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saya no uta
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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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What an adorable, innocent game! Just what I needed after .flow, a cute happy game with a totally sane protagonist.


>What an adorable, innocent game! Just what I needed after .flow, a cute happy game with a totally sane protagonist.

For some reason, reading that was absolutely horrifying.


Getting Eversion vibes just for reading that, OP


I refuse to play anything that has anything to do with kickstarter.
The fact that someone themselves try to sell their own humour as fantastic is another big no-no.


I played that one a couple days ago, and really enjoyed it; It gave me some pretty strong Earthbound vibes throughout. The soundtrack was pretty great, as well.

While the current release is only a demo, it tells a complete enough story that it feels like a short game with the possibility for more, rather than a simple teaser.


>Oh hey this is fun
>Completes demo

T-that's not what I wanted to happen at all ;o;

I'm looking forward to this game though. Maybe I'll play the demo a few more times to get the hang of avoiding things in combat because I suck at that geez.

Wait Toby Fox as in Homestuck's Toby Fox?! O: Welp looks like I'm double sold!


Looks like you haven't read the guide that comes with the game yet. Go and do it, the folder is in the game's directory.


Oh….well gee
salt in wounds ._.

It's alright I did the same thing in OFF I didn't even try to go easy on Hugo or the Elsen who asked for help even after I realized they did nothing but defend I am truly the biggest monster


File: 1372333150829.jpg (85.5 KB, 600x476, 1336331849408.jpg)


yeah, how dare they try to make money off of something they created

those PRICKS


It's not so much them trying to make money from it, it's them using the shithole that is kickstarter to do it. Also this particular faggot has his moneyhogging kickstarter shit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE IN THE BIGGEST TEXT POSSIBLE. The page is basically saying: GIVE ME MONEY.


i like how he says: "the money will be put in my blood so i will shit out the game" a not so clever way to say: give me money so i can buy whatever, and be jobless, yay.

fucking scamming shit. This is what independent game dev has become. People robbing money out of gullible fucks, and then SELLING their shitty pixel retro bullcrap, instead of actual dedication.

The only guy i seem to like is the one who made maldita castilla. Dude's making games for free. That guy is a hero compared to those scammers.(I AM A BITTER HUMAN BEING AND PEOPLE BEING SUCCESSFUL ANGERS ME)


File: 1372344914634.gif (332.91 KB, 289x149, stop.gif)


At what point did he force you to look at his site/give him money? That's terrible, you should tell the police


I'm just giving my opinion. The whole reason he made this game is obviously so he could fool gullible people into giving him money. Just look at the site and the kickstarter. He could have made this game with maybe at most 100$. The fact that the FOCUS is getting you to give him money is what annoys me.

If the kickstarter page was some text at the bottom, that would be fine. As it is now every single post on his twitter and tumblr has his kickstarter page linked and the kickstarter text takes up 50% of the fucking page for the game.
Stuff like that makes me instantly dislike the game, and I would honestly not be able to enjoy the game no matter how good it was.
It just strikes me as so fucking greedy.


He might be greedy, and people who give him money might be gulliable, but I wouldn't call it "fooling them into it." They're well aware that they're giving money to a person who makes games that probably don't need much money to make. They just want to support him. Do you honestly think most of game/art in general kickstarters actually need $100k or whatever the goal is to make? No, they do not. Some people like throwing money at the screen. And that's completely fine. It's kind of like the people who download someone's songs illegally but then buy them anyway just to support the musician. Is there a need for it? No. It's their choice.


I wouldn't mind this if he at least was somewhat subtle about it. Having it plastered everywhere to the point that it is in bigger text than even the games title isn't very subtle.



>I wouldn't mind him being "so fucking greedy" if he was more subtle about it

Uh, what?

>"The fact that the FOCUS is getting you to give him money is what annoys me."

You do realize that the entire point of putting something on Kickstarter is to get money for it, don't you? The very first sentence on the What Is Kickstarter page is, "Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects."


I can't even count how many times I've seen someone knock Kickstarter by saying something like "all they care about is money". No shit, Sherlock, that is literally the entire reason Kickstarter exists.


I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say here.
The reason I dislike this is because I get the feeling the only reason this person made this game is so he could put it on kickstarter, and plaster the kickstarter link in the biggest possible text everywhere he ever mentions something about the game.

What I dislike is the over-the-top greed displayed by making the kickstarter link bigger than even the games title, and shitting out links to the kickstarter whenever he mentions his game.
It's like giving him money is more important than enjoying the game, or even remembering the title of the game.

You can disagree if you want, and praise the demo or whatever, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I lost any will to play the demo when I saw it.



The kickstarter button wasn't even there until a couple days ago, and the game was out a good week or so before that. There was still the "Store" button linking to bandcamp where you can dish out $5 for the soundtrack, though that same page also has the whole soundtrack available to listen to.

It seems to me that the Kickstarter campaign only came about after the developer noticed all the popularity the game was getting, along with people apparently asking how they can support the game's development. Even if that's not the case though, an initial goal of $5000 with the promise of increased focus on the game's development and an overall better game doesn't seem unreasonable to me. The lower goal of $5000 also makes me think he didn't expect to get as much willing donors as he did; Kickstarter campaigns don't pay out a single cent if you don't meet the goal in 30 days, so unless you have a ton of buzz from the getgo, raising awareness and getting word of mouth going can be the difference between success and failure; a slightly bigger "kickstarter" button and a couple posts about it on the related Twitter and Tumblr page is pretty minor compared to how far some people go with it.

Anyway, feel free to disagree if you want; It doesn't seem like you want to endlessly argue, and I'd rather see this thread get back to discussion on the game itself, anyway.


It's amazing how money riles people up.


I have a feeling that more important than money is the fact that we don't have much of a derivative works culture in the West. Perhaps we may conceive of "wanting money" as breaking the relationship between fans and the creator, but there wasn't really much of a relationship in the first place since fans are merely consumers, mostly. In Japan, where there is a strong derivative works culture, everything plays out much differently.


File: 1372380882014.gif (221.61 KB, 461x280, spiderman.gif)

…Yeah, I'd recommend playing it again, maybe try doing things a little differently. Just sayin' ;)

>maybe at most 100$
Games take time. Like, a *lot* of time. Something like the demo he released isn't going to be done in anywhere near the 1.5 days that $100 implies, assuming minimum wage- and that's a tiny demo vs. an entire game.

I feel like there's anger because there exist people who put their games out into the world for free. But not everyone can afford to do that, and some people want compensation for their work. It's honestly kind of crazy that we're living in a world where that can be considered to be a bad thing.


I eventually did just that and was very, very surprised at what lay before me that the game would know that I went back to not kill her this time

Also just putting it out there, free games don't put food on the table and pay for rent. Some people can afford to make games in their free time but not everybody can. He never demanded everybody give him unreasonable amounts of money. $10 is what it costs if you just want the game; that's practically pocket change when it comes to these things which I remind you that games are technically considered a luxury item. Despite what people seem to think you don't need video games to survive. If people want to support the artist by donating more then cool more support to them. Many artists already don't get the money due to them that they deserve due to pirating anyway.


I don't get it. If you don't want to pay, you could probably pirate the game at some point after its release, anyway. We are on the internet.
Anyway, I really like this. The amount of things you can do differently and the possibilities make it seem pretty promising. OP post made me suspect it was going to be another gorefest, but it just made me want to cry.
Also, I turned off the lamp in the protagonist's room, left and came back in several times just to see if there were any obvious YN references.


Haha, me too :P


I don't know what he could do with the full game that would top what's in that demo


So, as for the ending… Do you have to kill her the first time around? I was going to weaken her and then use spare but I suddenly did some sort of critical hit and did like 5x more damage than usual ;_;



To answer your question…

It's possible to avoid killing her the first time, and if you do so, you'll get a slightly different outcome when meeting Flowey at the end. The reason you were unable to was cause you went about not killing her in the wrong way.



this game looks cool…might give it a play


Assuming you're not trolling you definitely should, despite what people here are gonna say. It's a great little game, there's a reason it's so well loved.


I finally got around to playing this last month, after somehow not spoiling myself this whole time. It is actually one of the best games I have ever played. The hype is well-deserved.

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