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To satisfy my love.


Uro has a Multiple Personality Disorder!

There's different Uro's in her dreams, right?
The one in the sea, the one with reverse-colors, the reflection one.


File: 1318124516813.png (12.37 KB, 480x256, kinoko.png)

I think Uro is allergic to mushrooms. The fact that the monster-goo thing leads you to a "weird" version of the mushroom world (looks like an infection, or a sickness), then it brings to the white fern world where the tissue effect is located… Yeah.


she has a chainsaw so therefore has subconscious thoughts of being a lumberjack!


Urotsuki IS a lumberjack. This is the dreams of the lumberjack from monty python. That's why she has a chainsaw, and there is even a bar. And she wears women's clothes obviously.


File: 1318201628937.png (49.4 KB, 500x500, 1318048589170.png)


I think we've solved 2kki.

Quest complete.


uro is just a normal person who's obsessed with horror things
that's why her dreams aren't TOO fucked up



>clowns crushing kids


urotsuki is a girl who is obsessed with smoking pot, and yume nikki. There's an RPG Maker or Yume Nikki icon on her computer desktop. She is aware that Yume Nikki is a game. And of course there is Marijuana Godess world, and that pot farmer. (And curiously enough, a pizza farmer.)


Urotsuki is just a person who spends way too much time on the Internet and sleeps a lot, and she has these random dreams and stuff


So…we're all Urotsuki?



So Uro is just a cute little bookworm. Nice.


Urotsuki is from a world where Yume Nikki (the game) exists.
She appears to know lots of people, since there are a lot of humanoid NPCs, the theory I have is: the ones that resemble themselves more with cartoons (EX: Gakuran-Kun(schoolboy effect), Mother or the people from japan-town) are from her childhood, where she was neglected (that lonely-child event with the glasses) whereas people she knows most recently look more detailed (cripple-tan, the twins, etc)

Okay so, obviously she did drugs at some point in her life (marijuana goddess, that pizza farmer could mean a 'growth of the munchies')

I agree with her being allergic to mushrooms, that or a bad trip involving hallucinogen shrooms.

She has obviously witnessed suicides more than one time, from the man falling down the building to the hanged girl, but I think that the scrapped girl is only there because she read a creepypasta about her (since, going to your awake computer unlocks the library with her story)



She obviously regents traditional gender roles or themes, due to the fact that evil/grumpy geishas are a recurring theme (rattling geisha, the one at the inn, etc), this might be because she studied japanease etiquette (maiko effect), worked off at the inn where she probably witnessed rape or something of the kind (that scene with the slime, technically it wasn't you, it was a slime that is found in that area). somewhere along that, she was found and beaten up by that quadruple-amputee guy somehow and wound up in the hospital (with the cripple-effect) where she met trauma-tan and did something to hurt him or something.

The chainsaw is her way of dealing with the her inner problems violently, what she cant chainsaw, she can't forget for a moment


now for the crackpot theories(with a hint of facts):

Okay so, I think that this 'mother' was Urotsuki's mother that died when she was young from a stillborn (cartoon theory, she views the baby as a monster, her wallpaper name is Inochi, meaning life, life was taken I guess)

Second, I think that the shadow lady chaser is her uhm, step mother, I see this because she has been in uro's house (tv scene) and she isn't always evil like the other chasers, only becoming so when you use aggression (chainsaw) against her, she also seemed to like tick tack toe.
When she does catch you, however, you're sent to an area that leads to painter-kun, I assume this is some sort of detention, when you kill the art teacher you're free from it forever (in a way), the fact that it leads to the museum means trips there and such.

Its obvious she likes horror themes and videogames, since mothman and a swallot-like (pokemon) are chasers, plus there's a pokemon world



she seems to have had long twintails in the past, I believe its from the time she went to live in this new apartment, there's a neighbour that you can only get to if you have twin-tails, maybe he moved away by the time you didn't have them anymore.

Blue-guy is your hyperactive neighbor that likes to crossdress

totally unrealted is the fact that she saw someone drown and ignored him, this made her feel guilty eventually (that bridge with the drowning boy)

I don't really know the rest


I believe Urotsuki was a drug addict, but the Marijuana Goddess World isn't really what makes me think so, since that is apparently not a substance that causes hallucinations. For me, it was the mushroom world. My theory is that she got raped by whoever Tako Okoto represents(She was bribed with toys and candies to keep it secret, with the chocolate world and her game systems and such, and she was really young back then. Tako Okoto was someone she trusted, when she was young/innocent(Fairy effect, since little girls often like to dress up as fairies), and then he finally showed his bad side(His octopus form). She was also abused by her parents(The fact that she mutters something along the lines of "No, it hurts/Yada, Ita" if you try to go outside, the mannequin full of nails, crippled effect, Heishi-kun, and many other things), and she eventually tried to call for help(Telephone), but everyone wouldn't help her(Oni Musume leaves if you ring the Telephone while she is reading), so she turned to mushrooms to escape. She became somewhat happy again, but depressed that her health was getting bad. She attempted suicide(one of the endings), but then decided it wasn't worth it, basically just said "Fuck this shit", and left home to find someone who would actually help her.


Oh, I forgot to add this, but Surimuki, the "I got scraped" girl, is a representation of Urotsuki originally making excuses to why she would go outside or come to school covered in bruises and cuts.


Maybe Tako Okoto was her crush. In the library, there is a sketch of a girl holding a heart, and, according to someone who nicely translated it in the library translation thread, it says "I don't know if you'd like it, but I'm giving this heart to you", so maybe that represented her love letter to him.


I couldn't take your theory seriously because mushrooms don't work like a drug addiction at all. Mushrooms make visuals,

I do appreciate anyone who posts a crackpot theory but I just thught I'd correct you about the mushroom thing. Mushrooms are not addictive. They aren't the type of drug that even helps escape because they cause a lot of introspection. They don't create hallucinations but they do cause visuals like fractal geometric patterns and melting.

I didn't realize Japanese drug laws were so harsh until recently. It's so weird to see it in a Japanese videogame.


Then maybe she was just in general taking a lot of drugs and she was addicted to others so she decided she might as well do mushrooms anyways, I guess. Or she was really stupid and mistook some other addictive plant for mushrooms? I really don't know.


It's possible but we really only see mentions of marijuana and mushrooms. But I think that you are right and she is at least a drug user.

My theory is that Urotsuki was using mushrooms and marijuana for introspection to learn more about herself and deal with things. Maybe she ended up having a lot of "bad trips" too, which explains why mushroom world leads to a twisted version of mushroom world.

After I reread your posts I realized I did take them seriously I didn't mean to sound so uptight or whatever the word is. I just never thought about much that happened in Yume 2kki.


You didn't sound uptight. XD


I know we haven't mentioned this theory in a while, but, can't some people get addicted to non-addictive things? Like, it's not like their body will start fucking up and thinking it needs the item, but they will start getting stressed out and stuff?
Or maybe she's extremely impulsive and just the thought of doing something will make her do it.


File: 1334820286771.png (552.41 KB, 442x600, 1307732757084.png)

There is such a thing as purely mental addictions and "making up" withdrawal symptoms because you've convinced yourself that you need it, but I'm not sure if that works with shrooms. Like >>716 said, shrooms cause introspection, which would only magnify her problems because she'd be forced to think about them. Taking that into consideration, it'd be hard for her to justify her "addiction" even to herself.
>Or maybe she's extremely impulsive and just the thought of doing something will make her do it.
Elaborate? Maybe it's just because I'm sleep deprived but that doesn't really make sense.


Unless I have misunderstood things I have heard, some people have a really weak will and are impulsive, to the point where just having an idea of something to do will make them do it, even if it could have consequences or be illegal or bad.


I think the Child effect indicates that Uro may have been beaten as a child or perhaps had a hard childhood. Maybe she escaped her childhood by dreaming.


Blue boy: He wants to be a girl and is a cross dresser. (Glasses, Invisible) Also might've wanted to protect her in her early years and he wants to have male friends.(Child, Boy)

In the penguin effect event you slide down the screen and then a shadow appears, right? Well, the sound it makes is Surimuki's laugh. Something to keep in mind.

In the place where you find a Mars san look alike, perhaps it possibly represents Madotsuki falling out of the sky. The Mars-san look-alike represents the mourners, the machine things looks like the ones on her balcony. The people walking represents people getting on with life.


File: 1341639148353.jpg (28.78 KB, 400x400, 18064725.jpg)

Just throwing some of my observations out:

Most people don't seem to see it this way but aren't Urotsuki's Dream Apartments more like a house? I think her mother is there, the long-haired girl is a depressive sister, and the blue boy is her little brother. It would explain why he reacts to so many effects, because Urotsuki knows him so well. She even knows about his hidden side/possible wish to be a female that he doesn't show when she's around (invisible/glasses effect)

I also think the moth-person represents someone that Urotsuki had feelings for but was rejected or the relationship did not work for some reason. I think the scenic overlook and getting past him there could represent a possible first time Urotsuki became intimate with him, which lead to an unplanned pregnency and abortion represented in the forest area just past there. Maybe Uro became attached and confessed her love after their night together, however the moth person saw it as a one-night stand and rejected her which is symbolized by the event in valentine land. She eventually realizes the moth person for what he is; a monster that charms and lures people toward him but is actually uncaring and cruel. That's why she sees him as inhuman in her dreams


Surimuki and Marginal are simply characters from a creepypasta she read.

-Surimuki doesn't appear as a character, simply as a giant head on the ground and doesn't react to anything.

-Surimuki's suicide note story and Marginal appear on the library (which, in turn is unlocked in your computer by selecting text, kinda like how sometimes you dream of something you recently read or watched)

-This can't be really a good argument, but marginal exists in another fangame (don't ask for the name) so the same creature in two different person's dreams is impossible unless it exists in some form on the waking world (like a STORY)


If you use the Marginal effect around where Surimuki's head is sticking out of the ground, she'll appear as a character sprite.


Oh, really? I didn't know, sorry


File: 1344871595012.jpg (1.26 MB, 2816x2112, 1344072412354.jpg)

Uro's father was a carpenter.
Think about it - Nails World makes me think, that Uro wielded some nailgun.
Crippled mannequin make me think, that it was some person, shot by Uro - he isn't killable, and nails from head and so on.
Memory of this replaced nice memories of father's workplace - the Warehouse. So, you must pass Red Nails Passage, with strange pictures. It's resembles traumatic experience, i guess.
So, Warehouse. Uro wields a CHAINSAW! Where little girl can get it? Obviously, from dad. That conveyor, at the Warehouse basement makes me thinks that Uro worked there for a while


File: 1346185596260.png (146.96 KB, 300x262, BKkidsclubgang.png)


the game's very existence could be an unintentional symbol of the way that fan circles like this can be likened to a hive mind. even as the members attempt to maintain a sense of self and individuality as evidenced by the "conflicting themes" in the worlds.

this theory can also be applied to /fg/.

sorry if this is poorly-worded i'm really just trying to get it down before i forget.


This has probably already been said, but I'll say this again.

Urotsuki has both the parts of a boy, and a girl. (the proper term escapes me at the moment). Think about it. A boy effect, a boy's bathroom, she pee's on the wall in japan town…(I'll get back to that). Uro's parents were divorced, her mother owned a japanese hotel/spa thing and it was the family buisness. Uro was constantly pressured to take the family buisness(Geisha and the constant traditional imagery), but once she did try it, she was molested/raped by a person in the bath that she doesn't remember. After that everyone including herself thought Uro was a slob and a monster so that's why she appears like that during the event.
Uro had siblings, her older sister that was in a depression because of the divorce and problems in the family(Her hair reminds me of weed, she cut herself and maybe Uro tried it but hated it, and also she might've killed herself which explains the ghost found in her room), and her younger brother, who Uro knew a lot about. Sheishonen, the brother, who looked up to Uro, decided to start crossdressing. He also conforted her and tried to protect her whenever Uro's parents would fight or abuse her(his reaction to the child effect).


Like Sadako from Ringu?(O _O) She's a hermaphrodite then.


I like to think that Urotsukies parents died when she was young either that or divorced going from the puppet show event.

Also the event at the carnival place were you see her as a kid alone standing there as shadow figures of parents and children walking past her with a evil looking smile on their faces.


File: 1348261634474.png (78.29 KB, 604x349, madofuckingtsuki.PNG)


In the UFO game ending, look at the window of the young girl who got the Uro doll.

I'm fucking sure this girl is actually young madotsuki.



I'm pretty sure this is just one of the many homages to Yume Nikki. There's also a hidden Uboa plush that's not visible during normal play due to the black frame.


>She might have been raped in a bath house at some point,

In one ending, she wakes up next to a pile of books, one of them might be Mado's diary she acquired at some point.

Uro is Mado's cousin, Tsuki is their surname.



>-or, maybe she was the one who committed the rape, and has a deep seated remorse over it.


File: 1349747918840.jpg (11.58 KB, 200x163, 200px-Clowngirl.jpg)


in before uro raped mado


File: 1351334089443.png (50.48 KB, 333x241, herp.png)

>new wallpaper when you get the blob monster transformation scene at the ghost motel in the town

The wallpaper reminds me of almost all rape game illustrations. She really was raped this time



Well, there's a bar not too far from the hotel where that event happens…
Maybe she was taken there by a seemingly nice person who was actually not very nice at all?


File: 1351459222965.jpg (24.16 KB, 400x300, rapelay.jpg)

compare with the world's most famous rape simulator it gives off the smae feel doesn't it?

Also, Uro has a bra, so its safe to assume she's not a child


File: 1355684313140.gif (6.2 MB, 320x240, ufoporno.gif)




How do I trigger this scene? I've been all over that hotel and never found anything like you're describing.


you go to Japan town, and upstairs. theres 4 bedrooms. one has a bathing suit in the spring section. put it on, and enter the pool. wait and your good.


File: 1358632898897.jpg (106.52 KB, 308x337, madosbadsurprise.jpg)


Most children over 12 wear bras, you know.

Although the bath scene was definitely a sex scene, there are other possibilities in that scenario, with another being more likely. If she turned into a blob mosnter by her own accord any not by becoming a resident of the inn akin to one of the other people staying there via relaxing in it's bath, it could be one of these three:
>(A) A reccollection of a rape story that takes place in an old japanese inn's bath with her as the girl, possibly after "falling asleep" in the tub
>(B) Her becoming a blob monster by an evil force inside the inn and getting raped, or
>(C) Urotsuki willingly becoming a blob and fucking her blob buddy (unlikely since the blob monsters were drawn as offputting, non-humanoid creatures and some terrifying music was playing during the event).

With just the existence of an event, this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika.


"Child" generally refers to prepubescent children, which is what >>1376 was getting at.

And besides, childhood for all intents and purposes stops at puberty. Only hysteric parents who can't accept that their kids aren't sexless babies anymore think otherwise.


I never thought that scene was about rape. I always figured she stayed too long in a steam bath, passed out and when she woke up she was disoriented and stumbled out of the bath incoherently. Someone comes in and finds her and helps her to the bed so that she can relax and rest until she feels better. Perhaps I'm reading the obvious? Then again, there are so many rape theories in this game, and while others I can understand this wasn't one I thought of previously. It actually kind of disappoints me as I had hoped she had met at least one nice person.



With that creepy-ass BGM there's no way it's anything but a rape scene.


File: 1359899519472.jpg (105.17 KB, 1024x768, 1311779404091.jpg)

NOT PERVERT is theories-thread? WHAT?


File: 1359939404862.png (469.15 KB, 675x762, oh.png)

>Someone comes in and finds her and helps her to the bed so that she can relax and rest until she feels better
I don't think someone who's just trying to help her to her bed would run at her and attack her like that. Even if it isn't a rape scene, it's certainly not meant as a fluffy rainbow scene if a blob runs at you and bashes into you and the screen goes red.
>pic unrelated although it does seem to fit most of the yume nikki/2kki fanbase


File: 1360030737768.jpg (18.05 KB, 503x349, Hmm.jpg)


I seriously figured it was like that because she was so out of it that everything seemed scary. But now that it's been brought to my attention…maybe this is why I kept stabbing the blob in the hallway for money for the bar. Maybe subconsciously I knew he wasn't a good guy. Now I'm trying to remember which parts made me think might be about rape and I can't seem to remember any. CRAP. Well, if I think of one, I'll post and see what you guys think.


I actually thought of it more like this too, to be honest. It seemed to me more like the blob thing recognized that Urotsuki turned into something she shouldn't have because of the bath, then ran in to quickly turn her back to normal. I mean the whole thing with her being in bed afterwards didn't scream "rape" for me, it felt more like Urotsuki was … being taken care of? As though the bath wasn't meant for humans like her and someone realized it last minute.


Yeah, with Yume 2kki in particular, I definitely wouldn't assume that everything happening in her dream is symbolically representing something from her actual life. A lot of what happens seems like it's supposed to be kind of mysterious, especially in the hotel, where even though everything is dark and foreboding, nothing outwardly *bad* really happens there! If anything, I felt like the bath scene was like what >>1819 described, but I definitely saw some kind of hostility with the person coming in, as most chasers, like it was angry at you for being there. Similar to Chihiro in the bath house from Spirited Away, where the people there scold you, but help you along none the less.


Anyone know about the "Mado and Uro are relatives" theory?


I personally shunned the relatives theory because of the fact that Yume Nikki is on Uro's computer. I know I heard this discussed somewhere else, but the general theory consisted of Uro being a Yume Nikki fan. Even so, I don't think this necessarily shuts down the concept of the relatives theory, because I think the point still stands that Uro knows about Mado and is greatly influenced by her, maybe she feels like she can relate to her or something like that. Whatever "plot" there is behind the game, I'd expect it to be something that leaves the contents of Uro's mind wide open and full of possibilities so that it can still make sense when lots of different people are contributing to the game's development, so Uro being a girl that's played Yume Nikki and wants to have similar adventures in her own dreams would make sense, I think.



Seconding this because of the latest additions in .100a. Steve "Leif" Kareha's lookalike and even Big Red are there, as well as some Pirori-type creatures and a Hidden Shoal.


I don't like analyzing Yume 2kki on a whole because it's obvoius that it's not meant to be cohesive, but I have a few thoughts about some areas of the game. There are hints that Yume 2kki is somewhat metafictional in nature because Yume Nikki is on her desktop computer and you watch her through a television in the penguin game and a few other TVs throughout the game. It could be things like Dogboa and other Yume Nikki influences of the game were inspired by Yume Nikki. (I mean, Urotsuki playing Yume Nikki not the game's creator.) She may have related to the game like people on ubaochan because she's got trans issues and anxiety issues. (lol, /n/)

I think the red street lamp world a pun on "red light district" The girl with the dancing rabbits i s possibly a prostitute. Bunnies were always a symbol of fertility, and she's a "one eyed monster" which is a euphemism for penis. I'm not sure if a Japanese person would come up with that due to the language differences, but they sure do love puns.


I disagree with the trans/herm theories. I just don't get that impression from the game. The imagery that people seem to draw that from seems far more commonly based on western concepts (lots of monsters have one eye, it's creepy), while there's far more overt imagery that suggest something different.

The coat effect, the fact that there has to be an actual effect just to be a boy, the stage area and stage prop world, those suggest to me that Uro is more likely a tomboy, maybe the sort of girl who plays a prince in school plays and really commits to the mindset. Maybe she wants to be a boy, but it might not be a trans issue so much as frustration with having to act like a girl, as pointed out with that geisha bit.

The area in the apartment with the clothes, maybe she likes dressing up, which would suggest she doesn't hate being girly, just that maybe she resents having to act like one. Maybe it's just an issue with gender roles than gender identity. Considering this is Japan, I wouldn't be surprised. Consider the motorcycle effect. Maybe she wants to be free to travel and live on her own (and the only way that's possible for her now is in her dreams) instead of having to go to school and be a good little girl. The Tall effect and the bar suggest she wants to hurry and be older, which reinforce the desire for freedom.

One scene though, I'm not sure how to look at; the one where you're outside of a school, and you see a shadow lady. You try to follow her, and you start to see people at the windows, but you end up looping until you start lapping yourself. Maybe her mother or older sister or someone left her and she feels a little hopeless about that? Or maybe it was the favorite sibling who left and, say, went to college or something, and Uro wants to follow but it feels like she can't, say because she's not old enough yet? Just my two cents.



See this is the kind of mindset that I was more trying to avoid in posting >>1823. There's so much content in Yume 2kki, so many different events, locations, themes, and ideas, which are still growing from people who are likely making content based purely on what they'd like to see in the game, you can't possibly create a coherent theory about her person that explains all of them. Not to say that my theory is 100% law, but if there is going to be a theory, it's going to have to be more open minded than "This event means that x happened to Uro, and this location means that Uro grew up in y".


How are people supposed to form theories without resorting to inference? Isn't that kind of one of the characteristic elements of theorizing? Leaving everything open seems to defeat the purpose of interpreting the game…



You still make inferences, they just have to be more… carefully placed, I suppose. In particular, things that are relatively unchanging that were made as a sort of a steeple to the game would be things to theorize about, such as the contents of her room in the real world, or the type of Nexus she goes to, or maybe even some of the endings. (I'd still personally like to know what's said in the opening sequence that plays when you start a new game.) Her dream world, however, is more or less just an art gallery of several different authors to the game, and it seems pretty obvious that they didn't have any one concept in mind while making the game, just a kind of "this would be an interesting area let's do that" and then they put it in the game. It may disappoint some people, but there's really not some great canon explanation that can be unearthed like with other games.

It's less orthodox theory making than the other fangames, but 2kki is generally less orthodox of a fangame all together, since it's such an open ended collaboration project. People can stop making content for the game before they're even done, but it can literally just be woven into the fabric of the game without a hitch, and people won't even be sure whether it was finished or not. The creators aren't trying to convey such a specific story as people like to theorize about, because they're legitimately unable to. If you want to pick out a few specific aspects of the dream world that entertain you and make inferences about them and only them, then go right ahead. But just be aware that it won't be much more than a story you've created entirely on your own since it leaves so much else out, assuming that the point of theorizing is to figure out what the author had in mind.


I don't think it would be too wrong to take the individual events, areas and NPCs and use them each as building blocks for Urotsuki's character. Sure, there's no overarching narrative, but you can try to theorize about what each event was supposed to symbolize and what the creator wanted to convey about their interpretation of Uro through that event.

If you want to, think of Uro like a traveller passing through the different dreamt up worlds of 2kki's creators, rather than the star of the show herself


That sounds like an interesting way of theorizing about things, and it's something I've thought about doing, but it also means having to research just who made which area. Is that info even available anywhere? >o>

To stick my own broadsweeping theory into the mix in addition to my earlier theory that she's played Yume Nikki and wants to be like Mado: with the way that Uro's been named "prowler" or "wanderer", I get the impression that the entire point of her character is that she's aimless, just like the developers of the game itself. The developers are just putting in their own ideas at random, while Uro more or less tries to find herself through her dreams, but isn't ever particularly successful. Maybe the things she sees in her dreams are her attempts at coming up with an identity for herself, to determine things ranging from what her interests are to even her own gender. It also seems like she has a problem with being lost in her own dreams, seeing how in several of the endings it looks like she's still in the dream world.


File: 1388688648069.bmp (708.2 KB, 750x322, similarities.bmp)

When I discovered the screaming face in the dark museum, I immediately thought of the iconic face from Pink Floyd's The Wall. Maybe one of the 2kki project team members was a Pink Floyd fan?


File: 1389512483223.jpg (43.35 KB, 500x417, FantasticPun.jpg)

Oooooo! I like that theory! Makes sense, given the images. Thanks for pointing that out!


This is my own personal theory.

Since laughter, smiling, and children are quite a common thing in 2kki, I always thought Urotsuki had been bullied and humiliated heavily. She used to have one friend, Aojiru, but eventually he was bullied too due to being friendly with Uro, and left her side to join in with the persecutors. I thought this because he ignores every effect, showing he now doesn't acknowledge her unless he's teasing or hurting her. Like in >>608, Urotsuki lied to her parents about her injuries. Eventually, it got too much, and she managed to get hold of a chainsaw and killed them all, and hospitalized Aojiru, but wishes to murder him still, which is why her first reaction is to kill him. I think Broken Faces World references the bullies she killed, because they are all deformed in there. That world also includes Surimuki, as I mentioned before about the cuts. The UFO entrance is her wish to go somewhere else, like her home (Appartments) or a forest. (Fairy Tale Woods) After the people she had killed were gone, she had to start afresh, which references the killing of the 'Grey Urotsuki' somewhere I can't remember. It is her getting rid of her boring side and becoming colorful and fun, like Marijuana World. When she became popular herself, she succumbed to peer pressure and took drugs, evidenced in Marijuana Goddess World, Smoking HAL and Mushroom World. The Boy, Gakuran, Bike and Chainsaw effects are all quite 'boyish', which shows that could've been the reason she was bullied? I could probably fit a lot of effects into this theory, for example Tissue representing her wiping away her tears.


File: 1395225270075.png (383.62 KB, 798x888, MyLittlePonyPinkieBrillian….png)

Wow, that's some awesome theories you've got there! You make a good argument, I enjoyed reading your post.


I believe that urotsuki grew up in a very rural area with her mother and father. i base this from the area where you can see a child like urotsuki sitting by the the cherry blossom trees. i also believe the chainsaw effect to be reminiscent of her father as he would often use it where they lived. the wolf howling effect i believed reminds her of living out in that rural area and being afraid of the sound until her grandfather taught her to howl back and grew to love it. the npc is an oldish looking person. Her parents decided one day to move to the city so urotsuki could start school and give her a good life this is based on the school dreams she had.
her new life was very confusing and overwhelming, completely different from the life she once knew. she was ridiculed by many of her classmates for being "strange" due to the sheltered life she lived.
when they finally moved her mother found a job in a sweat shop sewing clothes together to close to no pay. urotsuki would often go into the store where they would sell the clothes her mother would make and try them on ,but because of how poor they were she couldn't take any of them with her.
eventually her mother couldn't bear the new life she had chosen and committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the building she worked in and urotsuki witnessed this moment. i base this off the woman standing over the edge of the roof staring at the ground in sewing world. can't really think of how her father committed suicide ,but i believe the gravestone to be the memory of their deaths. the gravestone doesn't really have an effect and shows how all it is, is just a memory that will never leave her.
after a while she got a job herself working in a factory , was able to afford a bike and apartment, and make friends.
eventually she got in with the wrong crowed and began to get involved with drugs. she began to feel like she belonged with her new friends. she became a very self destructive and reckless person because of the memories of her old life and new one were in constant conflict with each other. She couldn't take it any more and one time even tried to drink herself to death. after that she went on a trip. she eventually she arrived at the ocean and it was here that she received clarity on how to live her life in peace. ultimately she decided that she no longer wanted to be apart of this world and society, she thought of it to be to impure and evil, so she decided to live the rest of her days in rural area and sleep the rest of her life away.

feel free to add on


i also believe this is why her grandfather was at the beach with the wolf effect. just as when she was a child he helped her with her fear of wolfs, she thought of him on that beach and that memory of him helped guide her.


File: 1405550484160.png (160.38 KB, 500x436, you fapped to WHAT.png)

>eyeball bomb effect
>her head blows up
>exploding head syndrome usually wakes you up/resets your dream (at least in my experience it does)
>that's exactly what medabomb does
It was right in front of my fucking face and I didn't even realize it until my friend pointed it out while reading about the dream that I got exploding head syndrome at the end of.


… That makes a lot of sense actually! I quite enjoy this theory, nice job.


Except it gets batshit insane and stupid when the chainsaw thing started.


you gotta be squidding me


I just tapped to the swimsuit/bikini Urotsuki wallpaper,I am so ashamed,embarrassed,and perverted.I'm sorry but I could not help my self. :#(


I meant to say I fapped to the bikini wallpaper.

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