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File: 1376187618138.png (1.54 MB, 920x920, Z?games.png)


Post your favourite games


Posting the template might help as well.


File: 1376257421755.png (13.69 KB, 920x920, untitled.PNG)

Sure, here you go.


File: 1376261859173.png (1.28 MB, 920x920, gaens.png)


File: 1376280292403.jpg (312.23 KB, 920x920, videa games.jpg)

This site's also great for making them


File: 1376297973131.jpg (286.07 KB, 912x912, games.jpg)


I didn't have a template, I just found the image on another board. I just image-edited everything based on the dimensions of a cut-out square.

Man I still gotta play Grandia and Star Ocean.
Wind Waker is sweet, but I gave up back then on the fetchings =[ It was neat to take pictures, but I felt too rushed to ever do it.
Is the upper left Knytt Stories, or ??
Also F yeah, EB 4 lyf. I first beat it in like 2009 and have been a fan since.

Sapphire was my pick for Gen III on release. At the time, I didn't like it, and for years I was one of those staunch anti-RSE guys. But then a few years ago, I gave it a chance again, and boy I was wrong. I really like RSE now.
Banjo2ie I haven't gotten into yet, but I own it. Gotta beat Kazooie first! I'm close to finishing Gobi's Valley, currently.
SMT is sweet but I don't know anything about that one.
Also I wish I knew about that site, ha geez.


You have lots of What?s. Explain 'em
I've seen Time Hollow in my DSing, but it looked exceedingly lame to me.
I want to own LSD some day.

Let's all go drink some coffee in Saturn Valley
What is bottom center?
I've been wanting to play a TES game for years but my computers are always sub-par.


File: 1376319915833.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1080, games.png)


File: 1376321868337.png (1.71 MB, 920x920, og.png)


It's Knytt, the precursor to Knytt Stories. And yeah Grandia and Star Ocean 2 are so good. You might wanna use a guide if you play Star Ocean. It's so full of secrets it's insane

Started playing Half-Life again a couple days ago. Was it always this glitchy? Keep getting stuck in the floor and shit


File: 1376366892080.jpg (535.49 KB, 920x920, games.jpg)


I'd probably replayed Sapphire about a billion times since I got it, I found it to be one of the very few Pokemon games I can just sit and replay. There were other options for my Pokemon slot but nothing felt as memorable to me as Sapphire.

The second Banjo game is awesome. I got the N64 late in it's lifetime so I only had that and Pokemon Stadium. For years and played it over and over again (I even had the strategy guide) hoping one day I'd get to play the first game. My dreams were dashed when I finally got to play Banjo Kazooie and it wasn't as fun as Banjo Tooie. I'm sure if I had played them the other way around I would have had a much better time. The bosses in it are just the greatest in my opinion. Then again it also had a dinosaur world so I may be pretty biased there. Swimming's such a massive pain in the butt in the first game whereas it's not at all in the second (you're given extra air bubbles right off the bat). I got stuck in Clinker's cavern because Banjo's a fatass who can't swim to air bubbles to save his life.

As for SMT, I'm still pretty new in it myself. I also feel like I'm 4 steps behind all their games.


Man, I have given up on Clanker, for that EXACT reason. The freakin underwater air bubbles. F those. That'll probly be one of that last levels I 100%.

The SMT I'm playing is Soul Hackers for 3DS, but I've played a couple hours of the earlier 2D ones and I can see myself going back to them.

For me and Pokémon, all of them are fun, but I replay Blue over and over in lots of different ways all year long. GS is my 2nd most played. I need to get on Gen III more, and I want to play Platinum a bunch 'cause I love Platinum.


File: 1376431867577.png (19.26 KB, 640x480, screen3.png)


File: 1376977542447.png (1.02 MB, 935x935, hmmmmmmmmmm.png)

these things always take me way too long, also nevermind the fact that i've been putting off playing certain classics for YEARS, very ashamed.


It's fun how you can tell a person's age by their favourite games.


Hmmm, care to guess my age then? I'm >>2728


File: 1377012623452.png (881.26 KB, 920x920, BestGam.png)

How old am I?


File: 1377012912003.jpg (255.19 KB, 920x920, 3x3.jpg)


Here's a site to easily create 3x3's.

Also why aren't you people rating? x/y. x = games of the person's you like and y = games of the person's you've played.

9/9 would eat snacks and play games with OP


File: 1377015240146.jpg (331.65 KB, 920x920, sukina geemu.jpg)

I tried to limit this to games I've actually played. I couldn't decide if it was just favorite games in general.
I wish I could have played so many more games.



3/1 or 3/0

5/1 or 5/0

4/1 or 4/1






File: 1377021752739.jpg (292.4 KB, 920x920, Favorite Games.jpg)

Took a bit for me to pin it down to 9, since I have enough favorites that I could easily make another 4 or 5 of these lists, though I guess I was able to list most of my absolute top favorites. There are a couple I really wish I could've included though, like Phoenix Wright.

Here are my ratings for the others lists, as well (It's just the number of games we like / number of games we played, right?):












I notice I generally seem to like more than the amount I've played. I guess it's cause I either played other games in the series, or heard/saw enough of the game that I know I'd like them if I actually get around to playing them someday.



some of these opinions are literally irrational


File: 1377064737033.jpg (297.36 KB, 916x916, drr.jpg)

a selection of favorites

left off tie fighter, doom, yume nikki, super metroid, a few more I return to regularly


Which ones?

>4/1 or 4/1
was probably a typo of
>4/1 or 4/0
which I put because I don't know if sitting watching someone play a game and only actually playing it for a few minutes while they're taking a piss break counts as playing.



well I was trying for a math joke but being tired and stoned and not having taken a math class for a long time = misremembering the definition of an irrational number

so, your opinions are



File: 1377554506617.gif (919.39 KB, 272x181, 1373086452044.gif)

>so, your opinions are

High school math class finally pays off.



for real


3x3 grids should have your fave game per genre.


File: 1628990003269.png (1.24 MB, 902x903, Untitled.png)

It would be better as 4x4, 3x3 isn't enough


Do a 4x4 then.


rare remember 11 chad


File: 1642265870888.png (2.97 MB, 1350x1350, 3x3 best games.png)

Here is mine. I kind of grew up as one of those kids that endlessly played Call of Duty and rarely anything else. I missed out on so many great experiences and I am trying into them as best as I can. (Just an explination on why mine lacks varity.)


File: 1642630969698.png (1.41 MB, 920x920, Untitled.png)

some of these i feel are incorrect but i couldn't really think of anything else

might be a bit of a boring list but a lot if not most of these games are things I grew up with as a child


File: 1661704106271.jpg (450.87 KB, 920x920, mosaicb24de297571060db0d45….jpg)

Honourable mentions to Splatoon 2, GTA5, Fire emblem: Genealogy of the holy war, VA-11 Hall-A, PMD3&4, Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations, Manjoras mask and probably alot of other stuff i'm forgetting. If you asked on a different day, it'd probably be different.

3/3, but I really want to play TWEWY.


I didn't bother counting games I like but have never played for the ratings.


File: 1692229580928.png (581.34 KB, 580x624, 3x3.PNG)

their are some very frequently recurring games in this thread (cave story, mother trilogy), as expected on a yume nikki imagebaord


File: 1692249085571.png (412.21 KB, 500x500, 3x3 Ultimate.png)


File: 1696122216486.png (764.01 KB, 860x860, chart.png)

is towelket 1 a good place to start? ive heard good things abt the spinoffs but idk if theyre better w the context of the ogs or anything


The playing order is a bit weird. The first game is actually 3. The thread for it here should have the playing order for it. The rest is my just my opinion but the first three mainline games, 2 and 1 especially, are good and worth playing. After that it becomes hit or miss with more misses than hits until the spinoffs where the quality starts to go back up again. As for your question about the spinoffs you don't HAVE to play the mainline first since the story isn't connected, but it's generally recommended that you do so since there are references and stuff you'll miss out on if you don't. Though unless you know Japanese the only spinoff you'll be able to play is Nekoashi-Otome since that's the only one with a translation.

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