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After looking at the 2kki discussion thread on the game's official website, I not only located a (perhaps temporary?; loda.jp is undergoing maintenance, which might explain it) website where they're uploading 2kki, but I've also discovered that they've released a new version, 0.096c. The multi-file download is located here:

Here's the single-file download:

Picture unrelated.


Awesome, going to download this now and wander around.

First stop? That goddamn unfinished area at the end of the highway.


Sweet. I haven't updated since 95h, so I don't know if I missed anything.


Corrupted files… all the names are off so you can't change the wallpaper, etc


all that I notice from this update is that they changed the red riding hood effect, twin tails effect,block effect and two interactions with the spring clown and the wolf boy.


So how many people are still working on 2kki, anyway?


You're unzipping it wrong

You need to get 7-Zip, open it w/ Japanese locale, then extract from there.


Will downloading it this way solve the problem that I can play a lot of it, but touch certain things or go through certain doors and it crashes?



After browsing through the official Japanese 2kki wiki, it's safe to say at least 3 people are working on it actively. There is also a suggestion page, with some very nice ideas.



And yes.


Thanks :"D


I downloaded 7-zip but I don't see the option to extract or open the zip with the Yume 2kki files as Japanese Locale, only to open 7-zip as Japanese Locale, which still concludes with the files in the 2kki folder being corrupted and not recognized….


File: 1329629732742.png (19.07 KB, 1076x207, nope.png)

Am I doing something wrong here? I don't see any links to 0.096c.
Also, Jesus, that site is SLOW. why did you have to die loda ;_;


Did you check the cog world, dark alley, dark museum, highway etc?
If they really changed nothing, this is bullshit.
Also we need a thread of unfinished areas.

I'll go make one.


For whatever reason, they took down the files from the site where I got them (I'm glad I managed to get them before then).

I apologize for the difficulties with my single-file download. If it'd be more convenient, I can upload a .rar instead of a .zip.


File: 1329720989642.png (24.43 KB, 644x484, precious babbu.png)

It appears they didn't really change any of the worlds. They added animations to any effects that didn't have one before.
Now Uro does a adorable little kick if you press enter when Twintails is equipped. <3


The new uploader seems to be http://ux.getuploader.com/yume2kki_A/ according to what I think is the official website (the one linked in the readme file). Don't forget to get the patch as well.



Actually, there is a new map (Map0491.lmu), but anyway, just because there are no visible changes, it doesn't mean there are no changes at all.


I also noticed that the maze leading to the boy effect has been simplified.


Oooo looks like they tweaked the Marginal effect, 3 legs now and a blood drop animation?! Like >>699 said the effects without animations got them. The red ridding hood effect makes you eat something out of your basket and the stretch/tall effect kneels down and cries before wiping her eyes and getting up. Also the pigtail effect animation really is too cute *3*

Seems there were a lot of fixes in the patch. I guess I'll wonder around a bit

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