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Now this is not quite a game, it is a chat client from 1994 similar to Second Life. It is one of the very first 3D chat clients out there and surprisingly, the servers are still up.
It recently got a lot of attention for it's out dated graphics, eerie music, strange worlds and most of all, very weird regulars who have been online for years, organizing events and contest as if nothing happened despite the client being almost deserted.


File: 1326065975642.png (389.38 KB, 1201x581, 1322788570983.png)

This is not all though, a strange figure carrying the name Nexialist has created a lot of commotion due to his creepy appearance and stalking. Sometimes in the form of a red animal skull, sometimes in the form of a cloaked figure, he follows the players around silently, can walk through walls or fly and can trigger a lot of unusual events in the game. It has been speculated that he is a bot went rogue.


File: 1326066368757.png (311.29 KB, 1193x583, 425365425.png)

Since then, many paranormal enthusiasts have joined the game to explore it's worlds and solve it's mysteries. Some of them have decided to fuck with the regulars and got really weird replies. Many have theorized that the very few players who refuse to leave even after so many years are actually some sort of crazy cult. Others have discovered that they are being monitored by them secretly, they can read whispers or watch other players without their own will from hidden places in the walls.


File: 1326066687386.png (433.29 KB, 1189x589, 125365425.png)

The cult theory arose form the fact that sometimes the regulars would adopt a similar apparel and gather in the many areas that contain bovine statues, most of them being churches. There are also a lot of hellish worlds and fucked up imagery.


File: 1326067125659.png (364.28 KB, 1197x587, 213256452585.png)

All in all, it's an interesting thing to check out, it has a very creepy atmosphere and it's very much in the spirit of Yume Nikki with all the eerie worlds and exploration. It is quite like LSD Dream Emulator as well, but online, giving you the possibility to explore with others.

You can download it here: http://dev.worlds.net/NZDownload/Worlds/1890/Worlds1890.exe
Always run it as administrator. You need to download the main worlds by visiting The Gauntlet. Other worlds are accessible through Travel.

Many of them are hidden however, can you find them all?


Any reason we should install v1890 instead of v1900?


Version 1900 is unstable for some reason especially in Windows 7, it either doesn't launch at all or it glitches horribly



Alright then, thanks for sharing and for that info. I'll give this a try


This is spooky. You should write a creepypasta about it.



If it's not already that, then yeah, totally. Anywhere else I can read up on these creepy going-ons?


I've seen threads about this on 4chan, so you might check out their archives. This shit screams for a story.


File: 1326661679972.png (296.71 KB, 1379x928, sdgsdgsdgsd.png)

I am interested in searching for the cult and learning more. I have an account and have done some exploring. Can you give me some more information on some worlds in particular that are creepy?

If anyone wants to perhaps make an exploration group, I would be interested.


Sawtooth here, well I was banned. Invalid IP message now, any way to get back in?


I think the bans are usually temporary but last a day or so. You can try to get around it by somehow changing your IP


File: 1327101423688.png (1.02 MB, 1823x932, wefwefwefwfwefwefweffwef.png)

Odd experiences


File: 1327104232488.jpg (411.37 KB, 1581x834, jQQt4.jpg)



Where is all this stuff? I also have an account and am definitely willing to be part of a search party.

(Despite being unwilling to search for the cults myself, it seems. >_>)


Try BowieWorld, it starts as a seemingly innocent David Bowie fan world and progressively gets more disturbing as you go deeper. This whole "game" is really quite weird.


File: 1327602213045.jpg (45.73 KB, 800x600, 210235265.jpg)



I want to get this game but at the same time I don't.



Please explain.


I discovered an area that was on the top of a building. It was grey, everything grey, except for one building in the background that was covered in blood, and a flashing neon sign that said “CARNIVAL!”

There was this large patch of ground with ginormous grey hands growing out of it. I clicked on a hand, and a line popped up in the chat with no speaker source.

>I have nothing to say……

The hand floated into the air. I clicked on more hands, and each line got more and more disturbing.

>If you can find her somewhere in the street she used to go walking late at night…

>A call to arms without arms…..Fares vary according to distance. Exact change is NOT required.

>She’s part of the first porcelain doll collection ever! So lifelike, so precious.

>diamonds diamonds diamonds

>oooooooooooohhhhhjcxxxxxxx zzzzzzsaaaaa21(the cat wrote that)

>Figure out who the “Demon of Nonlinearity” is….
He could be in the…..you know….

>Sometimes at 3:00am you see the answers, but who has the clock?


Hey guys, in the Options tab it's possible to record video.

Could you guys upload any weird things you see onto youtube or something?


You didn't happen to bookmark that place did you?


I haven't seen Snowmeat for a long while but she used to be a headless and limbless ghost wandering around in Snow World or the Animal House basement. From what I caught from various users asking about her, she's searching for a body.

The hands thing is in Bowie World.


Good lord, I'm interested D:
I'd try this game out, but anything could happen and I'm not prepared to be involved with some kind of secret underground cult or crazy BEN-esque shit.


File: 1327867351526.png (521.58 KB, 1232x543, rxultdrnk.png)


File: 1327867432091.png (482.06 KB, 1246x541, spreading the word.PNG)


File: 1327867469574.png (32.51 KB, 588x345, dark_.PNG)


File: 1327867500775.png (135.92 KB, 560x538, hghuiyftdufygukhkjbpo.PNG)


File: 1327867608266.png (213.36 KB, 1227x544, drhgnywrstdae.png)


File: 1327871553560.png (269.44 KB, 1187x581, whatthehellman.png)

aww hell no


Looks like you need to update.


File: 1327875831835.jpg (302.2 KB, 1085x514, 1327872281788.jpg)


File: 1327879930798.png (117.46 KB, 551x428, swretdryuftgyiu.PNG)


File: 1327891227123.png (329.73 KB, 915x713, forgottenhiddenworlds.png)


How do you go yo unmapped worlds anyway?


File: 1327932625404.png (28.52 KB, 479x536, 1310503685950.png)


File: 1327932642268.png (24.97 KB, 507x536, 1310503719443.png)


File: 1327932660430.png (31.74 KB, 682x451, 1310503765028.png)


File: 1327932675612.png (42.76 KB, 643x451, 1310503798596.png)


File: 1327932694547.png (6.38 KB, 432x344, 1310503839931.png)


File: 1327932711396.gif (213.9 KB, 678x798, 1310503881453.gif)


File: 1327933568295.png (59.53 KB, 569x571, 1327312972767.png)

I keep getting a white screen with "Corrupt installation detected".

What do?


Run as admin.


K bros, I made an account, the username is Poniko if you wish to add me.


File: 1328040776572.jpg (191.26 KB, 1280x962, New Bitmap Image.JPG)

Nexi screamed at me D:


Are any of these screenshots showing user interaction recent?

Just wondering cause the only people I saw when I checked this thing out was two AFKers in the starting zone.


File: 1328089954176.png (273.39 KB, 500x649, tumblr_lxugx7UPmR1r4pr07o1….png)


File: 1328089973113.png (31.88 KB, 500x591, tumblr_lo1wcqzmbh1qcfpf2o1….png)


What's everyones account name? I'm crickets.

I haven't found much but I'd be willing to trade info with people.


File: 1328092129312.png (363.56 KB, 562x538, always watching.PNG)



Hey, we should explore again sometime. That was fun. :)

Could you be the leader next time?


Just made my account. I'm wyhwhy


File: 1328412685682.png (148.52 KB, 517x537, watching you.PNG)


File: 1328412991515.png (139.24 KB, 697x383, Picture 92.png)


I'm really interested in this but the idea of trying to navigate this awful fuck of a place with no other players really makes me uneasy oh my god..
if you guys do organize an exploring party i would love to be a part of it.


Here is a link to a PDF with info/stories about Worlds:


also willing to join in on an exploration party. this shit creeps me right the fuck out. My username is Lucildae. I got approached by a person with a Spongebob avatar asking me if I'd met Neidoor, or something like that. Weird.


> What do you seek here?
< the answer
> To what question?
< the meaning of this place
> Well, the simplest answer would be that it's a place to talk to people and explore forgotten worlds.
> However, it's always best to experience things and make your own judgements.
< that is precisely what I came here to do. Why are you here?
> I've been here awhile, and use it for those purposes.
< do you build upon it?
> Ah, I haven't done much building myself
> Whatever I do make, I never make public or even save half of the time
< could you show us what you've made?
> It's not exactly hosted anywhere
> Which makes that pretty difficult
< hmm
> I can show you many other places though
> If you desire
< please
> Give me a theme, a word to base the world I show you on.
< nightmares
> Hmm
> There's a few that could easily go with that, but might as well start somewhere easy
< okay
> What all have you seen?
< I saw the hands that bleed.
< But not much more.
> Try here, and bring your friend if you want
> This room in particular
< what about it?
> No, walk through the mirror
> And turn
> This entire world is full of oddities
< I wonder who made this and why
< this room is full of clouds
< what do you think this was for?
> Only the beginning of that area
> Teleport to me
> Do it again if you can't reach us normally
< what is this place?
> A spy room
> You can watch people from it undetected
< do you often watch here?
> Watching Ground Zero is rarely worth it, as I can hear all of it by just standing in it
< hear all?
> I can receive all the messages that go through Ground Zero by just afking there
> Not much point in hiding myself usually
< do you control this world?
> No, but they matters little in the long run
> *that
< how long have you dwelled here?
> Since the early 00's
< may I ask….what has compelled you to stay?
> Many things
> The people, the places, the nostalgia
< what was it like when there were lots of people here?
> Quite different
> In fact, I can show you in a moment
> Follow me
< What now?
< When did the users disappear?
> Second Life was a big one
> Took a lot
< Do you have friends here still?
< but who are you, really?
< you seem almost like a ghost in the machine
> What exactly do you mean by that?
< I'm not sure myself.
> Ah, well, I suppose we all are, in some way
> This place has been our home
> For a very long time
> Some more than me, over 15-20 years
> People have come and gone, had children, were married, died.
< …what is it like for you, outside of this?
> Come here, if you will
> This place held a wedding of two of our members
> Also, what exactly do you mean by that?
< are they still together?
< outside of this reality, what is life like for you? what do you do?
> I believe so, however, I haven't seen them recently
> Ah, I'd prefer not to talk about such things, if you don't mind.
< alright
> Some things are best left forgotten, after all.



time and place?


Meh. I explored this place for several days. Nexalist is just some random dude from /x/ and it's all an act for shits and giggles. There's no real mystery or cult and there's a small handful of surreal worlds that are actually interesting. If you want to be part of the "cult" just keeping asking around for one of the avatars and you'll get it.
But really, he usually only acts up around brand new users and drops the charade if you hang around long enough. Ngl, he does make Worlds more interesting and fun at least.

Neidoos is the creepier one though.


he knows a lot of trees


_Avie_> oh I see
Neidoos> it's only on droid though
_Avie_> sounds handy
Neidoos> It's good for competing eith your friends
_Avie_> haha
Neidoos> I guess I'm a little youn though I don;t know if you guys are into that stuff
_Avie_> well
_Avie_> I suppose I'm fairly young, but I've never been much of a drinker
MisterDingus> hayyyyyyy
_Avie_> strawwwwww
Neidoos> Me either I'm only 20 I just like to cut lose on the weekends
Neidoos> Studying takes a lot out of me
_Avie_> what do you study?
Neidoos> Ornamental Horticulture
_Avie_> ornamental?
Neidoos> It's plant studies basically
_Avie_> yeah but not food crops?
Neidoos> I just do plants that look nice
_Avie_> hmm
Neidoos> I've beeb doing it since I was in 10th grade
Neidoos> I love it
_Avie_> well, it's good to know your niche
_Avie_> I'm an agriculture alum, but animal sciences, not plants
Neidoos> What did you go for?
_Avie_> I'm studying veterinary medicine now
Neidoos> Oh dear, that must have been hard
_Avie_> it is hard. I have 2.5 years to go and wondering what I got myself into.
Neidoos> Hahah same, I'm glad I went to tech school before college though
_Avie_> did your credits transfer?
MisterDingus> college is 4 godless heathens
Neidoos> Only one did
Neidoos> I did a lot of sales befores then and not a lot of practical stuff
MisterDingus> classic athiest bullsh!t
_Avie_> I went to school for computers before this. Nothing transferred so had to start over.
Neidoos> I spent most of my time saling bedding annual plants to old people
_Avie_> lol
MisterDingus> you should've been reading them the bible
Neidoos> I am Roman Catholic Dingus but I dont really read the bible
MisterDingus> aka you're athiest scum?
MisterDingus> gotcha
Neidoos> Maybe I'll try that
_Avie_> so when you graduate, will you work in landscaping then?
Penorsaurus> melissa's a trap
MisterDingus> a trap?
Neidoos> I'm trying to work for Phipps conservatory or Longwood Gardens
_Avie_> That sounds nice.
MisterDingus> thou shalt pass thyselves on your palms like a donkey and receive my girth, for I am your lord
MisterDingus> john 4:23
Neidoos> What…
_Avie_> donkeys don't have palms.
Neidoos> I'll have to look that one up
Neidoos> Yeah, donkeys have palms too
Neidoos> err not palms they have hooves
_Avie_> no, sole, frog, hoof wall, etc
MisterDingus> im gonna rape you
Neidoos> please do
_Avie_> Hmm… glad I'm up here.
MisterDingus> b..b..back dat a$$ up
_Avie_> rape on a bike… now that takes skill.
MisterDingus> come down here
Neidoos> Where did you get a bike at?
MisterDingus> i won't rape you
Neidoos> I want a bike
MisterDingus> come down here (:
_Avie_> Um… no.
MisterDingus> HOLY SH!T
Penorsaurus> HNNG
MisterDingus> B B BACK DAT A$$ UP
Neidoos> Clint Eastwood is the best
MisterDingus> don't make me come up there avie..
MisterDingus> I WONT RAPE YOU
_Avie_> Highly unlikely considering that your avatar lacks the necessary equipment.
MisterDingus> why I OUTTA
MisterDingus> HERE I COMEE
Neidoos> Kangaroos cant float
Candlejack> you cant even jump because you have a bike
Penorsaurus> oops lag
MisterDingus> i can FLYYYYYYYYY
Neidoos> Kangaroo can't intp eye height and Beach GZ
Penorsaurus> yo candle whats going on bro
MisterDingus> i need a hawaiin dicking asap
Penorsaurus> lmao
_Avie_> wtf, is 4chan a homosexual community or what? :P
Neidoos> None of that dirty talk or B&
MisterDingus> >implying that it's never been that
Neidoos> You need to go to /fit/
MisterDingus> or fa
Neidoos> /fit/ is my board and they're all homosex
MisterDingus> harsh
Neidoos> except me
Penorsaurus> alot of homosex in /fit/
Neidoos> hash is forever alone
Penorsaurus> lol seriously u dont know what 4chan is?
MisterDingus> i wanna see how thick and tight you can get
_Avie_> Nothing wrong with being gay, but I don't need to hear the details, k?
MisterDingus> uh oh
MisterDingus> looks like we got a homophobe on our hands
_Avie_> not at all, I don't want to hear the details of your straight sex either.
MisterDingus> >sex
MisterDingus> one time i put my dingus in her flibbitygoober and i kerschmuckled
_Avie_> lol flibbitygoober
Penorsaurus> deformed bat llama here to save the day
MisterDingus> jesus christ how terrifying
Penorsaurus> lmao
Neidoos> I am Clint Eastwood!
MisterDingus> im gonna plug you like a bowling ball
Neidoos> Me gusta
MisterDingus> gb2reddit
Neidoos> kiwi
Cordyceps> Kiwi.
_Avie_> mango
Neidoos> Acer Palmatum
Neidoos> Tsuga canadensis
_Avie_> Neidoos, where are you from? There's a type of tree here that I wonder if you could name for me
Neidoos> I'm from southwestern Pennsylvaina but I know a lot of trees
_Avie_> Indiana here. Maybe you have the same
Neidoos> Probably


Why do I get the feeling the "creepy cultlike regulars who have been here for years" are actually just some people from 4chan /x/ having a larf?



Because it's true



except no, it's not. the regulars like melissa, sirgemini, jimbly, etc have all been there for at least 10 years.



There's a small handful of regulars, yes, but the rest are definitely from /x/
And most of the few regulars left aren't part of that whole cult foolishness. Like the mods.


I'm getting the feeling there isnt much else to this other than bowie world, to be honest..
has anyone found any worlds other than the Hang Out Worlds, Club, Animal House, BowieWorld, etc?


there are many many more


also here is a blog http://worlds1994.blogspot.com/
took the idea from that other blog guy who keeps pestering jimbly
didn't update in a while, was lazy


File: 1329489774727.png (115.11 KB, 560x545, haisuerdshyfgatyrhuj.PNG)


Bump, this game is awesome.



of course, there are tons of more worlds. you can get to a good few in the beach groundzero.



so this is your blog? and i'm curious, was the guy bothering jimbly named harry?


yup. as for the other guy, his name is clyst i think and this is his blog



haha, wow. i wish i could get to jimbly's secret penis grotto.


File: 1329711599958.png (134.74 KB, 560x546, obedience.PNG)


File: 1329715351381.png (263.5 KB, 551x535, space.PNG)


i am martian jorogumo. no one was with me but nexialist in that picture he took it
he is posting here.
I was streaming worlds.com and i had my mic on, Nexialist can hear audio. He heard me eating and recommended I get a better microphone.
SweetSuzie talked to me and said she thinks Jimbly and Nexialist are the same person.
I mentioned Uboachan in my stream so either one of you is Nexialist or Nexialist could hear me talking about it.. this is all very strange.



there is no way jimbly and nex is the same person. suzie is wrong.


martianjorogumo again, and i agree with you. Suzie was going by the rumours that nex can read your whispers, Jimbly could do the same and used to perve on her in her private worlds. But I was shown some info that kind of confirms the opposite of suzie's theory, and im going to let her know about it.



Nexialist is such a card. If you're reading this - it's me, meat. I miss you.



snowy! waldegrave here, we miss you! worlds just isn't the same.



I miss you guys too! I can't get worlds.com to run on Ubuntu sadly :(


Sorry, but how do I run as admin? I'm this creepy ass penguin thing, and how do I join the cult? (Sorry, I'm a noob. )



File: 1329821790807.png (361.12 KB, 1245x542, Capture.PNG)


You have

to go






File: 1330362414852.jpg (15.94 KB, 340x255, 11.jpg)

> Look, it's that meme I started.







File: 1330416588455.png (359.82 KB, 1283x800, avatars.png)

I go there as muttonchop. Does anyone want to explore sometime? It's too boring to explore by myself.

I thought I dreamnt this screenshot but it turns out I was just going on worlds at odd hours in the morning. Dalek NExialist!


File: 1330416950609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.03 KB, 600x411, 9prE9.jpg)

Not safe for work

someone linked to like nexialist rule 34 thought someone would appreciate this



nex is knee deep in pixel vagina.


File: 1330507494477.png (207.6 KB, 1280x800, horses.png)

Uhh…I think that girl doesn't have a vagina. But yeah this game is great does anyone else play? Post your nicknames we should plan to meet up. I havent played in a few days and I'm itching to explore and chill.


oh my god i cant believe people are posting my worlds porn


post all of it


File: 1330653482078.jpg (347.44 KB, 600x450, img026.jpg)

it was just doodles of some of my friends avatars, and nex gave me permission to include him
they are awful and dumb


shiiit forgot spoler.



The NSFW spoiler rule is no longer in effect, it's cool



i came


bump for more porn


bump for more kiwi


I managed to get my friend into the game but we only played once. :(

That skeleton dancing scene has music from David Bowie. It's an homage to Big Brother/Chant of the ever circling skeleton family.



someone in worlds must *really* like david bowie


At least it makes some sort of sense.

Unlike Brittany World's tibetan temple.


A skeleton popped out!


File: 1331941031884.png (160.45 KB, 336x356, 1329799319186.png)


So uh, where do I find the crazy cultists?
Where do I find anything creepy?


File: 1331947850066.png (565.31 KB, 1400x1050, NEX.png)



File: 1331948204620.png (447.61 KB, 1400x1050, OH GOD.png)


So why doesn't some poor shmuck-I MEAN nice person go and say "yo gaiz can i be in tha cult 2 lol" and see what the fuck is going on with them?


about to do so.


File: 1331949993075.png (697.02 KB, 1776x1050, yay.png)



File: 1331950900454.png (4.74 KB, 964x63, ;~;.png)


Fake and gay.


File: 1331951362577.png (791 KB, 1400x1050, nah.png)


File: 1331951938920.jpg (11.86 KB, 341x363, mw546.jpg)

Words can't be homosexual. They are words.


Is monoPool a former developer? I read this:

The last name stuck out to me. He might use a different screen name, or it could just be a coincidence.



i don't know, but you could always ask him. he's a nice guy.


File: 1332194702864.png (152.11 KB, 1680x1050, FqvLz.png)


Everyone add each other and we can have a group.

I'm malfactor


I've no The Gaunlet here. What do?


You have to be "invited" by another member. I can hook you up, or ask around the regulars.


My name is Muttonchop on za warudo. I haven't been playing in awhile but I'll try set it up tomorrow. Say hi if you run into me.



Someone sent me a Worldmail, something about "You_are_one_existance_closer_to_them" Am I the cult yet?



Perhaps that was the only way at one point, but the means of reaching The Gauntlet is currently listed on the blog found in >>666 's post.


Damn you, timezones! When do you guys get on?


Hello ?








After you shove the Holy Horsecock of Salvation up your anus


I see you are proficient at receiving one at yours.
Anyway, how do I find anything at all?



Nexxie gave me that crap.
I said the INSIDE part before he did.


Let's explore
Nick's "theyfall", no quotes, obviously.


How do I unlock WorldShaper? inb4 ask regulars.


Sunday here… I'm playing under the name muttonchop right now if anyone is online.



look for the worlds.ini file in your worlds folder (it should open up in notepad) and then follow the instructions here:



I wish the site worked for me.


Oh gods it's like a LSD MMO.
Will sign up as Stowaway.


File: 1333130767551.gif (1.09 MB, 248x200, face37.gif)

Or maybe not because it's taken


I just made an account. The name is "Vitaminless"

I've already seen monoPool. He was standing on the streets of Bowieworld. We both stopped and stared at eachother for about two minutes, and then he disappeared into thin air.


W-What is this I don't even…


you have to admit the song lyrics fit




It is 3D avatars "dancing" with premade animation built in the game.


File: 1333828428626.png (433.54 KB, 1356x675, beep boop.png)

You are not worthy of being robots


File: 1333848777632.png (214.71 KB, 1316x656, sameguy.png)


File: 1335068489946.png (173.5 KB, 552x388, nexi speaks.png)

huh. all i had to do to get nexi to speak was be an idiot and have a spelling error in my screenname. the worst part is i probably wouldn't have noticed that error otherwise. hmm… does this even count as speaking?



File: 1337003776212.png (13.71 KB, 419x158, 1322259208601.png)



aww…memories :)


Been playing this thing for the first time, Shit's quite strange. Thankfully, i found a Uboachan user there to help me :D


File: 1337531615271.gif (953.81 KB, 500x382, ggggg.gif)

i was bored so i made gifs


File: 1337531692038.gif (366.13 KB, 500x383, sssss.gif)


File: 1337531745912.gif (117.1 KB, 500x385, s.gif)


File: 1337531799183.gif (529.51 KB, 500x371, nxxx.gif)



File: 1337531903795.gif (477 KB, 500x433, ds.gif)

will make more later maybe


File: 1337541382079.png (39.46 KB, 860x392, 123124.png)

Nice gifs Dspairl.
Pic is me with the Slenderman avatar that curious_scissors made and finally dominating the regulars in trivia.


File: 1337641157828.gif (139.48 KB, 500x357, jimbly.gif)

here is jimbly scrubbing as you wished!


File: 1337641963252.gif (8.95 KB, 273x300, nxxgif.gif)

and a manually drawn gif of nex


hahaha it really happened. there is a tumblr invasion now


LittleCake> I'd like to see this Heaven place.
monoPool> We can talk there
asheninflow> Let's go!
LittleCake> Sounds good.
monoPool> Add me and use Go There for the newcomers
monoPool> Don't be afraid
asheninflow> It's a little broken
monoPool> The problem is intentional
acloudconnected> Wait, so Heaven is in Bowie World?
acloudconnected> oh my god
monoPool> Here, follow me again
Dspairl> God is in the TV
monoPool> You don't want to go to Heaven anyway
acloudconnected> Why not?
Dspairl> this isn't
Dspairl> what i asked for
monoPool> It's closed for a reason
Dspairl> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
acloudconnected> My curiosity, though
MaidGunner> Go ahead then…
monoPool> There they go…
monoPool> Two claimed.
MaidGunner> Are they okay?
Dspairl> that was horrible
acloudconnected> I think
acloudconnected> It is odd
LittleCake> You were right. But your "don't want to go there" act made it sound interesting.
acloudconnected> This isn't that bad
LittleCake> It was just empty space.
Dspairl> then you got on the good side
Dspairl> sometimes though you'll end up on the wrong side
LittleCake> What happens on the wrong side?
Dspairl> won't spoil ;)
monoPool> There is a real heaven somewhere, or at least one that looks like it
LittleCake> But you were where I was.
LittleCake> I saw you.
monoPool> It is supposedly the realm of Lord Prima Vista though
monoPool> Who's a demon in here.
Dspairl> i was on both sides
acloudconnected> Interesting
BentPerspectives> You wont spoil it because you don't know what you're talking about.
Dspairl> it
monoPool> It's a separate world.
acloudconnected> Wait is the wrong side of heaven hell?
monoPool> Prehaps Heaven is Hell.
Dspairl> hell's pretty peaceful in comparison
monoPool> Hell could in fact be "Heaven"
monoPool> Prima Vista's realm is quite hard to find though
BentPerspectives> Perhaps I see no difference.
monoPool> It's hidden somewhere deep in here
acloudconnected> Do you go towards the star?
LittleCake> Who is this "He" that all the fuss was being made about earlier?
acloudconnected> Nexialist
Dspairl> the key bearer?
monoPool> This is Prima Vista, or at least one of the things he has
acloudconnected> ITT monoPool is actually Prima Vista
monoPool> Yes, yes I am.
BentPerspectives> "He" is James Leonard, creator of all.
LittleCake> Ahah.
monoPool> I brought you all here to consume your souls.
LittleCake> Do iiiit.
Dspairl> too late for me
BentPerspectives> That's cute.
acloudconnected> Does that mean we'll be playing this game for forever?
Dspairl> pretty much
LittleCake> I'd rather not.
Dspairl> eternity will be fun
monoPool> Behold
acloudconnected> OH mAN
LittleCake> ME
monoPool> I am you.
acloudconnected> HE ATE LITTLECAKE'S SOUL
monoPool> You are me.
LittleCake> I am you.
acloudconnected> INSTRUMENTALITY
LittleCake> We.


File: 1337881872041.gif (8.36 KB, 273x300, dsp.gif)

i am on a roll


File: 1337885325922.png (15.84 KB, 559x357, fanfiction.png)

sorry for spamming but with the new invasion i've found goldmines

also Jofua being an idiot don't give him worlds

Jofua> im going to shi.t in your mouth
Dspairl> fucker don't make me mute you
Jofua> im going to cry
Jofua> right in your mouth
Dspairl> are you frustrated
Dspairl> where are your worldsmarks jofua
Dspairl> where are your worlds now
Jofua> i got some some
Jofua> i got 100s
Jofua> u got tiny worlds nga
Jofua> probs tny dck too
Jofua> lmfao
Dspairl> then stop asking me for worlds moron
Dspairl> leave me and my tiny dick alone
Jofua> Onii-ch-ch-an
Dspairl> junk are you having seizures
impotentia> wait what
Dspairl> heh heh heh
impotentia> I got busted
Jofua> are two gonna make out now
Dspairl> let's go to the gay bar and leave this little shit
impotentia> murr




rest in pies


File: 1338452424538.png (42.6 KB, 702x568, yes.png)

more saucy fanfiction yes of course it will end up on uboachan i will make sure of this


File: 1338516383571.png (215.81 KB, 607x733, Nexiswimming.PNG)


Another fanfiction.


where is the nude photo section? read that on a blog…looks like it got removed, and other places…too. dont wanna sound like a perv was just curious about the life of these werid people



all that stuff was removed when 4chan started invading.


so which creepy places are left? only saw the rat/minotaur after the flamingo labirinth that was still growling, and do you guys have some worldmarks to places you can't go normaly/anymore…also my name is Tombsman7 i'm there sometimes just exploring.


some users do "tours"
i know cassian does sometimes.



And here is a sequel. Enjoy. http://pastebin.com/FXMAbXrE


File: 1338714371137.jpg (47.4 KB, 500x333, lold.jpg)


File: 1338742307045.jpg (113.4 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)


chosenpessimist is not the real candlejack.


File: 1338777650449.png (132.32 KB, 1077x557, fuckerwhatdidyousay.png)


File: 1338778309282.png (15.69 KB, 252x384, jZPFp.png)


File: 1338778425431.png (64.77 KB, 749x587, solved.png)

solved however


File: 1338778991349.png (5.99 KB, 241x82, uhuh.png)

oh and THIS GEM


File: 1338785788819.png (115.53 KB, 971x531, ynworld.png)

lookin nice so far


File: 1338825301897.png (5.1 KB, 249x148, kawaiigrandpa.png)

god sirG stop being such a kawaii grandpa



that's moe >_<


File: 1338837024181.png (29.41 KB, 502x403, 256235.png)

he's baaaack


He probably thinks you're a girl.


he doesn't think it, he knows it


You will always be a birdie to me.


that is best :>


File: 1339184486600.gif (14.84 KB, 243x264, uro.gif)


Bluh. I can't get it to install. Did anyone else have trouble with this?


Did you run it as administrator?


I need to fucking pirate windows already so i can play this again. :/


I did, yeah. It still doesn't work.
It just doesn't do anything.
When I try to uninstall it, it says it's missing a DLL, but goes through with uninstallation anyway. I downloaded the DLL, but not sure it worked.


Actually if anyone knows how to pirate windows and run it on bootcamp I'd be grateful.


I got it to work.

On a previous version of WorldsPlayer.

Fuck everything.


File: 1339282110469.png (1.12 KB, 269x15, Untitled.png)

anyone know what the lsd world is?


I think he sent me a link to that last night, but I didn't click it because I thought it was loli.


File: 1339342321206.png (40.14 KB, 296x312, tumblrninjad.PNG)




are you finally going to make a tumblr?


Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

I was with another user on Worlds.com, and suddenly this guy pops up next to me. A familiar face.

It was Nexialist.

He was making the entire place flash green and black, and I thought it was pretty cool. The other user was pretty spooked from the start.

He teleported out, and I followed him. We were in the Animal House.

He looked at me, and then teleported somewhere else. I was looking for him, but then he came back to me. And he made the world flash green and black again for me!

The chat log:

Loomatrix: hey, this is really cool, but also kinda strange.

Loomatrix: mind telling me who you might be?…

Then suddenly, a window pops up.

Nexalist would like to voice chat with you.

I rejected the offer. Something was up.

Loomatrix: sorry, can’t talk right now. :c

Loomatrix: private message…?

The private message window came up, with a vocaroo link to it. I thought it’d be something silly, like a voice modifier made to make him sound scary or something.

Oh GOD, was I wrong.

It sounded like someone was being murdered, brutally. Actually, it was a bunch of people. And a cat, it sounded like. But the audio was scratchy, consisting of roughly six minutes of broken screams, wails, and the like.

Now, with it being midnight, I was scared out of my wits. I stopped it, and got on Skype to tell my friends about it.

They were pretty spooked that I was spooked.

Right now, we’re contemplating getting on as a group because I’m so scared, but I’m still unsure.

Nexialist is really creepy.

There is a moral to this story!

If you ever decide to get on Worlds.com in the middle of the night,

DON’T ask Nexialist who he is.

DON’T accept his voice chat offer.

and finally,

DON’T go to the Vocaroo file.

(If you want the Vocaroo to see what I’m talking about, be my guest and message me, but don’t blame me if you’re scared by it.

I was.)


I'm way too old for that.


not really, tumblr is filled with grandpas and moms


File: 1339422316010.jpg (21.39 KB, 650x330, computer-rage--clprt.jpg)

> multirun=1 in config
> using a laptop
> mfw


File: 1339450624307.png (895.14 KB, 939x586, nexponyfinished22.png)

oh oops


File: 1339466066551.png (7.59 KB, 246x182, moe.png)



File: 1339471198390.png (7.37 KB, 191x234, 1338345340822.png)


File: 1339503055521.jpg (39.01 KB, 400x501, japan.jpg)


Found another old video about Worlds, this is Urotsuki


File: 1339812972415.png (99.17 KB, 500x219, tumblr_m4idcozxVe1qhe9i8o1….png)


A quote from Peter Pan on the pic, if a bit mashed up.


File: 1340055203617.png (168.4 KB, 740x656, Nexialistmugshots.png)





File: 1340125237730.png (432.15 KB, 1490x1599, m9x6hd.png)

I miss Dsparil.


Everyone is Dsparil until proven otherwise.

Nexialist> Sup Dsparil.
Nexialist> We know it's you.
Dameen> Dude what.
Nexialist> :3
Nexialist> I won't tell anyone.
Dameen> what are you on about
Nexialist> We'll be keeping an eye on you.


File: 1340150877484.png (24.14 KB, 222x485, tumblr_m5w2heZqFI1ryrc7ao1….png)


File: 1343000183844.gif (1.44 KB, 75x100, 1235257945539.gif)


is worlds down for anyone else?


File: 1344377756699.jpg (23.62 KB, 419x499, ChristopherEccleston.jpg)

Sup /x/.


They don't really seem to care.


File: 1346275902432.jpg (107.2 KB, 350x265, 1333042419375.jpg)


This thread is god damn fucking fascinating.


Help needed. I've installed the older (recommended) version of the client but when I run the application (as an administrator under vista) nothing happened.

Is there anything I can do?


>217 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to wait what

how come I missed this for the past eighteen years?

I assume my shitty computers wouldn't run it when it was popular or something, considering I probably had like a 100mhz or something back then with SEVERAL megabytes of ram


File: 1358577924853.jpg (385.19 KB, 456x4731, 1321913940175.jpg)


File: 1358577944134.jpg (168.33 KB, 448x2128, 1321917053535.jpg)


File: 1358577999507.jpg (91.38 KB, 448x1000, 1321919916731.jpg)


File: 1358578019553.jpg (211.63 KB, 448x4984, 1321931731440.jpg)


File: 1358578052777.jpg (96.96 KB, 448x1000, 1321934735518.jpg)


File: 1358578125347.png (419.66 KB, 1000x1000, 1321954335249.png)


File: 1358578169431.jpg (638.58 KB, 1616x2304, 1321978429252.jpg)


File: 1358593527234.png (22.47 KB, 493x120, .......png)

I hate to be rude, but you should post your drawings in their own thread in /o/ instead of bumping a thread that's been dead for months.


> I hate to be rude,

Stopped reading there. You are obviously about to say something rude.



>you should post your drawings in their own thread in /o/ instead of bumping a thread that's been dead for months



File: 1358649929475.jpg (446.86 KB, 1182x575, 24xxxhours.jpg)


File: 1358650038688.jpg (444.84 KB, 1182x575, 48xxxhours.jpg)

Mother Meat was always so gentle, too.


File: 1358650152332.jpg (425.01 KB, 1182x575, 96xxxhours.jpg)


File: 1358650232754.jpg (369.31 KB, 1182x575, 192xxxhours.jpg)


File: 1358650349285.jpg (461.98 KB, 1182x575, xxxxxxhours.jpg)


File: 1358650442831.jpg (459.56 KB, 1182x575, xxxxxxxxxxhours.jpg)

She always hears you, you know?


File: 1358650850157.jpg (431.16 KB, 1182x575, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.jpg)


File: 1358650955548.jpg (510.02 KB, 1182x575, split.jpg)


File: 1358651003198.jpg (498.72 KB, 1182x575, fleischwolf.jpg)


File: 1358651070523.jpg (184.2 KB, 1179x579, br6ther.jpg)


File: 1358892199141.jpg (260.44 KB, 1340x666, chess.jpg)

Here are some helpful links:


My homepage, dedicated to Worlds.


A PDF I authored, 60+ pages, 100+ images; the perfect newbie toolkit.


Steam group.



silly dsparil. didn't you say yourself that mother meat always listens?


Is this still bumpable?

When this whole Worlds.com thing started, I asked my sister to play with me. I didn't read much about it at the time so I didn't know how to get to the lesser known areas, but still it creeped me out.

Anyway, I'm posting this because I read >>1917 but it didn't mention something I found with my sister.

Have you ever been to a secret room where there's nothing but a cube in the center? I think you can get to that place from a few other places, and regular ones. At the time I got there by walking through a wall in a japanese area, or at least close to it.

This place is mostly brown-ish, and the cube in the center has nothing special about it really. This room is also empty, apart from the cube.

Anyway, I walked around it and accidentally found a invisible ledge. I went up it, and ended up on top of the cube. Then I thought "hey, maybe there's is an invisible path" and oh boy, it sure was. It took me and my sister a whole day to get through it, but we couldn't reach the end.

So I'm just wondering, I'm not sure about how many people found it, but I really wanted to know what was at the end. Anyone knows?



Does anyone still play this?

I can't even remember my username right now.


yes. of course. even when worlds is empty
it never is


this is so romantic :3


File: 1363406842740.jpg (42.77 KB, 218x462, ss (2013-03-16 at 12.00.10….jpg)

divorce> hello everyone, welcome to worlds.com
beezyremhod> sirg when did u get here
Urotsuki> hello sirg
Urotsuki> how is weather in walla walla
divorce> walla walla walla walla
divorce> who's up for some trivia?
Urotsuki> aw yeah!!
Urotsuki> :O)
divorce> okay, this one's a doosey
divorce> what is the command on a windows computer to open the task manager?
Urotsuki> oh!!!!!!!!
Urotsuki> i know this
Urotsuki> F
Urotsuki> 13
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
resllygay> uro you are too good at trivia
divorce> and that's beezy in the task tail at 16
99th> i am entertained
divorce> melissa nice to see you
Urotsuki> sirg u r worst admin
divorce> this next one's a doosey!
divorce> walla walla
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
Urotsuki> where are the other blue taggers
divorce> let's keep it pg
divorce> next question, who IS the task manager?
Urotsuki> me
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
divorce> jimi hendrix was a famous guitarist
divorce> walla walla
beezyremhod> sirg these questions r too hard
divorce> get back on the farm
beezyremhod> oh ok
divorce> You're all my sheep, I control the game Y/N
Urotsuki> n
resllygay> sirg are u feeling ok u look a little funny
divorce> walla walla
99th> really now?
Urotsuki> uh
Urotsuki> can i have some free vip
divorce> only 15 more hours of trivia
divorce> this next one is a doosey
divorce> in which world does my avatar appear suspended on a pentagram being tortured by vampire women?
Urotsuki> uh
Urotsuki> avatar gallery
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
divorce> that's urotsuki in the dungeon world tail at 4 points
resllygay> incredible
beezyremhod> sirg what happened
divorce> it's me, monopool junior
Urotsuki> where is monopool
divorce> he's at the end of this rotten maze


ohhhoooohoho divorce is a most wonderful actor. I was very fooled!


There is this guy Gluttony who stalks you and follows you around and says "Hello" every now and then, he visits the BowieWorld alot
According to my chat with him he knew Nex through aol back in 99'and he's trying to find him




File: 1378006550322.jpg (70.53 KB, 500x326, 1377926593800.jpg)

/x/ did it again.


Is there a way to play this game without having to constantly restart to download the next room?


any one know how to get this to run in windows 8?


it still sleeps but one day it will be awake again

please don't worry it will all be okay


asunnymoo here

anyone found out the significance of the skinned deer?

Nice to know people here still care about worlds. Keep lurking.


That shouldn't happen. However, it if does, I would suggest going to the beach and traveling to "gauntlet", which will allow you download all default worlds at once.


Urotsuki, please come back



File: 1397661816618.jpg (138.49 KB, 884x474, 7T7AX.jpg)


File: 1399132512708.png (92.44 KB, 680x510, 1346587495685.png)


I don't know what this thread is about.. The people there are very nice, if you think this is weird, then you haven't seen even a quarter of second life.


File: 1402163077523.png (768.13 KB, 1820x847, atlantis.PNG)

second life does not capture the essential simplicity of worlds. worlds was the first of its kind. the first generation of internet socialites went there. each world is made with love and care, but now they are empty, deserted, but full of memories. if you can appreciate internet archaeology, it is a wonderful, and mysterious, home.


Oh wow what an old post..
But even so I require some help. I cannot seem to download this game. I mean, it donwloads and everything, but everytime I try and run (Yes in administrator) it it only runs as a background process. My computer is a windows 8.
Anyone got an idea of what to do?


Try it in compatibility mode maybe.


File: 1432497779395.png (53.77 KB, 657x540, help.png)

It seems to be still running as just javaw (32 bit) in the background.


go into device manager and under "display adapters" disable the video driver while you start worlds then enable it after it opens. that might work


Is this thread still alive? I need help running worlds.


It is now.
First make sure you aren't running windows 10.


It works fine in Windows 10. Windows 8 is the one that causes problems.


Not even the worst of it. Courtesy of the polish girl with the blood paintings: https://veuwer.com/i/3hyt.png


Has anyone got a list of cool hidden places and secrets they could share?



I really miss this game


You can use a free vpn to change your IP. Most places have the common VPN IPs blocked, but since this place is outdated it may not


Any advice on how to run this on Linux?


A VM running w98/XP seems like the best approach.


Install Windows.


What was this chat service made for? How did it sell? How is the server still online? Who is keeping it online? What for?


>What was this chat service made for?
The same reason second life was made for.

>How did it sell?

It was apparently popular until 2nd life.

>How is the server still online? Who is keeping it online? What for?

Ah, the big questions nobody can answer.


How the fuck do I install this worlds and how do I go to them?


Prolly need to run an outdated java version in a virtual machine or such. I havn't dug in enough to get it to work yet myself.


i urge you all to once again enter this digital temple


tell me about it. the core grows greater


i do tho


Meet up when


meet up how


Meet up what


anyone here from nexpo?



there is no cult in worlds, it is just stupid internet shit. worlds.com is full of nice and weird people. they are a great small community, welcoming everyone.


Worlds sign up seems to be down at the moment, as in, no code phrase is being sent by email. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Email support@worlds.com and let them know what email you've used to register so they can send the code your way. KEEP IN MIND THAT REPLIES MIGHT TAKE UP UNTIL A WEEK, there's only one person dealing with everyone so please be patient!

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