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saya no uta
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File: 1433993537285.png (911.1 KB, 814x625, skelly.png)


Eulogy of an Insect is a surreal adventure game made with hand-drawn graphics. With an equal focus on both aesthetics and gameplay, we've tried our hardest to make a compelling game with interesting battles, humorous dialogue, and minigames.
There's also a level of customization with a number of recruitable members to join battle, all who fill a certain niche. You can get a neat glimpse into all these things with a demo~



Can you post other screenshots?


File: 1434056949685.png (462.76 KB, 540x413, tumblr_npcrn3lzmu1tnyvbeo1….png)

Sure, why not. Two more should be enough


File: 1434056991598.png (783.7 KB, 814x621, tumblr_np5d74VQdt1tnyvbeo1….png)


For future reference, it's possible to upload more than one image at a time on uboachan.


Oh god. Any reason why this game should be this big in size?


OP probably used .wav files.


That was pretty good. I loved the graphics and the music.
I also liked the fact skulls/corpses. Looking forward to more.


I use .ogg files
It's 300mb because the RTP files are packed with it- I still use some default resources. This is the same download I put out everywhere, and I don't really want to deal with issues from a lack of RTP being included or people being unable to try it out
The mystery skulls are my favorite thing too


No screenshots of battles or anything? Come on.


File: 1435189489330-0.jpg (129.64 KB, 547x418, LniWKqO.jpg)

File: 1435189489330-1.gif (1.13 MB, 615x373, windywendy.gif)

I didn't realize downloading the game and finding out was so difficult. In any case, I'd really prefer for people to see themselves after all these screenshots.
While the demo and the screenshot show RTP battle animations, work has already gone to update/replace these into a fitting graphic style- just so nobody thinks I that was forgotten.


File: 1435256512391.png (496.17 KB, 640x480, Not really.png)

Just one little specific thing I want to nitpick: this particular factoid is quite contentious. Not merely from the perspective of a layman how considers what is and isn't a language to be cut & dry but any linguist will point out that the definition of what is a language and what is a dialect is highly subjective and rooting largely in social perception and political standing rather than in strict linguistic criteria.

That being said, I think a less controversial and more fascinating and plausible alternative would be instead "Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are so closely related that they are considered dialects of the same language".


File: 1435257567599.jpg (153.42 KB, 544x800, 1375058182984.jpg)

Put an italian and a french dude in the same room and they won't understand shit of what the other one is saying.
They're really different languages.
Actually, Spanish and Portuguese are more close to that, but they still couldn't be considered a dialect of the same language.
Those all have roots in Latin, but that's all. In fact, even english has some roots in latin thanks to french-borrowed words.

I agree, the only languages that I can think of that are extremely close yet aren't the same are norse-based languages. I'd also suggest finnish and estonian, but I am not really sure how close they're on this one.


File: 1435257729985.jpg (17.61 KB, 480x360, imfrench.jpg)

They are fictional characters and situations dude, who cares?
Characters in my game could say 90% of black people steal stereos to live and that would still be harmless fiction.


That was a lot of fun! I'll be following the progress of your game


File: 1435299211832.png (913.1 KB, 814x621, cucked.png)

On the contrary that's an interesting thing to pick out and I appreciate your feedback. So much so, I've already made the appropriate corrections.
>fictional character
Thanks mang


Can anyone possibly provide a download link for the game which supports download managers? My net is too funky and disconnects when it throttles the speed or something.


File: 1435319995220.png (820.18 KB, 1069x2333, 1413998609981.png)

Sometimes images are for illustrative purposes only, that's just an irony over a french stereotype dev chan.


Not really. I'm a French Canadian, yet I can pick up most of what my Italian family says when they speak Italian. I don't even speak Italian.


File: 1435513553985.gif (535.09 KB, 400x226, 1435037997628.gif)

But how many words does a italian person understands of french?
I can tell you, you CAN pick some words and context, but understanding is almost impossible unless there's some kind of deal like "talking slowly" or something. And french is the only latin-based language where pronunciation is different of how it is written.
I speak spanish and I can grasp some sentences of italian too; actually, it isn't really that hard, but, if you're not used to it, french is a labyrinth of twisted tongues and guttural sounds. And slanged italian gets really confusing too.

I also saw groups of italian and french tourist around, and, leaving some exceptions aside, they mostly had to communicate in english to know what the other was saying.


Eh, not really.


File: 1435640668537.jpg (37.1 KB, 345x259, logical mokou.jpg)

>'cuz i understand a langage errybody understands it too!


You seem to misunderstand. And you're using cheap greentext to avoid admitting defeat.


File: 1435684672610.jpg (34.66 KB, 290x360, F U.jpg)

>And you're using cheap greentext to avoid admitting defeat.

So, ok, both french and italian tourist come to my city, I've seen them having problems to communicate for years, but "i have to admit" defeat in a "fight" I'm not even participating in against an argument that clearly holds no proof whatsoever of what it claims except "I 'understand' a language that I didn't learn therefore everybody else does as well".
You clearly have me had right there, buddy! Certainly, I admit my defeat, italian and french are so alike that both can understand each other with zero problems at all!


File: 1435691485588.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1412383370771.png)

>And you're using cheap greentext to avoid admitting defeat.
>Previous post: Not really
>tfw you're ignoring the greentext to avoid admitting defeat.
Damn this is such a battle…


eh, not really


>I didn't realize downloading the game and finding out was so difficult.
There's no need to be an asshole to people who want to see more of your 300MB game before downloading it. Jesus.


File: 1436055074839.jpg (44.32 KB, 640x480, joejoegates.jpg)

Get some bandwidth grampa.


I don't really care what the bandwidth is. I want to see a bit of a game before I download it. And hey, if there isn't much to be shown beforehand, that's fine. But OP had no reason to be rude about it.

Also, why are you saging on such an inactive board?


File: 1436227015465.png (464.32 KB, 540x413, tumblr_inline_nr01e4dU8d1s….png)

I wasn't aware I was being rude. I literally just proclaimed I never realized downloading could be so difficult.
If the screenshots aren't enough and I haven't put you off from trying the game I am seeing if someone would like to do an LP of the demo. I'd really like to see someone's reactions to the game for the first time anyhow. If anyone here is up for that by any chance I'd love to see it.


Erm, seeing if someone can do a video so that you can see it. Felt my wording was a bit off.


>I wasn't aware I was being rude. I literally just proclaimed I never realized downloading could be so difficult.
A pathetic excuse, I think. The anon only asked to see what battles looked like before downloading your game. That's completely fair to me. You replied with a curt "oh hurr guess downloading my game is too hard for you" That was a stupid response, even if you posted a screenshot. People like to see what games are like before they try. That's just how it is.

Your game looks very stylized op, but your attitude stinks like shit. I am looking forward to a LP of this game, but you could stand to be a little less autistic about promoting your game.


File: 1436681801665.png (87.17 KB, 544x416, charliem1.png)

I'm not trying to be a dick. I don't think I was excusing myself and I definitely never apologized/took back what I said, though. In any case, being (un)intentionally curt is an unfortunate part of my personality, so please feel free to call me out on my shit. I'm an adult, after all. I can take a little criticism/shitting on myself or the game. Sorry.

>but your attitude stinks like shit

Yeah, well… I just love hard, okay?

>I am looking forward to a LP of this game

Same here, I just hope the person actually goes through with it. I don't know how soon it will be, but I'll post it here whenever I find out it's up and about. In my experience most people seem to forget/become too busy so I wouldn't hold my breath.

And so this whole post isn't mostly just about my attitude, here's something else about the game- costumes are a thing. Yay. We're trying to provide more customization for players in combat, so costumes are more than just aesthetic.


File: 1436756209251.png (395.59 KB, 563x320, eyes of sodomy.png)

Love the suit, especially the boutteniere. Two things I have to gripe about however, her neck and mouth. I think her neck looks too thick for her feminine frame, compared to this graphic. Necks aren't usually that thick in comparison to the base of the chin. Her mouth just looks.. off. Too frowny clowny for what seems to be like a person of few expressions. At least to me. The mobster portrait looks nice overall but her neck area is what draws my attention- and not in a good way.

Do you have a blog or Twitter for the game?


The neck is definitely a point of interest in that graphic, if only because we (me too of course) are so used to not seeing hers. While she's definitely stylized a bit, I was looking more to the actual ratio between neck and head size. Her shoulders are actually fairly broad as well so that factors into it. Still, I'm going to remember what you said and get a few more opinions on it to see if it's really a thing I need to fix. Anatomy is definitely not my biggest strength. I just want to make sure it looks universally weird.
Her frown is actually the same as her normal graphic, it's just hard to see under the scarf and in-game because her portrait was shrunken so much to fit.
Look at the original graphic here ( https://my.carbonmade.com/portfolio/projects/5636176 ) and you'll see for yourself she really is such an unhappy person at all times. In any case, she's actually going to get multiple expressions in the future so she won't always look like that.



And fuck me again, yeah I have a blog. Sorry, it's late and I worked like 9 hours today. Retail.

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