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File: 1469861143604.png (834.74 KB, 1200x700, 47621496_p0.png)


Shoujo Kidan - A girl's Eerie Story, by lol_rust.

It took my a good while to translate, particularly because I had to deal with a lot of problems related to the engine itself more than the translation. That's why the filesize is sightly bigger than the official japanese download (I had to add some RTP files). Either way, it's finally here.


TL;DR run it, if you see garbage, switch the locale to JP.
Just download the game, and run it. If you see mojibake, you will have to either switch your locale to japanese or use a third party program like applocale (or whatever works for the new windows). There's a way to fix this, and that is to encode all the shift_JIS filenames to Windows-1252, however I currently don't know any way to do this which isn't changing every single filename manually. I suspect some file extractors such as winrar can achieve this when extracting files in a non-japanese environment, however I'm not sure and I haven't tested it myself.

The game has 2 routes and an omake, meaning it has 3 endings. It isn't really hard, but it comes with hints so it's nothing unbeatable. I will reply any question if anybody has problems with it though.

Finally, I want to thank every single person who gave me a hand with this translation, for their effort and input. And although this work is finally published, I still accept input and criticism regarding the translation quality, so feel free to bring anything up in this thread or via mail.


I received a notification of some errors present in the translation so I made a small patch that fixes them, for anyone interested.



File: 1469897733647.png (349.39 KB, 651x666, wows.png)

Good job Chesir. I people enjoy this. Now go to sleep ffs.


File: 1469937513760.jpg (14.66 KB, 300x300, 2dd.jpg)

I'm so ready to play this. Thank you for translating.


File: 1469938748017.jpg (46.2 KB, 620x350, 1420017445870.jpg)

Loving the game so far, I'm just stuck at the end. Maybe I just messed up.


Where did you get stuck? Also, nice quads.


Can't figure out where to use the rope when she's chasing you down
I bet I'm gonna feel stupid when I do find out


Ah, yes, that part. It took me a while to realize what I was doing wrong, but then I remembered that she's short and there was a place I could use it.
Go to the room with the ladder, where you found the nail hammer.


Oh, no way. I would've never figured that out. I didn't even see the ladder there the first time.
I tried the well, the hole in the first dungeon key room, the window that changes color when you read the diary, the katana, the hiding boxes , just about everything I could think of.

Now for trial and error to get the other endings.


File: 1470192901698.png (11.29 KB, 436x154, 2016-08-02_21-41-56.png)

Fucking RPG maker 2003 doesn't seem to like me. This keeps popping up even though I've installed the rpgmaker 2003 rtp


File: 1470194323581.jpg (100.08 KB, 788x528, ._dumpfile.jpg)

I'm assuming you have the english RTP installed. Sadly, the game requires the japanese RTP, which can be downloaded for free in the official site.


The download button is the blue thing at the end of the page (see file). I'm also linking the RM2k JPRTP just in case anyone else has problems with it.


Sorry for the inconveniences.


Thanks! You're a real human bean, and a real hero.


File: 1470195623758.jpg (552.13 KB, 750x1000, 3bade4daeeba41d2d89c8c2f57….jpg)



File: 1470261157065.png (19.46 KB, 355x247, asds.png)

Why am I getting this? I've got applocale.


Some people got that even with japanese locale, extraction error, download this one instead, it should run:


I really enjoy the fact that the main character has a little ear showing from the hair. Really my thing *swoons*

But on another note.
I'm stuck, I'm at the part where I found the drawing and the note about being pregnant but I'm completely stumped on what the heck that picture is depicting or where to go from here.


If you could post a screenshot it'd be pretty good, but I think I know where you are right now. In the room with the pregnant note, you will see at the right of the table with the diary that there's a small tile in the carpet that looks odd. You have to investigate it.
I hope it's that.


Where do I go with the [spoiler]rusted key[/spoiler]?
Whenever I go out to investigate, I get hit by the [spoiler]red thing[/spoiler].


That key can be found inside the box in the storage room in the basement. You know, the big room next to the door with the rusted lock.
As for not being catched by the thingy, here's a small tip: you have to hide inside the box.


File: 1470284094447.png (Spoiler Image, 9.8 KB, 600x470, Untitled.png)

Am I high or something?


Sorry I can't provide images but I reinstalled my system and I still didn't download all the tools I use.
At the right of the cabinet in the upper-left side of the screen, you can see that the carpet looks blue instead of white there. That's the place,


That's the entry hall, one of the shelves at the left (if you explored them before you may remember something about stylish shoes, that one).


I must be high… Nothing happened.
That was the first thing I tried.
I've got nothing.


Did you pick the key in the courtyard before? It's in the grass zone in the upper-right corner.
The memo thing goes like this: First, the 2nd floor loosed tile, then the one in shoe shelf, then the one in the courtyard, then the last one in the room in the second floor (The one with the pregnancy thing).


No I didn't get The courtyard key I went there and couldn't find anything.
This game must be trolling me.
I didn't find A loosed tile on the second floor and I went to all of the shoe shelves but found nothing new.


You've gotta see the clues in order to access the next clues.


File: 1470287072092.jpg (220.73 KB, 1280x960, everything will be FIRE.jpg)

lol what the fuck.
did you at least find the first memo? It's in the second room, i.e. the one in the upper-right corner in the second room. The key to open it is inside the room with the rusted lock in the basement, which in turn is inside the storage room.


Ok here's what I've done
Went down stairs, hid in the box, went into the top left room and got the key to the upstairs rooms, went upstairs, read all the stuff up there, went back down to check all the old stuff, went back to the shoe shelf with the 64 58. Checked the box I opened with the code a second time, went to the courtyard and checked every square in the well area. Then went back downstairs, check all the rooms, went back upstairs, walked around spamming "z". Went into the rooms and re-read all the memos. Found the memo with a picture I couldn't make sense of again. Went to the place with the weird tile and spammed "z" again.
Proceed to give up.


The first picture should show a sideways map of floor 2. If you stand on the circled spot, you'll get another map for the middle area, then you'll get another map for the grass area.


I'm sorry, that's stupid.


So what's the other route?


You have to instert a name in the name prompt at the start of the game. It's pretty easy to figure out (the hints specify you have to be involved in the curse to change it), so I will leave it spoiled at the end in case you want to give it a try, but if not, then read the following: Tsukiko.


File: 1470312601558.jpg (46.7 KB, 640x638, 10354231_713130808755461_4….jpg)

I knew the names would be relevant!

Will something else happen if you try the other two names? I counted 3 maybe. Minako, Kanako, Tsukiko Might've misspelled them.


thank you!


File: 1470341547716.png (126.01 KB, 1720x1720, ???.png)

Yes, something happens with those too, but it's more of an extra thing than something affecting the game plot. I will also post the omake now because ‌I doubt anybody will get it (it involved some randomness in the original version that became even more hard to find with the translation". The omake name is AAAAAA.


Hey, I found a glitchish thing
Contains spoilers, so just saying.
On the tsukiko run after you find the garden key, you have the eye covering the screen. If you go to the darkened basement it get's really messed up >_>
If anyone knows if this is specific to this version or if it's a problem in the original please contact the correct people :)


File: 1470360681481.jpg (188.34 KB, 1920x1080, ?????.jpg)

Thanks for the report Manno. That's a bug that was in the original game, and it has to do with the form RPGmaker handles images (I wanted to fix it, but the mojibake list of multiple files was too discouraging). I am waiting for some more feedback before reporting it to lol among other bugs I found. Thanks for the feedback, if you find anything else, please feel free to report it.


There were some odd end text problems with the first characters in some text boxes being kanji, some awkward English bits, and at least one typo… But no other "glitches" that I noticed in my runs.


That's pretty funny.
I'm guessing it has to do with that recurring thing of that Japanese character that's like, screaming, or rather always translates to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Not exactly, names in the japanese RM could hold up to only 6 characters, and あ is the default position for the cursor. The name is the equivalent of randomly smashing あ as a name. There's also a second name leading to the omake, and that is BBBBBB, which is the translation of いいいいいい, i.e. the next character following あ. The whole thing is a joke for those who randomly name their characters. The english RM can hold up to 11 characters, but people is lazy to fill the whole thing so it makes it nearly impossible to get as a route.


Still interesting.
I have a lot of things to try now. In the meantime while I was gathering info I've been drawing the girls. Maybe I'll share them later.


File: 1470949131925.jpg (38.3 KB, 959x961, 36769244.jpg)

What a great game! Pretty short though, I have to say. Though maybe I was spoiled by how damn huge .flow was.

Can't wait to see what lolrust does next. Thank you OP! This was worth the wait.


File: 1470977611007.png (179.92 KB, 1024x600, working.png)

Thank you. Gidan feels much longer because it's more story-driven than Kidan (and there are a few details I'd rather keep secret until the release), so I hope it will compensate for how short kidan feels. It will take a good while though, it has 142 maps while kidan had only around ~40, and a lot of text I will be translating practically without any help. I'm working on it already though.


I can't wait, thank you for your work!


I've yet to play the game, but it would be sweet if it ties somehow to .flow, this one or any other release.
Not asking for much, just shed some light on something regarding the kaibutsu.
Downloading, and thanks to the translator, too.


File: 1473401056631.png (551.66 KB, 544x416, 20160724220156.png)

Sadly, I wouldn't say it's tied to .flow. You can safely say it's an entirely different story. For starters, it happens way before the timeline of .flow (remember Sabi has a relatively new computer, this happens during the Shouwa era). It's also more tied to traditionalism and japanese folkloric horror, while .flow is more of a self-exploration adventure in a a seemingly post-apocalyptic scenario.

There are some similarities though, I can't deny it… both are surreal, both are related to albino girls; but that has to do more with lol's style than anything else.

I wish you people could play Gidan already. It makes Kidan feel completely bland gameplay and aesthetically wise.

>Downloading, and thanks to the translator, too.

Thank you very much.


File: 1485234927623-0.png (26.57 KB, 544x416, typo0.png)

File: 1485234927623-1.png (97.82 KB, 544x416, typo1.png)

File: 1485234927623-2.png (78.25 KB, 544x416, typo2.png)

File: 1485234927623-3.png (259.06 KB, 544x416, typo3.png)

Update on Gidan: The first version of the patch is (nearly) done. I only need to translate two puzzles, one that uses a somewhat old version of japanese grammar (along 歴史的仮名遣い), and other were I need to edit a picture and some formal text. Oh also, some instruction images, and the readme while we're at it but that can wait.

Aside from that, I need to fix typos, and add sound because when I started translating I didn't know what the /B escape sequence was for and when I tested it in the game it deleted some words, so I skipped it altogether. Once these things are fixed I'm going to send a preemptive translated version to the testers.

I will need need people to help me hunt the typos. Japanese knowledge is not necessary but would be really helpful. I'd preffer that the people helping me is either native english speakers or people with a natural fluidity in the language. Both to help identifying typos AND helping phrase things in a better way, if they judge necesary. My mail is the mail field (hover over the name), feel free to send me message if you want to help. And also please, make sure you actually have the time for something like this. It's no use if people sign in to help but don't send anything because they found themselves unable to test anything. The game is like 1 hour or something anyway so it's not like you're going to play DOOM 2 or anything.

I don't have proper pictures yet so have some pictures I took in my last hunting run instead. They're mostly typos I screenshotted to fix later.

Thanks for your attention.


As someone who never played .flow and read that without context, that seems unbelievably convoluted.


File: 1485238450108.png (363.68 KB, 544x416, 57.png)

Well, long story short, .flow is a YN fangame, Kidan/Gidan is a horror game in an old-fashioned styled setting, revolting around japanese beliefs such as oni, miko and curses, in places where people is overly superstitious. The difference is basically that .flow is about a girl that lives in a dirty building and does something with her computer to explore her mind while gidan is a plot-oriented game set in a place where people use kimonos and believe that if you are different you have some kind of curse.


.flow is not related to either Shojo game I'm sure


File: 1486083346125.png (466.98 KB, 500x651, I'm melting.png)

>9 days
>still no mails…


File: 1488564102029.png (Spoiler Image, 42.39 KB, 320x240, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm stuck at that part in the basement with the code. It has probably something to do with this note, but i can't figure it out. What do i do?


The floor and the carpet have different colors, B and W being the initial of said colors. Count the pots and multiply, I think the answer was 36 but I'm not sure, haven't played in ages.


Thank you! Now it all makes sense


Man, this game really makes me want to go wandering around a big Japanese house. Preferably one not haunted by a monster.


File: 1514513171065.jpg (120.45 KB, 600x750, CTEejkvUwAAFqIb.jpg)

Japanese mansions are really nice.

This reminds me, I think I may translate Miliya later, after posting the YN chapters I have sitting on my HDD and fixing up some IRL problems. And asking lol, of course.


How do you access the bath event?


Ugh, you kinda got me by surprise, it's been a whole year and something. Let me see if I recall how it goes: you have drain the water in on of them (I think it was the male one? The pool is in the left side of the screen). She'll comment on how dirty the floor is, then you go back to the room where you turn the pumps on/off and check some boxes there, it's soap. If my memory doesn't go wrong, she'll comment that she can use it to clean the bathroom and a prompt will appear asking you if you want to. After that the cleaning is done, I think you had to pump the water onto the pool again and that was it.


So after playing the game and reviewing the story multiple times, I think I've worked out roughly what happens before and throughout Kidan…


- The mansion is inhabited by Tsukiko, Kanako, Minako, and Shuichiro (all siblings, Tsukiko the youngest sister and Minako the eldest), and Chizuyo (their mother, I'm guessing). It's noted to be stuck into the old traditions, and the newest consideration for the heir (Shuichiro, I believe), who has recently started living in the main house, thinks they could use their position as heir to change that

- Kanako is kept in the dungeon and not allowed to go outside because she's supposedly a sickly albino, but really it's because people think she's cursed. Still, she's able to secretly leave through a cabinet passage. She played outside with Minako, who was the only one who knew about Kanako's outings

- Minako and Kanako's outings were found out by some fat man (noted by Kanako to look like their father), who decided he'd overlook it if they went back. After that, he visited Kanako in her room in the dungeon often and was affectionate to her; Kanako was internally disgusted, but she seems to have either tolerated or appreciated the attention regardless, because he kept visiting her over and over, and more day by day

- Then one day the man strips Kanako's clothing off, presumably to try and rape her. Kanako gets scared and bashes him with a nail hammer to try and drive him off. Shuichiro finds them and fixes up Kanako's clothes, then calls up some people to help. The man tells them what happened and says that locking up Kanako was a mistake. Then he takes the hammer from Kanako and starts hitting people, who struggle to stop him. Shuichiro takes Kanako and runs, but the man chases after them and apparently beats Kanako to death with the hammer, before Shuichiro attacks and presumably kills him with a Japanese sword

- Everyone leaves the mansion after that. Kanako's ghost haunts it. Eventually Minako comes back to break the curse (apparently driven to do so because her parents were trapped in the past), as only related people can break it

- From what I can tell, Minako succumbs from memory loss once she enters the mansion, and the story told by her to the player is Minako attempting to escape the mansion, but in the end she's caught by Kanako's ghost and becomes a vessel for Kanako's curse. She gains Kanako's memories and becomes confused as to her own identity and sanity (she becomes someone neither Kanako nor Minako, she says). Minako stays at the mansion and becomes missing, supposedly killed by the monster

- In the normal route, unrelated people (the players) are attracted to the mansion by rumors of a monster killing people, and Minako tells her their story, during which she remembers her real identity(?) and then kills them, then forgets again when the next person comes along

- In the Tsukiko route, Tsukiko follows the rumors and checks out the mansion. Minako tells her the story, then Tsukiko kills her with a kitchen knife she'd secretly brought along, finally breaking the curse and letting both Kanako and Minako to rest in peace

I'm sure I missed or confused one or two details or things there, but I think I've at least managed to work out the major events of the plot. There's only a few things that've really been tripping me up: the diary entry in the top-right room of the second floor; the dialogues where Kanako and Minako were found out during an outing, and Kanako ran with her father away from the crowd of people that came; Minako mentioning a letter her mother left behind, which is apparently related to her coming back to break the curse; and the memo about keeping Shuichiro away from a prison and entrusting Chizuyo to take care of it. I haven't been able to figure out what these details mean or refer, either because they're too obtuse or I can't come up with a non-contradictory answer.

Anyway, this was a great game with an interesting storyline that was a lot of fun to try and piece together (those few confusing bits aside), and the horror sequences were really effective and challenging. I have to commend lol for this game (and, of course, the translator for making it accessible in English). I can't wait to see what Gidan offers.


Caught a mistranslation:


"Both mother and father were trapped in the past." should be "Both Mother and I were trapped in the past."


File: 1515868789938.png (196.38 KB, 1920x1200, 79982ff477eb6bb4190c063b5c….png)

Thanks for the report though. Where is that from? I don't even remember.


It's from the ending sequence to Tsukiko's route.


Anyone know what to make of that memo on the second floor talking about someone's husband dying and the writer's elder sister disappearing and the writer swearing to protect their twelve-year-old son? I can't make heads or tails of what or who this memo is exactly referring to. The writer seems to be the kids' mom but I can't even tell. Wondering how much of it might be a potential translation error or Japanese subject confusion or something.


At the moment I'm updating many projects I've done, so I'll probably end releasing a new patch for this game, probably after I translate Miliya, if I end translating it. I still haven't asked lol's permission and I don't even know yet whether I'll have the time, but so far things seems to be doing alright and it's pretty short so, yeah. If not, then I'll update this.
Back to your question, I think it was the onee-san who wrote it.


File: 1517112213858-0.jpg (140.62 KB, 517x688, 40219662_p0.jpg)

File: 1517112213858-1.png (1.1 MB, 1440x900, 47180194_p0.png)

File: 1517112213858-2.png (625.76 KB, 751x1072, 47625899_p0.png)

File: 1517112213858-3.jpg (735.94 KB, 2000x1400, 57153557_p15.jpg)

some fanarts


Replaying this after trekking through Gidan. Honestly, Kanako is a million times scarier than anything Gidan contained. Kidan is probably the better horror game in that way, but it certainly lacks Gidan's interest and replay value. (And Gidan's omake makes Kidan's look so amateur in comparison.)


File: 1518315471305-0.png (39.67 KB, 640x480, key1.png)

File: 1518315471305-1.png (35.56 KB, 640x480, key2.png)

File: 1518315471305-2.png (43.24 KB, 640x480, key3.png)

File: 1518315471305-3.png (37.5 KB, 640x480, box2.png)

I personally find Kidan to be more inside the scope of classical "RPG maker horror" games where the focus is on exploration and running, while Gidan is a game with more produced resources that tells a story through horror elements, so the focus is on the story rather than the mechanics. Kidan actually feels expanded thanks to Gidan, and the latter probably works as background material to fill the blanks left in the first game.
Gamewise, I prefer Kidan, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy Gidan and the polished graphics more than Kidan.

I made a little discovery and thought you people would be interested. I played Clocktower and found out some similarities that at first just seemed a language thing. Many doors are locked with keys. The speech was similar so I didn't pay too much attention to it, but then I found a door that "Couldn't be opened because something was pressing it on the other side". Also similar puzzles and elements. Nice references.


Can the patch file please be uploaded in .7z format?


also, the line in the RPG_RT.ini should be "FullPackageFlag=1", not "Fullpackflag=1", otherwise it doesn't work


tested on 4 different toasters and nobody has issued it as a problem so far, so I suppose if anyone really needs to do this, they will.



Not that anon, but I believe it's because .zip format doesn't save the Japanese filenames right, so they come out gibberish when extracted in a non-Japanese locale, while .7z keeps the filenames intact without the need to switch locales.


To add to this, .lzh should work just fine. I never explicitly had issues with zipped fangames though, but I've seen people who've did.


The English translation of the game is missing these RTP files:




I've made bloatless versions of Shojo Kidan in English and Japanese, which will both work without needing to install the RTP. These should include all missing files and exclude all non-essential files. The English version also includes the translation patch.

Bloatless Japanese download: https://mega.nz/#!WU8gGYQa!OOgAFDcqn9wgCZ3B2tUySHbz4MFZc_dkMQdUWz8WMNM

Bloatless English download: https://mega.nz/#!fc1yzSSA!oieA5duRWlJM0hd4_xiMV9RBkXOSykP-GORh0XtN4pI

Please tell me if I missed any RTP files and I'll make new versions including those.


Oh thank you!


I've updated my bloatless packages of Shojo Kidan. The links changed as a result of how MEGA handles files, so here are the new links.

English: https://mega.nz/#!2IVjBCwI!K7tqjj1SWu2kdi1-EQEnwMINrHADpTxOV4DAytC5bYQ

Japanese: https://mega.nz/#!aVUTkSgZ!gIYOE4_kdGr_DGUPUZZVtDL52rCKhGjlTGNyWAokrnE

The main difference is that English version was missing some extra translation notes from the download link in the OP, different to those in >>4455, which I added in.

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