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File: 1325796406146.jpg (43.99 KB, 641x481, New_Main_Screen.jpg)


Single file download:

The title screen has been changed; it has far less text and sports a Urotsuki-themed plaid background (as can be seen in the picture).


File: 1325796821478.jpg (53.04 KB, 642x481, Mini_Maze_Map_1.jpg)

The map of the Mini Maze has been changed slightly. It now features gray brick sprites in the large clearing in the northern section of the maze. These sprites disappear when the switch at the northernmost point of the map is triggered to lower the walls in the opening.


File: 1325798158980.png (23.71 KB, 639x479, school.png)


That's not really new. Once you have the Glasses effect, you cna see the gray bricks.

There's a school area now, though, and I think its the only place you can use the School Boy Effect to actually do something.


File: 1325799107629.jpg (20.01 KB, 641x479, School_1.jpg)

Ah, yes. That area can be accessed from the Apartments by going into the hole that leads to the Spring effect. However, instead of going up the staircase at the very end near where you get the effect, go downstairs to arrive in the area. You'll appear at the base of the stairwell shown in the picture.


File: 1325799427523.jpg (32.02 KB, 641x479, School_2.jpg)

The NPC in the area seems to react based upon what effect you have equipped. It stops moving if you have the Chainsaw effect on, and it chases you if you have the Motorcycle effect on. It doesn't appear to react to any of the other effects (check me on this one).


File: 1325799613231.jpg (54.68 KB, 643x480, School_3.jpg)

If the NPC catches you while you have the Motorcycle effect equipped, you appear to be warped to a teacher's room (presumably, the NPC is a teacher at the school area). The teacher appears to be yelling at Urotsuki, and, if you attempt to walk away, he jumps, causing Urotsuki to jump and walk back into place.


File: 1325803854652.jpg (18.78 KB, 642x482, School_4.jpg)

If you exit one of the doors in the western walls of the classrooms, you'll end up on a small ledge overlooking the sky. The path to the southernmost door (the one that would lead to the broken-down classroom that cannot be accessed from the hallway) is blocked by a girl cleaning chalk erasers. Flipping your cape with the Schoolboy effect makes her move, and you can do this until you can continue down the path to the southern room's door.


I can't figure out how to get the Boy effect in this version… the Wiki is outdated. Have any of you had any luck?


File: 1325895638236.jpg (20.8 KB, 458x461, 1309159552286.jpg)

Some of the files won't copy from the rar file.
I get a message saying
>The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

Wat do…


Are you using 7-zip?


Hooray! I'll go check out if they finally did anything to the sky garden area as soon as i download it :3


What? Nothing again? Oh come on, don't tell me that the area is now supposed to look under construction.. That's just not fair.


Does the teacher ever stop yelling at her, or does she have to wake up to get out of the yelling session?


You can chainsaw the teacher, he turns into a ghost when you walk away… But touching him as a ghost forces you to wake up.


NO WAAAAY! COOL! I love this game so much.


That picture has made me laugh for the last few days. Thanks man!


File: 1326136309393.jpg (14.43 KB, 640x480, Yume2kkiPurpleHospitalGuy.jpg)

Hey, is this new to this version? Or have I missed this the last couple of times? the screams are different, too. This was a freak out, he just stays that way, he doesn't disappear.


It has been on the hospital for a looooooong time.


DERP I guess I never killed that guy before.



He disappeared when you killed him a few versions back


Ah, that makes sense - I haven't downloaded in a few updates. I love the school update.


File: 1326259847834.jpg (14.54 KB, 489x375, I-hate-everything.jpg)

Still incapable of interacting with the top hat in the dense forest without crashing…



File: 1326349505937.jpg (49.84 KB, 640x480, Yume2kkiFezHatGuy.jpg)

Really? I just went through there. After looking around a little, I found this guy.

He doesn't give me an effect. Is this a new place? The music is beautiful.





Yes, really.

Halp plz


Have you tried reinstalling? It could have been an error with the game.

Or, if you transferred over your game save file, try starting a new one and see how that works. It could just be sme sort of conflict.


Hey guys, mine crashes A LOT. When I try to go to the Red Street Light World, or Monochrome Japan, it crashes, and a lot of other places too, and the door for the Library ISN'T EVEN THERE. ;A;


Ah, the library you have to enable on Urotsuki's computer when you're awake. There should be an area that says "text" and you'll be able to enable the library. Then when you sleep again, it should be there.


Ahh, thank you! I can't play Yume 2kki for awhile, but, when I can, I will see if I can unlock the Library without it crashing.


File: 1327020805539.jpg (70.24 KB, 500x397, angry-bird-actual.jpg)


I've changed versions every few updates, and no, I don't transfer saves.


File: 1327050756902.gif (6.26 KB, 600x450, wtf man.gif)

Guys, guys, guys! I know it's a stupid question, but I haven't been following the latest versions, so I've got a question.

What are new ways of obtaining glasses and spacesuit effect? The only way leading to the museum I know is now leading to dark museum instead.



Somewhere in the flying fish world, there's a computer terminal, interact with it, and you'll be teleported to the old museum. The location of the spacesuit effect is the same as it was, if I remember correctly.



Oh, and forgot to ask, but what happened to the boy effect? The door leading to it has been removed from the geometry world.



>Somewhere in the flying fish world

But…I was getting there through the old museum. Is there a new way to FF world too?



Wait no, nevermind, scratch that question, found the geometry world entrance.


File: 1327176452392.png (17.42 KB, 601x695, 1312661908824.png)

Huh…can't seem to find UFO.

Apartments event doesn't seem to trigger (what triggers it anyway?), and the broken faces world entrance is empty, apart from that red guy.



In the broken faces area, just go in and out of the landing area several times, and it will be there.


Since it seems that no one was able to find the boy effect in this version, I took a look at the Japanese 2kki wiki, and found some guide to get it: http://www31.atwiki.jp/sindame/pages/61.html

Accordint to this wiki, the boy effect is located in the new yellow-ish block maze accessible from the geometry world.

The problem is that I've been there before, entered one of those large things with red doors, and it was some kind of puzzle, where I had absolutely no idea what to do. After failed to solve it, I'm no longer able to enter those things, but the effect is located in one of those.

(And to make it more fun, there is some kind of white monster roaming around the maze, which teleports you back to the geometry world if it gets you. And of course, there's a shadow lady as well…)

Can someone check it out?



Never mind, found it. Those things with red doors are one-way exits. You have to enter the yellow rectangles. You can trap both the white monster and the shadow lady in the maze, then just wander around until you find a way to the rectangle. If you enter it, it will take you to a room with three vertical paths. In the end of your path, there will be another door, it will take you deeper inside the maze. Then find the door near the area with the flock of white monsters, and you will be taken to the same blue corridor as it was in the previous versions. Talk to the thing in the end of the corridor several times, then get out, and the boy outline will be standing outside.

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