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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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I liked spelude's works, they were crude but not GALAXY-tier bad.


Sadly, Spelude was better at sound design than map design. To be fair, they probably could've gotten some minimalist fanbase if they didn't have to contribute new maps every update. And then freak out when criticized.

Galaxy was an eyesore, yet Spelude did have some potential.

I kinda feel like they've teamed up and are collaborating with each other on the game again as the author "Kuroku". The too have impressive music in their maps, which are as empty and uninteresting as they are garish and filled with poorly done 8bit goblin NPCs. I wonder how long it will be until the DNA Room and Dojo are scrubbed and they're removed from the project? Even if they aren't ghostwritten, it does feel odd to have ANOTHER colorblind and lazy author with good music to show up on the project right after they fired the last two. They might be going for something, but until we see more updates from them, I'm kinda suspicious.


Funny enough, Kuroku's first contribution even before those shoddy maps was an edit to Spelude's charset. (the one with the dick-shaped bunny)

That said, it's probably not true. Even without the criticism, Spelude was rather mentally unstable. Then after she retired, I've heard one of her lifestreams, she was literally freaking out like a cornered animal for an hour or so before deleting her Twitter and otherwise purging her online presense. I really don't think she was in condition to assume a new identity after that.

Honestly, Kuroku must be just a troll, or someone genuinely unintelligent. There's no way anyone can design maps that badly not on purpose, especially after there was s much drama in regards to effort and quality.




Holy shit that is genuinely amazing. I wanted to do something similar to the sped-up Space theme that used to play in the old Pastel Blue House but I have literally zero experience in making music so that died pretty quick. I'd love to see more "extended remixes" of 2kki (or other games) songs.


GALAXY wasn't good at music. All of her maps used songs from free music websites. A lot of maps do actually, like the Deciding Street's music comes from this site: https://www.senses-circuit.com/.


That was about Spelude, not GALAXY.


Ah, my bad, then, I thought he was talking about both.


File: 1532979846200-0.png (10.32 KB, 640x480, gray ghost area.png)

File: 1532979846200-1.png (2.34 KB, 640x480, unnamed world highway taxi.png)

File: 1532979846200-2.png (1.8 KB, 640x480, unnamed world.png)

So, uh… I've been roaming around in 0.086e and I came across this here. I know for a fact that it's the remake of the Red Black World to something more… "desaturated", or so I could say. The wiki says nothing about this, and I wonder as of who could possibly give me a hand and maybe track it down if the world really has a name. I like to call it the Droplet World, but I'm not sure if it even has a name.


I know I've seen those things before, but I can't remember what world they're in. I'm pretty sure it's a 710 map though.


File: 1533067162312-0.png (11.27 KB, 1760x1280, Map0061.png)

File: 1533067162312-1.png (49.8 KB, 1600x1280, Map0064.png)

I've looked into it, and it's confirmed to be a 710 map, since it's his second take on the Purple World (the Purple World is the 4th take). I've recently made a map on it as well, and I've found some other things in 0.086e and 0.093e. I can access the Pokemon World and the Purple Neon Maze just fine now.

I've also made maps about the Purple Neon Maze and this weird world. Apparently, the world is called 「水滴」 (suiteki, Water Drops) by 710, which supports my wanting to call this the "Droplets World." What would you call it?


File: 1533206843782.jpg (47.84 KB, 600x583, Screenshot_214.jpg)

Well, because I'm a shit sprite interpreter, I somehow never realized that the nexus connector was supposed to be a vase and that those were dew droplets until now. I always thought it was a red scooter/motorcycle and the blue things were bike helmets. Droplet World is a pretty good name for it then, I'd say.


I revisited the depths today on version 0.106h, and when I woke up I saw a dark Urotsuki coming out of bed fading back to normal colors while walking out of bed instead of the normal waking up animation, and it was a bit longer than the usual too. Too bad it was too fast to screenshot.

I wonder if that's intentional, like showing she came back from the deepest and darkest parts of her dreams, that would be cool, or is it random or a bug something? Anyone else saw it?


Are you sure she came out of the bed and didn't sit on the carpet? Cause if she did, that's a different event which was there for a long time.

But if she didn't, well, that might be worth looking into.


Yes, completely sure. I will try to record when I wake up from the deepest part of the depths next time.


Okay, I've checked it. It's actually a bug and it's nothing new.

The Depths have a trigger that constantly fires and renders Uro's sprite black. Although the trigger for waking up should overwrite that before the sprite becomes visible, I guess sometimes the timing messes up and you can see the leftover of Depths' code running. RM2k is not the most reliable software after all.


File: 1536434888133.png (23.34 KB, 1920x784, Screenshot_from_2018-09-06….png)

So, some people over at the Yume 2kki wiki pointed out something rather interesting: in the latest version update (ver. 0.107e), VANEGI's new Nexus connection bears an uncanny resemblance to Bionicle in several respects. Although the world itself is a massive keyboard in terms of layout, the warp object is a spitting image of the series's Mata Nui Stone, and the ideograms on the walls are just Bionicle's Matoran alphabet.

I remember reading in the content contribution guidelines that existing copyrighted material use was prohibited, but I guess this escaped the devs' notice? I don't know that Lego will know/care, but perhaps it's best to alert kuraud to this?


It's so cool that this game is still being updated.


As someone who knows nothing about Bionicle or anything relating to it, I think you're just over thinking it.

Even if there's an intentional reference there, as long as it's not deliberately stolen art or is being marketed, I doubt either side would have a problem with it. Besides that, I see nothing the looks like the Mata Uni stone and that thing itself looks more like a Haniwa. I do consent that the keys are labeled in the alphabet, but, so what? Homestuck couldn't come up with creative runes and the troll alphabet is just Elder Scrolls script and it's never been called out. I doubt something as obscure as 2kki would receive a cease and desist just for using a fictional alphabet from an equally obscure series Bonkle. There's other uncreative shit in the game as well, with a lot of the music being public domain, the Dogboa, and wataru's teal shoal and Onsen-san knock offs.

Might not be "100% original content" but I think artists ought to be allowed a few references to their favorite things. Besides, how else would we know about YumeBonikki? And if it caused any problems you can just switch to some other fake runic script instead. It's not hard or causing problems for anyone imo.



Eh, fair enough. I recognized it as Bionicle only after some prompting, but now that I think about it, I doubt the Japanese community would. Someone on the 2kki wiki pointed out that the devs didn't take well to GALAXY's stolen content, so maybe a "wait and see" approach is better in this case.

I'm just saying that Lego's the kind of company that knows how to throw its weight around, copyrighting their own adaptations of other content as creative property. It'd be a pity to see something with a decade-long development history go south just because someone was being careless.


File: 1536519392447.jpg (181.34 KB, 619x1290, 589.jpg)

>implying Lego gives a shit about Bionicle
>implying Lego will ever majorly acknowledge it again

I guess you can tell kuraud if you want, but like I said, it wouldn't take too much to make the reference more subtle. Just suggest that the author put more lines in the letters or something.

I didn't think Lego'd be a big copyright claimer considering they don't care about original properties, but I wouldn't be surprised given them being a megacorp. I know Disney and Nintendo are fucks about it, hence the removal of Pokemon Park, but that was made of sprite rips, wasn't it? And, correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the penguin effect still acquired through the Super Mario event?


>the Super Mario event
I think it's not so much "Super Mario" as generic Famicom/NES platformer", honestly.


File: 1536950283359.png (15.92 KB, 320x240, Pc_yumegamen_03-97.png)

Does anyone knows if there is any way to draw wallpaper for Yume 2kki? Do I need to contact the developers? Or what? Because I really really love Yume 2kki and I kinda can and love drawing. Is there any way for a gaijin like me to be in a game?



Wonderful question, anon! It is possible to contribute wallpaper to 2kki. In fact, someone from the Yume 2kki wiki was not only able to get their wallpaper design recently added to the game, but entire maps, too! (It's noildoof, whose stuff is being collected and released by shigurin.) I'm not clear as to exactly how they managed to get in contact with the game staff, but I do know the specific requirements for wallpapers:

- Do not submit anything you didn't make yourself
- There should be nothing in the work that strongly resembles any existing characters from other well-known series
- The content must be suitable for all ages; do not submit anything that would qualify as 18+ material
- The work cannot contain anything overly political, religious, or grotesque
- Don't submit work you know would make others uncomfortable.

All submissions must fit the constraints of RPGMaker 2000. Therefore, images need to be 256 colors (8-bit), with a size ratio of 4:3, which allows the image to be resized to 320 x 240 px without distortion. Images need to be in .png format as well.

I suggest contacting noildoof directly for details, since they're the one with firsthand experience on the matter. They can be reached on the Yume 2kki wiki (Fokkusu1991).


File: 1537036789482.jpg (253.4 KB, 934x1280, photo_2018-07-25_21-16-22.jpg)

Thank you so so much! Now I have purpose in my life… I'll contact them once I'm ready than.


Anyone else feel like there are too many areas and not enough events?


ME! ME! There are a lot of gorgeous areas in this game but those huge areas usually don't have any events. Or any other recognition at all. I mean there are a lot of plain areas with tons of unlockable wallpapers and Kura Puzzle's while some of really good areas don't have any unlockable content or events. That's a shame.


File: 1538898674183.png (5.56 KB, 288x256, Syujinkou_effect_odoriko.png)

When will they make this an effect!

Actually when was the last time an update added effects?


Are you Artoax, by any chance?



What would be the purpose of this effect? Where would it be located? How would various NPCs react?

The character set is somewhat ready (there is no action/attack animation), but there are much more to be done…


File: 1538903285999.png (5.52 KB, 196x422, tumblr_p36svikgC01tkpg0qo1….png)

Nope. I'm not.

Also, I was going to ask if there is any specific location you, anon, want wallpaper to. I love so many locations that I don't even know which I'd like choose. Any suggestions?

picrelated is not mine


File: 1539022404038.png (6.66 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Haven't really played much of 2kki, but it is pretty rad, don't you agree? Working in the game might be a honor to much.



If I were to suggest a wallpaper for a specific world, I'd say that the Lotus Waters would be a good choice.


I agree with you anon. It has those pretty pastel colors and soft atmosphere.



So a western artist just got their maps into the game in the latest update. Pretty neat.


File: 1539343838975.gif (2.62 MB, 382x485, tumblr_inline_pelen3cn2C1r….gif)

Wow… Those locations are beautiful. I like this artist's artstyle and slight "robotic" theme in their maps. Fits really nice in the general y2ki vibe.
btw this reminds me of wataru a little. don't know why


>btw this reminds me of wataru a little. don't know why
It's almost like the artist reuses Wataru's assets or something. Oh wait.


Is he really?.. Is this even legal?


Uhh, yes and no, as it turns out. Some small things like doors and bubble animations are reused, but neon signs, which I thought were reused at first, are original and only look reused.

It's not illegal as far as I know, it's just kinda..lame is all. Like, I get that Wataru's style is cool and popular, but don't you wanna do something more creative than just replicate it? Don't you have your own artistic vision to express?


File: 1540397593343.png (285.22 KB, 760x783, Urotsuki.full.2189187.png)

Well, than it's not that bad isn't it? New maps have completely different overall theme and atmosphere compared to wataru's anyway. Yes, maybe they have slightly similar artstyle, but… What do you mean about "not having artistic vision" just because those new maps used door and bubble sprites. "Door assets" don't have anything to do with atmosphere vision, aren't they?

I think you're overreacting here a bit.


>I think you're overreacting here a bit.
Well, it's my personal impression of it one way or another. Doesn't help that the author wasted no time in adding another Uboa knockoff and another Takofuusen knockoff. Like that isn't done to death already.


These things are everywhere. Urosuki loves soda.


File: 1540917123814.png (20.17 KB, 380x234, welp.png)


Man, Yume 2kki updates so often, I wish there was a way to automatically update the game.


File: 1541571507650.png (5.73 KB, 640x480, Cripple.png)

So, I'm using version 0.107 + Patch 1 on EasyRPG and for some reason when I equip the chainsaw the game bugs out and kicks me. Has anyone encountered this issue?


made another fan remix of a 2kki song, this time of the snowy pipe organ:


File: 1543926091825.png (66.32 KB, 640x480, Nexus2.png)

How do you decide which door to pick first?


i take a peek until i find one that fits my mood
or go for a specific one to investigate something i passed earlier


File: 1544027387226.jpg (3.84 MB, 1000x1565, 5979932304614efb79b01cad62….jpg)


whomst is that


Always the headstone, yo.

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