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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

File: 1380117813606.jpg (266.99 KB, 606x748, redsun.jpg)

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ver0.100c has just been released…


Still waiting for the files to finish downloading, but looking at the file sizes I'm guessing they've fixed a lot of the problems from .100b
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whatevs bruh. That wiki is not updated as frequently as I like. I come here because I feel people may actually show up and post something worthwhile, like an UPDATE. loloolollool
and fuck lurking moar. it's not like this board is active much, which i wish it was the opposite.


File: 1410587080564.jpg (132.62 KB, 1024x1024, 1410236066249.jpg)

>I come here expecting people to post
>The board is not active

Pick one.
Hint: Board is not active.





File: 1412467689863.gif (481.4 KB, 400x300, 1392005632940.gif)

New update.
Check the wiki.



So far couldn't find much new aside from a sub-section of the Library and the Gray Road being 50% greyer.


File: 1412518331388.png (190.29 KB, 1600x1200, pc-yumegamen-03-45.png)

This update was a bit of a disappointment except for the neat black lady in the new library who never harms you and does cool tricks.

Also I realized I don't have any pics of black lady chaser thing.


File: 1412723284334.jpg (39.71 KB, 500x500, who care.jpg)


Postan the mediafire link here, since just looking at the 9 part rars gives me a headache. Will try and find any new areas later, but yeah. Looks like another disappointing update.


File: 1412736335530.png (68.22 KB, 635x472, Holtfuck.png)


Remember this? The event continues now.

Jesus christ how horrifying.

It also removes your effect and… teleports you back to the same spot, with the face back to normal. Can be triggered several times apparently.


File: 1412750068852.gif (2.48 MB, 355x200, 1412217919714.gif)

>nine parts

Oh my gentle Jesus. Has 2kki really grown so much? Well, that or a) it's so cluttered and unorganized that the size is twice as big as it needs to be, or b) different uploaders allow different filesizes, forcing them to break it up.

I wonder if they'll ever do a complete overhaul to make the file size smaller? Lots of worlds that seem to have been abandoned long ago…


File: 1412769622057.png (10.17 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Is that reachable from broken faces area? Shit I don't even remember what goes where in 2kki.


File: 1412776334138.png (53.83 KB, 638x469, YoungBrainAge.png)


From the Intestines Maze, Anon.

Also, have another screenshot. I'm not sure if they added this before but I never found it!



Uroqt :3


Apparently, there's only few stuff discovered. Stuff like the new hospital room, new library area, and that stuff in the intestines are mentioned a few posts above.

Maybe there's more. I've personally checked the nether area again but its still has those damn orange cones.

Shit, combing the whole places is gonna take forever.


File: 1413325635670.jpg (20.29 KB, 368x293, 161.jpg)

Another update right after a translation just in case you guys needed more books.
(Or tinyurl.com/m53xj63
for those who already have 0.101)


Wait. Is this an official update or just an english patch?


File: 1413336694148.bmp (75.51 KB, 320x240, gensou tukihami.bmp)

It's not a translation, unfortunately. The update changed the library map to be more spread out, and contains A LOT more books.
(Another small thing, a small little planet map was added to Space.)


File: 1413373285686.png (28.25 KB, 320x240, THE DREAM IS REAL.png)

After the recent update, I thought I'd explore the previous worlds in hopes of finding something new. Through my journey, I have melded fantasy with reality.



File: 1413746403957.png (54.11 KB, 640x480, Yume2kki_ver0101b_ss_1.png)

Not a week later ver0.101b was released, but I can't find a link anywhere. Information would be greatly appreciated.


A patch for ver.101a to ver.101b is located here:
Just drag and replace the files to update your game.


File: 1413769098961.jpg (119.2 KB, 500x500, 1411125732523.jpg)

Thanks man! This is really appreciated. Looks like we have new areas as well too.


Any idea how to reach this new stage?


File: 1413829893439.png (169.72 KB, 480x360, yumenikkig_uljp00028.png)

The area is accessed by interacting with the basketball hoop in the Gray Road.
Also, I have a list of small changes in 0.101b:
*The music in Wavy Up was changed (no more weird scratchy sounds)
*The Toy World background is less blurry, as seen here.
*A retro-looking system theme was added
*Some other misc. changes to music and a couple of chipsets.

Amusingly, getting captured by the chaser results in Urotsuki getting trapped in the storefront.


Sweet. I was expecting some of those street cones getting removed to reveal new areas though, not exactly another portal coming from nowhere.

Atleast we have an update. On this note, how aware are the Japanese community with the western following 2kki has?


File: 1414028130009.png (2.73 KB, 192x96, faceset_r.png)

Unrelated and old, a while back the sprite for the Rainbow Effect was made to look a little more natural. I have no idea when this was done, but was likely during a wataru mega-update.


There's a new update, isn't it?


Sorry for bumping but I'm a little confused, I installed the new update the library is still the same as it's ever been. Have I done something wrong or am I missing where the new area is?


File: 1415717717287.png (6.5 KB, 320x240, bookshelves.png)

You sure it's updated? Check the pic, it's right there.


I'm an idiot. Its the book on the right in that pic.


oh holy shit

i miss old Block World ;_;


Block? You mean Concrete world?



No, I was referring to Toy World, sorry my bad.



I can't believe how shitty the new Toy World is. Why would they even do this?

Is it still in the game or did they completely remove it?


i don't see that much of a difference

then again toy world was always worst world


apparently 2kki's updated again? anyone check it out?


apparently 2kki's updated again? anyone check it out?


Gimme non cropped pic please


File: 1424818530394.png (47.05 KB, 641x481, dfkljh.png)

Has this place died or what?
Anyway there's a bunch of new stuff



yes it has. where have you been?


File: 1424822214252.png (6.73 KB, 641x482, dfgdgfd.png)

Some huge park area filled with other portals that's accessible from streetlight world. There's also a portal to a new town at the gray road.


File: 1433721255111.png (10.67 KB, 640x480, 420blzitfgt.png)

I get the feeling if I apply the chainsaw to these folk something really bad will happen.


File: 1433721593243.png (11.56 KB, 640x480, Kill your friends.png)


File: 1433721978009.png (1.5 KB, 77x80, prbprbptrpbrt.png)

[spoiler]They respawned when I went back in. Sometimes the room is empty. Either way, one gets trapped in the corridor leading into the room.[/spoiler]


File: 1435017566618.gif (1.29 MB, 800x557, 1423707310899.gif)

Oh, I dunno where else to put this, but we at the wiki organized the maps by author now, so you can see everything a particular user has made by searching their category. It would also really help if I could get some screencaps from some newer areas. My computer is out at the moment so capping is impossible. You can look through and see which articles really need pics.


File: 1435205584957.png (47.42 KB, 650x512, yiff in hell uro.PNG)

For whatever reason now, the pipe organ Beret Sister runs away at the use of the wolf effect. I always like having it on because it looks cute, so…that's a bonus, I guess? Also, hello again, I hope I didn't fuck up my trip.

I noticed that. It's a good addition, particularly because I'm just curious who made what additions to the game.
I will say, though..if wataru ever made his own game, just judging by his contributions, I'd play the shit out of it.


File: 1436242975600-0.jpg (222.93 KB, 960x712, ReactionsForHorrorGames.jpg)

Usually I can't play the game since I typically go from 3 to 6 in about one step, but I'm about to download the newest update so hopefully I won't regret it! lol


File: 1436249989577.jpg (51.42 KB, 1280x720, MyLittlePonyPinkiePieStare….jpg)

For some reason, none of my versions are working now! I'm taking that as a sign that I'd have run into something that would have sent me straight to level 6, so I guess I won't be playing! LOL


So, I have kind of a dumb question, but it bugged me for some time nonetheless.
Who made urotsuki's design?


File: 1437523197627.png (39.31 KB, 400x270, wakarimasen lol.png)

Y'know, that's actually a pretty good question. I remember a long, long time ago, around when the author room was still pretty new, I saw one of the author's messages had an option to look at old concept art. One of them included Uro's, so it's safe to say they at least had some involvement in it. I'm pretty sure it was Twenty/20, especially seeing as how he's the current director of Yume 2kki, but don't quote me on that.

If I ever find those files again, I'll post them here. Damn, I really wish I knew moonrunes though.



I hate this. I hate the stereotype that Yume Nikki etc. is a horror game.


File: 1451589994342.png (291.13 KB, 640x446, sakura thinks you are a fu….png)

I still don't understand why people claim it to be horror.
Fucking pussies.

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