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New scanlations released!
All scanlations now available for reading and download through the Patchy Illusion Team Reader.

File: 1454938833743.gif (1.6 KB, 135x175, Urotsuki.gif)

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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File: 1539343838975.gif (2.62 MB, 382x485, tumblr_inline_pelen3cn2C1r….gif)

Wow… Those locations are beautiful. I like this artist's artstyle and slight "robotic" theme in their maps. Fits really nice in the general y2ki vibe.
btw this reminds me of wataru a little. don't know why


>btw this reminds me of wataru a little. don't know why
It's almost like the artist reuses Wataru's assets or something. Oh wait.


Is he really?.. Is this even legal?


Uhh, yes and no, as it turns out. Some small things like doors and bubble animations are reused, but neon signs, which I thought were reused at first, are original and only look reused.

It's not illegal as far as I know, it's just kinda..lame is all. Like, I get that Wataru's style is cool and popular, but don't you wanna do something more creative than just replicate it? Don't you have your own artistic vision to express?


File: 1540397593343.png (285.22 KB, 760x783, Urotsuki.full.2189187.png)

Well, than it's not that bad isn't it? New maps have completely different overall theme and atmosphere compared to wataru's anyway. Yes, maybe they have slightly similar artstyle, but… What do you mean about "not having artistic vision" just because those new maps used door and bubble sprites. "Door assets" don't have anything to do with atmosphere vision, aren't they?

I think you're overreacting here a bit.


>I think you're overreacting here a bit.
Well, it's my personal impression of it one way or another. Doesn't help that the author wasted no time in adding another Uboa knockoff and another Takofuusen knockoff. Like that isn't done to death already.


These things are everywhere. Urosuki loves soda.


File: 1540917123814.png (20.17 KB, 380x234, welp.png)


Man, Yume 2kki updates so often, I wish there was a way to automatically update the game.


File: 1541571507650.png (5.73 KB, 640x480, Cripple.png)

So, I'm using version 0.107 + Patch 1 on EasyRPG and for some reason when I equip the chainsaw the game bugs out and kicks me. Has anyone encountered this issue?


made another fan remix of a 2kki song, this time of the snowy pipe organ:


File: 1543926091825.png (66.32 KB, 640x480, Nexus2.png)

How do you decide which door to pick first?


i take a peek until i find one that fits my mood
or go for a specific one to investigate something i passed earlier


File: 1544027387226.jpg (3.84 MB, 1000x1565, 5979932304614efb79b01cad62….jpg)


whomst is that


Always the headstone, yo.


Anyone else see the new title screen they added in the recent versions? I kinda prefer the old one, the colors fit 2kki a bit more.


The new title sucks.


There's this air that they're entering a new era of 2kki and that things are being kept fresh since they changed the title and all, which I think is pretty cool. I feel like we'll look back at it and go "hey, remember the pre-new title days of 2kki?" if more things get changed and a bunch more gets added. I heard a western map maker got his maps in for the first time or something too, which is really cool; the maps look great as well and I'm looking forward to exploring them.

I just haven't updated yet.


I found some interesting things.

This is a Yume 2kki archive with a lot of old versions in it, supposedly. I haven't checked it myself to see what versions it has but it seems like it's worth getting if you want to hold onto some of the versions.

And here's some really early 2kki stuff for those who are interested in that. Have fun.


2kki's title has never been 'set in stone' per se, so it could always be changed in the future. I admit, I don't really like it much either, but you can easily just go in and swap the titles out in the files, can't you?

The new screen seems to be trying to keep up with the other fangames having bits of their protagonists in them, like .flow having Sabi's lower body, Yume Nisshi having Uso's silhouette, LCDDEM having Chie's skull plate, and even the original Yume Nikki having Mado's penis in it.


Can anyone post the title? I don't feel like downloading 200mb just to check that.


File: 1546565759340.png (37.17 KB, 637x465, opera_2019-01-02_16-23-08.png)

Here's the new one. It's not really too horrible it's just a little jarring after having the old one for so many years. It looks a little jank though, regardless.


I hope they revert it, it looks like an odd palette to use.


Eh, honestly it's just bad compared to the old one. It feels… "amateurish"? Like it was made in 10 seconds or so without much thought put into it. The old one, while simple, at least had charm.


File: 1546803437033.png (127.99 KB, 499x499, 010038.png)

What is this mysterious webpage?


File: 1548081251430-0.png (151.76 KB, 320x240, 5.png)

File: 1548081251430-1.png (158.05 KB, 320x240, 6.png)

File: 1548081251430-2.png (150.77 KB, 320x240, 7.png)

File: 1548081251430-3.png (157.58 KB, 320x240, 8.png)

here it comes. feel free to pick version you like more and criticize.
shhh I know, it's been long, but I'm a slow-paced person when it comes to art…


-2 looks the best to me, but they're all gorgeous.


I really like how 6.png looks, but >>13942 is right.
They all look fantastic.


So… Can someone explain to me what exactly was the whole thing with this "Artoax" kid?

I know that I am very late into this topic but, I just got curious.


Autistic kid pretending to be koronba and later trying to join 2kki's dev team without even knowing how to speak japanese. Nothing important really, let him die.


File: 1549397129487.png (43 KB, 642x482, 547548675.PNG)

Hey, so midi files don't play for me in 2kki right now. Everything else has been working fine on this install, but any map I go to that would play a midi file as its bgm plays no music instead. I confirmed that I have all the game files and they're named correctly, so it seems like 2kki just isn't able to call the songs up properly for some reason. This is on Windows 8.1, does anybody happen to know the fix?


Is this issue present on new games as well?


Play it on a VM with WinXP.
Like, seriously, unless your PC is just that much of a toaster, it should be way easier than trying to find the way around all the kinks of the game.


What version is this? I just updated to 108c and it's still the old menu.


The title screen change was reverted almost instantly.


File: 1550139803081.png (9.59 KB, 640x480, 607.png)

Hell yeah, don't fix what ain't broke. Also I guess this is old news but that construction sign in the Downfall Gardens is gone now.


File: 1550280263371.jpg (271.22 KB, 641x960, 2kki.jpg)

Is there a 2kki browser ver like what YN has? Also it's been 3 years since I last touched 2kki, I guess I should pick it up again and start from scratch. Wanna reexperience the dream again.


so did the team fix chaos world yet or no?


What's there to fix about it?


The Pink Butterfly warp is broken because of areas that were cut out IIRC. Something to do with some Library connected to the Butterfly Garden.


File: 1552786392131.png (363 B, 52x30, Untitled.png)

Could someone translate this?


File "system" (システム) is missing. You can copy the text of those messages by pressing ctrl+a and then ctr+c.


Woah, they did it, they've implemented your wallpaper in the game.

Awesome job!


File: 1553460823769-0.png (74.35 KB, 638x480, purple1.png)

File: 1553460823769-1.png (79.59 KB, 638x480, purple2.png)

File: 1553460823769-2.png (77.56 KB, 638x478, purple3.png)

This is the first fangame I've played and i found something weird.
I was in the forest pier and I found this weird purple thing. It seems like an effect, but it doesn't add anything to my inventory/effects menu.
I tried looking on the wiki, but found nothing.
The wiki even has a map of the Forest Pier, and this purple thing is nowhere to be found on it.
It also says "Effects: None" under the basic info for the Forest Pier on the wiki, so I'm really confused about this.

Was I supposed to get an effect from this thing? Can someone please translate the text?


Oh and I should also mention that it completely disappears after I activate it. It's not a random chance either. It's always there every time I go to it. At first i thought maybe it got sent to the room with all the other effects, but there was nothing new there when i looked for it.


those are different menu themes. those egg shapes are exclusive to wataru levels

also seitsatsu really fucked up in how you have to scroll your ass all the way up to make a post.


File: 1553464684132.png (143.55 KB, 1100x282, eggy.png)

Oh thanks. I wasn't sure if it was an effect or something. That's pretty cool though.
And i did manage to find it on the wiki on the menu themes page.


>also seitsatsu really fucked up in how you have to scroll your ass all the way up to make a post.
Either press "home" in your keyboard or use the "[Go to top]" button at the end of every thread.

Yep, the message in japanese is メニュータイプ:9 (Menu type: 9).


Do any absolute madlads here still have versions between 0.086e and 0.092? Need to investigate some ancient removed content.

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