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File: 1371020920086.png (51.7 KB, 391x292, vivi.png) ImgOps Google


I couldn't find the Pokemon Thread from before, so pardon me.

But… I can't be the only one that saw this, right? That and the color scheme reminds me of Madotsuki, or alternatively Princess Peach. Or, you know, the new Fairy-type.


Horrible, only 151.


Shut up, nostalgiafag.

I'm looking forward to it, OP. That's a neat little find. Do you think they'll keep adding more types for normal Pokemon or at least keep some around?


I'll be disappointed if they don't give Fairy-type to the Clefairy family.


File: 1371108418220.png (518.27 KB, 433x418, lovable fat oaf, smart coc….PNG) ImgOps Google

but of course they're giving fairy type to the clefairy family. it's just about guaranteed.

well, this isn't the thread for nostalgia-goggled guys like you. find a different one, or make your own i guess.

fairy was needed because dragon didn't have enough weaknesses. i highly doubt there's going to be a second type, though. i like fairy anyway, i expect some cute pokemon and a few evil ones because the fae of folklore weren't purely of sunshine and lollipops. (technically, they never really were, modernization made them cute little sprites and innocent little elves)

anyway, a popular kid's magazine known for pokemon reveals got leaked, this time around it doesn't seem like we're getting "proper" rivals, but a bunch of kids that we meet at the beginning that seem to go on an adventure of their own. that's what my guess is, anyway. also some new pokemon

pic related for the kid part, i think the girl is adorable.


The kids are pretty adorable, all in their own way.
These are going to be long 4 months.


It's not a fairy type though. It has to be unintentional but I can't unsee it. I always associate Earthbound and Pokemon and Yume Nikki because Pokemon was influenced heavily by Earthbound and the same with Yume Nikki.

I stopped playing when Platinum came out and I started again the past year or so with Soul Silver and now Black and White. The character and Pokemon designs seem a lot more charming to me than Black/White although I did really enjoy those games. I never followed news on new Pokemon though.

The new Fairy type and Mewtwo has me excited and nostalgic. It reminds me of when rumours about Mewthree were out waaay back in red/blue days. I'm really excited. Especially to see all the rare shiny pokemon and Pokemon I've raised become 3d!


File: 1371405461740.jpg (205.29 KB, 500x510, 366cba5378b277f37d094da163….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

X/Y has everything I ever wanted in a Pokemon game as a kid.

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