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saya no uta
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File: 1398143443918.gif (39.21 KB, 400x467, tumblr_lxvsizKlYe1r8k88ao1….gif)


i thought some of you might be interested in this… it's not funded yet, but it's tentatively scheduled for early 2015 and i really, really hope it happens



not sure how do i feel about this… but certainly cute


File: 1398205451290.gif (872.5 KB, 245x132, yay.gif)

I'm actually interested, even though I can't donate because poor.

It's already at 20k and growing, with 43 days left as of posting this.



Yeah, I'm in the same boat.

It's cool to see it get close to funding so fast, the kickstarter only went up yesterday… wow.


omocat is pretty popular, you know.
in tumblr at least



I realize that


It seems a little hard to get a good idea of the game at this point (aside from being surreal and Earthbound-like), though I definitely like the game's aesthetics and style. Nice to see the Kickstarter already reached its goal.


I like Omocat's art and designs, so I'm pretty interested in this.
>inb4 you have to pay to download/play it


Hey i just realized this is the guy who does those cute Zelda comics, I think he's one of the few tumblr artists people on 4chan don't blindly hate.

More on topic I'm glad his project is going smoothly, Kickstarter breaks my heart because i don't have a credit card and looking at the milestones on the projects I like is fucking painful, that potential that will never be tapped…


Omocat is female


i know what you mean dude. you don't actually need to have a credit card though! some debit cards can be used to purchase online goods. other options too. not that it's helpful without money, heh

just saw the latest update today. i'm happy that her project is going so well!


This game looks pretty awesome. Definitely has an Earthbound/Yume Nikki vibe to it. Combining two of the greats! I wonder how it will turn out.


Okay, I had to get in here to update a few this and cure some bullshit.

Of COURSE you will have to pay for it. You'll have to pay $15 for it, it's comes out on PC/Mac/3DS/PSP, the project was funded for $100,000+ of COURSE you'll have to pay for the full game:

ALMOST ALL debit cards can be used on the internet, people just call debit cards credit cards especially when they don't have them.


File: 1608912690188.jpg (29.1 KB, 450x338, 1608884674931.jpg)

It's out now, and she increased the price to $20.


Does anyone have a non-pozzed (i.e. no custom installer) release of this? I can't believe this is the only one that's out, it can't be too hard to crack it.


Idk what you mean but here's free download


God this game sucked


The game is a pretentious tumblr mess. It tries to appeal to the Earthbound/Yume Nikki/Undertale etc. fans but it's just not good.


Wrong, it was great.


It's pretty good, yeah. The game has a point to make. Associating the real world (then increasingly, the dream world) with horror and unfulfillment as a way to try and translate hikki fear and anxiety is interesting. Haven't played the hikki route yet.
I won't pretend the game, its humour, and its screaming new fans don't alienate groups of people.
That said, it isn't simply trying to "appeal to the Earthbound/Yume Nikki/Undertale etc. fans", though the inspiration is obvious. It has its own ideas to explore and does so in an engaging game world.
25+ hours of content, two routes, lots of secrets, compelling storytelling - give it a go if you're interested. Whether that be buying it full price or discount, downloading a free copy, whatever. Maybe just stay away from the pre-teen population of the fan community.


I heard that a newer version of the game had come out after >>5857
Do you know what the differences are and where it can be downloaded? no spoilers please


The latest version is available on cs rin ru
You need to use a custom patch to run it, the instructions are in the forum thread


File: 1612274394786.jpg (12.11 KB, 326x245, 326px-OMORI_BS1.jpg)

Black space in the Hikki route is absolutely amazing. I love exploring them even tho they give me the creeps.


If anyone is interested, the decryption key for OMORI assets is a7d70260aaebbce74bbbff3194f2b316


Tumblr mess game actually blowing up right now, lots of youtubers are playing it.
Just as expected.


Didn't expect this game to be so good. A part of it made me feel .flow was at least subconsciously in their minds at some point during development.


Half the people I talk to says this game is garbage, the other half is saying it's pretty good. Guess I'll have to play it for myself.


It's not just garbage, it's pretentious tumblr garbage trying too hard to be deep, and the normies who play it started to behave as bad as undertale fans back in the day.


Honestly, I think the game was downright beautiful, I loved every second of it, and I've only played one of the routes so far. Just as with Undertale, I find it was able to deliver what it wanted in an excellent, satisfactory manner, and it is certainly worthy of praise.

While it is kind of unfortunate that it will probably end up attracting an autistic meme fanbase just as Undertale did once muh P*wdiepie and M*rkliplier and whoever else get around to playing it, that is just a retarded cultural phenomenon, and it does not deduct from the game's worth.


how can anyone hate it its like genuinely great so far


you are clinically retarded


File: 1613670133756.png (243.33 KB, 680x709, aaf.png)


i just beat the game, i still don't know what some of you retards are talking about saying it's bad… smh


>Earthbound/Yume Nikki/Undertale
One of these things is not like the other. I'll give you a hint. It's Undertale. Undertale fucking sucks.


imagine thinking one of the greatest RPGs of all time is bad lmao


File: 1616624024746.jpg (120.71 KB, 1034x710, mfw.jpg)

>Grouping Undertale at the same level than Final Fantasy, Diablo, Legend of Zelda, Everquest and World of Warcraft.


You are absolutely right, it is preposterous. Undertale is better than those games.


I don't remember saying EarthBound was bad.


Yeah, his real name is Wrong Board, and he lives in We don't give a fuck about your drama get out.


File: 1616692818279.png (110.05 KB, 409x509, basedtelephone.png)



File: 1619819858335.png (518.55 KB, 703x895, Sunny.png)

I'm shocked seeing people say this game is shit here without any explanation. I thought the game was fantastic. The emotions and follow-ups in combat were really cool, the story was incredibly engaging, and the mystery surrounding how Mari died kept me guessing right up till the end. And the finale was just perfect.
I think this is the best game I've played in years, and the first game I've played since like 2011 that felt like it was made by actual humans.
I'm just surprised that everyone in this thread is just saying
>its shit
without even saying why, other than
>its tumblr garbage
it's like no one here actually played it.


It's shit because it's tumblr garbage


It's not though? Explain.


File: 1619838777932.png (221.89 KB, 474x474, OIP (2).png)

Sure, I'll elaborate on it a little bit, this is basically it in a nutshell, first you have to consider that it's tumblr garbage, thus, making it instantly shit. I hope that clarifies it for you.


Have you even played it? Explain how its garbage.


File: 1619845931388.png (225.26 KB, 474x265, iwonderifhewillrealize.png)

>Have you even played it?
Of course not. I play real games, not pretentious shitty pixel walking simulators, what are you crazy? No one here plays that type of game.

Games about little pixel sprites walking unlocking occassional text boxes, that kind of artsy shit made by people who can't even code or draw at a professional level barely qualifies as a game, it's more like reading a normal text book except you use your keyboard for it and people only play those games to fit in, while in reality they couldn't stand even 10 minutes of those boring ass niky yumes without going back to raging at their League of Legends Iron account.

>Explain how its garbage.

A more detailed explanation would be that the fact that the game is shit makes it Tumblr garbage.


okay nice, so you like to talk about things you know nothing about.
you sound really smart.


File: 1619847106026.png (490.18 KB, 800x737, kudosmyguy.png)

>okay nice, so you like to talk about things you know nothing about.
You are actually right there. Do you need to eat shit to figure out it tastes bad?

>you sound really smart.

Thanks dude I'm glad I can teach you something useful dude. It's good to know you don't need to pretend to like something to be accepted, try playing some Warcraft or Lineage, but stay away from that exp boosted crap server, that's for pussies.


yume nikki is tumblr garbage though


File: 1619879591458.jpg (95.61 KB, 378x364, 1569464274354.jpg)

>says he doesn't play garbage
>tells me to play an MMORPG
holy shit dude lmao


>Games about little pixel sprites walking unlocking occassional text boxes
I'm shocked you can say that unironically on an imageboard dedicated to Yume fucking Nikki, a game where you literally do nothing but walk around and open text boxes.


File: 1619882500148.jpg (331.69 KB, 2467x3149, aw shit here we go again.jpg)

Why are you people replying to an obvious troll… it's really obvious just from this
>Of course not. I play real games, not pretentious shitty pixel walking simulators, what are you crazy? No one here plays that type of game.


Because this place is dead and this is the most active thread in months


File: 1619884149272.jpg (34.86 KB, 441x271, seagal.jpg)

Still got it.


ive been coming here on and off since like 2012 and i can see this is not a website for discussion anymore. this is just a place for people to try to dunk on each other for wanting a discussion.
this place didnt use to be like this, oh well time to move on i guess.


You must be joking, with all the infamous classic threads, Middens, Flux, .fleshchild, Undertale, /cos/, it was a lot worse back in the day and got to it's peak of retardation when Yume Nikki started to get mainstream attention and attract new people, all the hobby funposters and trolls either moved on or grew out of it.

We did have richer discussion despite this however, I give you that.


>Implying World of Warcraft is a bad game
What is that, a counterbait?

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