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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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The point is not the ability or inability of having two versions - it's that anything past 0.113 is shit. Waste of time imo, wouldn't suggest.


There's a lot of good new worlds still and a lot of bad ones, so like usual I guess.


File: 1622067044812-0.png (27.37 KB, 640x480, 690.png)

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Is there an english translation of ver 0.113?
I've been looking for it since the wiki doesn't have it


File: 1624600882581.png (130.33 KB, 1280x960, dice.png)

did you guys see a new effect was added to the game yesterday? it doesn't seem to do a whole lot but i think it's cute :D


File: 1625163456826.png (45.13 KB, 199x149, Pc_yumegamen_03-229.png)

Cool, but I feel like it messes with some stuff like the wallpaper shown. Maybe the wallpaper will be updated? Either way it's nice to see since it's been ages since one was added and it gives some purpose to the otherwise empty Shield Owl World.


I downloaded Vezon's english translation (0.114) from here: https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Downloads yet the intro instruction menu was all in japanese. is that supposed to be the case, or is something wrong. I'm using easyRPG on my vita


Is that creepy monitor still in the game?


Always has been.


Easyrpg can't render really large images which 2kki has a lot of. I get that error a lot. Try posting on easyrpg forum but I doubt anything can be done.


I've played 2kki for a while on EasyRPG and haven't encountered that issue yet. Is there a specific world it occurs?


speludes maps piss me the fuck off


I'm trying to port a save file over from 0.112b to 0.117f and it isn't working. Everything else works fine, including starting a new save. I get the following error :

ファイル pc yumegamen 01-5a は開けません

Does anyone know if the two versions are incompatible ? Maybe because they moved the wallpapers after removing the wataru worlds


Hi, does somebody know where to find a download to 0.102c? The one in the wiki doesn't work for me. I'm kinda curious about the removed deaths in GALAXY TOWN, where they that gruesome?


spelude's maps are not nearly good enough to warrant how confusing and esoteric their conditions are


I've been trying to get in too; I even looked at all of the events in Spelude's worlds to try and figure out how the warp to Innocent Dream works.
There are two requirements: a NotHaveItem check (most likely glasses, be sure to drop those),
and a Variable check. It checks a variable called 2976; it has to equal 6, if I'm interpreting it correctly. The only two npcs that I have found to change this variable are the Piano Girl and a pink npc in Vase World, after you enter the vase. You have to use the Bat effect and interact with it, and it'll warp you to that hand area and change 2976 in some way.
It's important to know that the exit from the island with Urotsuki's head on it resets 2976 back to zero, so if you end up there just eyeball out or wake up.

If anyone else knows anything, please post. I'm tired of this stupid shit.


Small edit; the npc I mentioned in Vase World actually doesn't have anything to do with it. It changes variable 2967, easy mistake to make.


Okay, I did it. I know all of the requirements.
First, you need to interact with the Piano Girl.
Second, you need to go outside of the Piano Girl's room to the Firefly Pond.
Third, you need to go back into her room.
Fourth, you need to interact with the upright lily in Red Lily Lake.
Fifth, you need to interact with the Shadow Ninetales that appears.
6th, interact with the second Shadow Ninetales that appears when you are transported to Splash Streetway.
Then all you need to do is enter Constellation World through Splash Streetway without the Glasses effect.
Get fucked spelude, your secret poem storage map is now revealed.


Thanks, I was missing the "talk to the shadow fox in the red version of the world" steps.


Does it always work? I tried but it's still not working for me. Do you need to do something at the cliff? Do you have to have all the effects except glasses? Does eye bomb change something? I use it to keep chainsawing the fox.


How do you get to the zodiac fortress? Maybe I'm dumb but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where to go in block world to reach it.


The only related effect is Glasses. Be sure to leave them in the Trophy Room. Otherwise, idk.


It worked, thank you!


What's the last version of Yume 2kki before the inclusion of worlds created by westerners?


none cause you never know when le filthy evil western pig blended in and got a map into 2kki; this is the internet after all.


"KIKIYAMA is Mexican" theory (do not research)


Thanks for your answer. Are there any non-retarded anons out there who might like to offer a different one?


File: 1647114593306-0.png (186.55 KB, 960x720, Parasite_laboratory_mutati….png)

File: 1647114593306-1.png (50.5 KB, 960x720, Fc_glitch_tunnel_exterior_….png)

File: 1647114593306-2.png (514.27 KB, 798x599, aureate_clockworks.png)

File: 1647114593306-3.png (213.04 KB, 1230x894, 1642463204875.png)

Retarded questions deserve retarded answers. Yume 2kki is one those exceptions where western involvement not only isn't an active detriment, but also some of the best authors aren't necessarily japanese. You have to be a very special kind of petty to want to avoid these contributions altogether because of some generalized bias againts gaijin.


File: 1648376799042.jpg (55.7 KB, 520x591, spelude.jpg)

I know that guides have been posted before but a bit scattered and incomplete so I decided to write a comprehensible and full guide that even a dumbass will find useful and understandable because I hate spelude's stupid fucking 'puzzle'. Here you go. An Innocent Dream guide. Works perfectly in ver0.118c with patches 1-11 installed.

1. Leave your Glasses effect in the Trophy room
2. Go to Tricolor room in the Dream apartments, jump into the north wall when the room is blue and head inside of the picture book
3. Interact with the Piano girl
4. Leave the room by using hidden doors directly south from the piano girl into the Firefly Pond
5. Exit the Firefly Pond back into the Piano girl room
6. Go to Red Lily Lake and interact with an upright lily. A shadow Ninetails will appear. Let yourself get caught by it. Interact with it after in an area it brings you to to get back to Red Lily Lake.
7. Keep killing this non-shadow Ninetails in Red Lily Lake with Chainsaw effect until she attacks you and sends you to a cliff
8. Use Invisible effect and walk down the cliff
9. In the crossroads in Splash Streetway head south
10. In the Constellation World keep going up and interact with the middle of a constellation on a platform there 5 times

Congrats. You 'solved' a 'puzzle'.


holy shit i dont mean to go out of topic but how the fuck is anyone supposed to figure this out


That's one of the most mediocre baby dev ways to design a puzzle I have ever seen.


someone have download link of full OST list?


Don't have one and probably shouldn't reply, but if you don't find a nice list, you can always download the different versions of the game and copy the music files directly from them. (they are out in the open so you don't need alot of technical know-how to get em.)


Does someone genuinely like Aediorugap's worlds? There's like 60 of them.


Anyone know the new Innocent Dream method as of 0.118i? Wiki claims it allegedly made it "easier".


this game has somehow made my life much less depressing.


Does ???-tsuki happen to have her own game yet? I find the lore within Kontentsu’s worlds and the number 28 to be interesting



all important screenshots from the grooming and pedophilia, you are welcome so now you don't have to watch a 4 hour long video.

The community for 2kki was a mistake, make sure to watch the final screenshots, they are still encouraging grooming.


i aint reading taht shit nigga


So I'll take that as a no, well, better wait for someone who actually fulfills his request
Inner community drama doesn't affect the game itself so why should people care?


All those screenshots are disgusting. Not sure what you wanted to accomplish by posting this on here since I'd reckon most people don't care and some of those dirty fucks are probably in this thread too, but I appreciate it at least. Discord is a cesspool of a platform that has corrupted the minds of millions of young adults in the past few years that didn't and continue to not get support from people around them in real life.

It really is a shame how the tranny shit has managed to worm its way into this YN ecosystem. Even Sei himself got sucked into that shit somehow. The Uboachan Discord isn't even related to this site anymore (according to Sei himself) because of the trans shit, and now I'm learning of the same exact trans shit in some 2kki Discord I didn't even know existed. Uboachan is a shell of its former self. It even used to have a /cos/ board that got nuked because of creepers.


File: 1655601491796.gif (316.42 KB, 500x500, 1634973952483-2.gif)

please help a newbie out.
which version of 2kki should i get? are the wataru maps worth the hype so much to justify grabbing an older version? if not, is the last version fine? how lost will i be if i don't know any moon runes? should i get the translated patch then?


File: 1655638342611-0.png (226.22 KB, 600x600, 1577893788581.png)

Just play online.
It also has so-called "wataru patch" and rough English translation.


that's horrible. I always loved coming back every few years to see what kinds of updates this game had but it's ruined now, art vs artist separation has its limits. was v111.0 the version last untouched by these weirdos? I went through some history on the wiki and it seems no one so openly fucked up contributed yet https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Version_History/0116-0111


nevermind, for anyone else who wants to know, the last non- real life child grooming pedo update is v109.0. 109.a is pozzed. I'm starting to wish someone would somehow separate anything made entirely by discord shitters and just kept fixed up stuff from 2ch. v109 DL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlJLkWrHT-jGcHUpg7D_ihkJ2bwDMVPB/view
I'm under the impression that western updates can be beneficial in terms of sometimes debugging old japanese parts, but I've never been involved enough to know what discord "devs" mess with or how things are stitched together.


File: 1655696056862.png (1.99 MB, 3508x2480, YUUME_AAA (1).png)

Drawing i made trying krita


Really nice shaped uros


Fantastic work!


File: 1655893655125.jpg (53.71 KB, 622x622, FHF-wLyVgAQTnNp.jpg)

Fucking retarded discord drama, I hate how all the faggots and trannies filtered in the communitty.

Kill yourself if you are one of those please.

Not to mention the even more brain dead wiki fags.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1655908457865.jpg (151.11 KB, 1200x1422, wall.jpg)

>faggots and trannies filtered in the communitty.
They were always here, this imageboard always welcomed trans people, you are trying to pass as one of us but are not.
I am the first one to point out Discord is poison for this community, so no, I am not one of them, I'm not even trans or gay, and in case you are wondering, I'm not "woke" either, I just know where I am posting.

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