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Happy Holidays!
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Download Link:

Changelog (Google translated and lightly interpreted):
★ is ver (RPG_RT.exe) that contains the executable file (?)
★ Changed the conditions of acquiring wallpapers not yet found
★ Adjusted slightly smaller in the introduction the BGM system (?)
★ One new wallpaper. Current total is 149
★ A different song plays when you complete a picture in the puzzle game
★ Began changing the background and the use of glasses in the basement of the false Urotsuki apartment
★ Bug fixes for the Yume Dukk game
★ White triangle is now displayed when changing the direction labyrinth FC (?)


All compiled releases for future ver0.098 versions will be posted in this thread. With two more complete versions to go and a lot to be completed, the next updates should be pretty eventful!


The last one is talking about the maze in Toy World (the one where the eyebomb is located). When you turn, arrows appear on the side of the screen.


File: 1345003127949.png (6.96 KB, 638x481, Untitled.png)



Nicowiki fangame page has this as a new link for 2kki upload it seems. Fangame wiki directs to it too.

0.098a is out btw, at the above link (despite being named 0.098)


When it hits ver0.1, does that mean it's officially finished?

Have creators confirmed as much?


I wouldn't deny being hesitant to refrain from not doubting it.


File: 1345782066660.jpg (34.57 KB, 178x237, dave grohl is not pleased.jpg)

For some reason, whenever I go into the dark museum, I can hear that godforsaken fucking creepy ass screaming face making noises. No matter what room I'm in or where I enter. It only goes away when I go right up to it and then leave.
Is this some freaky glitch or did they intend to give me an ulcer?


File: 1345788426523.png (6.38 KB, 590x460, awah.png)

whos this guy? never seen em before. is he new?


File: 1345796996773.png (443 B, 32x32, 11358139.png)

sindame has that link listed as well.
By the way, oh god! There's even a cute little icon!


It looks like a black face/black person steroetype in a ku klux klan hat.


File: 1345943249139.jpg (6.19 KB, 128x128, actually me.jpg)

new theroy
urostuki is black man and kkk membre
uorstuki/jayquantsuki feel guitly and lock self in room
case closed
also penis vagina rape


File: 1345947475157.jpeg (146.18 KB, 500x681, tumblr_m9c7ozPZJd1qbekwbo….jpeg)


0.098b is out on this site

I just started it up, and it says there's a new wallpaper, but the space it should be in says no data. It's in the files so maybe you can still get it. It looks like it might involve the lantern effect and/or maybe the Dark Museum??


Okay so they took the download down for a bit, but now it's back up with a fix for the wallpaper thing.


File: 1348024243485.png (94.92 KB, 500x281, abubububu.png)

Single file download for .098c. Haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet.


File: 1348100958154.jpg (28.41 KB, 160x160, u dont know ur beautiful.jpg)

Ok, can't find an updated changelog - it only goes up to .098b, which is kind of strange. Plus, this doesn't seem like the usual uploader for 2kki. I guess I'll just have to manually look for changes by going through the whole game. The whole goddamn 160 mb game.


Aaaannd .098d is already out. They're really pushing towards a version 0.10, aren't they?



What the fuck!?! I just downloaded .098c YESTERDAY!


The sindame wiki seems to have turned into a wiki purely for yume2kki. Here's their changelog page: http://www31.atwiki.jp/sindame/pages/89.html

By the way, how weird… neither the official wiki nor the oopsup uploader seem to have this 0.098d. It's out on getuploader though and why would they go back to that slow awfulness when oopsup is so much better ;_;


File: 1348349718997.png (8.87 KB, 640x480, gb menu.png)

The only changes in .098d appear to be a couple bugfixes, something about the Boy effect, and the fact that there's now a more fitting menu for the FC world. I think the changelog said something about wallpapers, too.


I have got a problem with my save file from v.0.098c and before, I don't know in what version I started.
My save file don´t change from 0.098c to the new version 0.098d. Do you know how to fix it? I really want to continue playin this game until the final version.


v.0.098e is finally out. You can find it in Yume 2kki wiki, sorry for my laziness


File: 1349808722879.png (57.13 KB, 320x240, Pc_yumegamen_03-153.png)

Just a small list of what I've found in .098e:

- Cog Maze now finished with a portal to it in the Theater World, complete with startling warp sounds and randomly changing warp destinations (i.e. you could interact with a nail and find yourself in a dead end, then interact with the same nail and go to a completely different platform than the one that led you there). It appears to only lead to that creepy Construction Frame Building.

- 4 new wallpapers. Pic is one of them. apparently uro is a real touhou

- The change log mentioned something about using the fairy effect on the "cake plateau" (according to Google Translate) but when I went over to the Cutlery World and used the fairy effect in the place you get the cake effect from, nothing happened. That's the only sort of "cake plateau" I can think of.


In 0.98e there are also a couple new things (I think?)in Flying Fish World: clock world is still unfinished, but one of the plants now ports you to a single room with a huge TV screen, broadcasting garble and statics.


The under contruction sign has been removed from the clock area (and a couple others), so maybe they're calling it done even though there's basically nothing there.


Another quite random change I noticed - some doors in Uro's Dream Apartment disappeared. And I mean the actual door piece: now they're just black, lidless rectangles…


I hope your not talking about the 2 doors right next to uros room.
Im pretty sure theyve always been like that


New room hidden nearby the laughing telephone guy (specifically the room with the chair, without the flashy rainbow thing)

it's really well hidden… Something tells me that whoever develops this particular set of areas likes hiding things in absurd ways/manners, as there's absolutely no indication of something being there.


yes, its so obscure and secret (i want to post an image but meh), and another new areas in the jigsaw puzzle world, one of these takes you to the dream beach
Any hints for the wallpaper #153?,the translator gives something about the park world…


File: 1350403952216.png (43.98 KB, 320x240, Yume 2kki hidden image.png)

Found the place. you get there by going down against the wall opposite the door somewhere.


File: 1350413747600.png (4.08 KB, 320x240, Yume 2kki hidden image 2.png)

Also, now there's actually something to do here.


I've got the latest version of the game, and I still can't enter the Wavy Up mini game or Space through Tapir-San. Are there additional files I need to download in order for them to work?


If it's for Tapir-san's place I suggest looking at >>1119

You'll need to put that file in the panorama folder every single time you get a new version. I just keep a folder with helpful fangame files nowadays


File: 1350753551997.png (14.17 KB, 640x480, .png)

Download Link:

Changelog (Google Translated)
★ This is a ver (RPG_RT.exe) contains the executable file
★ There is no change in acquisition conditions and acquisition conditions picture wallpaper
!] I need decompression software that supports RAR format]
(Not yet created) has been added to the dream world lab
(Not yet created) has been added oriental dream world
(Not yet created) has been added to the world of dream houses and cave

Won't be updating regularly as I though; Been busy living in my own nightmare.


File: 1350877647925.png (16.46 KB, 640x480, 2kki_0.098f_eng.png)


This is a partial translation of version 0.098f of Yume 2kki.

Not everything is translated.
Things that are translated, however, include:
-Main menus + Effects menu
-PC menus
-Minigame menus (some)

The wallpaper names, Music Room names and a few other
things aren't translated (such as the long introduction
at the beginning of the game), but I think this is good
enough for now.


Great, thanks! Downloading now


If I download one of these newer files, will they not crash in random spots? Or will I still need to apply fixes?


File: 1351534627375.png (24.45 KB, 640x480, .png)

Download Link:

Changelog (Google translated, lightly interpreted)
★ This is a ver that contains an executable file linked to RPG_RT.exe
★ No new wallpapers, no change in the acquisition requirements.
Hidden menu type system has been added to the two(?). Obtaining it has identical conditions
Ending was not added to the system(?)
Various elements plated Snow Country has been added
(Not yet created) has been added back costumer spring dream world(?)
Add costume shop spring of Urotsuki Apartments(?)

Piggy bank dream room has been added. You can get the coin(?)


Now i've got a question. I have ver0.098. do i need to put it through all the updates in order or can i just jump to ver0.098g?


File: 1351548772390.png (3.31 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-10-28 17-27-46….png)

Pretty sure you can jump ahead without any repercussions


thanks. wanted to make sure i could still get all the effects and posters



I found mado in the monochrome city
Who's that?


It appears to be a "silouette" of the bug goddess that gives you the Bug effect.


File: 1351944945258.jpg (71.33 KB, 600x505, 1339153393505_frame_0021.jpg)




How did you get that?


how do i get there?


The ambient picture of uro in her room was posted along with the ver update on the project website. I'd like to know what it is myself.


File: 1352581772708.png (11.15 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-11-02 15-10-36….png)

Keep flicking the tv in the building in GB world till an image shows up then go through the door in the house in the back of the building
Keep sleeping in the dream world bed…


File: 1352735982070.png (30.01 KB, 320x240, Yume 2kki Circus God.png)

This one is really hard to get to; the game's code doesn't make it obvious at all.

All I'm gonna say is that you need to interact with the radio beneath the forest carnival multiple times to get to the area this shows up in. It's 1 in 5 odds of transporting to the location before this.


How many times do you have to sleep in the dream world bed to activate that weird glowy door shit event? I'm assuming it's the dream apartments one considering the other one doesn't do diddly shit.


File: 1352844173387.png (15.35 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-11-02 15-11-37….png)

..the room with the bed that doesn't have the computer on the desk

I think it has a 1/61 success rate, so yea go nuts


so i was playing on my home pc this morning and i went into the Marijuana Goddess world through the Nexus. Immediately i was transported to the Maiden Outlook at night with the head freaking out in the background. this has happened to someone else before right?


Yea thats old


File: 1353041635442.jpg (74.04 KB, 640x480, me.jpg)

It might just be me not knowing how2probability but I've tried sleeping in the dream bed way over 61 times and this isn't happening. Is it a 1/61 chance that it's going to happen every time you really go to sleep or do I just need to keep trying it that way?


Keep trying, really

Took me over 20 minutes the first time i tried it


Oh yea and the game got updated again
I figured someone would've eventually posted it by now

The weed lab now has active chasers that take you to this event

yea ;_;


File: 1353096584005.png (68.01 KB, 500x255, me too buddy.png)

Is it just me, or is 2kki turning into a really depressing game? I keep getting this horrible empty feeling whenever I trigger events like the dream bed event or that new test subject event. It feels so much different than it did a year ago. And it's not like these events are just the typical mindfuckery that Yume 2kki is known for; they're events that follow in a semi-logical procession. They seem like real nightmares that would happen to a real person. It feels like I'm watching someone slowly sink to insanity - like Yume Nikki all over again, only this is a lot longer and more painful.

Sorry for the sad rambling. I'm too sensitive.


I guess they decided they needed to add more meaningful symbolism before finishing the game


Dude, I heard that yume 2kki creators try to add some scary events. because yume 2kki was pointed out that yume 2kki dont have dark atmosphere than yume nikki.
sometimes, that kind of games make you feel down. so, i think you must leave from yume 2kki when you are stressed by your life.





I'm not going to..er, "leave from Yume 2kki" when "my life is stressful" just because it makes me kind of sad. It's still one of my favorite games besides Yume Nikki itself and its other fangames.
Maybe, but maybe they should finish the Highway first considering how freakin' long ago they added all those blocked off areas in.


The anon who posted that probably doesn't speak English as a first language and was trying to communicate the best they could. As far as I can tell, they're just trying to tell you that maybe you shouldn't play Yume 2kki if you're likely to get depressed by it.


File: 1353192205925.jpg (43.39 KB, 425x283, Sad_Cat_main-425x283.jpg)

shit now that you mention it you have a point

since the first thread on the uboachan thats now an archive ive been playing and poking around with 2kki and i feel like ive gotten to know urotsuki a little

now all this stuff is being added where her dreams have turned disgusting and violent in contrast to how they were: surreal and strange, but still relatively lighthearted

it really isnt the same game it was before, but i still really like it and its still my favorite right next to flow and nostAlgic


File: 1353197274237.jpg (214.16 KB, 500x500, waaahhh.jpg)

.098i is out…in fucking 8 PART files. Good lord, they must have put a lot of new stuff in.


Hate to be double posting, but if it's possible, could anyone who manages to download this monster upload a single file download? It keeps 503'ing me.


what the hell I literally just downloaded .98h like three hours ago


File: 1353203754146.png (17.72 KB, 640x480, bluehairedwoman.png)

So far, I found some blue-haired woman where the babies on train tracks area is. No clue if she's been there but when you interact with her she gives you a fair sum of money, for whatever reason. She responds to some of the effects.



Isn't that the same woman you see in that one room in your apartment, the pregnant one?


File: 1353204223809.png (10.35 KB, 640x480, darkonyxreceptionarea.png)

She does kind of bear a resemblance. I wasn't considering that at first, too distracted by the money (she gives you 500 "yume" every time you exit and return to the area and speak to her).

Found this place in the Dark Onyx Chaser world that is now devoid of chasers for whatever reason. It takes a little looking around to find the entrance and it's kind of pointless and glitchy.


File: 1353204468174.png (11.18 KB, 635x478, 2kkiScreenshot1.png)

It seems the onyx tile world changed a bit. Couldn't find the cab. There was only one chaser (the big black blob thing), some new NPCs and also there was a little red doorway where you find this. There's also a room with a chair and a fairy in a cage.

Is this new?


File: 1353204522040.png (268.55 KB, 354x336, why this happen i am only ….png)

You have to take the Gray Road route to it because they took the taxi out, and they still have a lot of traffic cones, but there's stuff to do there now holy shit


File: 1353204806736.jpg (38.93 KB, 639x480, 2kkiscreenshot2.jpg)


Yes, I found this dude. It makes an horrible noise when you interact with it. There's also a blob in the middle of some trees that makes no noise if you chainsaw it.

There are some new zones I believe? One turns your map dark and you there's a building with an npc and a "Men working" sign. And some sort of lake which oh surprise, it's incomplete and filled with cones and men working signs.


There's a weird thing at that Park area that has the easel and the Hand Hub entrance and it gave me a goddamn heart attack.


Whoa whoa hold up, isnt this place accessible from the earlier builds of the game?
Seems like they changed their minds about previous scrapped areas


Wait never mind, im talking about that other place that had those weird black figures near the highway area


Also, in 0.098i the Fairy effect seems to have been moved to a more permanent location - a little office in Onyx Tile World.


>you can only pee in the male restroom

Urotsuki confirmed for trap


I went in there and used the Boy effect on a urinal and was scared that it was going to trigger the clowns everywhere thing that you people were talking about before


I got nervous about that too, but it doesn't appear to trigger the event. Someone should open it up in RPG Maker to double check though.


i triggered the clowns event by peeing everywhere i could in one dreaming session

now they wont leave me alone and its terrifying when they pop up wherever the hell they want


File: 1353275437534.png (47.35 KB, 300x215, chen why.png)

Next update: when you pee everywhere and get chased by the clowns, you can simply whip out your futa dick and piss on the clowns. It's the perfect plan.


Ver.0.099 is out:

We're in the home run, guys.


File: 1353815874279.png (35.97 KB, 549x244, Urotsuki.png)

Hey is there some resemblance or am I looking too much into it?


File: 1353817141712.png (24.16 KB, 640x480, Urotsuki glitch.png)

What the fuck….

Is this a fifth ending or is it just an event?


It is just an event
the fake ending


Nah, I totally agree. I think there's a connection going on with it.

I wonder if this game is going to have a more overt story towards the end. It seems a little unsatisfying to just repeat motifs like motherhood/mothers/families/childhood but then not explain it. I want this specifically for 2kki because the only repeated motifs in YN and flow are mostly just creepy shit — eyeballs, blood, dumb Aztec/surrealistic art, loneliness — but 2kki's seem more…comprehensive?

Maybe I'm just too attached to this one. It feels more personal to me than YN ever did, probably because I've been watching the progress for the past three years.


File: 1353902193314.png (80.37 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-11-25 21-53-32….png)

Whats the other 4%?


If you copypasta'd your save file from a previous version, sometimes the game fucks up and loses one or two of your effects, especially if they've changed an effect location. Happened to me when they moved the Fairy effect in .098i. Just try checking in the Effect Trophy room or manually getting whatever effects you lost.


Hey, people! Maybe you can help me. A new patch for 0.099 that upgrades this version to 0.099a has been released at getuploader, snd I'm wondering why it doesn't work to me (my version doesn't update in Urotsuki's computer). Does anyone know the answer?


Are you sure you're applying the patch properly? I wasn't aware that you're supposed to get a notification thing when it works on the game.

I downloaded the new version and applied the patch properly but the X key to bring up the menu isn't working right. Like I press it but the menu won't come up until I switch out of the window and back in. I think I'll sit this update out and wait for 0.099b or something.


Yes, I think that is better. Anyway, there wasn't too many changes at all.

I hope the fixes which were applied in this patch will be applied in the new version. How stupid. Of course they will be :)


There's an entire 0.099a version in the oopsup uploader as well.



Wow, thanks! I didn't even know! :D


99.b is up on oopusupoo site





File: 1355790710868.jpg (12.67 KB, 450x369, yearwithoutsanta15.jpg)


oh god its almost there


File: 1355791434014.png (21.88 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-16 07-01-23….png)



dunno fully, but to me it means Urotsuki's gonna live a VERY long time.


File: 1356221431213.jpg (197.62 KB, 1024x768, 1354675987092.jpg)

Now they're just trying to give me an ulcer. Dying old and decrepit and all alone in an old castle and doing nothing but sleeping…even if it's just a dream, poor Uro.
In other news, is there anything new in .099c besides the Soldier Row place and this event?


File: 1356226110576.png (4.51 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-22 19-21-33….png)

They opened up a closed area in the water building world which ironically lead to this closed area. Some pretty eerie music plays in the background.

Oh yea, and they added another silly ending that you get by having more than 95% music collected. Pretty underwhelming to be honest


>added another silly ending that you get by having more than 95% music collected
I'd still like to see the silly ending though, if anyone's willing to record it. It also appears that they've disabled Uro's previous ability to swing her chainsaw around at random, as you can only use it on chainsawable objects now.


File: 1356440032431.png (49.69 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-25 06-32-25….png)

Did they add new effects…? Im seeing 3 new colored tables in the effect room and the percentage in my computer is at 90%


File: 1356468555047.jpg (17.65 KB, 640x480, rr.jpg)

version 0.099d is out now:

There's a couple of new effects, I found one in the heart area


Wait, wait… How can we get to all those new places? I'm a bit n00b with the exploration in Yume 2kki.


File: 1356558088934.gif (15.66 KB, 200x229, caTS INHERIT FIRST.gif)

Holy mother of balls, the Highway is really glitchy. Took me like 58943589 tries to get into the damn place and then when I entered that little shop place with the glitchy sounding mustache dude I got stuck at the entrance and couldn't leave without medabombing out. I hope they release a patch soon.


how do you get into that particular room pictured with that post? If you could be so kind.


File: 1356580921809.png (9.18 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-23 05-19-15….png)

After you sleep enough in the dream world bed and get to urotsuki's room with the dim lighting keep clicking on the computer till the screen blacks out


File: 1356652070240.png (40.69 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-24 06-32-28….png)


So we're up to e now… this time its in 6 parts

Lets do this


Can someone tell me how depressing yume 2kki has become in comparison to past games?


File: 1356653751148.png (9.71 KB, 100x100, u wanna fite mado.png)

>hey what's that white shit in the way
>see bottom silhouette
>you guessed it
>it's fucking clowns


Well, we've seen an event suggesting urotsuki having suicidal thoughts, or that she prefers living in her dreams rather than real life.
Another event where she gets drugs freaking injected.
Some new red themed spooky lol-esque area
That other tower place room thing where she practically gets locked in till she turns old

Im not that good with analysing yume nikki games but the creators are getting pretty creative here

And maybe some other stuff…


File: 1356740529748.png (7.37 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-28 18-19-04….png)

Seems like the highway is still broken, im getting stuck at entrances

Found the purple neon entrance hanging out with mothman and the green fellow in the attic of this place by accident.


File: 1356742585305.png (1.83 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-28 18-41-25….png)


Oh yea, i managed to get the music ending and like i said it's really not much but i guess its worth something considering how this advocates exploration


How exactly do you unlock music? Do you just go to different areas? Because I'm only at 76%-ish I think.


File: 1356761209571.png (87.04 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-28 18-35-50….png)

Yep, its pretty much a case of running through areas and events.


How do you activate this?


File: 1356791493815.png (7.51 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-28 12-40-24….png)

Keep ringing that bell repeatedly without talking to the lady and try to walk out

seems like she doesnt like to be bothered during her naps


File: 1357150109476.png (47.31 KB, 320x240, pc yumegamen 03-156.png)

Ver.0.099f is off. They seemingly added this wallpaper.


Nope, I have .99e and it has that wallpaper.


>>1576 If you can be so kind once more. can you tell how you reach this area in the image?


File: 1357270844483.png (6.03 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-12-23 09-35-32….png)

When youre in miniature size in toy world, you should be able to go behind the purple cylinders near the blue block on the left and reach an area that looks like day/night towers.
Use the spring effect to jump off the edge and you should be able to land on that place


File: 1357272231083.jpg (108.23 KB, 500x501, 545235.jpg)

>you should
>you should

Good god excuse my redundancy


does anyone have a single file download of ver.0.099 or something?


Onyx Tile World is empty for me.

one insane black lady, a taxi, and a blue smiley hand in a shoe.

no drum effect, no entrance to garden world, no extra honeycomb-door to the fairy effect, and the map has changed. no more random pink spirals.

The map on the 2kki wiki is now useless. what do?


A taxi, huh? What kind of ancient version are you playing?



v0.098 with a.099f patch.

It's definitely not ancient. it's just empty. I don't really even think there was any BGM?


There is, just some humming noise, but there is.
Hm, maybe the Onyx Tile World rework was newer than I thought.



Okay, but the point is, how do I fix this?


File: 1359342659914.png (6.82 KB, 169x232, WAT-ER U DOIN.png)

Good lord, this is getting painful to watch. Just download the latest update, for god's sake. Putting patches on old files doesn't do anything.



I've tried that. Actually, it's the first thing I tried and the game wouldn't even start.

So I kind of HAD to patch it, so that it wouldn't fuck with any of the core files that make the game run to begin with.

YES, I use applocale.
YES, I've installed EVERYTHING with my entire system locale changed so that nothing would be corrupted.
NO, I'm not some idiot who's never dealt with issues in this game.

The thing is, it RUNS perfectly, but the onyx tile world is fucked up. I've used all the recommended downloads of the game. I've re-downloaded files that were missing.
I can even read a little japanese; not fluently, but enough to figure out what the error messages are trying to tell me.
there are no error messages. Just a broken map.

no need to be a fucking smartass.



what version of the rtp2000 do you have?
More precisely where did you get it from?


Do you know where can I find the lantern effect in Yume 2kki v.0.099f?
I can't find it in the hole :(



I'm completely certain that it isn't the RTP that's the problem. The game WORKS perfectly. No error messages, no missing or corrupted files, no RTP errors.
Somehow the map got screwed up, and I can't seem to fix it.

Does anyone know what # the onyx tile world map is? I think I just need to replace that.


It's still there, you just have to take a turn down after the first U-shaped passage. It's hard to explain, just poke around there looking for a way down.
It's called "MAP0061 710_大理石"
Here's the one form version 0.099f: http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=6314576cf0a18faab9515d49b0cce1da


Thanks! The drum effect is there now, and there are little yellow star people walking around. the sprites for the little things along the sides of the paths got messed up somehow, but it's fine. they don't do anything anyway.


File: 1363996415637.gif (1.35 KB, 44x60, wavin doge.gif)

Well, after approximately 75 years, .99i is finally out.
I translated the changelog (through google translate, of course) and I can't really tell what they might have done besides disable the Crossing Sign effect.


Any [partial] translation up yet?


File: 1364342315509.jpg (36.13 KB, 500x350, a picture of me.jpg)

'Fraid not. At least, not an updated one.
There is a cool event in the library now involving the Glasses effect, though. There's instructions on the wiki on how to get through it, because it's a little weird. Actually no it's really fucking weird.


That pic will haunt me. Specially considering there are pervs who find this hot! ,_,



Another new version:

>ver 0.100


File: 1365623784033.gif (1.25 MB, 200x163, 1363390045502.gif)

At first I was suspicious and then I checked the Japanese uploader and hOLY SHIT



actually, the original Japanese upload did, I added it to the rar before uploading to simplify it for people ヾ(*´ー`)ノ


Fuck, you got my hopes up for nothing. ;_; Thanks anyways, though.



well, I intend on keeping the partial translation up to date with the Japanese version until the final version and then hopefully translating things further, and I also intend on keeping the sky panoramas included with the rar from now on, so hope away!


Pretty silly (new?) fake ending too.


File: 1365654821448.png (84.12 KB, 266x234, 84945783.png)

two things

wheres the fucking bike effect
is it done? are we finally finished?? it's not 0.10 like we expected…

okay actually three things, they brought back the ^V^ thing but when i started it up i couldn't move. an error on their part or me being a dumbass?



I don't think it's the final version, like I noted in my tumblr post for this release, the cast effect seems to be disabled in the main menu- plus, there's still an empty effect slot for a 35th effect, and some other things that need to be done. it's why I'm holding off on doing a more thorough translation job than this!



0.10 is not even close to the final version. Most of the under construction areas are still in construction - and some of the newer areas still have horrid passability glitches.


File: 1366126722167.png (28.44 KB, 300x300, 1350358575674.png)

>we find out the coned-off areas are deliberately put there for no specific reason
I'd probably have a good laugh about it… probably.


Aaand 0.100a came out and I absolutely cannot download part 1. Anyone mind uploading it somewhere else?


I haven't played Yume 2kki for a year or longer. I'm trying to do a clean install. What's the sky panorama?


Sorry for posting that. I just found an answer to my question.


File: 1372549094569.png (21.78 KB, 640x480, butts.png)

Playing the newest version; for some reason the clown won't show up in this event. Is it a random chance now? Or do I need to use a certain effect or something?


File: 1376197395822.png (6.95 KB, 320x240, Yume2kkiMiniGame.png)

Probleeeeeem. I just started this game and I'm stuck. Also, when I use the cast effect I also get stuck. What the heck?


Sorry, but stuck I mean I couldn't move the girl there. I also couldn't get out of the mini game and I had to manually close the entire game. As for the cast effect, it never comes on, but it will make the noise. Sometimes I can't move when I put the cast effect on.


File: 1376447284644.png (4.53 KB, 320x240, Yume2kkiBlinkingChair.png)

What's up with this blinking chair? Also, I can't seem to use the chainsaw. I can equip it but I can't make the motion any time I want.


man, it's getting hard to keep track of the new stuff in this game


>I can equip it but I can't make the motion any time I want.

I think that was removed in a recent version to avoid confusion about what you could and couldn't chainsaw


Ah, I thought that might be the case. I guess that takes some of the guess work out of it; if you can't make the motion it's no use trying to chainsaw it. Still, kind of takes away from the searching, you know?

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