. Dickme Dicki was a dumb parody.

Tumblr on the other hand has Me, Someday, Fleshchild, Dream Syndrome, Take The Veil, Manda no Yume, DuGaShoBa, Somnium, and Kross, among others.


File: 1526414851384.png (18.02 KB, 320x240, eyes3.png)

Actually Me and Somnium are to be considered uboachan projects because they began work here and up until they were finished (or considered finished with Somnium's case) updates were posted here. In fact, once I get my newer game (which I'm pondering whether it fits with the loose YNFG label enough to warrant a fg thread or a ig thread and I know that since it's a demo for a certain kind of release people are going to raise something about it ) I shall post it here for critiques.


File: 1526415570414.png (69.7 KB, 411x384, preciousmishka.png)

First of all, your tumblr flag is showing, so you may want to be more sublte next time.

You're calling Someday notable, when it's average at best and not as known as any of Owl's games.

Mishka and bleet started here, so you may not want to brag about it.

>Dream Syndrome, Take The Veil, Manda no Yume

I barely heard of these a couple times but a quick google tell me they aren't exactly massive, Take the Veil being the most irrelevant, compared to those, Someday is big.

Also, it doesn't surprise me that you're using DREAM DIARY JAM entries as example.

Never heard of Kross, but looks pretty neat, but nowhere as big as Me, Me and Somnium are the same case as this cool person said >>13144

Here, we were saying that Uboachan has made complete projects, not that tumblr never completes them, if you look closely, it's the other way around, your people saying "uboachan never completes anything." so no one's bringing up a competition but you.

I don't think I really need to list games made in Uboachan, since you did a pretty nice job, although these are quite old now.

This may be random, but somme of us still follow and support Mishka and bleet, uboachan is not just one person.


>Wants to compare tumblr with Ubuu using a list
>The most notable examples come from Ubuu


For some more modern examples of Ubuu making noise with complete stuff, you have the patchy illusion team crew, Chesir's translations of lolrust's games are big deal, even in tumblr, Shoujo Kidan, Gidan and the soon to be released Milya, and Bal/Seagal's Vindictive Drive had over 200k downloads, although he abandoned the vomitive shithole like many others.


Elysium City, Divinity Fatum.


Tumblr is responsible for all newer works though. Even if they're small and shoddy, can you name one good game that has come out of ubuu in the last 3 years? Or even 5 years? The fangame scene on here is largely dead, and every other fangame has been converted into an original work, shortly abandoned, or both. Tumblr is the only spot still making new stuff in the West.

Tumblr actively creates new content, and not only that, from what I've seen so far, actually maintains it as well. From what I've seen, most fangames there are still being developed and cared for. The DDJ isn't some "YNFG pageant" you can continue working on and can even resubmit your projects following updates. It's less of a jam and more of a progress report. In fact, half of this year's entries are actually from last year after updates. Sure there'll be some that just start over and abandon projects, but overall I see it as a very encouraging thing. It takes dedication to make these things, and no one might play any of them. Here's insurance that they will be played and supported. It kinda "tricks" you into working on something by treating it as one part support group, one part competition.

Now some may be low quality, but there is a hope for improvement there. Like I said, these games can be worked on throughout the year and resubmitted as an update the next. Something shitty last year may be vastly improved. And with encouragement it WILL be improved. Uboachan is great for criticism, and criticism offers some insight, but too much inevitably burns out devs, who aren't as thick skinned as people would think, and internet anonymity offers the temptation to be as scathing as possible. I'm not saying it's bad, it's great in moderation, but too much will likely stifle development if they don't have the right mindset, and not everyone does. Of course, too much encouragement can be bad too. There's been a few diva devs out there who received nothing but compliments over their works and kinda became jerks. A lot of people on here who got nothing but praise on their projects could be considered some of the less.. pleasant members of the community.

And anything that's made over here will be lower quality than the Japanese fangames. Uboachan games had higher quality than most of Tumblr's too, but as I said, most are dead. Tumblr is relatively new to the scene and has more fgs so far, only time will tell how great they'll be. Stop acting like it's cancer when nothing's out yet.


Elysium City stopped being a fangame and then got abandoned.

Isn't DF having Drama issues about not wanting people playing the old versions when the newest release could be in 5-10 years? And I thought it was dead for awhile anyway.


Well, the tumblrina here mentioned unfinished and barely started games so I thought my standards were good.

I beg you to be more sincere with me Anonymous. Now that you lost to yourself in this argument you re-adjust your parameters to only fangames and only new, what's up? Had to backpedal?


I mean come on, do you even try? I was expecting you to mention Pocket Mirror or something like that, it's not like Tumblr devs in your community don't do anything, they do, no one questions that, what your group says though, is that Uboachan doesn't complete anything.

If you want me to play by your rules then I will, if you're talking about new, small games, then okay, Tumblr is the master of it, because they are mass produced, and that has nothing to do with the Dream Diary Jam you like.

Not all game developers in Tumblr come from that circle either, for this reason I don't mention games like Virgo and the Zodiac as "made by your community" because they have little to nothing to do with it, unlike AstralShift's big game.

I am not afraid of recognizing the good in your community, unlike you, there are more, like Aria's Story, which in my opinion is way better than PM, although they are almost the same thing, here an anon mentioned a couple good modern projects and they mean nothing to you.

>internet anonymity offers the temptation to be as scathing as possible

Sorry I was distracted reading some sick anon bully roasts made by your people to your people in your confessions blogs.

>A lot of people on here who got nothing but praise on their projects could be considered some of the less.. pleasant members of the community.

Do you have some names to mention or you're going to be like those anons in the blogs and leave everything in vague pettiness.




File: 1526424056027.jpg (53.42 KB, 1280x720, big_1460360025_image.jpg)

How could I forget about Psiwolf


File: 1526425150712.png (182.36 KB, 426x320, I SPENT IT ON A BOMB.PNG)

>Implying I'm even in the ""RPG"" ""pixel"" horror community in first place

I didn't know just making some fangames and stuff while being mostly on my own and replying to some people counted as being in the community.
But then again if it makes those types react like that then I'm doing it right.


That was such a hilarious mess. I still look through its thread sometimes. If we want to measure dicks so much, i'm looking forward to looking at all the entries and giving some of that criticism ubuu is known for.


>in ubuu
You either are trolling, throwing random names or don't know anything about ubuu. He despised us and we used to make fun out of him for that.


What did they even do?


File: 1526429468478.png (32.74 KB, 123x121, m188.PNG)

Lemme guess:
CONTROVERSIAL OPINIONS (Even though the work blog is entirely separate from the personal blog!) or
Not going with the rest of the community.


uhhh. rpgmaker for a few years, but i haven't successfully made anything so i'm hoping the game jam will change it.
oddly, for YN, much more recent. I've been aware of it for a few years, but never got to play it myself until recently.
gasp. nah. I wanna work on my game instead of image hunt, but i'll keep it in mind for later!


Is it bad that I don't find Madotsuki recolors bad at all? I mean, the two most popular fangames ever used a Mado recolor, shouldn't it be staple at this point?


I have nothing wrong with it either but it's just a plain sign of "low-effort" at this point. Sure, if FG's like Yuque, Nazi Nisshi applies a Mado recolor for stylistic reasons while still having a good presentation I don't mind that, but seeing Mado recolors hurts when it becomes clear the author just did it to save time.


what sort of things do you like? is there merit in stylistic divergence? i've been trying to figure out what i'm replacing the placeholders with.


Our disagreement stems from a misunderstanding. I assumed we were discussing NOTABLE FANGAMES instead of NOTABLE COMPLETE GAMES.

Uboachan has more finished fangames, but Tumblr has more notable ones, especially because of the DDJ. While I consent that many started on here, I consider them Tumblr fangames because they were largely carried by Tumblr. Primarily because the dev got pissed off here and switched development sites. And even if Me was "finished" here, that was before the remake, which may or may not have been any less shitty than the original, you be the judge. Also because of the criteria I was thinking of, I couldn't put half of the games from /fg/ on because they inevitably stopped being fangames.

If you're talking about notable RPGM games, it's a bit of a draw I think, Pocket Mirror is shit though. The devs are art thieves and arrogant. Lisa and Middens started here though didn't they? Albeit, Middens dev may or may not have solicited nudes from an underage girl, and definitely cannot take criticism.


File: 1526479662614.png (272.5 KB, 662x540, f66.png)

Wrong answer bub.



File: 1526480551388.jpg (59.52 KB, 450x331, what the hell anon.jpg)

Comparisons are always gonna end moot when you realize tumblr is a platform millions of people use and uboachan is a service that only ~100 people or so have regularly used. Obviously, the tumblr section for Dream Diary is smaller but still way bigger than uboachan. Also, this is a bunch of dick measuring contests for fucking websites. Like seriously, stop. Nothing productive is ever coming out of that. Your self-worth won't improve by knowing a faceless website is "better" than some other faceless website.

I'll step in, intervene and spit my opinion though.
>especially because of the DDJ
I've never seen anything of *worth* come out of the DDJ.
In my opinion you and the anon are confused because the argument about what you were discussing in the first place fell at the first second because half of those you mentioned are fangames that 1) Aren't even fangames (like seriously can DuGaShoBa even be considered a FG?), 2) Started on uboachan and lastly, aren't even notable. Like, I haven't heard about a third of these.
You moving goalposts and taking on a "hurr durr us vs them" stance doesn't really help get any civil discussion either.
Also jojo gates is an old relic of the meme war.


File: 1526480899391.png (17.03 KB, 524x172, tumblr_inline_oodrmxIm941t….png)

Nah, to be honest you seemed like a pretty cool dude. The reason I put you there is because, from what I saw, you were getting triggered and threw a whiny bitchfit over something as inconsequential as Off getting a non-engrishy retranslation that didn't have Dedan as much of a screaming, swearing, frothing ball of anger despite it being truer to the original version. The only conclusion I could draw was this flew straight in the face of all your carefully developed headcanons and memes and so you started blaming the terrible SJWs and the unpaid translator and Mortis Ghost. Buddy, there are plenty of other reasons to be mad, but shit, I can't get why you got so hung up over a fictional character's dialog. Like, why wouldn't you want an actually accurate translation after the whole "I cannot allow you to lay a hand on the son who has brought us into this world" incident?

True, the translator calling you out on the edgy dialog in your meme fangame was pretty uncalled for, but it wasn't inaccurate. Overall you just came off as being stupid and petty. Your habit of spontaneously manifesting out of thin air anytime someone mentions you does nothing to assuage my fears.

Of course, otherwise you seem pretty mellow.


>100 or so regularly use

Read the thread. It was canonically established that there are only 10~15 members on here earlier. >>13050

Get it right.


File: 1526481283469.png (507.64 KB, 500x750, mado.png)

I know it's a joke but there's a reason I used the past tense.
Have a cute picture.


File: 1526483596316.png (57.59 KB, 154x140, m243.PNG)

Fella there's a lot more behind that than just that. The "translator" (or rather, PR person or sad excuse of a pr person who has a LONG story) in question did a massibe rubbish job in general, such as adding bugs where they didn't exist in first place and needing to edit EVERY single event in the game rather than just using a text extractor/DreaMaker (which exists and you can find even in a fairly well known RPG Maker fancommunity). TO THE POINT THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAD TO GO IN AND FIX THE BUGS. How can you fuck up REPLACING TEXT?

Saytenn literally was complete shit at his job as a "PR" person because he (yes, it's a HE, no amount of playing pretend to escape from the wrath of liking traps will ever fool anyone) kept getting mad at everyone and everything, sperging 24/7 over shit that didn't matter to the point he got his ass kicked out of the team over not only that but being creepy in general - to the point the ACTUAL translator said that to the very server of off fangames. Not even other fg makers liked that guy! And the less talked about Saytenn putting a bot that yelled "Happy Heterophobia day" in a serious, PAID TO ENTER server the best and then begrudingly turning it off once people raised concerns.

FURTHERMORE, motherfucker was infamous even amongst the off fandom for doing an offshoot off server because in the elephant's foot of the first server someone joked about the holocaust, he got mad, made him and his ex-friend a new server until DRAMA AND BURNT BRIDGES happened, got kicked off, then made another server that just proved guy can't make a public server because he can't handle opinions that weren't his own because soon it got shut down. I ain't even touching on his wanting to make a remake of off in game maker even though he sucked ass at even rpg maker.


My man, the "unpaid" translator (aka the ACTUAL translator) opened a patreon just to finance that. It was also a mess that involved the sad excuse of a pr person banning a paid supporter just because and the aforementioned bot.

And the MG stuff? I just pointed out he doesn't care. Which is obvious to anyone with a brain who looked at his newer works involving off, but whatever, I'm getting too OFF-topic.

As for the reason I pop up, it's mostly because I'm already there. A lot of the places are intersectional.


File: 1526483950392.png (49.3 KB, 106x153, m176.PNG)

Aaand I'm going to also say that sorry for being that incensed but this is such a trainwreck that I'm amazed no one has caught any wind of it. But, y'know, it be like that. Mostly left the fandom some time after but that's a tale for a whole different thread. I can just say that I'm thankful YN has an actual western fanbase that isn't tumblr infested.


Hmm. I didn't know that. Well then I apologize for misjudging you. I assumed you were just an unreasonable dick. But the heterophobia thing changed my mind. Sorry for doubting you, but in my defense I know nothing of the OFF fandom or the social justice world and only saw you throwing a fit about Dedan.

Yeah a buggy translation is shitty, but I sorta want to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they aren't programmers. Simple idiocy isn't a cause for seething hatred. Still, the guy you have a beef comes off as a douche with context, if the rest of the team is as shitty, then sure.

In general I try and stay from the OFF fandom because they all seem pretty warped. And in all honesty I've kinda been distrustful of you beforehand because of Me and Hando. But thank you for answering to my complaints and providing a good explanation, and giving some evidence that you aren't a maniac. And once again, sorry.


>can DuGaShoBa even be considered a FG

We could've asked Noyemi if we hadn't chased her off with torches and pitchforks.


>Our disagreement stems from a misunderstanding. I assumed we were discussing NOTABLE FANGAMES instead of NOTABLE COMPLETE GAMES.
LIAR, if that was true, you'd have mentioned NOTABLE FANGAMES, but you gave me Someday, Dream Diary Jam entries that aren't finished nor notable and games made in this board.

Yes, your favourite games had roots here, DEAL-WITH-IT. The drama each one has and some of them even not posting anymore doesn't change that fact.

But you keep trying to make a competition, I insist, no one says your Tumblr circle doesn't deliver, what you faggots said is that uboachan doesn't. I even mentioned a couple games that have origins in your community.

Since you started this argument, it's nothing about what we've been talking about, here, we were talking about your Game Jam and its effects.

>Pocket Mirror is shit though.

As much as it hurts you, it's one of the most notable and complete games that were created in your community's circle, bigger and more liked than all your friends' games together, look at all the love, let's plays and fanart it got.

>The devs are art thieves and arrogant.

Prove it, you can't throw shit like that without evidence you viper.

>Lisa and Middens started here though didn't they? Albeit, Middens dev may or may not have solicited nudes from an underage girl, and definitely cannot take criticism.

Yeah well, two points more for Ubuu, your point?


File: 1526485081631.png (240.52 KB, 500x498, tenor.png)

Seriously? That's the reason Tumblr fags dislike isa? Some unconfirmed gossip bullshit? Pathetic.


Fact remains those games were produced here, get rekt, also, Chesir, one of the "uboanons who never finish anything" just released the english version of Milya, I bet even you are going to play it.


Man I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here

Ok, yeah, Tumblr RPG games are all shit. Fine, I accept that. Hell, I've been aware of that for awhile, Still, is it any reason to hate them? They're just having fun after all and it's not like we're doing anything.

Early on the thread was complaining about there not being any arguments in favor of the jam, now everything's getting heated because of it. though I'm really not the type who should be defending. I'm just not very good at debates, Like, at all.


File: 1526485818967.png (166.08 KB, 255x335, m168.PNG)

It's okay, it's okay. I can understand where you're coming from, anon. And it's an extremely good idea (on par of not stepping into toxic, radioactive waste) to stay away from the western non-eastern european off fanbase. 'Dem VK people seem ok to me and the twitter Japanese/Korean/East asian people are genuinely nice.

Personally if money and broadcasting is involved (and a new translation is a decent deal in a rpg maker game) then you should be decently upset if the product isn't okay. It's not like there isn't a wide selection of people who would do that job for free. Either way I'm glad they dumped the guy and put a more competent, decent person in place.


>Ok, yeah, Tumblr RPG games are all shit. Fine, I accept that. Hell, I've been aware of that for awhile
Nigga, I have been saying there are notable games, like Pocket Meme and Aryan Stories, that came from your community and mentioned some of them, are you trolling?

>Still, is it any reason to hate them? They're just having fun after all and it's not like we're doing anything.

The shitty ones? No, not at all, one of my hobbies is browsing them for fun and laughs, but some ITT get irritated when they have a hard time finding something playable, and others think dealing with a deadline without even knowing how to use the engines a little messes with their learning experience. We're talking about the Jam here.

No one here wanted to compare the size of our dicks with your people, it was your side saying we never complete our projects, which is a disgusting lie.


File: 1526486993756.png (342.16 KB, 477x750, pocketmirror.png)

>Pocket Mirror is shit though. The devs are art thieves and arrogant.
Someone's jealous of people's success~


Pocket Mirror looks like shit pastel SU crap. It's a mediocre ripoff of Ib. There's little substance nor replay value. Only Tumblr RPGM fags like it cause it's a symbol of the community, despite the devs being dicks and half the assets having been stolen. The only good thing about it is the looney bitch's split personality waifus, but they all still suck as characters.

Aria's story looks dull. I already played Libra which had book shit, but with the added TRANS ANGST plot that I don't want to see again. Why does everyone look like a moeshit anime character?

>learning experience

That implies that any of these people aren't simply fans and will make another game after this. They won't. If they aren't exhausted by this thing, they'll get exhausted with the next whatever they undertake. The only ones who will make more things post DDJ have already made games unrelated to it.


Go back to Astral Shift.


File: 1526488074867.jpg (70.86 KB, 384x346, goldia___pocket_mirror_fan….jpg)

>Pocket Mirror looks like shit pastel SU crap. It's a mediocre ripoff of Ib. There's little substance nor replay value. Only Tumblr RPGM fags like it cause it's a symbol of the community

Fact remains it's one of the most notable games from that specific tumblr community, it's not about the game being good or bad, it's very successful for a small indie game in a micro-community.

>despite the devs being dicks and half the assets having been stolen.

Prove it?

>Aria's story looks dull. I already played Libra which had book shit, but with the added TRANS ANGST plot that I don't want to see again.

Same as PM, a lot of people liked it, that's the truth.

>Why does everyone look like a moeshit anime character?

Because it's a look a lot of people like.

>Go back to Astral Shift
LOL, I merely say the game is SUCCESSFUL, and it is, I never said I liked it, I don't, this kind of game is precisely the kind of pseudo-horror Ubuu complains about, we're sick of the archetype being repeated, fact remains Pocket Mirror is successful and more liked than most of the games in that community.

If you're a developer there, the game is probably more loved and liked than yours and most of your friends.

I'm a developer, but my ego isn't weak enough to get upset because a lot of things I don't like are more liked than my work, it's just the truth, grow up.

Truth stings, doesn't it? Posting Goldia just to piss you off further.


File: 1526488658573.png (748.72 KB, 1024x685, pocket_mirror_cosplay___st….png)

This is uboachan. You're supposed to get mad over games you don't play. Also I think most RPGMs in general are crap. Has nothing to do with my lacking ambition.

And besides, you're the one posting MAJOR FUCKING SPOILERS here.


File: 1526490929527.png (926.03 KB, 2432x1419, LGTS.png)

>This is uboachan. You're supposed to get mad over games you don't play.
That's /v/, as I said I don't even like Pocket Mirror, but it's still one of the most notable games from the land you come from and that's the topic right now.

I heard they are making a new game, and it's to be expected to be as successful as the previous one, so AstralShift is living on a great time of prosperity with their fans.


someone put the Brazzers logo there


File: 1526491454296.jpg (26.22 KB, 481x349, 1383686137720.jpg)

>This is uboachan. You're supposed to get mad over games you don't play
no, we mostly bitch about games we played and sucked ass.
>And besides, you're the one posting MAJOR FUCKING SPOILERS here.
If you read the rules (did you?), we don't have anything against spoilers.

Let's recap this discussion again:
Tumblr says:
>uboachan never finishes anything they start
uboachan replies:
>we do, here you have this and that example.
tumblr shifts the point:
>we have better material than you, like x, y and z.
ubuu replies:
>the most relevant ones started here; what's even your point? This has nothing to do with the discussion
tumblr replies:
>Well, but at least we have most of the newer, fresh developers and mass produce fangames, not like you!
>Yeah, like, we're only 15 people against a circle way bigger, and that's not the point, again, we are discussing about the fact we indeed finish projects, the whole thing is besides the point. We never said you didn't have anything or didn't produce anything; in fact, this game of your community is finished and has been well received, or at least is somewhat popular.
>NO ITS SHIT AND THE DEVELOPERS ARE DICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>yeah it's shit but it's besides the point-


File: 1526491488395.jpg (92.43 KB, 768x900, 351.jpg)

>We dislike something Tumblr does and they get mad.
>We aknowledge something Tummblr does well and they get mad.


File: 1526492069923.png (763.39 KB, 1024x685, 1526488658573.png)



>I merely said the game is SUCCESSFUL, and it is

I've never heard of it before though. Then again, I don't have Tumblr, but doesn't look that great honestly. Looks a bit like PMMM in my opinion. Is it really that huge?


File: 1526494952873.png (447.81 KB, 760x504, Jellyfish_Hunter_135.png)

>15 people

When will this meme end? There's way fucking more than that.


Not huge, but for that community's standards it's quite big, from all the websites it's posted in, I think it had a little more than 100k downloads, tons of fanart and lets plays, and some cosplay


The only one spreading that bs is the original poster from tumblr, Pinkuboa, I think the other anons are just repeating what they hear blindly, because it's easy to tell they never lurked here.

Just looking at Ubuu's discord you can tell this is false, most are lurkers though.


File: 1526496792882.jpg (60.5 KB, 400x297, 1447477273001.jpg)

In case you didn't notice, I did a recap of what has been said ITT, and that anon was just mocking the number; and even then, we really aren't more than 50 active members at most, and those working on posted projects are even less (no more than 20, probably).

>because it's easy to tell they never lurked here.
I've been on ubuu for over 8 years faggots, and the discord is full of people who don't even come here. Our active members can't be bigger than what I said, I post every single day here and even manage to recognize a few for their style of writing/image usage, and we're almost always the same people. In the old days we did have a lot ACTIVE people, but that was like 6 years ago. Our activity has been diminished the past years.


I said most are lurkers for a reason fag, I know the Discord server is just the containment chat, 15 users is a lie.


I beg to disagree here, the whole Jewening of Yume Nikki attracts new people constantly, just look at the dormant tumblrinas who were summoned here, they were lurking.


File: 1526497173814.jpg (124.17 KB, 500x500, gotchaed0.jpg)

Bitterness aside, this is an interesting debate.


File: 1526497804596.jpg (82.81 KB, 822x674, I smell degenerates.jpg)

No. I said active members. Active people != casual lurker
Active people: posts often in the site regardless of status quo
Casual lurker: smells circlejerk or drama and comes to join only when there's shit going on
You can't really tell me the activity we had due to the /v/ invasion or this "tumblr complains" anons are nowhere near being "active members".


Yeah, well, where were they on Halloween, huh? I remember Halloween. I was there. I started the last Halloween thread. Nobody fucking posted in that on October 31. Fuckin, Halloween man.


Libretta was okay


That's way too cynical and you aren't even considering the many other active, ongoing threads across a multitude of boards across ubuu.

They were on Discord.


File: 1526520337860.jpg (64.61 KB, 433x650, __blanka_street_fighter_dr….jpg)

>They were on Discord.


I don't know who's trolling who anymore


Same. People are bringing Discord into the table when it's clear it's a containment and 95% of people from there don't even post here.


I don't believe LISA ever started here. I remember threads about it, but not that the creator posted it himself. Middens certainly did though and I remember drama running him out of the site over his use of collage.


Will ubuu be playing all the entries? It'll be fun to discuss them all.


I will certainly play a few, only the bad looking ones for a good laugh though, if our guests want they could link their entries here for a free unapologetic but fair dose of anonymous honesty. They may surprise us with something good.


If I see something promising, sure.


File: 1526771842526.webm (3.77 MB, 960x540, Basedgrandpa.webm)

This thread in a nutshell


So…is there a prize for this or…?


Any entries yet?


File: 1526946409608.jpg (17.28 KB, 350x421, notdaijobu.jpg)

Do the developers of Pocket Mirror know these tumblr people are acussing them of art theft with no evidence and that they call them assholes? If they don't I'd like to send them an email, that is not cool.


From what I could unearth, it was a single incident and they were involved on the resulting drama.


>seeing Mado recolors hurts when it becomes clear the author just did it to save time
Or maybe, just maybe, there is only so many ways to make a 32x24 sprite resemble an actual human, and a "Mado recolor" just happens to be one of them. What, are you telling me people should use inferior-looking Final Fantasy-style sprites just because it's less overused that way? That's some backwards logic.


>there is only so many ways to make a 32x24 sprite resemble an actual human

Someone here lacks creativity, even if there were only two ways, you're still tracing someone else's work. RPG Maker doesn't even limit you to 32x24, there are dozens of ways to make something both charming and original, browse some fangames.

If you want some easy examples, TLG, Miserere, Hell Diary and Gnosis all use different shapes.

>What, are you telling me people should use inferior-looking Final Fantasy-style sprites just because it's less overused that way?



>Someone here lacks creativity
Well, if being 'creative' involves shooting oneself in the foot by using an unfitting or worse looking sprite, I could live with that.
>RPG Maker doesn't even limit you to 32x24
RM2k and RM2k3 do; actually no, they don't, but the only other option is 32x16.
>If you want some easy examples, TLG, Miserere, Hell Diary and Gnosis all use different shapes
Okay, the fact that only one of those actually uses RM2k3 notwithstanding, they're only 'original' inasmuch as no other fangames used those styles before they did. You could make an argument that those styles were "traced" from other low-res sprite-based games, if you were so inclined. Because ultimately when the medium itself is so limited, collisions like this become unavoidable. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure I've seen some NPCs in Yume 2kki using the same base model as the sprites in Looking Glass.
>even if there were only two ways, you're still tracing someone else's work
If somebody draws a circle in Paint for their fangame, and I do the same in Photoshop, does that mean I've traced their work? No, because a circle is simple enough to be recreated independently. Hero sprites are a little more complicated than that, but once you start to account for the mood and other design minutiae, the field narrows down a lot. Somehow a heroine roaming a twisted dream world with her eyes open doesn't invoke the same feeling as a heroine roaming the world with her eyes closed. But that might be just me.


File: 1527190149825.png (87.44 KB, 347x216, HnivA1.png)

>Well, if being 'creative' involves shooting oneself in the foot by using an unfitting or worse looking sprite, I could live with that.

You just confirm you lack creativity if you can't think a better way to make a sprite without tracing Kikiyama's work.

>RM2k and RM2k3

Not my fault you're using outdated softwarea, my point remains, look at bleet's games, those are all RPG Maker 2003 and all of them have wonderful character sprites, personally, I like some of them more than Madotsuki's design.

>Okay, the fact that only one of those actually uses RM2k3

I don't know what's the deal with you and 2K3, but both TLG and Gnosis were made there, Hell Diary's older builds as well, these are just examples though, another one with pretty sprites is Elysium City, Broken Bottles used different sprites too. I don't know what your point is.

>You could make an argument that those styles were "traced" from other low-res sprite-based games, if you were so inclined.

OOOOOOH No you did not say that, if you're going to say they traced their shit say it, don't throw shade.

>If somebody draws a circle in Paint for their fangame, and I do the same in Photoshop, does that mean I've traced their work?

False equivalence…well, you said it yourself so I don't know what's the point, you're comparing drawing a simple shape with something that actually took creativity to make, like Madotsuki's sprite.

>the field narrows down a lot.

Don't blame the work environment you're putting yourself in for your lack of skill, if this is too hard for you, you can just use VX Ace and try to imitate a 2k3 look, it's possible, Noyemi imitates PC-98 looks with RPG Maker, which is much harder, why can't you?

You're allowing yourself to be in this situation, there is no excuse to trace someone else's work.

>Somehow a heroine roaming a twisted dream world with her eyes open doesn't invoke the same feeling as a heroine roaming the world with her eyes closed.

You can keep the eyes closed and still avoid tracing someone else's work.

Do you know the difference between Kikiyama and a random developer who traces Madotsuki? The random developer didn't have to use any of their brain cells or creativity for character design, it's lazy and dishonest.


File: 1527190965030.png (23.1 KB, 686x442, 0000av3.png)

Sorry for double posting, but I should also mention that recolors are discouraged by the Jam itself because, I quote "devalues the originality of your own fangame, and is a bit rude to say the least."


>You just confirm you lack creativity if you can't think a better way to make a sprite without tracing Kikiyama's work.
Alright, let me go over this again: if I draw a hero sprite from scratch only following my personal understanding of how a dream diary hero should look, and the end result still looks like Kiki's design – give or take a few pixels – what is that then? Did I trace his work or is it something else?
>Not my fault you're using outdated softwarea
Well, I mean, if we're not talking the same engine as the original Nikki, does the term "Mado recolor" even apply? I don't think it does, personally. If you do, well crap, should've made that clear earlier.
>OOOOOOH No you did not say that, if you're going to say they traced their shit say it, don't throw shade.
"Throw shade"? Did you even read what I've said or are you just looking for something to be offended by? Re-read the part about the medium and the collisions, would you please.
>False equivalence…well, you said it yourself so I don't know what's the point, you're comparing drawing a simple shape with something that actually took creativity to make, like Madotsuki's sprite.
Oh, okay, you clearly haven't bothered to process the things I've written. So much for having a non-hysterical discussion.
>ook at bleet's games, those are all RPG Maker 2003 and all of them have wonderful character sprites, personally, I like some of them more than Madotsuki's design
Different strokes and all of that, but the screenshot you've posted looks absolutely dreadful. Granted, it's less about the sprite than the color compoistion and the tiling work, but still. Which brings me to another point I wanted to make: awfully composed dream worlds hurt the fangames a lot more than "Mado recolors" do. Which makes sense, the hero is just 1% of the screen, and the rest is the map itself. If your game world is 99% terrible, well then, it's a failure. No two ways about it.


>if I draw a hero sprite from scratch only following my personal understanding of how a dream diary hero should look, and the end result still looks like Kiki's design

That's perfectly fine, looking similar and even copying pieces of something and Mado recolors are differrent things.

>if we're not talking the same engine as the original Nikki, does the term "Mado recolor" even apply? I don't think it does

Yeah it does, you can recolor madotsuki and use it in any of the RPGM engines.

>Did you even read what I've said or are you just looking for something to be offended by?

You said "You could make an argument that those styles were "traced" from other low-res sprite-based games, if you were so inclined."
Context doesn't matter, wwhile I see the point, none of them traced anything and that sentence can make people doubt it.

>Oh, okay, you clearly haven't bothered to process the things I've written. So much for having a non-hysterical discussion.

Perhaps if you stopped with the equivalences and analogies and tried to tell me why tracing Madotsuki isn't bad for the points mentioned using your own words it would be a nicer conversation.

>but the screenshot you've posted looks absolutely dreadful.

Hey you said it, it's from Nightmare Castle, one of Noyemi's games, just posted it to show the colors and how it's possible to emulate other engines.

>awfully composed dream worlds hurt the fangames a lot more than "Mado recolors" do.

That's true, they are a bigger problem, I'd still rather suck at that than tracing another developer's work, though.

My point is, recoloring madotsuki makes both your creativity and morals questionable, it's lazy, you don't have to deal with thinking how to do it, and you're literally tracing something without permission.
Imitations are fine, but if you really can't think another way to make your MC than tracing Mado, you need to git gud.


File: 1527194395016.jpg (125.93 KB, 850x765, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

>if I draw a hero sprite from scratch only following my personal understanding of how a dream diary hero should look, and the end result still looks like Kiki's design
The chances of you, by yourself, sitting down and creating a sprite from scratch that through some miracle looks like a near carbon copy of kiki's sprite, is so infinitesimally small that I can't even put it into words. That's not what people are telling others to avoid, because that's near impossible unless it was done deliberately. The sheer number of possible sprites that can fit into that space, even if it is small, is massive. If you make it yourself, it will look like you made it yourself. People who have been accused of copy pasting were not just innocent victims with bad luck. It just seems like you're fishing for excuses. A circle can't be compared; that's a retarded analogy.


Well, damn me, I thought this was about the Madotsuki template (like, eyes closed, face 8 pixels wide, 4 pixels tall; skirt and big shoes, and so on and so forth) being bad rather than bona fide recolors. Honestly, the whole concept seems alien to me – who would actually use a recolor of Madotsuki in their game not as a joke? If the template itself is good, well then, I rest my case.

>Perhaps if you stopped with the equivalences and analogies and tried to tell me why tracing Madotsuki isn't bad for the points mentioned using your own words it would be a nicer conversation.

At the end of the day it looks like we just confused our terms. Well, just another day on the internets.


>the whole concept seems alien to me
You must not know anything about deviantart.


>The chances of you, by yourself, sitting down and creating a sprite from scratch that through some miracle looks like a near carbon copy of kiki's sprite, is so infinitesimally small that I can't even put it into words
It sure seems that way in theory, but in practice it turns out that the vast majority of variations is just completely unviable for the task of creating the necessary expression. You can't cheat your way with dialog portraits, like say in Ib, so you're stuck with the chibi-style head (or your character will have a blob of color for face and be more or less unrecognizable). So your only freedom of choice lies in clothes, hair and shoes. Before you know it, you might just create another Madotsuki in everything but name, even if you've done everything from scratch.


I'm talking about pixel for pixel. Head size, body proportions, the length of their arms. The exact eye shape. The same big forehead. Same shoe shape and size.


Jesus dick, jsut try it yourself if you don't believe me.


File: 1527204753767.png (13.22 KB, 638x448, seisatsuki (2).png)

Not that anon, but I tried to make an original character in that size just to see how hard it is to actually come up with something without recolors, and kept the eyes closed for you.

I call her Seisatsuki, I think she looks fairly different. She's barely one pixel bigger than Mado, I can do more characters with different shapes if you want, I discovered there's a lot that can be done in this size and I'm not even that good at pixels.


Looks great.
>there's a lot that can be done in this size
Exactly. It's not a problem for people who are willing to put a bit of effort,


Looks pretty sweet indeed, it's got a different feeling, but the structure is marginally identical, which is what I was saying to begin with.


The shoes aren't very cute, that's all I really notice.


Her legs are made of wood


Pretty sure those are supposed to be prosthetic legs, like in .flow.


Please excuse me, I am idort


All right you motherfuckers, I think I’m gonna do some jam. Complete noob though, which version of RPG maker is the best? There is so much them, and I don’t know which to use.


File: 1528019087102.jpg (231.08 KB, 502x562, QUE PASA.jpg)

MV/VX Ace are the best versions. MV has a new scripting engine while VX Ace still uses their Ruby counterpart. Don't bother to buy RPGMaker if you're going to use it to make free games, just pirate it lol. RPGMaker 2000/2003 is what most "traditional" fangames use. If you use RPGMaker 2k/3 your fangame will end up being similar in layout/menu so your only real manner to project an identity onto it is style of spriting and map layout. XP is just a 2003+ of sorts that added RPGMaker's questionable scripting environment. Very much a middle ground. The problem is there's not much content to study from, since most fangames are made in 2000 or VX.


Thanks. But why I can’t pirate Maker and then sell games? Is there some kind of restriction?


So, basically, it is fine to make a jam game and learn shit, but if I wanna some shekels thrown at me, I have to buy it, right?
I guess it’s fine. I don’t expect a mad dosh from a fucking RPG MAKER shit, just learn stuff and maybe boost a confidence.


File: 1528020303083.png (416.54 KB, 784x900, 1527714540049.png)

You don't have a license to RPGMaker's assets and most game.exe's made on pirated versions have modified information. Not to mention you're profiting off a commercial release made by something you "stole".
In short you would get a lawsuit and probably spend some time in jail.

There's absolutely no problem in using it for freeware games though.


Thanks for a clarification.
So, I guess it’s time for some video tutorials…


File: 1528021740515.png (176.57 KB, 384x384, fuck yes.png)

You'll pick it up along the way. The main thing you need is an artistic forte (spriting, music, etc) because events and tiling in RPGMaker is piss easy. If you ever run into something that you can't do just take a look at another RPGMaker game as reference (for example, seeing how Yume Nikki makes an effect)
I'd also recommend having a backup project with everything cleared and a blank database devoid of RTP (RPGMaker's default tiles and characters). Saves you a lot of time.


Well shit, I suck at spriting, never tried it, and yet another recolor will not help for a project in mind.


File: 1529467181582.jpg (64.79 KB, 850x510, __sabitsuki_flow_drawn_by_….jpg)

Thread bump. There's only eight more days until the gates to the sewer flood open. Who else is actually getting a little excited?


Not really, unless somebody makes something interesting with the flood… like write reviews or something.


That's actually what I plan on doing.


No, but reading this thread has been very entertaining. I'm grateful to everyone who posted here even the tumble trannies


The time has come. I'll be honestly, I don't have the patience or energy to sit through the entirety of every game. I'm only gonna give each five minutes at the minimum and write this as I play through each.
Cirus 0.00-RPG Maker VX Ace: Everything's sort of grey and dull in a simplistic sort of way. You get the impression that everything was done as a sort of call back to the original while having some arbitrary changes to differentiate itself. Voice recorder instead of a diary, apartment slightly to the left, etc. Pretty standard stuff. The sound effects are a tad harsh and really boring, like they were recorded on a really shitty mic or just some stock shit. I have to commend the profile artist. That was a really nice touch. There's actual weather in the game. You can't walk around your balcony when it's raining. Another nice touch. You get a sense of the character's personality from their furnishing. Her room's a lot neater in her dream. A little hallway outside of your room is also a nice bait and switch. Lots of little details. There's only two main worlds accessible from the nexus right now, presumably because of version. the areas a a bit sparsely populated and feel one note. No tension to speak of. The dream world representing different points in the mc's life is a really on the nose. Getting stuck just as a consequence of going to the wrong place and not by getting caught by some enemy is a tad annoying. There's too many dead ends. It's less like you're going through a labyrinth that goes endlessly and loops and more like being stuck in a cage. That might just be a consequence of limited development time. The metal bat works the same as the knife, except it's extremely lame. It has no impact and it's the earliest effect you can get(I think). Dull dull dull. The people making this need some magic mushrooms or something because i'm really not feeling this. I think I got through the whole thing.
re;fleXion v0.00-RPGM 2003: This one comes with a content warning, so i'm already expecting some edgy shit. The title's even in a nice, cut mark font.
>This game features depictions of
>gender dysphoria
Oh fuck.
The sound effects in this one are definitely a step up. The mc never wants to take a shit, so there's already some symbolism there. Everything's ten times more fucked up when you go to sleep, which is a reversal from the last game. They're scared of toilets now. Get it? The dream state's not about the past, it's about the nether regions. This sprite's closer to the original. Not quite recolor tier, but close. Just two main worlds. Is that just the standard for this jam? I've got to say, i'm really impressed with the candy world. Dynamic npc's. Vibrant art. Tonally appropriate music. Actually different atmospheres! The sound effects are noticeably lacking though. There's little actual variation in the npcs. That seems to be a reoccurring problem. There's a gateway to a disturbing version of the world. Kind of a trope opposite to happy sunshine sort of thing. There's the doll house maze too. This one doesn't have interconnected areas, so points off for that, but it's interesting. This one might have promise. I couldn't find any disturbing stuff, that's probably why it was accepted.
Aura Aspic 0.00 -RPGM MV : This one looks ugly as fuck just from the screenshots. Very garish, mismatching colors. The description is super pretentious. There seems to be a lot of content at least. The whole aesthetic is really childish and Deviantart-esque. No balcony ;(. No musis in some places. Part of the, "original composition", is just some guy's fan. Npcs are also ugly as fuck. The sound effects seem like they were ripped from some rpg. No way in hell they're original. More dead ends. One of the worlds is literally a closed room. Everything is pointlessly geometrical. Aura Aspie. Absolute dogshit, don't bother.


I'm gonna continue it tomorrow. My computer is being a pain.


Oh, yeah, and there's only two worlds too. 1 hour playtime my ass.
Asphodelus ver 0.1: Interesting title screen. Unconventional, but refreshingly simple art. It has a unique feel to it. It has a neat plant motif to it. I don't know what the hell is going on, but I can't get to the nexus. I can't figure it out. The controls are also pretty unintuitive. Pretty disappointing, but maybe i'm doing something wrong. The door is to outside is also not conveyed particularly well.
Overgrow 0.0-Ace: This took a lot of time to download. It seems like either a lot of people worked on it or it's been in development for longer than the given time. Technically 100 people could just dominate since there doesn't seem to be a cap on team size. It uses rtp. Sort of impressive title screen. Has a visual novel flair to it, but it doesn't quite work. It's more like an old flash game. It's that sort of that faux nip aesthetic that used to be a lot more popular. Western sensibilities make it feel… Off. The sprite work is kind of nice in that it's like a drawing. It's very far from being a, "traditional yn fangame". It's a side-scroller. It takes place in a hospital and there's even dialogue. Mental hospital. Profile shots. I'm calling it now, this barely counts as a fangame. Gotta say i'm not digging the tumblr art style. Oh wait…
Very heavy use of rtp actually. Feels like i'm playing mgq paradox again. Cool music. Is it stock? It's definitely not traditional. This is really stretching it. Parts are actually top-down. Barren worlds make navigating a chore. Everything looks kind of samey too. Not a lot of landmarks. No npcs? In the forestry area there's even some cunt being meta about how generic all the assets are… Holy shit is this a chore. The slowness of your character is really emphasized when there's nothing around you, their sprite is large, and they have this obnoxious walk cycle. The slowness doesn't work in the design's favor. It's a hindrance. The drawn art really clashes with the pre-made assets. The music also contrasts with the snail crawl. I woke up repeatedly just to get back to the nexus. Whoever made this didn't want to make a yn fangame. They wanted to make a animu visual novel thing. This feels like a practice for them. Man fucking tumblr ugh. That's all I could think. The roller skates made it palatable at least, but it didn't fix the fundamental problems. I quite after the generic haunted house. The creators weren't looking to make something surreal and atmospheric. Totally misses the point in my opinion.


Glad the issue with Asphodelus wasn't just me, it was the only one I was interested in since the games seem unique and it actually has an ending. Shame.


Nexus door in Asphodelus is near-invisible in bottom right


My man.
Asphodelus: The sound design is rough on the ears. No npcs. I got the sunglasses effect just by blindly poking at all the weird murals. It seems too plain thus far. The techno world is better. The glitch gateway is very nice. This really feels like a blast from the past. Moving around in the glitch world is a bitch. I don't have the patience to figure it out. There's no landmarks there. I'm getting a quantity over quality feel. One world is literally just a room with the words no data written in it in large text. Another world is also just a room with the scooter effect in it. It seems that you can't go in the bathroom world without glasses. I wonder what that's supposed to symbolize? I don't think there's any npcs. One interconnected world. Invisible walls make it a tiny space… There's one type in the field world at least. Music loops are too noticeable. It just doesn't flow. One world functions as the sound options. One world is just a very pretentious crayon representation for the mc's past life and rejection by their peers. You have to move around in a straight line as a sparkle thing to get to a room that I think has nothing in it. Whatever. This one has promise at least. If more was added, restrictions were removed, and sprites better conveyed what the hell was going on it would work.
yqriel: This one has a sort of newgrounds aesthetic. It's definitely different, but I can't say it's visually appealing. I have to download some 2013 c++ thing to run this one. Holy fuck is this hideous. Your sprite transforms in every screen. The background art is a black and white, mc paint mess. It seems like you get items? You literally just turn into mc paint radios depending on what area you're in. Everything looks kind of samey. The same flat colors and, "mechanical", look. Atrocious, don't spend a second on it.


Oversomia: I wonder what this one's gonna be about…
>There is a little plot
>Irving is one of three members of a club based around discussing dreams. Although, it's really just three good friends chatting together.
wai? The art looks nice at least, albeit not really in the same vein as yn(realistic outside world). It's the only one with an acknowledgment of the jam in it's title screen. Nice. You can actually go outside. Gotta say, it's pretty underwhelming out there. Maybe this is a bait and switch? No music? Nature sounds. Ok, there is some. There's even little birds sprites flying above the character in the forest. Very nice. It seems the nexus has a sort of guide that gives you hints and other stuff. Definitely different, but kind of misses the point. It's feels like i'm on a hiking trail or something. They can also give temporary effects for currency including weapon. Hmm… Everything looks a bit samey and I can't say it's that trippy. I guess I could recommend this one if you're in the mood. I feel the maker wanted to make something closer to an rpg or something. Lots of stuff just feels like it's going through the motions, but maybe that's just me.
Oneiro: I've noticed a distinct lack of events so far, but maybe I've just missed them. I've noticed a lot of gimmicky variations on the title screen. Kind of a superficial way to deviate from yn. This one has a very weird, rushed feeling atmosphere. I wonder why… You just sort of jump in. I really feel like i'm back in 2006. There's dialogue too. Bad dialogue. No sound effects? Boring npcs seem to be a consistent problem. People don't get that they're just as important as environments. Boring woodsy maps all over. The nexus is ugly as fuck. Worlds are represented by Greek food. It seems you have to collect butterfly. All npcs seem to just be black and white negatives of the mc. One of them wants me to find their wife… Managed to get the athlete effect in the Greek temple. There's even a purification statue. Is this supposed to be a parallel to Mado's Aztec fetish? It's a little on the nose, yeah? Whatever, i'm bored. Don't bother with this one. The creator was just too out of their depth.
I Had The Strangest Dream, Ivan: This one seems really off the walls.
>Unfinished, but presented for posterity.
That means more shit to put on the wiki. Seems like they intend to finish it. Where the fuck is the download? I'm not gonna bother to look harder.


File: 1530201086238.png (66.79 KB, 896x738, Ubuulebully.png)

I know no one likes discord garbage but this is related to one of the topics ITT, no one mentioned them in a long time but here you got them in the Jam's official discord still talking trash about us.

This is only the most recent stuff to make the point, but if you search the word "Uboachan" in that place you'll find out we're a very common topic.

But we're so bully and say mean words.


A Quiet Air: This one's also a side-scroller, but it's got way worse drawn art. It's even got a jump button. This is very newgrounds.
>A young woman is left alone in a strange house she inherited from her estranged, eccentric great aunt.
Way to keep me guessing… The game keeps crashing as soon as I open it. I looked through the files and in tile sets there's a text file for forest. Okay, what's in it?
That's it. I don't know what the hell that means and I don't know if my computer is just fucked or what, but i'm not going to bother finding out. I wonder if whoever is running this thing even spot checks the games for functionality. Going through all of them is tedious enough for me, so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.
Mona-GODOT: Some more newgrounds mc paint art by the look of the screen shots. This stuff still being around is just depressing.
>explore her past experiences through her subconscious
>point and click
What? I don't have words.
>without you… I don't want to leave
UGHHHHHHHHHH. You click on the bed to fall asleep. One area only. Everything is narrated in the first person. Load times between screens are annoying. It's just a fade to black too. Wouldn't be surprised if these are just the limitations of the engine. Fuckin walls of text constantly. Ugly art. No music. It's boring boring boring boring. I'd rather listen to a lecture on fiscal fiance than go through more.


Mixtape: Now that title's a real blast from the past.
>Play as a jackalope(?) named Fenrir who has just received a weird mixtape from their best frienemy Faffy.
It's got a nice logo opening. Undertale/mimiga character design. Spites look good though. You get the feeling that this guy maybe has experience with jams. Nice eva reference. Lots of interactivity with the environment. Two worlds. Look like a third was planned. Still no npcs, but the art has a unique look to it. Lots of blocked entrances. One npc in red door world. Biped man thing. Alright. Title noises. Good. Receptionist for inn? God awful dialogue. Yeah, they've played undertale alright. Bike type effect early on. Lots of environment shifts don't feel like an intended consequence of your actions. A little of that is okay, but it doesn't quite feel like i'm really choosing my own path. In yn you could mostly go back and forth of your own free will and when you gt teloported somewhere totally different you knew why it happened. You interacted with a weird thing. You get to join in on a party thing. Yeah. You can see many clear variations on yn worlds like the pink sea. It doesn't manage to feel coherent. Wow, there's even an event. This one has potential and what they accomplished in a month is very impressive. If more time was spent on it and more interesting assets were used, there would be something to talk about.
Daze: Asking for donations. Ugly sprite. Seems you start the game dreaming. Hideous art direction. Monochromatic almost. Dark blues on dark blues. Bright yellow bed. Small sprites on a large map. Oh wait, I guess you don't start dreaming. Kind of confusing. Stock creepy guitar music. I don't if this was intentional or what, but there's this meta fake crash part of the game where you have to "return", to the nexus. Stock sound effects. Very lame. More boring npcs. It's all blue or black or grey. Oh wait, there's an all red world. The game puts me in a daze. Ignore this one.


I don't browse tumblr and I don't how it works that well (don't know if it has a rating system, etc), but aren't these the top entries? They were the first to pop up in the Jam's entry list. If my presumption of these being rated well is true, then it's going to take a long while until we find something good. Godspeed to you anon.
Mixtape does look a bit polished, even though it's still in the version 0.0x purgatory.
y check my dubs.


File: 1530204961058.png (62.21 KB, 184x184, 1526961773387-3.png)

So, because an anon wanted to make an eroge, now the "whole of uboachan" is working on it?
Are these people genuinely retarded, or just slightly mentally impaired due to hivemind thinking?


>A furry Yume Nikki game
>it probably doesn't even count as a 0.00 fangame
Massive sprite. Tiny map. I have to give kudos for the pseudo-3d environment(only in bedroom). Character design and art direction are an eyesore. Little interactivity. Oh suddenly your sprite's tiny. That doesn't mess with immersion at all… Annoying music. Nightmare fuel profile. Derby(roller skates) is ugly as sin. Boring worlds, no npcs. Fuckin grey buildings and woods. Boring as fuck assets. Weird tree house monster. Wouldn't be too surprised if that's stock or stolen. I don't give enough of a fuck to find the other effect. No branching worlds from what I've seen. Door entrances to background buildings don't align with character sprite. There's not even the illusion that something might be behind there. Whoever made this definitely has some kind of mental illness, but it's not the right type for this sort of thing.
The Crash-MX: Storm Clouds of the Mind: Long title makes me a bit worried. Maker is a macfag. Even more worrisome. There's a big file size.
>the crash
That's not a good omen. Weird 60's title screen. Reminds me of an old dvd option menu.
>October 1969
Very different art style. It's all drawn, not too well either. I'm getting the feeling that the makers where in over their head. I guess you're living with a kid or a cat? Forest. Laggy as fuck at start. Weirdly enough this reminds me of that live action zelda cdi game. Same problem as overgrowth. walking feels too slow. Barren world. No landmarks. Yadda yadda. Whispering instead of music in forest. Crying in next area. Torture torture. Holy fuck is the street world ugly as fuck. Hideous background texture. Alice and wonderland motif. Never seen that before. Hideous background objects. Stock fiddle music. I'm sick of it. The creators have promise, but this game and its aesthetic are a lost cause. The creator needs to sit down for thirty hours and play some final fantasy and other rpgs and visual novels and stuff like megaman, you know, all the good stuff, so they can absorb the essence of good video games. You have to know the rules before you break them.
Don't know how the system works. By the look of it things are actually going to get worse.


File: 1530207199560.png (678.21 KB, 2000x2000, bully.png)

>They wanted to do porn but didn't go anywhere bc it's uboachan

No one was even mentioning these guys anymore, I assumed everything was solved between Ubuu and DDJ since we started to talk about game dev instead, I was even going to start playing those entries to give my two cents, I still plan to, thhough.

A perfect example of unprovoked aggression.


Cranberry Dream: Looks really pixie-girlish.
What. Looks like winrar can handle it… This one has two composers. Very uninspired instructions. Bizarre blocky sprite. Little interactivity. Art is a bit of an eye sore, but it could be worse. No balcony. Very linear red world. Knife get. That's definitely an improvement over the bat. Still no npcs. SO barren. Red world is literally just a handful of small maps with nothing in them but some spike things. Boring background. Music is better than most. So are sound effects. Blue world is also linear. Less work for me. First npcs are just blue men. Blue blue blue. Very little in the way of interesting assets. Some stuff looks so much better than everything else. I don't think effects actually do anything. Oh wait, they do, just not always. Unicorn world is the most interesting, but that's not saying much. Lots of areas either don't serve any purpose and just reach a dead end or they have an effect at the dead end. Dull. Maybe it has promise.
Px 1.0:You play as a little white pixel and there's dialogue. Very very reminiscent of newgrounds. I guess it's going for a more dos/atari look. Intro music cuts off abruptly. This reminds me of the thread where people talked about how just because something is faux retro, that's not an excuse for laziness. I called other games barren? This game just has a single pattern in the background and that's it. Music doesn't really fit.
>I am perfect you are not no one could be better than me ever
My brain is melting. You have to solve really cryptic riddles. You can just pick every option until you get it right. I'm not going on this scavenger hunt through fuckin carpet textures. Don't play this shit.


NvmU - NASU on the go!: It's a nasu clone for some dreamcast thing. It's more interesting than the name would imply. So much for traditional though. I tried it out. It works. The death screen has sound. I don't know if it has all of the same little events that the original does.
Violentolitin: Apparently it was made in less than a week. The description sets the bar pretty low. Very plain. Assets all look pre-made. You go to the nexus by interacting with a red orb thing. It feels very cobbled together. Lazy backgrounds. Just bad. Sound? Whatever. UGh
Sigil: The controls are unintuitive. Impressive amount of polish. Sprites are very, "lofty". They look very nice and fleshed out. The perspective is a bit strange. Leaving the room just closes the game. In the, "nexus", there's just multi-colored girls saying gibberish and doors. To get through a door you have to find a code in the room. I don't know how many layers of door there are to get to the real game or how to go through or what, but this part shouldn't have been included. It's a gimmick. If there's a way, i'm not going to spend more time trying to figure it out.


File: 1530211010228-0.jpg (103.41 KB, 550x448, whydotheydothiis.jpg)

File: 1530211010228-1.png (21.91 KB, 552x446, ilikethisone.png)

So I'm playing Oblivion, I got mixed feelings, like this is the first game of someone who doesn't really lack talent.

>First thing I see is a title screen with RTP sounds and system so my expectations die

>The graphics are actually nice, pretty charming and colorful, a lot of creativity there
>You save wth the bed and "dream" with the computer
>The game has tedious dead ends that make you wanna die, and some of the music can destroy your brain
>Some of the pixel art is seriously very pretty

This game suffers from quality bipolarity, a good example being the captures I posted, in the first one, the pink world with strawberries, you have a huge map with many dead pointless dead ends and ear torture for music, the second one, is pretty, balanced in area size and content, and the music is fitting.

I think the developer did a good work, and the problems this game has have two explanations, it's probably their first game, and the Jam itself rushing a newbie into a quick release.


Boys Work: It looks ugly as fuck from the screen shots. God damn.
>Made in RPG Maker MV the afternoon of the deadline
>folder is called yumenikki clone
kek. It's dumb. Instructions are irl photo of a sheet of paper. It's ugly, but in an interesting sort of way. The mc looks like something from gaia online. Dumb jokes everywhere. Looks like somebody did end up making a mock entry. No going to sleep. Nexus is just bar after you take out the trash. Butt world. Fooooo. Weird cut-out npcs. Stolen undertale assets?
>gained skin rash
Makes you red.
Stock sound effects. I'm done.
>A game made with entirely too little time.
>Will be improved as time goes on, or on the next Yume Nikki game jam.
Pretty sure that's against the rules.
Ask for donations. Large file. Better a decent small game than a shitty large one. Very small spite. Decent furniture art. Not sure if it's original, but probably not. Stock sound effects. Mc has dialogue. Tv does some interesting, ring-esque shit. You have to turn on the tv to get to the nexus. Very confusing. Very weird music. Shallow imitations of yn mechanics with no rhyme of reason behind them. The doors look almost ripped from yn. I guess it's going for a .flow thing where you have to plug into technology or something. It focuses too much on the disturbing. Pretty edgy. Few npcs AGAIN. Barren. I think music is the best part. Very dull, flat colors. It doesn't dare to go bright from what I've seen. Just a big, shitty, grey mess.
Thank you.


Madotsuki's Story: Retrograde: It's a platformer where mado goes around with a knife stabbing things. Decentish sprite. Okay walking cycle. Looks awkward when she's going on an incline. Very boring, ugly art direction. It's all gray. Boring nothing music. Extremely awkward controls. Fucking obnoxious. There's no reason for the ability to summon and unsummon the knife, it's just a superficial similarity to the original. Okay jump cycle. Garbage enemy placement. Making big jumps is atrocious. Delay on knife is unnecessary and adds nothing. Tiny weapon range. All common enemies look the same. Don't know if there's bosses, don't care.
NASU Pinball-Unity: What it sounds like. Has next to nothing to do with nasu except the ball and music. As rudimentary as it gets. Is actually worse as a game than the original nasu.
Night Shift:
>can be played in browser
Thank god. The creator actually made their own engine which they plan on making publicly available. The main feature didn't work though so it's almost a complete failure. Unbelievably hideous. Unbelievably slow. Space themed. Horrible backgrounds. Luckily you can sort of skip rooms. Finally got to bed. Nexus is just. Just. Don't play this. I would use this game as a torture method. Forcing somebody to play this is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. I'm not exaggerating.


File: 1530215083022.jpg (77.14 KB, 646x670, 114b5e758d8b27013b2ef540b9….jpg)

Bad birds:
The first thing you see is someone, probably MC commiting suicide, then you just simply appear in a nexus which is just a black background with four ladders, the worlds have little to nothing to interact with, the pixel art is okay, the music is okay too, there are chasers with a crappy jumpscare though.

It kills time, it's not bad given the standards but I can't say it's good either, there is little to explore and nothing of it is surprising.


SUPER NASU BROS: I feel like my soul is being sucked out of me, but it's the final stretch. Almost there! This is sorta nice. Landing hits takes getting used to since you're jump is so high. Landing some jumps is also unnecessarily difficult because you have to time jumping while killing an enemy perfectly to get high enough. Parts of the game are just there to fuck with you. Pits don't have any graphical representation the floor is just solid green. Text tells you where holes are. It's more, "enjoyable", than the other platformer.
Bad birds: In this game you try to collect lost memories, so I guess there's an amnesia gimmick in this one. Obnoxious music. Ugly worlds. Really ugly mc. Interesting crow npcs that fly away when you get near them. I don't blame them. Boring music now. You go straight to the nexus. The opening title screen shows you jumping off a building. 2000% edgy. Random skeletons for no reason. Stupid blob npc. Not sure how to interact. Enter? Stupid controls. Use the fucking arrow keys cunts. Holy fuck this music is shit. Spooky blood. Shitty events. Stupid broom. You can just sort of walk through npcs. Why is the mc so fat and ugly? Walking speed it inconsistent. What is this faggy, art school bullshit? Fucking boxes. It's all green. When you go through a door, you don't even go out through the other side, you're a little to the left. Ugh. Stupid green shit. Fuck this. At least
they're courteous enough to include an uninstaller.
This. I didn't play long enough to see the suicide shit. Guess I picked the wrong world.


>I didn't play long enough to see the suicide shit.
Oh, wait, you're talking about the title screen. My brain really is melting.


File: 1530218217908.jpg (192.11 KB, 850x637, __akita_neru_big_al_fighte….jpg)

Holy fuck the finishing line is close.
奇妙な日記: Fuckin Moonrunes. The setup is dumb and confusing, you have to actually drag the .exe file to the right folder. You play as a stick figure man with an ass. It ends almost immediately after your character walks to a mirror, looks at himself, and then leaves. Their face just shows up along with a, "the end". How the fuck was this accepted? This feels like a Jap taking the piss on a bunch of Americans. The grammar in the description is messy. The other world I tried just makes you stuck.
Shards: More edgy, cut mark font. You need a password for it. Will I bother to look for it if it even exists somewhere? No.
Yume Nikki Jam 2018 Submission: Very Meta. You can play it in browser too, which is nice. All maps are small. Lots of actual picture use. Too much. It's weird in an actually kind of interesting way. Mostly just boring though. Not a lot of music. Too slow for my taste. Got to the end actually. It was a bit one note.
My overall thoughts: It's about what I expected. One or two games with some promise, a few games with interesting concepts, and a whole lot of shit. Definitely mostly shit. Nothing felt complete or well polished. More proof that the time limit given for this jam did nothing to help the development of the games. The only positive I think it could have had is pushing people to actually start making something, even it does end up as a rushed garbage. Learning how to use the engines etc. I cannot say that this thing is actually good for fans. It just makes more shit to pick through and it is all inevitably mediocre. All of it is also gonna have to go on the wiki. I described it perfectly a week ago: A sewer flood. Just like any kind of jam. Not to mention your standard tumblr fare that some games were infected by(black bird for example). Oh well. It's done. Hallelujah.


File: 1530221392143.jpg (253.56 KB, 1024x819, _rpghorror__pocket_mirror_….jpg)

So in the end no entry could offer something promising enough to compete with Pocket Mirror, there's no doubt that game will be the #1 of that community for a good while.


This looks even worse than last year. At least I could remember a few promising games back then, nothing here looks appealing.


Imagine if these games were somebody's first experience with Yume Nikki or its fangames…


File: 1530291798606.jpg (71.63 KB, 800x450, mindblown.jpg)

You know what's awkwardly funny? this anon predicted the future >>13010
>what you get in the end is 30 shitty bugged YNFG
By the end of the event there were exactly 30 games, and most of them were the result of rushed first time creators.

I think it's fair to say it's not the developers' fault, though, there were a few okay entries that may become great full games in the future, but for the most part its an event that messes with newbies' learning proccess.

A deadline is not easy to respect, this game >>13397 had a talented artist behind it, but they obviously needed more time to replace the RTP assets that were still in there.

Even professionals commit awful mistakes with deadlines, there's people who still don't even know how to use the engine, I think rushing them with their current knowledge is harmful and will just create an embarrasing memory in a couple years, I have seen someone removing their project already because they were not satisfied with the results.


>I have seen someone removing their project already because they were not satisfied with the results.
Which one? Damn, I should have backed them all up online to preserve the embarrassment.


File: 1530296463022.png (10.33 KB, 752x210, RQ.png)

"Oneiro" I haven't tried it yet. The developer announced the removal in the Jam's discord but it can still be seen here: https://manamanami.itch.io/oneiro

From the screenshots it looks better than most of the games in the list though


I'm >>13409 it seems this anon covered it already >>13386


File: 1530297428449.png (2.02 MB, 1199x850, cancer.png)

It's a shame that in the end we got nothing interesting. This was, like the anon said, life support for a dead community. Imagine if Yume Nikki: Yume Nikki featuring Ao Oni from the RPGMaker series didn't release, we would probably barely scrape the double digits. It was a flood of draining submissions that did nothing to help the dead community. I doubt anything worthwhile is going to be made after this from the western front since the fangame scene there is so dead. I have seen some promising projects in dev there and there but as of now in the coming months I'd doubt there will be anything to shake up the scene. I'm actually surprised there was no deliberate shitpost game in the submissions, I would love a spiritual Dickme Dicki sequel. Pray to whatever people go through the trouble of archiving & creating entries on the wiki.
ubugchen boogey


>no deliberate shitpost entries
There was: 奇妙な日記.



File: 1531087774160.png (155.43 KB, 356x600, tumblr_pb82lhIoRr1vldrugo1….png)

Thanks for the reviews of this shit. I hate to trouble you, but will you be reviewing the late entries as well? They extended the deadline for a few, and there are about five or so games that were released afterwards that are still considered part of the Jam.

I kinda feel like the earlier thread drama and this was just part of some poorly disguised shilling done by astralshift. Why don't you just work on your proposed sequel/prequel game instead of just started fake arguments on obscure rpg boards to hype up your 5 year old game?


If I feel like it, I might look at those quickly. Also, your theory seems unlikely. Has astralshift done something like that before?


>Has astralshift done something like that before?
They have started some small-scale drama here and there, but nothing that would make you think they would do something like that in a small imageboard.


File: 1531146052325.jpg (105.82 KB, 1280x720, fart.jpg)

>poorly disguised shilling done by astralshift
Except it's not, I'm an old ubuu user and game developer not related to Astralshift, you can ask a mod, sorry to break your bubble but people can say good things about things you don't like.

In addition, what of what I said is false? It is the biggest modern game from that small tumblr community, the game's numbers are huge, it got tons of fanart, love and even some cosplay, that's a lot more than most little RPGM people will ever achieve.

By the way from the looks of it, you guys sure spend a lot of time trying to slam Astralshift, I've only said their game is very relevant and look at the reactions, like the art theft accusation which, after googling I realized it was nothing but a misunderstanding.

Like you're all almighty saints, let me quote Pinkuboa, the owner of the jam, about it:

>it’s not uncommon for the PM team to smack talk others behind their backs.

Isn't that what lots of you do to each other in the confession blogs? Pinkuboa's unprovoked agression against ubuu here >>13387 is a good example.

As I said earlier ITT, PM isn't even my kind of game, I don't like it, it represents everything I am tired of in a "horror RPG", little girls in dresses, cute atmosphere, the sounds, the haunted house, it's all about overused tropes, we have been making fun of that for ages here, but you know what? I think that's precisely why the game was successful and that's all I have been saying.


home team vs away team, whose gonna hit the big slam?


File: 1593235597000.png (42.36 KB, 816x624, ice1.png)

Bumping this thread in an effort to revive it for Dream Diary Jam 4, which just ended.

Tonight I submitted v0.02 of our game "Yellow Sails". I hope you guys will give it a try and enjoy it, it's very unfinished but there's about 20-30 mins of content in there right now. We went for an ocean theme, and you sail between islands instead of opening doors in a nexus. There isn't a ton of content yet but I'm proud of what we have, I think there is a pleasant and nostalgic atmosphere. Please let me know what you think on the comments page if you play it!

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