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/seccom/ - Seccom Masada

what was his long name again?
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Who is Masada to you? A guardian-figure? A creepy stalker? A dumb alien? What do you feel when you approach him and think of him, is he significant to you in any way, etc?

To me Masada is like a very sensitive guardian figure. He is there for you if you so allow him to be there and if you reject him he'll watch you kill yourself knowing he can't help. He is comforting, kind of, to me. He is very surreal, which only makes me feel safer with him, since I despise reality.

So what is Masada to you?


I think he's a dumb alien Kikiyama put in there to be funny.


How's he funny?


I don't think he's a guardian-figure, but more like a life line for Mado. I always pictured his spaceship to represent a house/room where she could get away from all the craziness (the other worlds in her dreams/the craziness of her life before she became a shut-in) and just take a moment to calm down and that Masada was the only person who she could just sit with and enjoy the silence or talk about what she's experienced. When I first stumbled upon his spaceship I was surprised because it wasn't a random, colorful, confusing, looping world. It was just a vast, white empty room.


>>171 I personally think that there isn't any back story to the game. I think parts of it may mean something, but overall the game is just meaningless. Masada is just a funny little alien, living in a spaceship, he's afraid of madotsuki's knife, he accidentally crashes his ship, and his herpy derp face just makes him seem like a dim-witted alien. Whats not funny about him?


My approach to Yume Nikki personally, is to relate characters and events to my life and past. Personally I felt really calm when I visited masada's ship. I decided to associate him to music in general, as that was an escape for me. I won't get into my personal life, but I feel the crash symbolizes that I couldn't run from my problems for very long. Also because David Bowie is my favourite artist I tend to imagine him with bowie features haha.


I take a view almost like >>172 does. My fanon view came from a few fan theories that really stuck with me. How Masada was Madotsuki's teacher probably in music. He had no friends and many of the students made fun of him for some sort of defect in his eyes. Madotsuki was the only person who liked being around him and perhaps visited his house often to chat or hang out. The small table with two chairs always makes me think this.

I'm partial to the theory that Madotsuki was raped by one of the school staff in the basement of the school and Masada was the person she trusted to go to. He help her and took her to confront her rapist (Masada taking Madotsuki to Mars to meet Mars-san). He is always there for her even if she would do something to hurt him. I know it's evident in all characters in Yume Nikki but if you kill him and leave he'll be there as if nothing ever happened. Even after the spaceship has crashed he's still there like nothing's happened.



to some extent, this is how i feel as well. i think there's a little more to him, but for the most part…


I love this thread.
Personally, his spaceship is the only place in Yume Nikki that actually made me feel calm/secure. There were other beds in the YN worlds, but they felt more unnerving than cozy. Masada's bed felt cozy and big to me.


A depressed pianist with a form of strabismus. He doesn't care what Madotsuki does and only makes a few short sounds without looking at her when she tries to interact with him.
Probably some kind of reference to how Madotsuki herself acts around others.

Why does everyone bring up the knife? Most, if not all, the characters start moving away if Mado has the knife effect on.


A pretty cool dude. He walks backwards and doesn't afraid of anything.


File: 1320558600343.png (129.52 KB, 300x388, CARLOS.png)

He's a man whose only wishes are to travel the stars, alone, and play the piano.
He desires nothing more from life.
He only wants to left alone.


To me, Masada's ship is the safest place. There isn't any minduckery going on, no crazy ass NPCs or weird effects to be found. Just empty white void and the one guy who lets you use his big, comfy bed.


Seccom Masada's usual interpretation is that he is Madotsuki's (possibly former) piano teacher. It has also been interpreted that Masada might have been a drug user, and the crashing of his UFO was meant to represent his 'crash' (Overdose, possibly his death as well).

There has been speculation that Madotsuki had lived and slept in Masada's flat outside the dream world (represented as an UFO in her dream) for some period of time, this could suggest that Masada is an adult that she trusted before she became a shut in for some reason. Their relationship seems to be platonic, it could be that Madotsuki had a brief feelings for Masada before, but didn't know her feelings towards him (in which he speaks an alien language). However the siren could represent police sirens on their way to arrest Masada as the authority suspect that he is having a nonconsent relationship with Madotsuki due to her being a young teenager.

Also the UFO where Masada lives in is simplistic and spartan, with only the big piano looking control and a table with two chairs only, could suggest that Masada is a struggling pianist who earns side income from private piano lessons.

Many fans speculate Masada was a drug user, and may have died from a "crash", or overdose. This is represented when the alien ship crashes on the alien planet.
Another rumor is that he may have died in a train accident. This is shown when going down into underground Mars; the flights of stairs there are similar to those of a subway station. It is also underground, like many subway stations. At the bottom is a large pile of what seems to be train wreckage, with a figure (Mars-san) crying next to it. Mars-san could represent the people who mourned over Masada's death, and the wreckage itself could point to death by a train wreck. The fact that sad music plays during it only boosts this. Also interacting with Mars-san results in a small 3 note piano song playing. This could be one of the mourners telling what happened, a story about Masada, or just mourning.


That, uh, doesn't explain how you personally feel about it…


File: 1322714053203.jpg (39.69 KB, 500x333, tumblr_lv8issnccN1r2zjxt.jpg)

That's just ripped from the Yume Nikki wikia Masada page…

You didn't even try paraphrasing that shit.


Seccom Masada is probably the most notable of all the NPCs in my theory. We know that he has a penchant for music, a fondness for Madotsuki, and was involved in some kind of crash. Seccom is also the only character you find in Madotsuki's dreams with who seems to be older and takes an interest in you. The spaceship seems to represent his home, which he even allows you to sleep in. All of these things considered, I find it VERY likely that Seccom is actually Madotsuki's guardian. I say guardian because there is no evidence of direct relation, so I can't be sure of anything else. Considering her antisocial behaviors and the several different places that seem to imply Madotsuki may have lived there at some time, it is possible that Madotsuki is in foster care and has switched between several guardians. Considering the fact that Seccom is the ONLY NPC in the game who could possibly represent Madotsuki's guardian, I find it very likely that he is. I would find it hard to believe that her guardian would have such little impact on her that they would not even be present in her dream world.



I like this theory if only because the 'crashing space ship' becomes a realization to Mado that adults/her guardian is not as powerful or in control of things as she might have thought. Also by Mado's presumed trust of sleeping in the bed and waking up to something having gone wrong. (she was never sleeping safely) And if Mado is a kid, adults might seem very much like aliens.


My opinion on Seccom is a quiet guy who loved music and was antisocial. I always thought of him as being Madotsuki's peer and that he had a crush on her. Her pulling a knife and he just backs away could me (to me) that she didn't care for him and she backstabbed him (knife). The bed could represent that he told her that he wants to sleep with her, the alarms meant that he was in danger cause he has just crossed the line asking Mado that and the crash was his death. I see him being an antisocial guy who liked Mado cause she was also antisocial (possibly both of them are Asperger's) and he might had mental and/or physical ailments (hence the cross eyes).


He's a dumb alien.


He is Madotsuki's best friend.


Masada was a the mute dad (with a serious case of strabismus, he was legally blind.) of her friend, Monoe, and Monoe's twin, Monoko. After his wife(one of the beheaded women) was killed with a knife a few days after the birth of his two children, then his first daughter was hit by a car, the other disappeared, he lived alone. Madotsuki occasionally visited, and he gave her piano lessons. He eventually went insane. Madotsuki then subconsciously interpreted this in her dream, giving him googly eyes and no mouth. In her dream, all he did was play piano and wonder around, showing his blindness. Dream and out of dream, he was severely afraid of knives. His spaceship decent and crash into mars represents his decent into insanity. The creature crying next to his ship represents Madotsuki's feelings at his breaking.




File: 1329290031997.jpg (717.15 KB, 500x1072, 1319652921959.jpg)

I think Masada is like a best friend of Madotsuki. His ship/area in general is very calm, and he doesn't try to scare you or anything; I think he's like her older, wise best friend, like somebody who would tell you what you should and shouldn't do in life, but is still able to be your friend and joke around with you. I believe the crash symbolizes Masada (or whoever's) real-life drug crash/overdose/death, because the environment you're in suddenly becomes dangerous as you plummet toward the foreign planet (Mars), and Masada is freaking out, as opposed to his seemingly calm and friendly attitude. I also think that it could be possible that whoever Masada is supposed to symbolize crashed in a train, explaining Mars-san. Mars-san probably represents Madotsuki's grief and depression from the loss of her best, and possibly only friend.

Picture somewhat unrelated.


Oh my god waifu masada hnng


I think hes an alien, and may represent kikyama. the beeps are because Kikiyama is afraid to speak in public.


That's an interesting start to this theory. Is there anything else that makes you think Kikiyama = Masada, or is it just the beeping?


An NPC in some exploration game.


This is a question that is sort of related to the topic- do you think Masada has a white face and a black body and is naked, or is wearing black clothes?


The fact he's the ONLY NPC to play an instrument. plus the way to him being hard to find may represent that mabye Kikyama doesnt want to be found


>>319 If hard-to-find-ness represents Kikiyama, what about the Uboa event? Sure, most people can find walkthroughs for it, but most people can also find walkthroughs for Masada's spaceship. And, if it's about originality, then you could say that about Poniko, being the only NPC to look extremely human and be in color(Unless I am missing someone) or Tokuto-kun for being the only NPC to be a bucket spilling blood.


I forgot to mention, but also, while he is the only NPC to play an instrument, he isn't the only sprite at all, considering Madotsuki plays an instrument. Also, since you find the flute near O-man, maybe O-man plays an instrument too.


i always thought he was wearing a skintight suit sort of thing.





This opens new theory doors. Such as mabye Mado was in a band with masada,O-man, and another person. The spaceship represents the "tour bus" and the mars crash represents how they were en route to their destination, but may of ended in a ditch.


The other person would likely be Monoko, because, with so many arms, she would make a pretty awesome drummer I bet.


Ignoring any theory about Madotsuki's relationship with him, I see him as the older brother's friend you find in shoujo. You're crushing on him, and may be you push social boundaries a bit, but you'll never really be intimate with him. He's nicer and warmer to you than anyone else you know and it makes you giddy but it's nothing to him.

When I go to see him it doesn't feel like I'm escaping a world of chaos. I've always without thinking phrased it as 'he's letting me visit'. If the game won't take me after multiple attempts, I treat it like Masada wants some space. But if I arrive on that staircase I think he's longing for company.

Putting a theory to that I guess the teacher position suits best. Nothing sexual, he never enters the bed with you and it's reasonable to assume he lets Madotsuki rest there without romantic connotations. He's concerned for her, which is why he lets her come to his home, use his bed, but he also needs someone because his home is so devoid of life. There's an empty seat that stares at him when she's away.

I feel, the piano being big as it is, that may be he was a performer at some point. Its size is daunting but tempting to idle fingers. It guides his way amongst the stars like a control panel though in the end he still crashes and is trapped there. He prefers to play the piano than to see the empty chair.


He escaped from the musical Cats


That was more funny when I was sleep deprived.


>implying you aren't


File: 1438130876776.png (113.86 KB, 960x699, Masada Bowie.png)

Masada with Bowie features…
So, like this?
(version without mouth in case that's what you prefer: http://i.imgur.com/mEfNCk7.png)


File: 1438276643941.jpg (54.37 KB, 614x460, image.jpg)

For me, he's a guardian figure, a mentor that guides Madotsuki.
Have a pic i did with paint few years back.

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