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VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s85Pyo6G7is

Hey there! I just wanted to let you all know about a game I'm working on using RPG Maker 2003. It's very inspired by Yume Nikki, but I don't think I would really call it a fangame. I think it's around the same lines as Fleshchild or something. It's also inspired by Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, a creepy little web series I'd recommend you'd all check out. This game is called More Lies. In this game you play as a boy named Henry who is trying to find the 10 "Lies". I will have a bunch of cool worlds, minigames, battles and more added to it eventually. I'm going to post the first actual version on rpgmaker.net ASAP! But until then, what do you guys think?


File: 1511574317370.jpg (156.11 KB, 850x578, __akemi_homura_bill_murray….jpg)

I can't tell if this is supposed to be a joke or not. Am I Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?


I don't think it's a joke.
Just enjoy the ride.


Nah, this isn't a joke game or anything. I'm trying my best to get it done and make it look nice. You play as a 15-somethingish-boy named Henry (who is bald due to some stuff that went down earlier in his life) who feels he has no purpose whatsoever and, therefore, looks up to 9 other people who are better than him in every way, whether it be originality, knowledge, or social class. Once you have found these people, you must go up to the big mountain at the end of the game where you will discover all of life's most important secrets, and finally find out who you are. You know. The usual storyline.




Seriously, are you fucking with me?


No, it's just the premise of the game. But believe me when I say that I don't know how it will go, and if people will like it or not. But I am trying my best to make it. It's basically a thank you to KIKIYAMA and Becky Sloan and Joeseph Pelling, while at the same time showing all the glorious capabilities of RPG Maker 2003, and it also lets me express my certain views towards topics, as well as make my favorite thing of all: satire. I will let you guys know when the full thing is released! This is my first full length video game and it's going really good so far!


Listen I can't stand this any longer, so i'm going to just give you the benefit of the doubt and explain to you all of the red flags thatyou seem to have exhibited. 1. RPG maker is a shitty and outdated tool. While it is true that yume nikki was made in it, people near universally acknowledge that the program itself is a piece of shit. Red Flag 2. the pseudo fan game. Just last month we were talking about what is and isn't a fan game and how most of us are sick are pseudo-fangames. 3. Don't hug me i'm scared is a shitty hipster series. It is a watered down, accessible version of creepy media. 4. All of the features you describe completely miss the point of yn. 5. You ask us what we think when it's so obviously shit. 6. The art is worse than any human would be capable of doing unless they are intentionally making it bad. 7. Edgy themes in place of substantial ones. Shoving it in our faces how shit Henry's existence is a hallmark of bad self-insert fanfiction. 8. Your grammar and spelling is too good for somebody who would be dumb enough to expect us to take this shit seriously. I'm sorry, but this game is bad and it is laughable.


Hmmm, you make some good points! I am working on redesigning a lot of the graphics, so yea, that video does look bad and it is very outdated haha. And I'm not going to be that direct with the storyline and dialogue. I just have one question: do you think I should call this a Yume Nikki fangame? I kind of wanted it to be more of its own thing, like Fleshchild. But I guess I could see it being a fangame. Do you think I should call it one? Thanks for the suggestions, by the way. I will seriously consider a lot of this.


Oh, and some other things. Yea, RPG Maker is indeed pretty outdated and simplistic, but I feel that with enough compassion, story, and skill, amazing games can be made. Just look at Yume Nikki and OFF! And also, the reason why a lot of the things I listed don't really have to do with Yume Nikki is because, again, I want this to be more of its own thing. I'm getting a lot of ideas for gameplay elements from Yume Nikki, and story elements from DHMIS.


Out of all the years I have browsed this site I have never seen something this atrocious.


I appreciate your positive outlook, but if you're really really serious about this I would suggest you try something less ambitious and work your way up from there. You lack the basic skills necessary required to make a decent game. Post the best drawing that you can possible make right now.


File: 1511583421083.png (4.68 KB, 100x75, off.png)

I am currently working on a bunch of different graphics in different art styles, but I'm still learning. I'm an amateur cartoonist, so I'm more used to drawing stuff on paper. And in more of a simplistic art style. That's all. Also, if I were to release this game, should I call it a fangame? What do you think?


You probably shouldn't. People have certain expectations of fangames and if you aren't capable of meeting those expectations people will be unable to judge it on its own merits. There's literally no benefit to giving it that label even if you were inspired by yume nikki.


I see. (Oh, and by the way, I can make better art than that, I'm just not that used to making digital art. And I'm tired and lazy right now. I admit it!) Thank you for your feedback! I will definitely consider a lot of the points that you made as I continue trying my best to improve this game. Thank you! :)


Do you have a drawing pad? Because if are planning on doing any digital art, it is mandatory.


Yea, I do! I'm actually designing characters and such on one. What's cool is that my printer can scan things, so I can draw stuff on paper and put it in-game! How cool is that?! You see the outside of the house in the video? That was something I scribbled out with markers, colored pencils, pencils, and pens! And yes, it's supposed to look bad on purpose. Why you ask?


I thought everything looked like shit because you were forcing yourself to use basic shapes in ms paint only because you don't have a drawing pad. Stop making things look bad on purpose.


No, that picture in particular was made to look bad, because it has sort of a deeper meaning to it. I actually use paint.net to make most of my graphics. But to the left of the house are backgrounds that are actually paintings, and some of the backgrounds are actual pictures that I took! I like to use a variety of art styles to make everything kind of stand out. Some things might have more detail than others.


Also, keep in mind that I've been working on this game for only 6 months. A lot of the graphics are only placeholders, or have already been updated or are planned to be.


Things like Yume 2kki didn't exactly look pretty when they first started, either.


Don't excuse mediocrity by saying that it has a deeper meaning to it. That's what modern, "artists", use to justify calling a blank canvas art. Also, using a variety of art-styles badly is just jarring. It looks mismatched. It's a cluster fuck. Yume Nikki had stylistic consistency. Off had stylistic consistency. Using real life pictures and cartoon drawings is fine if the cartoons don't look like utter shit and the real pictures mesh well with the cartoons. It's far easier to just stick to one or the other, but if you're going to mix them, do in a surreal way. Maybe you should have talked about the game after it reached a presentable state? That also doesn't excuse the cover picture in the op. Also, get rid of the voice acting. It's terrible and unnecessary.


Yeah, you got me there! I was going to post about this a lot later but I couldn't help myself! xD I will try my best to see what I can do about making everything match well. And I'm not just working on updating graphics, it's music and sound effects too. I'd say take this post as a grain of salt compared to what this will look like once it's complete. You're right, I should've posted about this later. Just sometimes I get too overexcited. You seem very knowledgeable! Wish we could communicate some other way! Maybe you could give me advice and even be a play tester for this project! That would be awesome~


Frankly, i'm not interested enough in this project to invest any amount of time playing it, let alone being an active part of its development. Fangames(in the loosest interpretation of that word) are already a dime a dozen, and i'm a bit burnt out with the whole thing. I just felt like giving you some advice. I have to give you credit for being more receptive to criticism than Noyemi. Maybe i'll reconsider at a later date.


Hmmm, it's just, if we were to do that, then how? I really appreciate your comments! It's a great way to know what to change and it gives me feedback. Would I have to give you my email? Or if you're on YouTube you can comment on that video and I could find you that way or something. What do you think?


Here's my throwaway email. If you have something specific to ask me, i'll answer it, but I wont go out of my way to tell you to change something.


Thank you! I'll email you eventually if I need your opinion or anything. I'll probably even give you a special thanks at the credits of my game if I ever get that far! You've just made a new friend. Thank you so much! I'm gonna be going to bed soon, so this is where my messages end. Thanks for the suggestions Anon! Seriously, I don't see how anyone can get anywhere without criticism. Once again, thanks. :-)

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