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Why won't we all collaborate and start a massive fan game? (Like Yume 2kki)

That would be interesting. Yet, this project probably going to die very fast.


I'd be up for pitching in, but didn't we already try that a few years ago?

But again, if anyone wants to give it a shot again, I'd be more than willing to take part!


The most important thing to understand:
Such a project can be developed for many years, so people can join, disappear or leave time and time again.
So, I think it needs to be opensourced on github or something.


I can’t do much right now with my skills, but I don’t mind to try and give my best at it if this project goes forward.
I think we did and it didn’t last long.
I think something good to keep in mind for a project like this to not sink is wonder why Yume 2kki didn’t failed. Was it better communication between contributors? Did they have more maturity, or a more open mind to ideas? Or a better basic concept of what they intended for the game. Or maybe just better contributors.


Can you please tell me more? What happened to this project? How many people participated?

I don't really understand the "didn’t last long" thing, if the project is opencourced, everybody can join and continue development? (of course not without some guidelines) Or you can have a break and come back after, like, a month, or year, or two years… I guess?

(also, sorry for my engrish, it's not my native language)


I'm not the guy you're asking for info from, but here's the wiki page for the dead collab project: http://yumenikkifg.wikia.com/wiki/Solitude


File: 1437587579573.png (78.35 KB, 640x400, PC98_unk1.png)

I already saw this thing happening, multiple times, and failing consecutively.
The core for collaborative projects is organization and control of every node of the project. It always looks like a nice idea that should would go smoothly, but if you don't have a solid ground to work on, it's easy for things to drift off into nothingness. You need a head chief that can actually say no to stupid ideas, and understand that you need people who know what they're doing rather than amateur guys who are just learning what paint is.

So, answering these questions >>10754
>Was it better communication between contributors? Did they have more maturity, or a more open mind to ideas? Or a better basic concept of what they intended for the game. Or maybe just better contributors.

The communication must be good, otherwise shit happens.
Were they more mature? Yes, and that's why they had open minds to debate over all ideas but not to pick up just ANY idea.
Did they had a better concept? I don't know, but I don't think so. It feels to me like they started working from the basic YN clone and then they moved into more personal ideas and contributions, selecting what looked nice and felt like it would "fit".
But they did, indeed, have better contributors; some really talented people.

If you get people who is really willing to work, and someone who is willing to give their time to organize all, you can try it out. But bear in mind the basic errors of collabs and try to not go that way.


>>10756 >>10757
I already have a solid concept of the game world for a long time, and I actually started doing my RPG game way back, (not an Yume Nikki fangame) but then suspensed it. (i can upload some screenshots of it) I decided what I would rather be working on the YN fangame.

The hardest part is organisation and saying no to "stupid ideas" and awful art.

P.S. There is a lot easy ways to communicate now. Telegram for example. (https://telegram.org/)
I think group chat would come in VERY handy. But it's just thinking out loud.


oops, looks like telegram requires your phone number


File: 1437594153343.gif (52.51 KB, 768x576, ub_PIT2.gif)

You can just use an IRC, dude.


as one prospective organizer to another, make sure you prioritize the project for at least three or so months, and work fast. A month if you can do so.
from what I've seen interest fades quick when real work needs to be done.
also, make sure files are publicly available to anyone in on the project, so at least they can see the progress you have and look at what they can randomly offer help in. don't allow them to change the core download, but at least do that.
also, don't worry about being super creative- it's funner if people are just offering weird ideas and the people organizing the event/game just let it happen.
just a few recommendations to add onto the other anon's tips for any brave tsuki willing to undertake this endeavor


>The hardest part is organisation and saying no to "stupid ideas" and awful art.

If that's the hardest part, then I don't think you should be the one leading the team. Also, don't except "leader" of group to just accept your game world concept, as it may be - to put it bluntly - also a stupid idea. The fact that you see it as solid and probably interesting, doesn't mean that it really will be perceived in the eyes of others.


Protip: Don't do it



Basically this. The reason why is because whatever little zeal was left in the YNFG community here in the west has all but evapourated among the more experienced devs, so at the very best you'll get a small group of kids who don't want to actually do any of the real work involved for creating the game.

Everyone else has pretty much moved on to general "RPG Maker Horror", which is a sequence of words that probably doesn't belong together but eh. The spring and summer of YNFGs is over and was a bit protracted as it was anyway.


File: 1437609090087.png (88.58 KB, 367x326, Untitled.png)

Yeah I remember /fg/ used to be MUCH more active, and it was great and fun! But those days seem to be long gone…


File: 1437611081123.jpg (132.26 KB, 1280x720, whatthefuck.jpg)

>"RPG Maker Horror"
I see a lot of these lately, is it a trend or something?


File: 1437611721011.jpg (35.07 KB, 314x327, 1437609757796.jpg)

yeah, the last fashion from the rpg fandom. Everybody already jumped in the wagon.


File: 1437617130702.png (15.2 KB, 688x354, p.png)



>edgy OC made out of a recolor


Here is OP.
I understand everything. Actually, I don't even want to be in the leading team. It's not because I'm lazy or dumb, it's because English is not my native language, IT'S SO HARD FOR ME TO TYPE THIS TEXT AND EXPRESS MY THOUGHTS

I have an idea. I can just spend some time to make the first version of it myself alone. So even if somebody going to give collaboration a shot again, we are already going to have a "solid ground". That would be a much better start. I would just test myself. (but I already worked in RPG maker, so I know how it "feels" like) And I'm sorry again for my English.


File: 1437655601523.png (439.95 KB, 774x425, HOLY SHIT.png)

There are actually no problems with your English! I know native speakers who type much worse than you. Not everyone is like the guy in the pic anyway and will get mad at you for every last freakin' error in your English

If you make significant progress, show it off please! Then maybe we can all talk on skype or something and have fun working together


Then technically, these fuckers would be helping you to develop your personal project.


Uh, no, I just want to make something like a demo project, I'm not going to force anybody to continue it, everything can be started from the scratch.


>There are actually no problems with your English!
This statement is technically untrue; for example, the sentence, "It's not because I'm lazy or dumb, it's because English is not my native language, IT'S SO HARD FOR ME TO TYPE THIS TEXT AND EXPRESS MY THOUGHTS," contains several errors.

However, in my personal opinion, the language that he or she uses is suitable for a public image board. This isn't the English Association.


File: 1437666165697.jpg (96.11 KB, 850x906, C_rey.jpg)

Place your bets, I give this three weeks.


File: 1437671944374.jpg (71.01 KB, 640x400, 2gJssmn.jpg)

2 weeks


0 weeks


File: 1437681093924.png (24.74 KB, 209x221, bwa4.png)

I think we should give this guy a chance! While it is likely for projects like this to die out, 2kki did make it in the long run…! If everything goes okay with this project, I'm gonna try my darndest to help out when it's ready


Sorry, I can’t answer your questions as I don’t know much about it too.

If you wouldn’t mind a recommendation for this project, I’ll leave a though about it here. I won’t be mad if you don’t agree with me, it’s all fine.
If it is to be opensourced, I think it would be better to keep the concept of it as open as it can be, while avoiding it from crumbling down. By this I mean it shouldn’t have a defined concept and story, there should be a base, but not a closed idea.

Having a closed concept may limit things too much, and people may not want to join or will ditch the project due to loss of interest. Keeping the concept open may make it more neutral for everybody. It would let every contributor to have its own idea of the core story of the game, it would let them apply their own creativity, their style, their taste in atmosphere. Something alike the protagonist being just an avatar for one to visit the worlds the contributors have created, and everybody can have their own take of the whole experience, instead of a fixed idea that everyone will have to abide to.
Also, making it neutral would give a chance for everybody to contribute with something, even if it only joined many months later.

The problem with this is, it has a great chance of ending up messy, so a good leader and a dose of good sense between all contributors are necessary.

Interesting answers. Thank you.


Tell you what, if you manage to make more than 20, no let's say 10, maps before everyone leaves, I promise I will make a couple of maps. Not that that is ever going to happen.


File: 1437760120616.jpg (11.75 KB, 246x214, brzs.jpg)


File: 1437773136463.jpg (187.85 KB, 400x545, cunt.jpg)

Nothings gonna happen because as you can see, its just people arguing how many days this is gonna last before everyone ditches it, and no action has even taken place yet.


I'm going to upload my "demo" very soon. But please, don't except done maps or effects, it's not a playable game for now.


I think the game should be about inside jokes and ubuuu memes




Theeere it is. Again, don't except maps or effects or ANYTHING, there is NOTHING to explore or "play". I could finish this little thing much more earlier, but I had no time, sorry. https://mega.co.nz/#!0EJRiIYZ
please don't yell at me



Personally, I think you should just allow people to add maps, and have someone, the coordinator and leader put it all together. Don't ask people for their input on story and stuff like that either, just make it have no story until you actually have a substantial amount of maps. There's no point in discussing story when you have nothing done anyway, especially in a YN game the story can come later.

The problem is people love discussing shit instead of actually contributing something useful, so giving them no choice in the matter is the best choice. The story have never been the important parts in these games anyway.

The leader would obviously have to do more work than people that just add maps (tough shit, deal with it), but allowing everyone a say in everything is the best way to get absolutely nothing done.

Seriously, that's the only way anything would ever get done on this kind of thing. People needs someone to hold the reins or else they will just faff about and get nothing done.


Also I forgot to mention it, I think it's good that you put that "demo" thing out, it shows you at least plan to do something yourself and aren't just a useless idea guy. I fucking hate idea guys that just talk and don't do shit. Fuckers can go burn in a fire. "I got this idea for a game can you make it for me?" "Oh I got this great idea, you should totally add this completely bullshit thing into the game!"Etc, etc.

Anyway, just allow people to add maps in the beginning, nothing else. The rest can come later, like I said. Also get a irc channel or something (not a first priority, that can also come later).


File: 1437950091399.png (45.77 KB, 560x454, Demo_YN_Fangame.png)

This sounds interesting, but then how would the player save?


File: 1437950337820.jpg (58.86 KB, 1280x720, 1437948728201.jpg)

you can add the save function in the menu, doge


File: 1437950963750.png (321.44 KB, 480x545, 1437696772479.png)

Hmm color me interested. I'd like to contribute to this project when it picks up.


Everybody knows that, you butt. I’m talking about what other method could be used instead of the fixed save point in a bedroom AND the basic save function in the menu. Another starting map with a save point, save points scattered throughout the game, a journal that the player can carry and save with, checkpoints, or something else, whatever. Depending on how the game would be, using the ordinary save in the menu, without adding anything more to the saving system, would be dumb, at least to me it is and that’s why I excluded that option right away in the question.


File: 1437960214096.jpg (510.27 KB, 1600x1240, МадоцукиとЛенинの発語.jpg)

>a journal that the player can carry and save with
This is exactly the same shit as the save function on the menu.

Why are you trying to make something that should be easy so difficult? I don't want to save a game when plyr_facing == NORTH at midnight and if bDildo != 0x0.
Keep things simple man, sometimes a chair is just a chair, and a save function just saves your progress. The player won't care as long at it does what it is intended to do.


An item that turns on a switch that causes a save menu to pop up is a little easier than you think, anon.


File: 1437963004409.jpg (767.12 KB, 850x929, 如何でしょうか、皆様方?.jpg)

>An item that turns on a switch that causes a save menu to pop up is a little easier than you think, anon.


>press HOTKEY



>oh golly gee i may have to press more buttons or even worse LESS BUTTONS


Why are you nitpicking at an example to a question?
Aff, anyway, I’ll answer.
It isn’t difficult, and there are many ways of implementing something like the one from the example without being too hard.

How did you even play yume nikki? For it you had to click on a button to pinch yourself, wait for the effects to start and end, move from the bed to the desk, sit, and just then could you save. It would take even more time and effort than going to the menu and click on an item from there.

Also, imagine two games. In one you save through the usual vanilla menu option (that any kid can implement in their game since it is standard in the engine), and in the other one you save by having the protagonist stick a dildo up its butt while facing north at midnight. Which one causes more impact to the gameplay experience and will be more memorable?

>The player won't care as long at it does what it is intended to do.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and functional, and add details to it. Most players love details.
Why would some games have small red hearts instead of a functional number appear on the upper screen, with a banal font? The player would have to count the hearts in the screen and counting takes time and effort from the player, so why? It’s because of the touch it gives to it. It has charm.

This is getting off topic.


File: 1437966046652.jpg (37.1 KB, 345x259, logical mokou.jpg)

Did you even get my point, or you will keep being dense and ignoring it on purpose?
It's not the player, but the MAKERS who don't have to make so much shit for something that actually NOBODY CARES.

>Also, imagine two games. In one you save through the usual vanilla menu option (that any kid can implement in their game since it is standard in the engine), and in the other one you save by having the protagonist stick a dildo up its butt while facing north at midnight. Which one causes more impact to the gameplay experience and will be more memorable?

Jesus christ, now that you put it that way, it just made me realize I am a fucking genius, that dildo idea is actually good.


File: 1437966077660.gif (342.64 KB, 320x234, GoOn.gif)


File: 1437966219812.jpg (242.71 KB, 1434x1080, srslywtf.jpg)

>This is getting off topic.
Have you tried like, learn to fucking disagree?


It takes less than 40 seconds to add in an item like that. Considering how much time it takes to implement, it's worth the miniscule amount of effort required to make the game look like it was made by somebody who knows their shit.

y the way, you'd get a little more respect if you stopped pretending to be Japanese and tried looking for an image to upload that isn't some smug anime face.


File: 1437966793259.png (231.79 KB, 703x496, fk.png)

>if you stopped pretending to be Japanese and tried looking for an image to upload that isn't some smug anime face.
You just described Uboachan


File: 1437966810329.jpg (166.21 KB, 1594x1196, NON ANIME IMAGE BECAUSE I'….jpg)

okay, do whatever you do, it's not like anybody will really care anyway, but if you want to nobody is stopping you. I highly doubt this will be implemented anyway.

>you'd get a little more respect if you stopped pretending to be Japanese

>pretending to be Japanese
gg you can't be serious

>and tried looking for an image to upload that isn't some smug anime face.

lol, are you mad or something for that?
you can keep derailing the thread if you want.


File: 1437966995596.jpg (9.23 KB, 138x119, 1433888804537.jpg)

>man look at how mad you are!! me?? mad?? lol no u mad bro but thx :^)))))))


Su pls go and stay go.


File: 1437968169707.png (228.86 KB, 331x360, Frodo01.png)

>stop pretending to be japanese
>previously replied in japanese

>criticizing the usage of anime files

>on a weeaboo site

>"r u mad XD" memes

Nice derail btw, but please keep tumblr-tier drama out of uboachan, all of you.
Thank you.
Sage because of off-topic post.


File: 1437968265335.jpg (331.64 KB, 800x900, Madotsuki.full.1545210.jpg)

Why are you so annoyed? It was just an example given so some guy could understand a question. It wasn’t even a suggestion to the game’s saving system. And why would it even be implemented to start with, the game doesn’t even exist.

It wasn’t an attack to you or your taste in games. Just relax, everything’s cool.



And OP, your demo was interesting. If you believe it can be done, then go forward. But don’t be surprised if you don’t get many people joining in in the beginning.


File: 1437968760967.png (494.75 KB, 500x505, Yacchattatachidesu2.png)

>Why are you so annoyed?
I'm not annoyed, it's just that I don't see any point in working on something and twisting around it when nobody will really pay any attention at all. That's where the dildo save event came in hand, why add so much stuff when all it has to do is record the XY positions on a map, what items are in the possession of the hero, and what bools are true or false.
I'd really prefer if the nice touch you guys are talking of were in the graphics and events rather than being make-up for the HUD for something as basic as a save function.

In any case, if you're asking why I started answering ironically, see >>10831, >>10837
I really don't want to derail with more pointless drama, though.


Get a room


File: 1437971642564.jpg (553.7 KB, 1199x1034, Madotsuki.full.1401433.jpg)

Well, now I understand you. Don’t worry, it is just like I said, it is just details, extras. Good and memorable graphics and such are fundamental, especially in a game like this, and I hope the people that will work on this project will be aware of that instead of trying any easy ways to catch attention.

The quality and effort to put in the graphics, events, maps, and so, wasn't even questioned as it is expected that thought and creativity must focus with them.

You could always offer them your help.

I hope I’m not derailing. Maybe this could be taken as useful information about things that worry their possible players.



Well, I just checked out the demo. There is indeed not much in there, but it looks nice.
I like that character is genderless and serves more as an avatar, than a hero of the game.
Concept of abandoning "waking up" sounds nice.
No looping worlds is a good choice imo.

Anyway, mind If I do something like a starting place for the game? I have a vague idea how it could look like. It will be simple, so no worries.

Also, I was thinking that maybe instead doing something like "collecting effects", maybe we could make starting location a place where you can upgrade avatar by buying new skills? I was also thinking about adding two features that I haven't seen in any YN fangame yet.
1. Teleports are semi-random. To explain, while being in for example mall area, you can enter sub-maps leading to shops etc. However if you leave mall area completely, you can get teleported to other randomly chosen arena (for example one time it could be some forest, other time it could be a library).
2. Dreaming duration. Every time you enter new map, avatar loses a bit of health. When his health reaches zero, he gets teleported to starting area. However, every time he moves from map to map also grants him a bit of experience points. Thus, as he levels up, he can venture more and more.

Anyway, as I said, after I get back from work, I'll try doing that starting map at least, if you don't mind.


Hello everybody, OP is here.
It's a relief what my demo turned out OK. Thanks for the feedback! .Д.
I think savepoints are the best solution. (I already have an idea how they could look like) With savepoints you can make player save where YOU want it. Player won't be able to save in some important place and mess up something.

I really like the second idea. But something like this should happen very rarely, or it's going to be REALLY frustrating. Maybe with some item or effect?

There is a little(medium) problem. I currently working on another project. It's not really big, but I need to finish it first, so I can't work on it with my full power. I made this demo to show what I'm not a potato person.


File: 1437996998300.png (260.23 KB, 803x790, 1386894312753.png)

Idea 2 seems pretty awful in my opinion. Whats good about these kind of games is the promise of exploration without the need to be constricted by factors such as time limit or something.

I'm not against the whole health thing though, maybe implement it in a more meaningful way? I guess.


WAIT, I MEANT "the FIRST idea"


This discussion is useless without any content. No idea guy plz.


What engine are you thinking of using, rm vx ace like in the demo?


File: 1438160659060-0.png (17.84 KB, 640x480, uboa_2.png)

File: 1438160659060-1.png (3.8 KB, 640x480, uboa_1.png)

Welp, I did some basic stuff so far. Not much, but always something. I tried to stay true to the graphic style presented by OP, and I think it would be nice to keep it that way. Anyway, anybody feel free to modify it however you like.



File: 1438200064373-0.png (23.54 KB, 96x256, Character.png)

File: 1438200064373-1.png (12.16 KB, 96x256, CharacterEdit.png)

I really cannot stand that the character is in a different resolution than the rest, so I made a new sprite for it.


File: 1438200314087.png (11.76 KB, 96x256, CharacterEdit2.png)

Alternately, if you want the outline.


>Anyway, just allow people to add maps in the beginning, nothing else. The rest can come later, like I said.

Where are your maps, Owl?


You're a funny guy. I like you.


File: 1438262530291.jpg (74.07 KB, 516x606, welldonejew.jpg)

>OP decided literally everything
>Hi guys work on my game
>They do


Well, if you take too much time asking about stuff to the point where it takes three weeks to get a character, then things like Solitude happen.


Hello everybody again!

This location looks just great!
But about the resolution… I think upscaled 16x16 art to 32x32 looks prettier. (like in 2003 games) It's also easyier to draw.

I would add another location later, for now I need to finish my another little project, it won't take me long. Sorry. I'll be back soon and work on my full power.


Personally I don't really give a shit about story and all that. I enjoy making maps and spriting, so if someone else takes care of all the other stuff, I say it's win-win.


There are stories in these fangames?


The goodest goys ever.


Make maps for my game too


It's your char that is in different resolution. You should at least make it look like pixelated character, not a photo-manipulation. That way it would be more suitable. However I personally prefer that 16x16 style. It gives it that bit of retro feel. Also, original char looks at least cute and charming, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Btw. I like one thing about your character. try turning it up and down constantly. You'll see how it's jiggling it's ass XD.

And what's bad about that? Jelly?

Thanks. However I was thinking about maybe changing that pastel house into something more normal and darker…? I'll redo it and post it later on if you don't mind. Pastel house can be used anytime later, anyway.

Basically, I have idea for such locations so far:
- apartment house (a bit dark and dirty place)
- some forest-like place. I'd go more in direction of savannah with lot's of dried trees
- bus stop (it sounds kinda weak, but after that you could interact with bus and pick one of few locations to get to)

Also, I mentioned it before, but I agree with you on keeping current graphic res. It's not hard to make graphics like that, anyway so anyone can add something from themselves.


File: 1438332613019.png (6.75 KB, 96x256, PieceOfShit.png)

Uh.. Your maps are also in a different resolution to the original character. If you're going to advocate 16x16 shit at least make 16x16 shit yourself.

It's not a good thing that you can tell that something is made up of pixels. The goal of any pixel artist is to make stuff that looks as real as possible. Unless you're a pretentious hipster, I guess


File: 1438347284734.jpg (36.38 KB, 400x302, meidos.jpg)

>And what's bad about that? Jelly?
Jelly of some dude having people to do maps/sprites/whatever for them under a misleading collab. flag while everything was already prepared and they are just working for the game OP wanted to make?
Absolutely, I'd love to have a group of maids making the game for me, who wouldn't be jelly?


Like I'm trying to sell it for money or something. :< It's not even "for me", it's opensourced.

Again, I'm going to finish my another project and work on it on my fullest.


File: 1438358814592-0.png (864.69 KB, 4997x2808, 1379661494902.png)

>"fan" "game"
>no nexus
>item system
>no looping worlds
>no usual ynfg worlds
>no yn references
>no waking up

This is all just part of OP's plan to use us to make his indie game for him.



it ain't a reel fangame unless ye follow the secret formuler


File: 1438408261252.png (529.52 KB, 599x760, CKbR3_MWcAAEKwh.png)

But didn't fleshchild get away with being a fangame?



idk about yall but i don't consider fleshchild a YN fangame
it falls more into the general horror RPGmaker trend for me. good game still


File: 1439868540314.jpg (161.43 KB, 960x720, 1336994965416.jpg)

>idk about yall but i don't consider, it falls more into the general horror RPGmaker
I thought this was the general opinion


Did this die already? I want to know who won the bets


File: 1440177344349.png (155.64 KB, 320x240, 1369828975265.png)

Fuck, nobody won; it lasted only 1 week [ 07/22/15 (Wed) to 07/31/15 (Fri)].


RIP in pieces.


Wasn't there a collaborative YN fangame that never got off the ground years ago? Don't remember the name, but there was a chicken effect and the protagonist character had black hair and a white robe.



OP is still there. I'm working on my another project. It's almost finished.


File: 1440527846366.png (3.19 KB, 95x59, DrunkSheep.png)

Stop lying nobody ever finishes anything on Uboachan.



Dont Finish! You'll eradicate Ubuuchan, as no one ever finishes anything!


Tell us when you start so we can place bets again.






File: 1481667626595.png (5.74 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)



LOL want to place bets again?


File: 1481679021834.jpg (323.81 KB, 1280x826, 96342f50aa838d1f3fc9d4ee3e….jpg)

I say 1 week


We make it to a v.2 and then drop the project after deleting all semblance of a source code.

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