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>listening to the Nail World's bgm and examining the wallpaper you get from it (http://images.wikia.com/yume2kki/images/4/41/Pc_yumegamen_03-23.png)
>wondering about the carvings on the figurine
>realize it has urotsuki's shirt pattern carved into the chest
>also has two shut eyes carved into its face…like urotsuki's
>the nails on the side of the head look like the parts of uro's bangs that stick out
>the wallpaper name translates to "scars"


File: 1369439692648.png (213.72 KB, 1280x1839, God's_Child_066.png)

Hmmm the nails in the hand are what really stuck out to me which made me think of nail torture school bullying but the nail world isn't anywhere near the school right?


File: 1369441819076.jpg (73.72 KB, 524x468, 1369189609849.jpg)

It isn't near the school, but then again it really isn't near…anything of much importance. It could be buried away and generally bare because she doesn't want to remember most of it. I know I've had dreams that I knew for a fact related to an event that I didn't want to remember with all of my heart, and thus it was a very bare and subtle dream.
Either way, poor Urotsuki. What it really makes me think of is that she might be some sort of angsty artist type. She gets so frustrated by her art that she blocks it out and throws it away (the blankness of the area) and harms herself (the multiple "injuries" that the mannequin sustained), and whenever she tries to get better she ends up scribbling all over the paper and making scary looking designs (the weird bear looking pop up drawings in the nail path) and goes into a rage (the general angry atmosphere of the nail path).
This isn't a complete theory obviously, but I feel like I might be onto something here.


Nails world seemed like it was very closely tied in to some of the worlds you come across before and after it. It's one of the few sets of worlds in any fangame that shows a clear kind of transition from one thing to another. The cog maze has screws, then you go to the Nail World with nails instead of screws, then the red nail passage, then that odd warehouse area with all the two dimensional figures that are depicted in a very similar way to the nails. (Not to mention there's garbage… bins/corners/areas/whatever they're called in Japan everywhere.

It all seems like it adds up to a very prominent theme of artificiality, machinery, and possibly even junk. Everything that shows up in the areas cumulatively is in a very simple, scattered form, like it's unimportant and isn't doing much of anything useful at the moment, hence the barren qualities mentioned in >>1830.

And with the Uro mannequin in particular, I think it looks like a sort of failed project. Like it was something that someone haphazardly tried to make into something more interesting, but ultimately failed and was tossed away. And what I think is the most significant about it is that weird spinning woman event that the mannequin takes you to, which is certainly the most memorable thing there, but I have no idea what the hell all that is about. :|

Anyways, I think the nail world, as well as the worlds that come after it, deal with people in general being useless, or unimportant, or non-unique. Nail World introduces the idea with the Uro Mannequin that's scrapped and tossed aside, then the Red Nail's Passage puts a more sinister twist on things, and the Warehouse world completes the idea by showing that many people, possibly even everyone, is a wasted project, not just Uro. All the "people" here are cut outs, standing around and doing nothing amongst piles of garbage, refuse from a factory that's built more important things and left them behind.

Wow. That was pretentious.


File: 1372917688152.jpg (102.55 KB, 600x600, aAaaAaaaAaAAaaAAAA.jpg)

Pretty sure it was her father that did the abusing.
Remember this part?

Riiiiight after the cooing head-leg monochrome world. I believe it implies that the abuse occured at a stage in her life that was very vulnerable.

Even before that the quickest entry was through a door behind what is assumed to be a relative of Urotsuki's.
Which sometimes glitches out.

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