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File: 1323365158407.png (10.61 KB, 320x240, 20_Picture_33.png)



What is there, what is there, what is there??
the first thing I always do after a new version comes out is go and check if the highway garden area is finished. Hope this time it doesn't disappoint me.


Shit still closed.


Does anyone know what changed or what was added since the previous versions yet?


File: 1323375612576.png (23.94 KB, 320x240, Pc_yumegamen_03-55.png)


I think theres been an update on the ↑V↑ game. Theres a second option which takes you to a hospital.



A second option to get to the hospital?
Other than that and the minigame update, is it worth getting this update? I've been playing .94f or d since I didn't see that any of the other versions were out, and I kind of don't want to reset my save data if its not worth changing.


My, it's so annoying. Why do they always make one or two single unsignificant changes and then put it as a new version? I'm just tired of seeing same old stuff.


File: 1323408441935.gif (481.93 KB, 500x223, 357r2mr.gif)

the changes may be less apparent but more significant than one would think.


File: 1323438216788.png (63.4 KB, 660x522, ללא &#15….png)

I'll assume it isn't, but is this new?



I think so. But the construction sign means there's nothing to see there


File: 1323443396736.png (67.71 KB, 660x522, ללא &#15….png)

>>334 Cool then, I found something new. (cones/under constructions signs being that way has been common knowledge for a while…)

Also I do remember this one being posted sometimes but I'm just wondering HOW LONG it's been this way.



That area's probably been there for awhile since I remember getting there on an older version once, or at least I think I did. I wonder if it will ever be finished though, along with some of the other areas that are unfinished.



Yeah, the one with the tall effect for instance… Can't seem to remember that area ever getting a change



The area with the tall effect didn't have much to it. I kind of wish it did though, like something that'd happen with that strange twitching face thing by the hanging girl. Or more areas leading from the glyph room in before the tall effect.


>>340 I'd really like to think the under construction sign there doesn't mean anything…If it does, that means it's been that way for a massively long time x.x
I demand the highway to be done already for the next version… They've left us hanging long enough, haven't they? I mean, they've changed NOTHING so far T_T


Wow… just what happened to the footstep sounds? And why is all the text now glitchy jumbled garbage.


>>345 I'm quite sure neither of those things happened to me. Footsteps sound okay if *possibly* slightly louder than I remember them, text is exactly the same.


File: 1323595017967.png (17 KB, 631x473, 2kki what.PNG)

Uh rally, this only happened to me in this version but it could be a glitch, apparently when I left the grey street to the red streetlight world place, and this happened.
Leaving the area and re-entering fixed it though.

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