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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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File: 1582875811157.png (444.58 KB, 1911x811, Untitle2d.png)

Some godlike human being made Yume 2kki location connections map.
I've been dreaming to see something like this for god knows how long…


File: 1583716926790.png (96.9 KB, 752x620, y2kki forest pier new loca….png)

So, to start, I haven't played 2kki in a few years I think… I decided it was a nice time to hop back into it… I got to the forest pier, and when I was crossing the long, long bridge, there was this extra bit of bridge going up near the west side of the bridge. I'm using the map on the wiki, because, let's face it this place is fuckin huge.
This little spot I found doesn't appear to be mentioned on the wiki or shown on the map? Going up the extra bridge, I get taken to a little mess of path and trees. Very short, easy enough to navigate. I eventually get to image related. I walk into the door, but nothing seems to happen. I've tried using the few effects I already have (it's not much really) and still nothing. Maybe I missed it, but is this something new and just not completed yet?


Hey, haven't been around in forever. Were HD wallpapers ever released? I always wanted to use the unlockable wallpapers for my own PC. Thanks.


File: 1583729703420.png (2.91 MB, 1920x1420, 3be32167acae965c57e8264aff….png)

Some illustrators posted their wallpaper submissions to Pixiv, Twitter, etc in their original resolutions. Some were drawn in VGA though. A few end up being deleted by the artist for one reason or another.


Lmao nevermind, I figured it out. Was just the apartments warp.


Was an artist source page ever released? Or, at least, was the artist for the wolf effect wallpaper ever mentioned? A friend really wanted that one. All the wallpapers are so nice, I hope there's some way for me to not have to hunt for each one…


In the worst case, you can always use saucenao or any other reverse-search system to try to find them.


I just realized that the beginning of this Poppy song:

Really sounds like the 2kki Gardens Theme:

It's interesting


It's probably one of those arpeggios that was popular enough in the renaissance to earn a name. A lot of DAWs let you create them in a single click and I believe guitar instructors teach them early


File: 1584306494217.png (60.18 KB, 825x657, dis is bs.png)

trying to play version 0.111c

- i installed the rtp
- i changed system locale to japanese
- i ran the game in japanese
- i put that one missing system file into the system folder that's supposed to let the game play past the title screen

the game starts up but still crashes when i hit the 'new game' button and this window comes up. can anyone read this and/or tell me what's still missing? i'm on windows 10.


forgot to mention this: just in case anyone asks, yes, i do have locale emulator installed and working


"Incorrect bitmap image"
Not sure what it's referencing.


File: 1585032236801.jpg (549.1 KB, 1000x666, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….jpg)

Do you think there is a way to contact the developers and convincw them to put Yume 2kki on Steam,Itch.io and/or Gamejolt?
This game is becoming a huge masterpiece thanks to the skilled creators that contribute to it's endless development,so it would be nice to have it preserved on these huge online game sites and distributed for free there as well as on every possible other avenue.


I would love to see something of this sort.


File: 1587172943980.png (543.37 KB, 1000x727, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….png)

Distributing Yume 2kki for free on Itch.io,Gamejolt and/or Steam would make it more popular but most importantly it would preserve it and protect it from the risk of being lost in time like happens to many other pieces of media and software.
Once they put it on these plaform these platform they can continue to work on it forever,adding more content with the serenity that the game they are creating will never be lost to time and disappear.
Basically making the game eternally available by putting it on one or more of these sites/platforms that will be around for a LONG time in the future.
Doing this won't change the underground nature of the game.
If possible i would like to ask anyone who can ge in contact with them to please tell the developers about this opportunity.
I like the game so much that i want to prevent any risk of it being lost to time and disappear.


You guys have to understand that most japanese devs aren't really comfortable with getting into the western side of things as they don't understand anything about it. Imagine if some random dude from a country that doesn't speak your language wants you to post your stuff in some random platform, and you can't even read their shit. How would you know what you're doing? How would you know what kind of license are you signing to? What about feedback?

And all of this supposing you actually felt comfortable with doing that.


File: 1587388986731.jpg (464.5 KB, 900x900, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….jpg)

There are a ton of japanese gamers that use Steam and even doujin japanese developers(especially the younger ones) use Steam to sell their games.
Basically we need to inform the developers and community of Yume 2kki about this opportunity.
Even Kikiyama has put his game on Steam.


>There are a ton of japanese gamers that use Steam and even doujin japanese developers(especially the younger ones) use Steam to sell their games.
Keyword: Sell their games.
2kki devs do it because they're happy working in the game, and they know it does fairly well in the community overseas. But you have to remember there are a fuck ton of people working on that, and I'm sure not all of them would be okay with that for the reasons I mentioned already.

>Even Kikiyama has put his game on Steam.

Leaving aside the fact we don't know if it's him or not just to not derail into pointless discussion (please), that was through a third party that basically consisted of a team of people who was western.

You can write to them; their thread is open. iirc there's also a mail? Although I'm not sure how often they check it. But I doubt they'll do it.


Several japanese doujin developers have also published their games on Steam for free.

I assure you that since Kikiyama holds the rights for his game,when japanese publisher PLAYISM publised his game on Steam for free,did so with his full knowledge and consent,otherwise he would have brought them to court for copyright infringement/intellectual property theft.

If possible,can you give me a link to their thred,which you mentioned and also their email address?
I would be glad to contact them and explain all this to help them preserve the ir beautiful game.


>I assure you that since Kikiyama holds the rights for his game,when japanese publisher PLAYISM publised his game on Steam for free,did so with his full knowledge and consent,otherwise he would have brought them to court for copyright infringement/intellectual property theft.

There's a difference between having some people who explains things to you (who are western, also) versus publishing on your own.

Current 2kki thread

If there's a mail, it should be in the readme of 2kki or that message right after you start a new game.


The link is broken for me.

Also there are plenty of free gaming host sites/platform in Japan,if they don't want to use western platforms they can always use those.



Wasn't there a website that hosted Yume 2kki already?


I always wondered what would happen if I put a save file from a recent version to an older version and played it. Would anything werid happen? Would the game break?


There's one way to find out.


File: 1595189899163-0.png (44.21 KB, 640x480, 701.png)

File: 1595189899163-1.png (41.47 KB, 640x480, 702.png)

These recent maps have been crazy beautiful.


File: 1595625346639.png (271.25 KB, 710x394, cog maze.PNG)

Hey, there's something i've been wondering for a couple of days, is the theme loop for Cog maze a low-pitched slowed-down sample taken from the theme 'Lounge - Evening Outside', from the DS game Clubhouse Games, or am i just bad at identifying samples?

So, here's the DS track:
sorry i had to mark it from a 2h complete soundtrack, but it's not available in other videos.
And I think you're already familiar with N3-KtO

btw, can't believe how the site has changed, .flow and 2kki used to have their own threads, i remember. Anyways, take care!
hope we can all get out of this.

Unnecesary data: Cog Maze translates Haguruma in japanese, which is the name of a short story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Can be pretty interesting to read, but it wasn't for me.


That makes a lot of sense, nigga.


As of 113 Wataru has deleted his maps. Again. I do not know what his problem is.


Did the game break completely again or is it a proper removal this time around?


Seems to be an intentional removal.


Does anyone have a download link for 0.112g? There's something I want to check out on it.


Speaking on the topic of preservation…
I've experienced more issues with RPG Maker games lately, but particularly 2kki, for whatever reason.
I used to not have problems at all, but a few times in the past few years new issues have appeared that seemed to require frustrating workarounds, sacrifices, or just ended up disappearing some time later. The error messages I've gotten have also never been enlightening. I've had it where the game is working perfectly fine for me and I play it every day for a few days, and then the next day I go to play it once more and suddenly it won't start.
I don't really know why, but my impression of RPG Maker games is that they're kind of unstable and fickle and require a strange amount of setup and awareness of possible issues to make sure things work properly.

I just worry that at some point I simply won't be able to play the game anymore, and I wonder if these kinds of issues are even something that can be solved by RPG Maker users or if they're ultimately the result of lower level parts of RPG Maker itself.


have you tried using easyrpg


Does anyone know why Wataru's stuff was removed? I really liked his maps, and I'm disappointed to see them go. I know I can always see them in older builds, but still.


Yeah, wtf


I hadn't heard of it, but I just got the player and tried it with 2kki, and it's working perfectly so far.
Looking into it more, even though it's a work in progress and has some issues (some bug regarding 2kki was just fixed last week in fact), this seems like a great project that eases my concerns.


File: 1598678966973.jpg (250.39 KB, 541x800, YN_uro02.jpg)

You're welcome.


He nuked his entire twitter once too. I think he might have emotional issues though I don't want to assume too much.


File: 1598796497535.png (58.78 KB, 629x478, ClipboardImage.png)

how do i disable this bug/hidden debug feature i mightve enabled by accident where it shows staircases and some other tiles like this


>>14840 nvm just had to update easyrpg lol


That's my impression too.
I just started reading the dev threads a bit, with my limited Japanese knowledge.
I haven't gotten far, and there are definitely connotations and nuances I'm missing, so my understanding of things is very incomplete, but I get the feeling he is known for having such issues.
For example, there was a response to the announcement of the removal of all his maps back in June that said something like:
You'll be stuck in this negative loop forever.
Even if you separate yourself from this, you will still have your 'arbitrary expectations, arbitrary despair' and 'desire to erase' personality that you can't escape from.
Until your end, you'll eternally repeat this cycle.
As someone who was deeply affected by your work, I wish for your happiness… But, well, I'm afraid to say, it probably won't happen."
(my translation, could have things wrong)



i hope wataru finds happiness :(


Seems sadly common among YNFG developers. Doing all this work for free can't ever be easy.


File: 1599133503751-0.png (14.75 KB, 640x480, 717.png)

File: 1599133503751-1.png (51.22 KB, 640x480, 716.png)

File: 1599133503751-2.png (41.47 KB, 640x480, 702.png)

File: 1599133503751-3.png (3.52 KB, 347x265, EfS9v0_U8AA_fHT.png)

A lot of the newer worlds are some of the most stunning I've seen yet in the game. What are some of your favorites?
I love the entire journey to the Viridescent Temple.


truly a god among men


File: 1599559647517-0.jpg (50.9 KB, 640x480, 2kki a.jpg)

File: 1599559647518-1.png (28.77 KB, 637x480, 2kki abandoned painting.PNG)

File: 1599559647518-2.jpg (56.94 KB, 960x720, Aquatic_cube_city_kitchen.jpg)

File: 1599559647518-3.png (10.37 KB, 640x480, 2kki sculpture park.png)

Yeah, I really love the newer stuff. For a while I kind of lost interest in 2kki, but recently I feel like there's been a boom of cool additions. In the last few days there have been some big updates, so I still have a lot left to check out.
qxy's are definitely some of my favorites. Not only is the art really nice and polished, but I like that most of his areas have something mechanically or structurally unique/clever too. Like for example the sunrise in the Snowy Forest, the looping floor changes in the Techno Condominium and the different things on each floor, the downward floating in the Aquatic Cubes place, etc. Lots of other things. I dunno, his maps are just well-designed.

A broad criticism I have of 2kki is that some areas can feel like I'm just walking around some some big place and looking at a tileset because they lack interactivity, or a feeling of being physically connected to adjoining areas (even in a surreal setting I think that can be really important), or real purposeful *design* that makes them feel immersive or interesting to explore.
Maybe that's just the opinion of someone who's played 2kki a long time, for whom there's less to spontaneously discover. Or maybe it only really applies to a few areas, I dunno.
But I'm glad the recent updates have been exciting to me again.

That's really cool. You can even make it display in 3D. Just used it to map out a route.


Really cool. Dreamt of that


have any of you figured out the unlock conditions to the innocent dream? i can't figure it out even after i've tried looking at the source in rpgmaker itself


File: 1610015268208.png (74.48 KB, 1280x960, Bhr3.png)


Kind of a mixed bag for me. For every cool addition, there seems to be some parallax background, needle in the eyes color scheme 'world' that's being added. And there are games (NostAlgic, ULtra Violet) that do the kiddy stuff much better than 2kki's team.


The quality seems to be in declive lately, I really don't like Sniperbob worlds at all and i feel the newest Aegiorudap route is very bad for being the newest deepest world in the game.
it bothers me alot

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