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saya no uta
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🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

File: 1398143443918.gif (39.21 KB, 400x467, tumblr_lxvsizKlYe1r8k88ao1….gif)


i thought some of you might be interested in this… it's not funded yet, but it's tentatively scheduled for early 2015 and i really, really hope it happens



not sure how do i feel about this… but certainly cute


File: 1398205451290.gif (872.5 KB, 245x132, yay.gif)

I'm actually interested, even though I can't donate because poor.

It's already at 20k and growing, with 43 days left as of posting this.



Yeah, I'm in the same boat.

It's cool to see it get close to funding so fast, the kickstarter only went up yesterday… wow.


omocat is pretty popular, you know.
in tumblr at least



I realize that


It seems a little hard to get a good idea of the game at this point (aside from being surreal and Earthbound-like), though I definitely like the game's aesthetics and style. Nice to see the Kickstarter already reached its goal.


I like Omocat's art and designs, so I'm pretty interested in this.
>inb4 you have to pay to download/play it


Hey i just realized this is the guy who does those cute Zelda comics, I think he's one of the few tumblr artists people on 4chan don't blindly hate.

More on topic I'm glad his project is going smoothly, Kickstarter breaks my heart because i don't have a credit card and looking at the milestones on the projects I like is fucking painful, that potential that will never be tapped…


Omocat is female


i know what you mean dude. you don't actually need to have a credit card though! some debit cards can be used to purchase online goods. other options too. not that it's helpful without money, heh

just saw the latest update today. i'm happy that her project is going so well!


This game looks pretty awesome. Definitely has an Earthbound/Yume Nikki vibe to it. Combining two of the greats! I wonder how it will turn out.


Okay, I had to get in here to update a few this and cure some bullshit.

Of COURSE you will have to pay for it. You'll have to pay $15 for it, it's comes out on PC/Mac/3DS/PSP, the project was funded for $100,000+ of COURSE you'll have to pay for the full game:

ALMOST ALL debit cards can be used on the internet, people just call debit cards credit cards especially when they don't have them.


File: 1608912690188.jpg (29.1 KB, 450x338, 1608884674931.jpg)

It's out now, and she increased the price to $20.


Does anyone have a non-pozzed (i.e. no custom installer) release of this? I can't believe this is the only one that's out, it can't be too hard to crack it.


Idk what you mean but here's free download


God this game sucked


The game is a pretentious tumblr mess. It tries to appeal to the Earthbound/Yume Nikki/Undertale etc. fans but it's just not good.


Wrong, it was great.


It's pretty good, yeah. The game has a point to make. Associating the real world (then increasingly, the dream world) with horror and unfulfillment as a way to try and translate hikki fear and anxiety is interesting. Haven't played the hikki route yet.
I won't pretend the game, its humour, and its screaming new fans don't alienate groups of people.
That said, it isn't simply trying to "appeal to the Earthbound/Yume Nikki/Undertale etc. fans", though the inspiration is obvious. It has its own ideas to explore and does so in an engaging game world.
25+ hours of content, two routes, lots of secrets, compelling storytelling - give it a go if you're interested. Whether that be buying it full price or discount, downloading a free copy, whatever. Maybe just stay away from the pre-teen population of the fan community.

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