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saya no uta
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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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It looks like vgperson has translated another game! This one is called "Re:Kinder".

It's a freeware horror game by Parun (Horafuki Yokochou) made in RPG Maker VX. It's a remake of Kinder, originally released in 2003 with RPG Maker 2003.

You can get the full description and download at: http://vgperson.com/games/rekinder.htm


File: 1369357955014.png (412.4 KB, 500x383, tumblr_mmv3v0w18I1r679kno1….png)

Also, a thing about the author, Parun. vgperson posted this on her tumblr the other day.

"It wasn’t really apparent looking at his site, but… Parun left us two years ago. On September 10th, 2011, he jumped to his death from the ninth floor of his apartment.

His suicide was not publicly known until his father told an online friend of Parun’s several months later and gave him permission to post about it.

…I’m not really sure what else to say, so I won’t say it."


This game was pretty interesting. The game's kinda weird in how goofy and comedy-like it can be can sometimes be in some rather serious situations; there's a good deal of black humor in there, though some of it was more offbeat and unexpected; I think it works in its favor in the end though especially after you find out more about Yuuichi.

I also really liked how the battles were kind of puzzle-like, and that there were a lot of ways in which your friends could potentially die.

The game has three different endings as well; all were interesting and distinct enough that I'd suggest getting them all. details on how to get each ending here, if you're curious:



I read that as well; that was rather disappointing to hear.




that makes the elements ofd ealing with depression in kinder extra depressing to me. shit.


another thing i need to ask:
is yuuichi also gay?? or was the creator perhaps gay? or was this game a shout out to anyone who could have used someone to be kinder to them, such as a gay or effeminate male child?
im just curious, I really like this game and this would honestly make me like it more.


If Parun was gay, I don't have any idea what to think about the Ni-chome Mama ending, because everything about that ending comes off as a total joke.

I'm also not sure how much you can make much of the "Yuuichi wants to be reborn as a princess" thing, as much as I'd like to believe Parun was going for something there.

It may be worth pointing out that apparently the whole prince and princess plot didn't exist in the original Kinder. It also had much less absurdity and black humor; I haven't played/seen it, but it sounds like a much more "typical" horror game.


i'd hate it if he only played it up to make a joke hm.. i just thought it would have been sweet in a way, as a homo butt myself. but it sounds more like this person was going for a big fat joke instead.


What's wrong with jokes? I don't believe this game is attempting to be homophobic.


This game is depressing shit. Especially factoring in the author's suicide.

Maybe Parun just wanted somebody to save him. just like yuuichi



Tumblr does it again!
Fucking faggots.

Back on topic, where do I find a match that doesn't crumble?


i didnt really read it as homophobic either, but, people like me are always the butt of jokes, so it would have been nice for a decently made, inetresting thing to represent people like me in a slightly more sympathetic matter
gay people exist outside of the internet too. are you 13?? its okay you'll grow up some day.


I didn't like Re:Kinder. I think it was Yuuichi's ham-handed evilness that killed it for me.


Tumblr made "muh sexuality" a prominent thing, geez. Do you even think? Probably not, too busy whining about gay jokes a good portion of gay community gives no fucks about.

I don't wanna consult the walkthrough just yet.


It's right across from the bottle of tequila, I think.


I liked it. The weird, black humor sort of matched the whole "childish and dark" theme of the game. The dialogue and slightly "off" characters also honestly made it seem like the type of game a traumatized, heavily depressed child would make, which sort of made the entire thing more…poignant, too. Or maybe I just think that because I can kind of relate to Yuuichi, I dunno.
Also, I think Yuuichi probably is gay, or maybe Parun was. The "I love Takeru but we're both boys" message in one of the buildings didn't really sit right as "just a joke" IMO.


I find it odd that someone who has such a difficult time communicating is accusing others of being young.


im sorry, i didnt realize i had to be part of some homo hivemind. ill try not to have individual thoughts or feelings ever again.
how am i having a difficult time communicating?
is it because my punc. and spelling isnt perfect?? i dont really consider that a sign of a lack of intelligence and inexperience, but someone accusing another person of being a 'tumblr faggot' for bringing up an issue and acting like the desire to be equally represented and respected is some kind of new thing that only exists on the internet is pretty stupid and shows an extreme lack of knowledge of history and how the world even works.

but i forgot that this is the internet, of course real people dont exist on the internet and of course these ideas never have any effects ever on anyone outside the internet.

keep living your 13 year old dreams. keep living in fear of the world changing and you having to grow up.


Calm down, your newness is blinding.


I wasn't even the one who called you a tumblr faggot.
Now you're just being accusatory and silly. Quit trying to defend yourself on an anonymous bulletin board. You're nameless and we can only tell who you are because you're the only one here who can't type.
Suck it up, type like you know English (even if it ain't your native language) and offer ideas that pertain outside of your own little life. We're all anonymous because we don't care about individual ideals, we just want to talk about certain things without people's egos and personal bullshit getting in the way and yours is.
You may not be a tumblr faggot, but you're certainly a faggot.

Now talk about the game instead of responding to me with some weak strawman accusations since you can't even form a good defense for your own choices.



Your a focking bewb!

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