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saya no uta
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File: 1367461971374.jpg (70.68 KB, 339x502, capture20.jpg)


Hello Uboachan, this is my new game, it's a survival, it's about Samanta, a rookie soldier trying to survive an invasion from a very superior race.

The story is a prequel of my first project, however this game is very different, here items are very important to survive and I managed to correct my errors from that project.

Here's a small beta with the general idea of the game, I need some opinions, thank you.



File: 1367462043694.jpg (64.79 KB, 638x471, capture87.jpg)

Some screenshots


File: 1367462073959.jpg (69.4 KB, 632x477, capture92.jpg)


File: 1367462573332.png (1.12 KB, 320x240, youdied.png)

PS: You will die; a lot.


File: 1367508149311.jpg (100.96 KB, 634x478, CUNT.jpg)

Well that was short… I'm interested good survival atmosphere
>calling byclops a meganeko


Nice "die every 5 minutes" concept, make more deaths, the music gave me eargasm



Ah, so it's one of those games…

I guess I'm not downloading this then. Thanks for the warning.


File: 1367623583951.jpg (80.67 KB, 636x474, cap046.jpg)

Short but sweet.
This asshole cuts me in half all the time


File: 1367631570540.jpg (248.88 KB, 800x573, 1346453152068.jpg)

look at your hand


File: 1368580584475.jpg (93.96 KB, 636x472, capture110.jpg)

First release!
Path of Humanity 0.00 full version

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?iyy87fsy96nacf4

I updated a website, it has a walktrough: http://pathofhumanity.yolasite.com/

Path of Humanity is a survival game, the main character is Samanta, a rookie soldier sent to fight an inwinnable war against a superior race of invaders, here to anihilate the human race because of a divine order, wich declares humanity as an evil race.

With her friend Seki, she will discover the reasons of the invasion and the human conspiration behind the situation.

Hope you like it, give some feedback, thanks.


>0.00 full version


With full I meant the game being extended until the first ending, I posted a very small demo some time ago and they may think it's the same 0.00 file, maybe I should have used the word extended or revised.


I had a problem with mediafire, I'm uploading it again today


File: 1368640184854.jpg (107.4 KB, 634x476, pathofhumanity_sam.jpg)

You can donwload it here:


Thank you very much lta


The plot to your game looks like ass, I hope the gameplay makes up for it.


I hope it does… About the plot, this game is a prequel of my other game, so it's a small part of another story mr. stage


File: 1368817986292.jpg (208.45 KB, 708x680, dunkie.jpg)

It can't be THAT bad.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.


Played it for a while the plot is pretty ass man. There's a severe lack of world building. Yes I understand it's a gaiden, but even then there's still substantial lack of world building. There's also craploads of spelling mistakes too. The graphics could use some tweaking as well. Unless you want to keep them simple I could give you a hand with character sprites. If you want to of course. There's also a bug in that home base world hub that lets me run up the face of a building. The gamemechanics are alright but the gameplay itself can be abysmal at times, the enemy AI is damn near unresponsive at times. Also the "boss" you encounter after downloading data from a computer has an extremely poor way of telegraphing his attacks. Poor telegraphing of attacks is just poor game design in general. It makes the player rely on rhythm instead of recognizing patterns and then applying what he recognizes to his attacks towards the enemy. The music is alright, a bit cliche but nothing too offensive.

Also during the sneaking mission something really bugged me. And that's the fact that the suppressor on the gun completely silences the gun. That's not how it works, even home made suppressors are still loud when compared to off the shelf ones you buy.

Link below is very related if you don't believe me, it's a video of a off the shelf suppressor versus an oil filter suppressor.



Well let's see.
>World building
I'm guilty, still working on that
>Sprites and gameplay
I wanted to maintain the sprites and art in general simple, however about the boss patterns I didn't want to make them intuitive, I want them to move in cold patters you dodge with rythm and timing, maybe I just double them for the next version.
>suppressor on the gun completely silences the gun
That's not true, but yes there's a problem with the volume of the "shoot", I forgot about that, I just have to increase the volume in relation of the music and other sounds, thanks I forgot completely.

Anyway you made some good points there, thanks for playing and testing, I'll make some changes based in your post.


>Chesir and Rindre
I deleted the folder, give me my 85 mb


File: 1368887073030.gif (377.22 KB, 245x220, tumblr_mklusqlEXG1qb4mxmo3….gif)

From all the foolish arguments, from all the stupid things I could expect as anonymous critics…
>2 names

This thread is not about how jealous you are of those people, it's about a videogame, I don't want personal drama ITT, also, if you have to indirectly and anonymously attack them in a thread of a game wich barely has their names listed as beta testers you're a total coward, just that makes them(or anyone) better than you.


Sam is annoying as shit but adorable


File: 1368895674877.png (7.37 KB, 234x218, dumb_face.png)




>>I wanted to maintain the sprites and art in general simple

Have you seen Metal Gear Ghost Babel's sprites? I can easily make something like that for you. Well at least I think I can churn it out fast enough for you to implement.

>>however about the boss patterns I didn't want to make them intuitive,

Well I didn't say anything about intuitive. I just said that they telegraph their patterns poorly.

>>I want them to move in cold patters you dodge with rythm and timing

That's fine and all but the problem is that you die in one hit in this game. If the character had a health bar it wouldn't be problematic since you count the time intervals between each hit. But as of right now it just comes off as cheap and relatively unpredictable. One way you can make the characters remain cold, but still have a pattern that players can pick up on is by having them unsheathe their weapon really quickly. It still requires them to time their moves and it's not like your generic flashing lights or heavy lifting seen in your common vidya. It's cliche, but so is the stereotypical ronin standoff style attacks you have them preform anyhow.

>>That's not true

Might as well be since the AI doesn't react to it, have her knife them instead, or tonfa baton them or something. If you want this game to be about survival and immersive you gotta make a few leaps and bounds for realism here.

Also making a few gifs today to back up my animating claims.


File: 1369246973762.jpg (48.07 KB, 429x263, capture43.jpg)


>That's fine and all but the problem is that you die in one hit in this game.

mmm, you're right there, I actually made a lifebar (see pic), it was just a silly first test when I started, but now I think I'll include some system like that.

>knife,tonfa etc

Stealing this, thanks

>Have you seen Metal Gear Ghost Babel's sprites?

Ah yes now I understand your point, I'm making lot's of changes in graphics so it might be a good idea, well, if you want you could give me an example of your authorship, you're giving me good material to work with and I'm curious. I'm planning to change graphics drastically in general for the next version. I want to make something similar to the old survivals, thank you for your suggestions, this is helping a lot.


File: 1369277564440.jpg (210.56 KB, 642x966, path_of_humanity_game.jpg)

I started the changes in the general look, here's the title screen, the sub menus look similar, the background moves, what do you think?


I am sorry but this looks kind of like a sock puppet muahahaha


That's practically what they all are until I start adding touches and start incrementing the FPS. Nothing more but a puppete I can work from, not a final product.



They look pretty okay for a mock up right now. But if you're going to try to participate can you not saturate the thread with your progress? Link the pics on Tinypic or something from now on you know?


Bal, I really like the idea of a survival game, but sadly I haven't been able to give this a try yet due to a shitty Internet connection. How can I imagine the gameplay to be? Sort of a Demonophobia with lots of death, or more in the directions of Contra with lots of death?
Samantha looks really cute, too.


I agree with this person.. and quite frankly, I'm not sure why you are posting those images in the first place…?


File: 1369323260609.png (7.43 KB, 600x400, sorry massah over 9000 hou….png)

I'm sorry massah's, last pic I post here. Rest of my progress will be on tiny pic and linked here.


Just posted the gifs here to show Balthasar that I can do animating and show him my progress… But nah I agree with you guys, into the tiny pic links it goes. Going to try to delete my other images if I can and link them instead.


Me trying to see how the mock up looks like walkin
The walking cycles used to make the animation

I can easily downscale this and increase the fps, but I want Balthasar to give me the sprites he used to animate character movements. That way when I scale it down it's actually up to scale with the rest of the game.


Noooo don't change Samanta's look are you drunk?




Not going to, I'm not even Balthasar. What I want to do with his approval is make the animation more fluid. But to improve the animation I need Balthasar's sprites so I can scale down the test sprites I made. That's if he wants to give me a shot at it of course. The art style is okay, it's just that he got the perspective wrong on her forehead along with other characters who use the same pose.


File: 1369329762301.jpg (202.28 KB, 638x920, capture111.jpg)

Let's see…

Well it's an item-oriented survival game, for example to pass this area you have to use both a fire extinguisher and key card, sometimes you have to use other itmes to lock doors and sometimes choosing the wrong way leads to a unavoidable death, there's also the desition system, wich I'm planning to make with time limit.
This is the first version so I have to polish things a little, I need a better introduction to the situation, but it has the idea.

Sam smiles :J

Sure, I'll upload it.

All of this is beta discussion don't worry :j I'll analyze various options before changing her look, I'd probably end just polishing the actual sprite with better colors maybe.


File: 1369329910834.png (3.7 KB, 288x256, POH_SAMANTA.png)

This is Sam's sprite most of the time


File: 1369331949113.gif (45.31 KB, 600x400, sam's head anatomy.gif)

Here, this is what I mean by her forehead being wrong. Since this is directly related to this thread I'll post the gif here. I like her design and would never suggest Balthasar to ever change it.


Thanks man, I'll get some walking and running cycles for you done by today or midnight.


Thanks Sage01


File: 1370137778201.jpg (315.43 KB, 980x1260, pathofhumanity_screenshots.jpg)

New update, lots of changes in this game, what's new:

>New graphics, not a very drastic change, but better looking in general

>Title screen/sub screens changed, also the menu system
>More continuous danger
>Sam now uses a tonfa
>New shooting system in certain areas (see last image) in those situations you have a limited time to eliminate the target/s before they kill you

Some screenshots in this image

Path of Humanity 0.01 - Download



File: 1370280406128.jpg (158.99 KB, 333x500, TiteKubo.jpg)

The little girl part…
you did it again.
Congratz, tite kubo. I enjoyed your trolling. When is coming the asshole version?


the first one looks like stocking anarchy, downloading anyway


I don't even…


Played some of it, it's entertaining, I will finish it later, but I think it's very hard…
>the first one looks like stocking anarchy
I lol'd, if she were more cartoon-ish


File: 1370394571339.jpg (10.96 KB, 251x201, stocking.jpg)


File: 1370395785687.png (38.97 KB, 400x305, pathofhumanity_03.png)

I don't see your point, she doesn't look like that, really

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