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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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>all westernshit
I sleep


File: 1661855012012.png (11.55 KB, 640x480, 44.png)

What map was this? I have this screenshot from 2013. Never was able to find the area again, but I remember loving the music.


An isolated part of the Pastel Blue House accessible from White Mushroom Field.


File: 1662412746362.png (5.89 MB, 3071x3071, 94030021_p0.png)

>And just my two cents but some effort in the game (like the process of that 28 story of the process behind Lavender Waters) is worth it
Right, but like you said, depending on how it's done. There should obviously be a lot of extra things for people who act on whims or pay enough attention, it's cool when people have different experiences or find stuff that they missed once they visit the game again. If it was linear and handheld you through everything that you can see, then I think it'd take away from the game. So, it's okay for there to be things that you need to strain yourself a little bit to see, or have the intuition for them. Or just by sheer coincidence that you get to them. All of those three feel satisfying and add to the experience when they happen.
But that's the thing, it shouldn't be too convoluted or you'll have none of things things happen, because almost nobody will be able to reach them in the first place. It's supposed to be a laid-back and immersive dream exploration game, not an RPG from back in the day where they purposefully hid things in a retarded way simply to extend your playtime.
If the majority of people who play are simply going to have to look up a guide to make it happen, then it shouldn't be in there. Pretty much all immersion is lost the second something gets so tedious that you can't be bothered anymore and want to tab out of the game. I've never felt that with the original, while with 2kki it's just incredibly often.
Anyhow, I'd honestly be okay with a couple of somewhat convoluted things in there, but more importantly it needs to not hinder your progress to get to the ending of the game. No effect should be locked behind any kind of puzzle or a thing you need to specifically notice, I feel like.
Take for example, the area where you get the Invisible effect in 2kki. You can only obtain the effect if you keep going in the direction that the NPC there is facing, four or so times in a row.
It might just be me, but, how many people are going to notice that by themselves and do it? Especially if they're the kind to have their brain turned on while playing the game, thinking about anything except what they're actually seeing.
Somebody could easily figure that it's just an area with nothing in it which you can't get out of, because there are a retarded amount of those in 2kki. That's for another rant, but, whatever. So, they'd end up leaving that area and not give it much more thought, definitely not the one that there'd be an effect to get in there.
Let's say that fifty percent of the people who play are paying enough attention to notice that they need to go where the NPC is facing, but the other fifty percent figure that it's a world without anything to it.
The latter group of people will never find that effect that they need in order to progress through the game, and potentially wander around the rest of it for however long, trying to find it without considering that one area where it actually is. Because that area was made out to be so empty, and you need to notice something in order to progress with it, you can't naturally get there by a whim or luck. So, after enough time has passed, they're obviously going to have to resort to looking up a guide. Which will just make their overall experience with the game worse. Do you think that's good design?
Consider this, if you were given the effect once you came into the world and interacted with the NPC there. Then you start wandering around the maze. After that, anybody who notices the thing they have to do would do it and be rewarded with a special sight for it, and anybody who feels done with the world could just wake up to get out of it. Everybody gets the progress they need to make, but the ones who look harder get more out of it.
This is just really simple and the whole game should be shaped that way once when they wanna introduce effort, with the farthest complexity of what you need to do being of that same example. At least in my opinion.
Imagine if every single special event that you see was just what you needed to do in order to get an effect. That would make it look like there's not much to see in the game other than what you're required to do, right? Not locking your progress behind things is what makes them feel special once you run into them, you didn't need to do them in order to finish the game, yet you still found them because you were curious enough. That's what makes the experience feel large.
The original already had the concept of how much effort you need to put in to see everything implemented pretty well, I feel like. From what I recall, it was just for the most part based on the effects you had.


You saw a thing, figured on a whim that an effect would connect with it somehow, and you got rewarded for thinking so if it turned out to be that way. No multiple or so dumb steps you need to figure out and take, just the pieces you connect together in your mind.
That's as far as I remember having to pay attention went. Not being able to make that connection didn't lock you out of the entire game and it's immersion, unlike 2kki likes to do. You could also get to almost any world by just wandering enough and acting on whims, it never got tedious in my experience.
So, TL;DR, it needs to be made sure that the things needing you to pay attention don't get in the way of actual progression, and that they don't have too many convoluted steps which simply makes them tedious. I rambled, but you might've gotten a point out of it.



You're comparing qxy's world Lavender Waters (one of, if not THE best contributor to Y2kki) to aediorugap's Dark Cheese world (the absolute worst contributor to Y2kki, perhaps even worse than Galaxy.) It's no wonder. They're not even worth comparing. Why the dev team keeps aediorugap around despite their garbage "work" is beyond me. I was under the impression they had very high standards?



That's the point, there's no balance between the world's puzzles/navigation. Lavender Waters path is an experience, Dark Cheese Hell is literally hell (as most conditions aediorugap's world have are too tedious -big, too bright, difficult/repetitive puzzles- and the effort is not rewarding at all).
I think using effects to see new worlds with good content/backstory is great. But then there's some creators (aediorugap) who create empty worlds with no feeling (or quality), there's lots of maps like that (this person has over 60 if I'm not wrong) and I think that's where frustration/discomfort should be directed to. But still, it might not stop you from navigating their worlds and puzzles are optional (not if you want to visit all places in the game). Maybe some people think it's fun? I've rarely seen that people openly dislike that creator as it happened with Spelude and Galaxy (unpopular opinion but I think they gave more effort in their worlds).
Anyway, I think I know why there's people who complain about game design. In my experience, the most difficult effect to get was rabbit ears (the whole process of Eyeball Archives makes no sense). There's lots of puzzles that are hard to figure out but I still love them; I think that's what makes a difference from a casual player to one that wants to get familiar with the game and explore more. I think looking at the wiki everytime I had a doubt was what made me feel familiar with the game's logic. But I agree with the other person that replied to me, there's conditions and puzzles that are just ridiculous. The whole process to complete Guardians Realm to finally go to a temple with shadow of little uro was…weird.
In conclusion, it depends on the world/creator/conditions that you may struggle a lot figuring things out and I think the process/reward influences a lot on how we perceive something.
Is this the moment to talk about how you can get lost on Yume Nikki the first time you play? After completing the game (it took me a lot), then playing it again sometime later, I was able to get all effects without problem. Familiarity plays a big deal on navigation/use of effects. Also, Yume Nikki is small compared to Yume 2kki, let's remember that there's lots of people with different logic there (some criticized for not being able to be like Yume Nikki).


I think getting lost in the original didn't feel tedious, still.


My go-to version is 0.104c which was right before wataru's Uro swimsuit wallpaper was removed.




Kataribesou ~Ensouki~ and Witoru are well-known examples of such fangames.


File: 1666931995478.png (28.79 KB, 1046x206, ClipboardImage.png)

FUCK YEAH. Some good news for 2kki. After the shitfest that was the Rio drama it seems that Wataru is finally having their worlds added back into 2kki. Finally 2kki's best worlds seem to be compiled in one version now without multiple versions. https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Version_History


Disagree so much. While it's true that westerners can make good maps, they can be very obvious and jarring compared to most maps and content in the game. I get the same feeling when I see the pixel perfect wallpapers. Yeah, they look nice, but having anything other than resized jpeg amateur Pixiv art feels off to me. It's not pettiness; there is a clear Eastern feel to the game that has been lost over the past couple years in particular.

I do wonder how much work it would be to de-gaijinize the current versions. It would be especially appreciated now that Wataru's maps have been re-added.


As if Japanese contributors don't make pixel perfect maps too sometimes. In any case the only image in that anons reply that fits that complaint potentially is the 2nd one with the high contrast orange and purple colour scheme. It's also rather telling that the Japanese community has accepted gaijin map contributions into new releases. If gaijin contributions were such a jarring addition there would be greater controversy and perhaps a fork by now.
That said, there are differences in style that are noticeable at times, (though I personally think complimentary,) and for those who find it super bothersome I'd recommend making a fork instead of implying gaijin should be excluded from the project.


It's actually reasonable for someone who's totally unspoiled to stumble into it now. (0.119e)
Dropping the Glasses effect is no longer required at all, thankfully. No effects are needed either.
There's also colored music note objects sitting at certain key points.
Now it's just:
1. Go to Tricolor room in the dream apartments until it's blue, enter the window & book.
2. Interact with the pianist, then cancel.
3. Walk south and interact with the hidden door to go to the lake room. There is now a fullscreen yellow flash and a note plays when you walk in front of where the hidden door is.
4. There's a yellow note in the lake room. You don't need to interact with the notes.
5. Leave and go Graveyard -> Red Lily World
6. There's a red note next to the lily that changes the area. Interact with the lily. Ninetails will be a chaser, get caught.
7. There's a white note here, interact with Ninetails.
8. You get dropped off in front of the long star path in Constellation World, with a blue note next to the path.
9. Follow the path. Poke the center of the four notes repeatedly. Afterwards, you can get to the room you end up in from the grey Tricolor room, and a butterfly in the grey room will take you to Butterfly Forest.

However, the event now skips the Fantasy Library and Cloud Floor got removed, so it seems that both Fantasy Library and Chaos World are inaccessible unless there's a new hidden method to get there.


Allegedly, Spelude would fix the problem of only being able to access Fantasy Library once. And those worlds seem to be there only if it's your first time in Innocent Dream (on the whole playthrough). It seems to be just a bug, I think she answered that on the wikiwiki. But for now it's not fixed, even though she did an update shortly after making the Innocent Dream's method easier. Who knows if we could get to Fantasy Library again and who knows what does the new room in the Tricolor Room mean. Those worlds are my favorite from her, it would be a shame if they're deleted. Also, it would be nice to see the black rabbit from the green butterfly.






File: 1671004967577.png (87.29 KB, 375x767, ELvZElDUwAAKqyo.png)

Long story short: Rio, Lemniscate and Yume 2kki Discord moderator that goes by the name Tqtr has been grooming a 13 years old boy on, well, Discord for two years. All those weirdos got booted out from both Discord server and the developers team.


What about their maps? Will they be removed? Rio had nice worlds…


File: 1671363553541.jpg (54.77 KB, 684x913, EJvtvf2VAAEcdn2.jpg)

Their maps are public domain now, if I remember correctly.


Well that sucks. Least they got rid of them.


File: 1672299088392.jpeg (26.95 KB, 240x320, 157DAC82-5C16-4AFB-9E0D-F….jpeg)

Wait what the fuck?

Before I found out about this I followed Rio on Twitter. Never got any good vibes from his account, so I’m not surprised to find out that he was like that.

I haven’t found any evidence relating to these three people, can you forward me a link to it or something?

I hope that the young boy is recovering from his experiences, and that this scumfuck will be arrested soon.


Oh, forgot to say. Tqtr and Leminscate are scumfucks as well and they need to be punished, with Rio, by law.


File: 1672461190946-0.jpg (44.75 KB, 599x697, 1515750309859.jpg)

A friend of mine has compressed everything into a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUPDjgtsHtQ
Or, if you want to see everything by yourself: https://pastebin.com/jQx0CE5X


>be Rio
>be somewhat decent at art
>somehow get on board the Yume 2kki dev team
>hijack Wataru's whole schtick because he removed his stuff from the game and you can bank on his popularity
>become so deeply ingrained in the Western fanbase you can be a disgusting furry pervert around children in public; nobody bats an eye because you're just "cute and quirky uwu" and one of the key contacts for other Westerners who want their content the game
>shoehorn your hydra fursona in the dev room
>become best buds with another Western groomer dev and prey on minors together with a third guy
>use your popularity to make your victim feel special and lure him in deeper by letting him name your worlds and help out with your areas
>get exposed for all of this and ruin an innocent kid's life forever
>all this shit is left in the game
>people just pretend nothing happened or ignore it because "muh community"
>"just separate the art from the artist, bro"

Words cannot describe how much I've hated this Chilean piece of shit from the start and I hope he rots in prison with the others. Fuck you, Rio.


Most of the community doesn't even know about this issue, not even that Rio is out of the game and why. Some part of the community that's aware not only wants to shrug it off but also to not let other people know it happened. Otherwise, the childish behavior of "don't edit the wikis to expose what Rio did", even though it was relevant to know about it (the wiki still promotes the Discord server); and, I suspect that's the reason they may be moving to another platform that's far more rigid and doesn't let you comment. Everything would be on the control of those few that hid the grooming problem, those that didn't believe the victim, that were hypocrite with the victim (how could one of them contact the victim to blame them of everything and publicly "support them"?),or those that suggested it was a "personal issue that shouldn't be spoken publicly". Not only the pedos are the problem, others enable them and let them loose on the server. How could someone talk sexually to other user publicly and nobody say something? They don't know how many minors are around and even adults feel discomfort with that; what's wrong with everyone? It may happen to more kids, even if the offender isn't a dev. Some people with power seem so rotten, they don't care.
I'm genuinely mad at what happened and the attitude of mods, the same that also censor the wiki and the server. I feel like I don't want to play this anymore, whether one likes it or not, it's tied to it's community. I remember that the game felt empty even though I didn't know Wataru existed and I was curious why he left; I think that if same happens with Rio, I hope people finds the answer and understand that those cute maps you like can be made by someone like him, but someone is out there to call it out.
Try searching this issue by your own means and see that nothing comes up. Spread the word! Many players don't know it yet, months later and still no clue.


maybe its a dumb question, but has Rio seriously not gotten any prison time for his actions??? this whole situation should've been ended a while ago but apparently he even has defenders now, like WHAT?


Can you guys keep Discord drama in Discord please? Don't get me wrong, I get it, some nobody pseudo developer likes teenager, that's gross, what's also gross is the state of this thread, it became a Rio Trashtalk General.

Nothing of the past few posts contributes anything to 2kki discussion other than throwing jabs at the guy, I repeat, I know the guy is bad, but are we really doing this?
If you post about the guy informing he was removed or that the jp bros are cutting ties with the west permanently(I hope), then that would be relevant, whatever this is, is not.


New to yume 2kki, is there a translation for the latest (I think it is v0.119h)? Or is the 0.112b translation the latest?


It is relevant because this Discord is the official one, managed by people that are on charge of the wiki and still promote this server on the page. It may seem like it "doesn't contribute to the game" but it's the same lame excuse the people on the wiki used to hide everything about this and tell people in the server to not talk about it publicly. Everyone deserves to know why Rio left, it's different from cases like Wataru or even Ruri. And actually, let's not forget that Lem is involved in this and it's also a developer.
Come to think about it, knowing this kind of information may warn others to not be naive around this people because they're someone you look up. Yes, those are players too!
Also, it may be relevant if it's decided to delete their maps. For example, it happened (kinda) to Galaxy and we don't even know why (but it had to do with her making weird fanfiction or something?). I don't even play online, I didn't join Discord but I think it's relevant for players that are in contact with each other. It must be done in safety, everyone is just having fun and it sucks that this kind of things still happen while everyone wants to ignore it. Somehow it makes you less interested in playing, even if the worlds are fun and interesting.
Other thing I want to add is that we may find relevant when a developer has been harassed or harshly criticized for their work; care about the fandom too, recognize when a developer is wrong even if you like what they do. Also, this conversation is the only thing keeping alive the thread and it's about an old issue.
Want to talk about something else? Talk about it, nobody stops you.
What are your new favorite maps? What do you think about new actualizations? …


While I'm not that informed about the issue, it's likely that Rio won't face any jail time (or get criminal charges) and maybe that's why it was best to expose the case to the public. If I'm not wrong, the people involved are from different countries and it could be too difficult to report.
And yeah, somehow people support him or want to pretend nothing has happened ("it's just Discord drama"). I loved Rio's and Lem's maps but I'm not going to support them, not even the mods that were hypocrite and incompetent.


Apologies, but I don't see any concerned citizens raising awareness for people's safety in here, all I see is a group of discord anons talking trash about this guy and also about whoever gets in their way.
Look around you, don't you think people can read the thread and see what's happening? Talking this much shit isn't gonna do anything except show you guys like to milk lolcows.
Is it fine to talk shit about whoever you deem evil from Discord because it's the official one? Guess that gives me a pass to go to /ot/ and talk trash about whoever I don't like from Ubuu's Discord, I'm sure people will like that.
Like I said, you can be informative and reply to random concerns like >>15520, that's awesome, the dude's a pig, but trying to be a smartass and getting away with shitting all over guideline #6 over a technicality is off bounds.


Okay how about we move on the best way to handle this to ask what is this contributing in either case? on one hand we talk about the Rio drama which doesn't go anywhere, and on the other we move the thread along. It feels weird because I was the one who made a one-off comment in >>15484 about the Rio drama which later brought it up again… I really didn't mean for this to go beyond a simple one off statement


Do you know what's funny? You keep complaining about not moving on while not mentioning anything in the game.
Fine, you don't care about what happened. Then just talk about the game, be coherent and do what you say.
There's plenty of maps added in the last months, pick one to talk about or something. Else all it is "I don't like drama" but keep being around it. Move on then. Many didn't know about what happened and do care; you don't, then talk about something else.


I think it's about time mods step in and say how this thread should be handled.

You did not read a single word of what I said, in fact you are talking to two different people, if you read closely the other poster was replying to me, not only that, you misinterpreted what they said completely as well.

This is what my problem is, reactionary discord anons who don't care about "victims", this game or this board, and just want to turn this thread into their private gossip tea server.
To answer your question, assuming the premise of it is true even if it's not, I have every right to not want this board to become your group's little trashtalk playground even if I am not at all interested in the topic at hand.

>Else all it is "I don't like drama" but keep being around it.

Right back at you, I would not have complained if "the group" were not trashtalking these people, and again you did not read what I said, because I SAID I AM FINE WITH THE DISCUSSION OF THIS TOPIC when it is relevant like >>15536, or to bring news like >>15484 just not with your sidebar of unnecessary trashtalk.

Here is an example, there is a big difference between:
>Rio update, he has tried to gain support from the japanese community but was ultimely rejected, yay
>Wow look at this chilean retard and not to mention the herd of "muh community" hypocrites who don't wanna talk about it XDDD

Also this thread is not protected against guideline 6 for being "official discord drama", because the discussion is not the problem, but the childish and passive aggressive way it's handled.


Still mad? Move on.


Temporarily locking this thread until administrative action is taken.
We want everyone here to be nice to one another.


- - - - - - - - - -
Discussion Boundary Line
- - - - - - - - - -

No more discussion of the Rio controversy is allowed in this thread, as I feel makes the thread unreceptive for people wishing to discuss other 2kki subtopics by being inherently inflammatory. It is a kind of derailment even though it is technically relevant.

As a special exception to Guideline 6, I will allow a separate thread for discussing the Rio controversy to be created in /ot/ if anyone wants to continue talking about it. The new thread may be linked in this thread once, but after that, any further discussion of this topic in this thread will result in a warning ban. The new thread may be bumplocked and/or excluded from the recent posts section on the front page depending on the level of activity.

This thread is now unlocked.


Alright good to see this thread again
Well as far as I know no translations have been made recently outside of Yume 2kki online projects as for that you have https://ynoproject.net/2kki/. The other online project hasnt updated to v0.119h yet but if you are curious it is https://yumenikki.online. hope you enjoy anon


File: 1674762920350.png (12.88 KB, 420x138, Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 1….png)

I don't understand why this new wiki location is being pushed so hard.


I don't either but anything to get away from fandom is welcome for me. I hate the yellow side banner more than can be expressed in words.


My guess is that it might be related to what happened (see previous messages), they might want to have more control on who posts and what. Preventing "drama" and prioritizing map information. The new site seems like any other site on Wikipedia (sterile monotone information), maybe they want to separate the fandom from the game itself so they don't seem too involved with each other and more like something independent. But I don't know, I'm just connecting dots. Hopefully I'm wrong, it might be because it's easier to edit and that's it.
But it sucks because it's already happening, they didn't announce the new version there but in the new site. Guess we all have to go there, unless someone wants to update the old wiki, there's no other option and eventually we'll get used to it.



While the stuff about the owner + the raid are both plausible alternative explanations, Fandom/Wikia being the objective worst wiki platform is pretty common knowledge to anyone who's into that sort of thing, which is why I wouldn't be so quick to doubt that line of reasoning. Could always be a "little bit of column A, little bit of column B" sort of thing.


File: 1674948746922-0.png (114.54 KB, 395x798, tumblr_miv6jaLf8U1qhizb5o1….png)

For me as a regular user, Fandom wiki works perfectly fine and satisfies all my needs (which is mostly monitoring ynfg wiki), so I see no reason for them to migrate the wiki. Not trying to deny the "Fandom is bullshit" reason tho, since I didn't have much experience of actually making and editing wiki pages aside from making the page for my own fangame. Just saying there could be something more behind it.


File: 1675004803198.png (71.23 KB, 155x176, unknown.png)

you're making your own fangames wiki?


File: 1675005384904-0.png (202.04 KB, 440x610, 35791426_p38.png)

No, why? I meant the page on already existing ynfg wiki.



Fandom fucking sucks simple as


The new site is the same thing but boring and not friendly.


It's actually pretty good

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