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Not CoD of course, I'm meaning more cult classics. I'm heavily biased to older western so I'll list some classics as well as some lesser known new games in the hope that someone might find this useful.

Deus Ex series
Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines
Fight or flee and occasionally talk you way out of things. I remember quadrupling my money in Invisible War by rigging a genetic mutant gambling match by breaking into the champion's apartment and giving him a little lead.

System Shock 2
STALKER series
Metro 2033
Atmospheric shooters, some with stats
Specialising in creeping dread, early ammo stress and very few jump scares.

Geneforge series
One of the few CRPGs to maintain the trinity of the speak/sneak/slay from tabeltop RPGs. Be dropped into a world controlled by a secretive totalitarian regime able to mainpulate biology. Interesting themes. You WILL get attached to the little creatures you raise and summon. Put your points into either combat or pacifist skills, you won't be effective if you try to be a hybrid. Damn amusing writing with a branching plot.

Star Wolves 3
3D real time space combat with pause. Take you mothership, load it with fighters and complete a branching plot. Likeable Eastern European tropes are the pilots of your fighters, each with a full character class to upgrade. Make sure to get the ability that increases the player character's awareness to unlock more dialogue options, it once saved me from having to suicide my mothership. Can be quite hard at times.

Divinity 2
It gets both RPGs because it plays like a 3D diablo but you can resolve quests in multiple ways with conversation. Mindreading is a welcome alternative to the standard "speechcraft". The writing is genuinely funny with references to everything from the Ginyu Force to Terminator.

Alpha Protocol
Wildly branching conspiracy theory plot can almost be taken as a social commentary of current events. Manipulate the fuck out of everyone including taking bribes from terrorists and fucking them over anyway. Spike the cocaine in Russia, just do it. Easy mode is pistols with chain shot.

Hitman: Bloodmoney
It gets adventure because it's got heavy elements of "find this and use it on this". Sneak into a house, steal some chloroform and lace a little girls panties to knock out a panty sniffing guard. Strangle people as a clown. If you're using a gun you're missing the majority of the game. Play only if you have patience.

Mechwarrior 2 and expansions
Slower paced than Japanese mech sims, drawing elements from flight simulators. The best opening cutscenes you will see in a game from the last millennium. Play keyboard only, the way God intended.

Escape Velocity series
Top down shooting /space trading
Take a cargo ship and strap an afterburner to it. Trade in stuffed knup-knups and stock up on drop-bear repellent. Dominate entire planets in hour long sieges. A worthy successor to Star Control 2

Feel free to suggest anything you think I'd enjoy. I want to hear about the random shit you've never even had a chan board conversation about.

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