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/uboa/ - Uboa/Poniko

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File: 1319138974324.gif (Spoiler Image, 100.45 KB, 150x150, nyan_cat_invasion_by_drone….gif)


What do you think is true?
(A) Uboa is Poniko's Partner.
(1) Uboa is Male.
(B) Uboa is Poniko.
(2) Uboa is Female.
Picture is unrelated.


C) none of the above?


(D) Uboa is symbolism as a whole (not a symbol, but the embodientment of symbolism!)
(3) Uboa an abstact being not nailed down by pitiful ideas such as "gender"


Uboa is whatever you interpret him to be. There is no one answer, and it is up to the players to decide what is real.

The real question you should be asking yourself though, is who is [spoiler].[/spoiler]


(E) Uboa represents rape
(4) Uboa is a symbol of male genitalia



(FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU) Uboa is a hipster who thinks colours are too mainstream so he went B&W
(Sex no I don't know where 5 went) Uboa is BRO.


Uboa is Che Guevara.




Uboa is a symbol of Madotsuki's abortion. Poniko is a symbol of Madotsuki's child. (Her area has balloons, and party poppers, and pink colours, which would seem to represent a birthday party.)


Why would a dead fetus have a birthday party?




I think Uboa is Mado's father, Poniko is Mado's mother.

I don't care for your opinion.



And why the fuck did you think we'd care for yours


This will be long winded.

First of all, Poniko is the embodiment of Madotsuki's happiness, at least the happiness she used to have. It's most apparent from the balloons and the bright color theme of the room she's in, plus the similarities between the looks of both her and Madotsuki.

Now, when you murder Poniko (YES YES I KNOW YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KILL HER TO GET UBOA) then it's a representation of the end of happiness. Turning off the lights brings in the darkness and causes misery to take form, in this case it's Uboa. Trying to escape Uboa is impossible, as you can never turn back from what you've done in the past

Uboa is nothing more than the manifestation of the depression and pain that Madotsuki has felt over her lifetime, probably from something that happened in her past. Because of this, when you touch Uboa, embracing misery, you end up in a world you cannot escape, doomed to walk in nothing forever (least until you pinch your cheek).


speak for yourself.


>Why would a dead fetus have a birthday party?

Madotsuki was having a dream about her potential child's birthday. She felt guilty and was fantasizing about her lost child, if she had grown up and celebrated her birthday.

Don't be so literal minded.


Uboa isn't literally having a birthday party…. you idiot.


yeah I bet the rest of the community is waiting for your opinion with bated breaths mate


I thought I was the only one who thought that they looked alike. Props man.


"i don't care for your opinion" as in "don't reply"



Cut it out.
This is a warning to all three of you, for this thread and other posts around the board.


Uboa is an emo kid


I personally always thought of Uboa as Poniko's transformation. Also, I think of Uboa as genderless, since he's a monster-like creature instead of a humanoid.


File: 1363057600859.jpg (21.88 KB, 291x263, Glad-StareIntoYourSoul.jpg)

Uboa is a curse.
Poniko is cursed and may transform when it gets dark.

>mfw I do not understand even myself


Two options:
a) When Mado switched the lights he came, with Poniko disappeared. Just to scare Mado.

b) Uboa is a inhabitant of White Desert. Madotsuki keeped on switching lights, so Poniko sent him a mail:
"Uboa I'm afraid I've been thinking.
That wacky old Mado is nobody's mother, and her sanity's only so-so.
Now the wheels in my head have been turning since I looked at that loony young lady.
See, I promised myself I'd be pissed off by switch, and right now I'm evolving a plan!

And then Uboa came, and said OHAI. Mado was scared and asked "what is that?"
"ああああああああああああ." said Uboa, and then
The Mado touched him and he made himself SNAPE! (He really remind me of him.)
Oh-and-also-he-sent-mado-to-his-friend. (THIS MONSTROSITY IN DA BACKGROUND)


File: 1364330949599.png (306.85 KB, 900x672, jeff_meets_uboa_by_xcomick….png)

I think that uboa is a manifestation of some tragedy/unenjoyable thing happening in Mado's life in which she doesn't know how to resolve it. (like and abusive father or some shit like that) Thats why when she touches uboa, she gets sent to a strange and unfamiliar world.


I think Poniko represents the normal life one should have. She's a cute(?) girl in a cute room, in a world of pink water, snow, balloons and houses looking like party hats.
When you turn off the lights, the room looks a lot less cute, right? It looks like any other room with no lights on. There is no "cute" to be found in dark.
Uboa is the subconscious aaaaaaAAAAAAAAああああああああああああああ

He is without a conceptual meaning apart from being a head - words or even possible wordings are remarkably scarce in YN. But he conveys emotion.


Just went into the cat effect and started meowing. Both Uboa and Poniko approach you when you do this. Any thoughts?


File: 1364518987561.png (80.48 KB, 184x184, 1363829543307.png)


>mfw All the NPCs do it-



Even sky when on spaceship does it.


File: 1364875168567.png (22.32 KB, 396x410, cfcfcfcfc.png)

ubuu is a loli


Nah, it just moves faster.


Nope, it moves to Madotsuki like NPC.


File: 1365623251754.jpg (101.9 KB, 2560x1440, 1364862006750.jpg)


Actually, it's a background image, hence, it doens't moves. The cat effect while activated just makes the image scroll move faster, that's all.


What? I clearly saw it - it was moving right, while madotsuki was on left. The galaxy wanted to rape Madotsuki.


File: 1365788551595.png (30.11 KB, 711x500, asfasf.png)

The background is not an NPC or event, so it is not able to fucking move like one. It just scrolls in different ways when you activate the cat effect, giving that feeling of 'pursuing mado'.


File: 1367953210160.png (5.17 KB, 250x166, ded now.png)

>The galaxy wanted to rape Madotsuki


File: 1368144346054.jpg (9.58 KB, 252x200, jeff_the_killer_by_nko619-….jpg)

It's Jeff the Killa

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