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saya no uta
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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1444309577422-0.png (2.38 KB, 640x400, TitleScreen.png)

File: 1444309577422-1.png (7.19 KB, 640x400, AWoM3.png)


It's the sequel to Amihailu in Dreamland that nobody asked for!

Amihailu's World of Magic is a PC-98 styled turn-based RPG in the turn-based style of Rogue, where you play as Amihailu and explore her magical world of Tumydorado. This time, you're fighting a variety of different hostile creatures as you explore, with one of the many unique tools the game gives you to do so.

Features (some are planned, some are already in the game):
-Simple melee combat/skills using Amihailu's powerful fists
-Utility and attack magic for solving puzzles, defeating enemies, or escaping
-Ranged combat using firearms for a different flavour and new tactical challenges (being well-trained in their use, Amihailu is reluctant to use her gun at times she determines it would be unsafe)
-Shops, new characters, and a new surreal story starring Amihailu
-640x400 16-colour palette and simple graphical effects to preserve a PC-98 aesthetic

The game's intended to eventually be a commercial product, but the first couple of alpha builds will be free (if a bit sparse) so that people can try it out and see if they enjoy it.

Feel free to ask questions or suggest a feature or two! I'll talk a bit more about systems as I implement them. The game's being made with Game Maker, so it can compile cross-platform. The newer GML is a bit more C-like, so I have little trouble programming with it as well.


File: 1444309782171.gif (84.79 KB, 640x400, AWomA1.gif)

And this is a preview gif of the Fire Control mode, where you can point at an enemy to attack. I'll have it so her graphic changes to having drawn her weapon, of course.

Additionally, you can return to Amihailu's bedroom from Tumydorado at any time using Numpad0


Looks promising as always Mish, lovely graphics, the best of luck!


It looks pretty cool.
The OST is gonna be legit FMsynth too?



The current plans aren't to have an OPNA soundtrack unless I can find the time to write a proper PMD player for the game (like I did with Hell Diary). The current music is AdLib (OPL2 synth) with FM7 drums and some minor effects.

If I can write a PMD player though, the game will be a few megabytes tops.


File: 1444370069677.gif (151.05 KB, 640x400, AWomA1.gif)

Here's firearm combat in action (against a target that has absolutely no AI yet).

I intend for it to be pretty granular, with two ammunition types and two types of targets, for a total of four different damage formulas that can be applied. I've programmed the damage formulas into the game already, and ammunition inventory too.

Features of the current Firearms Combat Type:
-Two types of ammunition, JHP and FMJ, or Jacketed Hollow Point and Full Metal Jacket respectively.
-Two types of targets, "hard" and "soft" (usually determined by visual cues or watching your combat log's numbers—the game won't tell you otherwise)

JHP are very effective against soft targets, because the softer point blunts the impact of the round and allows it to mushroom and spread energy over a larger volume inside of the target, causing cavitation. The damage formula models the cavitation impact and your accuracy. Against a hard target, the JHP rounds shatter and deal a scratch worth of damage; you're better off with your fists.

FMJ are effective against hard targets because they negate DR. They don't cause any additional cavitation wounding over JHP, so they deal less damage to soft targets. Overall, hard targets are harder to take down with firearms vs. soft targets.

New features I'd like to add soon:
-Overpenetration, a random occurrence where firing FMJ into a soft target may cause it to punch through and function as a damage-reduced JHP in a second target in the same general direction.

-Reloading system. Currently, reloading is impossible, but the features I'd like for the reload system are as granular as damage and meant to make firearm combat tactics more realistic.

+Use the extractor on Amihailu's revolver to eject all rounds, including ones that are unfired, which will drop to the ground. This can result in a faster reload or if you'd like to change ammunition types, and punishes the player that doesn't think ahead or beat a reasonable retreat beforehand.

+Reloading takes more than one turn, unless speed loaders are used. Reloading is even slower if spent rounds aren't first ejected, with one round taking a whole turn instead of being able to load two empty chambers in a turn.

-Perks, special abilities, and skills related to firearm combat such as fast tactical reloads, aimed/snap shots, and hammer pairs.

"Fuck, whatever happened to my magical yume nikki game? Fuck guns, I wanna use magic!"

Don't worry, fictional strawman anon! If you think I'm sperging on firearms to the point where magic won't be fun and interesting, you're probably just expecting too much too fast from a game that's been in development for less than a week.

Magic and cybernetics will provide even more risk/reward, tactics, and growth options to complement your arsenal and playstyle. If you like, you can also suggest features, perks, and spells here.


File: 1444841443298.gif (110.33 KB, 640x400, AWomA4.gif)

Update 14 October

+Target snap/autolock for the initial Fire Control mode engage (press F to open Fire Control, snaps to a random target based on Accuracy)
+Reload functionality, reloads are handled and calculated automatically based on Amihailu's reload speed stat (varies based on whether the chambers are empty or filled with spent cartridges and the fastest method is chosen automatically)
+Added rudimentary AI that follows and attacks Amihailu, for testing turn-dependent functions and actions that take multiple turns


File: 1445331843409-0.png (10.72 KB, 640x400, AWoM1.png)

File: 1445331843409-1.gif (124.64 KB, 640x400, AWomA3.gif)

Update 20 October

+Fixed a bug where melee killing an enemy in a room with multiple AI caused the game to crash
+Refined AI to have line of sight and support for multiple temperaments
+Fixed a bug where map warp tiles' collision was calculated multiple times with different parameters
+Completed the reload system
+Added FM+SSG sound effects for entering fire control mode and attacking enemies with firearms

I think I will actually use OPNA sound rendered to MP3 for the game, since using PMD will limit the available platforms to windows only.


All these updates, yet I still don't know what the game was about.



It's not publicly available yet anon, I'm just logging progress in this thread and waiting for feedback on features and looks.


Are you planning to incorporate new features for the dungeons, or you're going for the classic stuff?


There's no procedural generation, I'm considering adding puzzles or somesuch that need special equipment to engage (like zelda or metroid) which requires the dungeons to be hand-made.

For any incomplete releases you should largely expect fighting and progression demos though!


This looks fucking cool as hell. Really looking forward to seeing more of this.
I hope you take some inspiration from Yume Nikkis exploration too.


Due to popular demand (hahaha, okay, couldn't say this with a straight face)

Err, anyway, due to demand… I decided not to do AdLib+effects/processing for the soundtrack. I'm using OPNA FM synth instead, like I originally wanted to.

The game won't use the original PMD files like Hell Diary (I want it to be playable on Mac and Linux) but the tracks are rendered from the PMD originals using FMPMDE and then snipped down to loop properly in the engine.

And, instead of Hell Diary's monoaural YM2203, this game will use YM2608/YMF288 stereo six-channel FM+PSG. Enjoy!



Hello, yes, this game is still a thing. I'm starting to create some better/extra music before I commit to releasing a demo.

The game will use the PC-9801-86:


Is the game still in development? I see the channel is active, but I couldn't find any version of this game.

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