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File: 1326076851525.png (536.5 KB, 600x459, 2kki bys.png)


Uboachan, tell me your favorite 2kki NPCs. Add your reasons why if you have 'em.

Personally, I like Megusuri Uri (the eye doctor) for his face-changing ability and Heishi (the amputee with the crutch) for…well, I just feel bad for him. Both legs gone, sitting alone in a dark alley.


File: 1326085141610.jpg (39.34 KB, 640x480, Yume2kkiDancingGirl.jpg)

Cripple-tan has interested me from day one. I wish there was more to him, more to interact with than just the chainsaw event. I want to see more of him, whether that's in his hospital room (normal or green) or somewhere else in the game.

Seishonen (Blue Boy) is neat because of all the ways he reacts to the different effects. I haven't see his "special event" just yet, but I'm hoping to get it soon!

Oni Musume (Demon Girl) is adorable. I love her little room and how she's always interested in the books. The little bat like wings solidified it for me, though.

Kamen Eshi (Masked Painter) is awesome, but I'm disappointed that once he's been killed, he's out of the rest of the game. I was hoping to interact with him some more. I love his mask. I might have to make one.

The Bartender/Master always looks like he's grinning. Like, "Eee, I have customers!" I don't know, he's just adorable. I haven't seen his little event yet either.

Octoman is one of my absolute favorites. It was such a surprise when I used the fairy effect near him. Absolutely love that.

There are quite a few others that I love, but I'll leave it at that for now. Also, that image is KICK ASS. Whoever the artist is, they're AMAZING.


Seishonen is wonderful. I love him so much.
The fact that he reacts to practically every single effect is more than enough character development for me.
There's also the fact that he has that Uboa-esque event. Sucks that nobody else likes him enough to make fanart though.


That's terrible. Once I have some time, I will totally make fanart of him. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to incorporate his character into a comic for school. I'll try to do that this quarter. If I'm able to, I'll post it here.


SWEET I just got the Bartender event! That was AWESOME!


File: 1326151961499.jpg (182.85 KB, 640x480, 114.jpg)

There is only one 2kki NPC in my heart. She's adorable and cute and I want to take her home with me. There's really no other reason beyond that.


YES. Have you ever chainsawed her, though? Oh man. I did that once then came back into the room and went OOOOOOH NOOOO.



That happens not because you chainsaw her, but because you chainsaw the guy with many eyes a few maps back


It's between the blue box shop keeper and Kanban Otoko/sign-head-guy.

Whenever I noticed that the blue shop keep would bow in return to you when you use the Maiko effect on him, I couldn't help but form a bit of a soft spot for him; it was unexpected, so it just made me unnecessarily happy.

As for sign-head-guy, he's just silly.


File: 1326350684235.jpg (15.82 KB, 640x480, Yume2kkiCakeEffect.jpg)

I love the NPC that gives the cake effect. She's just adorable.


File: 1326351118029.jpg (36.78 KB, 640x480, Yume2kkiCakeLoverGirl.jpg)

On a related note, this adorable NPC.


I have, like, five favorites. I like Shimofuri-tan, Sweets Musume, Oni Musume, and the Black and Blue twins.


My favorite NPC is probably Smile-san. He's bizarre, memorable, and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Also, dat drill face.

Odorika is also pretty cool, IMO. She's in the middle of nowhere, but she dances the day away with her bunny pals nonetheless.


I like Box-Chan and the Sweets Girl! They are such cuties


The wheels in the signs world



File: 1326690662523.jpg (12.1 KB, 640x480, Yume2kkiForestGirl.jpg)

This NPC has always interested me. I wish I could get across to her to actually interact with her directly. However, I did fin dout that she reacts rather strongly to the Boy effect - she runs clear to the other side of the screen and won't even look at you.


File: 1326704943252.bmp (76.05 KB, 320x240, pc yumegamen 03-60.bmp)

my favorite is the Yakuta dude in the invisible maze. I dont know why, but he looks like he should be in monochrome japan. pic related.


This. This so much.


Yay! Someone agrees with me!

On the internet. LOL Seriously, thanks man.


File: 1327105043465.png (8.62 KB, 388x259, 1311715217354.png)

I love this little robot, the room it's in and the BGM. I visit it every time I play the game.

The only problem is, as far as I know, there is nothing that it reacts to besides the chainsaw and the sign changing between every dream.

I hope that maybe this room will be for more than just decoration.



Wait where is that little guy? I've never seen him before except in fanart.


From the Nexus, enter Red Streetlight World. Travel east from the entry point until you find a streetlight with four lamps on its left side; interact with the streetlight to enter the Gray Road. From there, briefly travel north until you're about halfway between the railroad overpass and the closest intersection to the north. Then travel west until you see a set of stairs leading down into the ground. Go down the stairs, through the lobby-ish area, then head east through a plant-lined tunnel and a dark, dirt-floored hallway. You should emerge in Grass World. Continue east until you spot a pair of stone pillars surrounded by plants and four streetlights to your south, then navigate through the plants and pass between the pillars to enter Floating Stones World. Go northeast until you encounter a tall stone on the ground surrounded by a circular, dark patch of dirt. Interact with the stone to enter the Dark Alleys. Travel directly east until you see a doorway on the eastern wall. The small robot is inside of the room behind that door.


File: 1328861240664.jpg (309.15 KB, 1191x1458, WatercolorExerciseRedSun.jpg)


This is the poster from that post - I haven't drawn fanart of Seishonen (Blue Boy), but for a little watercolor exercise this week I did a little fanart of the Red Sun scene. I did it by memory so it's not anywhere near what it looks like in the game, but it was a lot of fun so I thought I'd post it here anyway in case any of you are interested.


Hmm. Maybe I should put just the Red Sun inspired ones together…

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