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File: 1350358658598.png (138.63 KB, 465x308, baww.PNG)


Holy shit guys.
I cried so hard.
This fucking episode.


File: 1350527362091.png (41.93 KB, 275x213, tumblr_m94r2tXGlB1qjacjuo1….png)

My fiance just showed it to me
I was not prepared
I was so not prepared ;v;


aaa yes rebecca sugar. im so glad they got her on this episode because her writing and story boarding just make these sorts of underlying plot exploration episodes perfect.
I am really hoping they reveal some of Bubblegum's background. She's been seeming strange lately, and kind of extra quiet. maybe its just me.


File: 1350997515919.png (20.5 KB, 170x152, feels negative man.png)

This made me love Adventure Time a thousand times more ;-;


that episode seemed kind of forced and fanfictiony. the plot was fine but I didn't think the writing was very good


This episode was amazing, and I cried while watching it too. Probably the best Adventure Time episode yet, though I doubt anyone who hasn't watched most of the other episodes would appreciate it as much. My favorite part was the ending, when the sudden flashback solidifies the events of the wholly unreal episode as having actually happened in a way that turned out to be better than I had imagined. Now I'm just hoping that the writers and directors who no doubt realize that this episode was brilliant don't do anything to kill this plotline from being awesome. Part of the reason it was so great was because it was subtle and yet it fit perfectly into the puzzle that is the world of Adventure Time.

I don't like how in the last 5 or 6 episodes of Season 4 they changed PB's clothing style from her princess dress to a lame turtleneck.


what are you talking about??? they havent changed her princess dress, she just hasnt been wearing it recently. they change her outfits up like they do with marceline, this much is obvious.
besides that doesnt really even begin to be relevant to my comment in which im asking if you notice anything different about her personality, not the way she is dressing jesus fucking butts.




SO GOOD ;_______;


File: 1364277401262.png (130.12 KB, 500x278, Tumblr_mibyyzDucr1qliqrqo5….png)

New Simon & Marcy episode hnggggggggggggggh


How can people like Adventure Time? Seems a gawdawful show.


File: 1365374691260.gif (1.02 MB, 449x206, opinions.gif)

because everyone likes different stuff

and that's ok.


I loved, loved, loved that episode

I could literally watch an entire show about the post apocalyptic adventures of Simon and Marcy


So…? I hate that AT is taken too seriously. Really crazy people must like it.


The show started off strong. It was, in a way, psychedelic. Among that, people who have been following the show since the beginning got to see some shocking things as the story grew.

As the story grew, the lore did not catch up. The writers then, i suppose, kind of bullshitted a few formulaic episodes.

You know how the critics say a "normal" AT episode goes–first it starts off with Finn and Jake hanging out saying adult-friendly terms like "bro", then something pops up for no apparent reason that needs help. Then without too much action they resolve the conflict, and/or its a romance episode. I personally believe this to be partially true.

However, I have grown to love the Ice King episodes. He's just this awkward old man who wants a friend now, and he's batshit insane. But chronologically, it seems his former self shows through more and more. That's why they added Marcy. Those two episodes were probably the best in Adventure Time. And I've liked AT since it was still a wedgie on CN hosted by Frederator on youtube.


So…? I hate that you cant understand the concept of people enjoying things that you don't..


I like Regular Show better.


Eh, I've never seen the appeal.
But yeah, AT is tied with Invader Zim for my favorite western cartoon. Those two characters are awesome.


Adventure Time reminds me of some time and someone.


Welp that's it. I don't like Finn anymore.


i fucking love lemongrab


Me too.


They made a episode about them

Simon and Marcy

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