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Need I say moar? :33


File: 1324479856420.png (43.15 KB, 500x197, tumblr_lv3hvbKzfa1qmyy4so1….png)

mmm Homestuck


Requesting Grimboa Roseiko


homestuck is terrible.



No, stop.

Please. There's a homestuck thread, but, just… stop.



Homestuck fucking sucks, whats wrong with you fucking faggots?


ew homestuck make it go away

it should never even touch as great as a game/fandom as yume nikki


Wow, you mean I'm NOT the only person who hates Homestuck?

At last, I have found my people.





I bet all of these people get just as bent out of shape when someone complains about the my little pony fad


File: 1326211180965.gif (34.05 KB, 706x689, irboa.gif)

Uboa has turned into Iran and is winking at us, gaise.


>Hurr these people hates something I like, that must means they like something I hate
MLP is just as much as shit, HS and MLP are the two most hated bandwagons going on.

You're the most irritating type of HSFag because you make bullshit assumptions.
At least you didn't say we like Hetalia, fuckers always think if you hate HS you like shit like Hetalia.

Face it, dude. I don't care about HS, but its fanbase is shit. Doesn't make me look down on HS itself, but majority (Not all of it) of the fanbase are fucking idiots.


File: 1326315093110.png (68.15 KB, 251x251, Ok.png)

Hey. People.

Calm yo tits and get over it!
Don't like HS? Go away. Don't like MLP? (No implying i do) GO. AWAY.

Let the HS people talk about HS. Ok? U mad?


>Let the HS people talk about HS
>On the Yume Nikki Uboa board
>"u mad?"

Ahahah fuck that was the most retarded thing I ever read around here.
This isn't a place to discuss your shitty overrated fandoms ran by assholes, its a place to discuss about Uboa and Poniko.


these sort of responses don't belong anywhere, on any board. this type of thread is totally acceptable on this board; crossovers are relevant, and if you don't like what it's being crossed with, don't post.


Voice of reason. Thank you.
So, got anymore Homestuck Yume Nikki…stuff?


i think there might be some homestuck stuff in some /o/ threads.


addendum: if not, you can always request. there are a few people that like homestuck there and there is a request thread!


File: 1327001683945.png (5.52 KB, 400x400, tumblr_lwqx8x1khT1qiyvkw.png)

If andrew were to put this in one of the flashes with a 1 of 64 chances happening

I think I would had stopped reading because it would startle me too much. :,(


Who started mixing Homestuck with Yume Nikki? They don't have any resemblance, do they? (the same way they put ponies everywhere)…
Not that I'm complaining, though.



There's some stuff about dream worlds and exploration thereof in homestuck but the mechanism is much different than yn

I think that concept is all they have in common though

Do they NEED to have something in common to both be discussed at once?


>this thread

Homestuck? Ponies? On uboachan? Jesus christ. What's happened to this site?


Yeah one is garbage, and the other one isn't.
(Spoiler: Homestuck is garbage)


I actually found out about mspa from uboachan, back before act 2 was even started and mspa wasn't nearly as popular as it is now, had no fadstatus or huge semi-annoying fanbase. Some dudes said John's Tier-1 sprite (this thing http://www.mspaintadventures.com/index.php?s=6&p=002086) looked like uboa. Looking back on how some Yume Nikki fans were able to get in on Homestuck way before it was popular, I just figured Yume Nikki fans have good taste. And now we see heaps of Yume Nikki fans saying homestuck fucking sucks / is terrible / is garbage, based purely on what they think of the fanbase? The fanbase isn't even that bad, you see the faggots posting in this thread? The parts of a fandom that think dedicating a whole thread to crossovers with a fandom that isn't particularly fond of what is being cross-over'd is a good idea are ALWAYS going to be one of the worst parts of said fandom. For example, OP is a huge faggot. >OMG MOAR IS SO FUNNY xddddd DERP LOL

Just don't say "x is garbage" when you haven't read it, alright? Yume Nikki fans, as i said, have good taste. Most should like homestuck. I've been reading webcomics for 8-9 years now and homestuck is the best I have ever read, it's not just popular because of the "emo demon soot children" or whatever it is anti-fad people think the trolls are. Yeah sure there are some disgusting tasteless wapanese hambeasts that like homestuck, but they like it for all the wrong reasons. Don't pass judgement on the whole fanbase based on the few, and don't pass judgement on the comic based on the first hundred-or-so pages. Y'know what, people shouldn't even be starting mspa by reading homestuck, read jailbreak and problem sleuth if you're gonna do ANYTHING.

P.S. this thread sucks what the fuck are you morons doing


I am not >>285 but I wanted to point out they never said anywhere that they didn't read Homestuck.


You're being presumptuous, and it's making you look like a spectacular idiot.

>Yume Nikki fans, as i said, have good taste. Most should like homestuck.
>Everyone with good taste should like what I like because I'm more sensible and mature and nonjudgemental and a special snowflake.

Some people don't hate Homestuck for it's fanbase. Some people hate Homestuck because it's constantly being crammed into their faces (I for one hate it because I HAVE tried to read it after all my friends attempted to jam it down my throat purely on the basis that I like Yume Nikki and similar games). People get tired of hearing about it and seeing it, and they quite obviously wouldn't want to see it crossed into fandoms that they actually enjoy for that reason. So don't go pushing your "don't hate what you haven't tried" bullshit around here.

You've still made a gigantic faggot of yourself by tacking on "this thread suxxxx anywayz" after your massive Homestuck plugging rant, like it actually matters.



I agree.


File: 1328719218070.png (26.35 KB, 651x448, 1283087832628.png)

>>293 What did I tell you about Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth, goddamn don't listen to your friends if they tell you to read homestuck first, they're fags
>implying i support the homestuck / yume nikki crossover when i clearly said i don't


Everyone's getting so mad, holy fuck




File: 1328742698677.gif (451.85 KB, 500x399, tumblr_lmm2y6nUX61qafrh6.gif)

You didn't clearly say anything except "homestuck is actually great everybody on ubuu should like it" while trying desperately to make it seem like you're part of the anti-Homestuck crowd in this thread, which you failed miserably to do.

Also you missed the entire point of my post, being that most people don't want to hear a goddamn thing about Homestuck because they're fuckoff tired of it, so quit pushing it.


You are the voice of reason, holy shit.
I don't mind homestuck but its been irritating the heck outta me lately cause its been constantly jammed in my face, its getting really tedious!
Ugh it ain't gonna stop anytime soon though, unfortunately.


Much obliged, my friend. Shame members of big fandoms like Homestuck or MLP will never, ever stop jamming their bullshit down our throats.


I really wish it could be as simple as "Homestuck fans, try to keep it in one or two threads, Homestuck haters, just go to another thread if you don't like Homestuck". For some reason, it seems like it can't be.


I really wish it could be as simple as "Homestuck fans, stop crossing everything over into your stupid fucking fandom."



I love how no one is allowed to have an opinion except for people with opinions different than other peoples.


That's nice. Go have an opinion somewhere else.


I feel like your opinion of where I should go is against my opinions.

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