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File: 1462855091723.jpg (153 KB, 600x750, a4acd4deb3530a30f4cbd5d25c….jpg)


Okay so I didn't want to take the time to look through all of lolrust's twitter and I couldn't find an answer elsewhere. Does anyone know if there will be another .flow update?


I can confirm that I don't know if there will be another .flow update. Man I sure this post is useful.


File: 1462860842174.png (331.12 KB, 635x900, ney5.png)

I wish I knew, if I find out something I'll definitely share it here


It didn't sound like the last update was supposed to be final but all's been pretty quiet on the lolrust front lately…


He seems to be busy with the other two games he created. But then there's the fact that lolrust once said he wanted to bring .flow to version ver0.2 eventually.
I wonder if 少女偽談 and 少女奇談 will ever be translated


Maybe update 0.2 is going to be a really big one.


Is this a challenge m8?



It Is Now


Damn shit just got real.


File: 1462901804533.jpg (22.04 KB, 236x390, f2c91e305c650747ddbd695e04….jpg)


File: 1463070716061.jpg (51.03 KB, 298x219, 41730758_p0_master1200.jpg)


in all seriousness i'm a lil surprised no one's taken a shot at it
probably shouldn't be, but considering how popular .flow is now outside ubuu you would think by now something would've popped up


File: 1463093508089.jpeg (208.24 KB, 600x750, 1456469484816.jpeg)

To be honest I could attemp translating it, but I'm kind of busy at this moment.
How long was it, again? Also, what engine did it use? I reckon it was 2k but I'm not sure.


File: 1463180885521.jpg (8.96 KB, 350x262, kidan3.jpg)


that's ok, considering there've been maybe three or four mentions of it here in the 3 years it's been up

kidan is an hour or so (says the page) and is 2k
gidan is….. a much larger filesize, but it's in VX so that might be a reason. it's probably not much longer given the style of game.
also it came out exactly a month and a day ago. nice.


File: 1463193712832.png (345.32 KB, 500x500, 1439374651815.png)

I saw the thread 3 years ago, but I didn't play it and later I forgot. I didn't know japanese back then. Either way, I'm playing this and considering if I will be able to translate it for real (basically, if I have enough ability and time). If everything goes okay I'll start preparing things… so cross your fingers, guys.


I wish you luck.


File: 1463725905941.png (41.91 KB, 320x240, ヒント3.png)

The fuck is this, there's no room like this anywhere.

So far, the game is fun. I manage to understand it without problems. Translations will be sightly hard though, but not impossible. My major enemies will be to make them sound natural/smooth and time, and for the first one I may request help if it proves too hard.
I still have to finish it though. After that, comes gidan. It probably won't be different in terms of dialogue.

So yeah, I think it's happening.


Don't forget to add "chan" after MC name and end half of the dialogues with "ara ara ufufu"


File: 1463767996232.png (741 B, 640x480, sei-chan.png)

Trips have spoken, I shall deliver.


File: 1463817173608.jpg (84.49 KB, 800x600, babel_b&w.jpg)

Okay, I just sent a mail to lol asking for permission. He's a really nice guy so I'm positive he'll say there won't be problems, but I'd like to inform him before that. And, if he gives a green light, things are already on the rails, I just need to push the minecart.





life is beautiful


File: 1464318560253.gif (388.31 KB, 360x182, 1eab21ff7eebd2e502306ef46b….gif)

mfw when lol isn't replying
I hope he isn't dead. I'm sending a new mail.


File: 1464331022446.png (1.44 MB, 960x1280, flow47.png)

Try contacting him on Twitter, he seems to be really active there.


lol died during the earthquake which killed kikiyama


File: 1464371316378.jpg (305.65 KB, 762x1252, 23f0bb9dceb20a833eba9a7f2b….jpg)

Well, whatever the reason he wasn't responding before, he just sent me a reply after that second mail giving the ok for the translation.
On due time I will open the threads in /og/, so stay stunned.


File: 1464460940277.gif (88.68 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg.gif)


I think there was a rumor a while back that lol would be porting .flow to RPG Maker VX and/or making a sequel… does anyone know if those are actually true or not? I think they were just April Fools' jokes but I can't remember that clearly.


Unless there's an official source stating that, it's all bullshit.


When? Who? Where?


File: 1465184956654.png (609.27 KB, 910x558, flow32.png)


File: 1465185237719.png (268.57 KB, 496x322, 1420867761258.png)

Yeah, it's a lie.


>posted during April's Fool
I wouldn't say it is exactly a lie but it probably isn't happening any time soon, if at all.


File: 1465185793912.png (108.4 KB, 1024x464, ._dumpfile.png)

It's a lie, mate.


For some reason, I didn't see that before. Sorry.


talking to people in a different language and trying to guess whatever the hell they're trying to say/do is so cute. is lol working on .flow? is he playing with his kitty? is he cutting himself? who knows!



most of lol's tweets are kind of cute
he seems like a Cool Guy


File: 1465445195334.jpg (44.38 KB, 581x443, ching chang chong.jpg)

Jokes on you, I do that all the time.
English isn't my native language, and even though I understand japanese I can't write more complex stuff than simple sentences. English was like that back then, but it didn't use 4k ideograms for words and the sentence composing is pretty close to my mother tongue.

Speaking of being shitty at languages, I will need proofreaders for the kidan games. If any of you guys is a native speaker/has goty vocabulary + grammar and lots of free time, contact me through mail or tox to work like a slave for no payment:
Tox ID: 345CA4ED7F1EAD08F4855D7F1B849FA09A32B4D74059BF509EA2C3EED435673E1302EACAA91A

Also, the translation is going slowly because I have 2 tests next week, and I've been trying to fix some bugs and errors that come with the engine. For Shoujo Kidan, the omake is almost ready, the intro is done (well, it was thanks to that anon that attempted translating it before) and 98% of the readme is ready (the only thing I need to add are translation notes). I still haven't touch gidan though.


File: 1465446477310.png (300.91 KB, 640x800, 1311925854063.png)


take your sweet time anon. you're doing us all a huge favor, these have been out for years and all


File: 1468215715536.png (14.3 KB, 640x480, ええ・・・終わりです.png)

Sorry for the waiting. It's been a long time (way longer than I expected, I blame college), but it's almost finished.

I finalized the whole translation and pasting all the text into the game.
The 0.00 english patch is ready, and tomorrow it will be sent to the proofreaders (I sill need to test it myself and double-check I didn't forget anything). I could do with another one or two more people, so if any of you guys is interested in helping, please write me. While being a native english speaker isn't obligatory, it certainly will be helpful. My english isn't absolute shit but it's far from perfect, more so when translating from a language so abstractedly far from English as Japanese is.

I would also gladly accept the help from someone who knows japanese to consult a few sentences, but I'm not really positive anyone here is on that stage yet. If, however, someone else is learning japanese and wants to check the inner-tweakings, feel free to contact me as well, and I will provide the text files. Those will have to wait a while though, I'm still fixing some fuck ups I made with them.


Shit boi hype!


I tried playing this game, but I can't seem to get past the name input screen; the game doesn't seem to accept my commands. I suspect it might be because I'm using Windows 10 and Windows 10 fucks up Japanese characters even with Locale Emulator/Japanese locale turned on, but I don't exactly have access to a non-Windows 10 computer.

If anyone knows anything that might help, I'd appreciate hearing it. I really want to play this game.


File: 1468916954370.png (34.42 KB, 725x401, kureru.png)

I can send you a copy of the english version we're working on right now if you're interested. You will have to bear with some funny errors/grommorz here and there, but the thing is 100% playable and, hopefully, executable in a non-jp locale environment. The thing is that the filesnames are all in japanese, and I haven't tested whether thing works on systems which aren't using a locale or not yet, so I can't assure if it will work either.

But if you wanna give it a try anyway, just write.


If you still need someone to do some proofreading, my grammar isn't perfect but I would be interested in helping.


Thank you for the offer, but I managed to figure out the problem. I tried switching my system to Japanese locale again, and it works now. Weird, but, oh well, I can finally play the game.

I look forward to when your translation is polished and released so I can fully understand the game.


File: 1468951813604.png (1.1 MB, 1440x900, 47180194_p0.png)

Sure, I've taken a small break from it because I was sick of RM2K but I'm going to start working on it again this week, so an extra hand would be pretty good. Send me an e-mail and I will send you the thing.

There was another anon helping me, but I haven't received any replies yet (If you're reading this, sorry, I also sent you the save files in the folder, I wasn't supposed to do that).

The japanese is fairly simple, but the story is sightly difficult to understand until you finalize the game completely. I think that in the whole run I only had problems understanding 2 or 3 things, one of them being the haiku, and not the puzzle or the meaning itself, but where the line breaker is exactly. Maybe I got it all wrong, or I maybe I'm just no good with poetry. I can't tell.



I'm fairly busy with work but I'm usually up until 5 or 6 in the morning with nothing to do so I have some free time to work on it whenever you'd want to send it my way! It's okay, take some time if you need it as well.


File: 1469861303972.png (734.63 KB, 750x850, 1457854411600.png)

It's ready guys. Check the thread >>>/og/4441
I hope I don't touch RM2kX ever again.

I don't know if you finalized kidan already, but if you did, go play gidan now. It's like 500% times better, but it may be just me and my ryona addiction.

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