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Does anyone play Nintendo games?
Mine's Wario Land 4.


The pokemon franchise


Zelda, of course.


File: 1457487564561.jpg (108.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The two series I have put the most time into out of anything are Smash Bros and Pokemon. I love how there is a lot of simplicity combined with a lot of variety.

I used to compete at various Smash games but than school came around. I have a competitive Pokemon team but it's not completely updated yet (I still use Nintetails to set sun instead of Charizard Y).

I also love Gradius, which started on NES.



Pokemon and LoZ is pure nostalgia for me.

There are some gaming emulators online like PlayR, NESbox (r'txted then ESA-dead) SNESfun and more, anyone tried?


What that meant was NESbox suffered from robots.txt and ESA killed the site, but I won't derail into it.


Has anyone played the Wario series?



Those sites work okay from what I hear, but I really don't see the point in using them, especially with how easy to use and small in filesize NES and SNES emulators and roms are.



Online emulators? Just when you thought you've seen everything

Anyays, I spent a great amount of time playing SMW and it's rom hacks. But honestly there's not really a game developed by Nintendo that I'd say is really good. They're all ok.


File: 1459343726440.png (342.29 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2016-03-29-11-3….png)

Any Pokémon favourites? Because I have a lot of favourites.
>including electabuzz the wildcat


hey anon, wario land is also one of my favorite series. i've turned to some fangames because nintendo seems to have forgotten about wario land.

maybe it's too hyped, but i think you might find psycho waluigi a decently fun game.



I have fond memories of PKMN Diamond


I have that game as well.
I've seen some official artwork on Sun and Moon starters while lurking around on e621. It's 100% confirmed on Bulbapedia - one of them is even a sea lion.


I got Wario Land 4 on Christmas 2006. Basically the bosses are creepy, but not for long once you get the hang of defeating them.
There are 10 ablities, some are the equivelent to Kirby, just so I heard.


>nintendo seems to have forgotten about wario land
Nintendo also created the WarioWare series, which is hysterically fast, given the microgame format. I seen some videos of it on YouTube. Otherwise, I have Wario Land 3, 4, and The Shake Dimension.

Pokémon Quartz was what got me into RSE, aside from being a hack of Ruby Version.


File: 1473569774159.png (53.04 KB, 429x155, pikmin.png)

Some good game from Nintendo that almost no one knows about its pikmin, i can totally say its my favorite RTS



if barely anyone knew what it was, i dont think wed have olimar featured in SSBB onwards, and a pikmin launch title for the wii u

in any case, ive been trucking through a ton of gamecube games over the course of the past few months. i recently marathoned my way through pikmin, metroid prime 2, twilight princess, luigis mansion, and wario world off the top of my head. i havent finished everything obv, but im proud to have destroyed luigis mansion and pickmin in single sittings, and metroid prime 2 felt like a glorious right of passage

my current mission is pokemon XD. team battles rule and idunno why theyre so absent in mainline pocky man games. ive stopped playing it for a little while, though, because im annoyed at how difficult it is to get the moves you want for the pokemon you want for your team in pokemon games. gr8 game, tho, and it has mawile in it (albeit it lacks baton pass to make her useful)


My favorite console is the nes so yeah


Kirby is probably my favorite video game series. Kirby fans, which game's your favorite? (Mine's 3DX.)


Mass Attack was amazing, but I always have a soft spot for Super Star (Ultra) and Amazing Mirror.



Definitely Super Star. None of the Kirby games since have matched it for me, though the recent ones are still really good.


The good news: Nintendo had just released the Switch console this month.
The bad news is that everytime I look up Super Mario Odyssey, I get this random thought about prevent the 'too bad scripting virus' from ever appearing in the game, as my belief is that the death text appearing in other 3D titles could attract negative feedback towards players.
I'm not offended by anything else during gameplay. Just a problem with Nintendo over a tiny flaw affecting a good game that's going to be released at Christmas 2017.
If you like to see where my problem arose, here's a couple of links:
(' * ')


File: 1488367975253.jpg (21.02 KB, 568x411, gfs_41872_2_6.jpg)

I have Worms Blast and Worms 3D for the Gamecube, and both Pokèmon Stadiums for N64, which also had team battles. I also have Chameleon Twist 1 and 2, and I used to complete CT2 mostly. It was such a great Japanese classic.

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