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File: 1350951932370.png (205.02 KB, 500x375, photo.png)


Irisu Syndrome general, because this game is creepy as fuck.


I hate to be a naysayer, but

oh who am I kidding, I love being a naysayer. this game was exceptionally uninteresting. the only cool thing about it was using the game files themselves as a part of the story (generating photos, text logs, etc). the puzzle part was boring and the the plot was dumb and trite


It's been some months since finding out about the game. Still too disgusted to play it.

I've had a sizable part of Irisu spoiled for me, but there are still things I don't know. Like what exactly happens in Metsu. One day I will play it.

I love the music in this little game, btw. Very calm and relaxing. Goess well with all the fucked up shit going on in your head, I guess. I love to put it on my headphones as I take a stroll outside.

Also, that fag on the right in OP's picture. Kojima… Oujima… Uujima… Whatever his name was. I'm not going to ask what is wrong with him, because we all have our own little follies, but… ugh. Why.

>the plot was dumb and trite

I'm still impressed by how plausible the story sounds. Real life is dumb and trite. I really like little touches such as using cough syrup as a recreative drug - cough meds often contain dextromethorphan, which is a dissociative drug and its effects mesh pretty well with Irisu's behavior patterns.

However, if Irisu is so socially awkward and generally introverted, how does she manage at university? I have problems talking to people and I failed my first year twice. Although I hear Japan is the land of many pathologies connected with education and work. Maybe she just studies really hard whenever not doing drugs because of constant pressure from her family and peers, or something.


File: 1351962920014.jpg (45.54 KB, 640x480, kasiwa00.jpg)

Anyone here happened to play "Ai to Yuuki to Kashiwamochi"?

It's another puzzle game made by the creator of Irisu Syndrome, and I know it's supposed to have some sorta similar horror-like twist, though I don't know what it is, cause the game crashes for me as soon as I make a single combo.

you can download the game here:

and there seems to be an unfinished translation patch here (hard for me to test when I can barely play the game):


I'm the fag who made that hugeass post above yours. Yeah, Ai to Yuuki I actually played. The twist comes after playing the game 10 times. The game changes ever so slightly after every attempt. You don't notice the changes at first, but they become more and more evident. And on the 11th attempt, something unexpected happens.

It's like a much lighter and softer version of Irisu. And also shorter. Unlike Irisu, this game is hard as fuck. It's a Bejeweled clone with insane time limits.

With a translation patch in the works, it might actually be worth playing and raging over. Although it really has very little plot going on for it, it seems.



So I tried to get in the Bunny Witch's shoes today. Sounds corny as fuck. Anyway, I bought the dry cough syrup. Supposedly the thing she took en masse because of lolasthma. Should have bought more if I wanted to get on her level, but drugs are no joke. Had to invest some hours to read up about DXM on Erowid to make sure I don't accidentally kill myself. I purposely overdosed the syrup to get to what is called the "first plateau", or the lightest stage of DXM intoxication. Obviously Irisu went much farther than that, as she mentioned drinking many bottles a day. I'm not sure if anyone wants to spend ten hours just looking at the ceiling, though.

It is said that you might experience closed-eye hallucinations upon getting enough DXM in your blood to get you to the "second plateau". Obviously I'm not doing that yet but I'd like to eventually. You remember what Irisu wrote in her diary, don't you? The entire puzzle part is just her hallucinating while tripping.


Anyway, DXM makes you appreciate music more, it seems to me. The soundtrack to the game sounds great right now. It is so slow and warm. Oh, the hidden depths. Going where Irisu once went makes you understand both her and the game more. I'm fairly sure the maker of the game went there him/herself.

Also, fucking nasty diarrhoea. And the syrup tastes HORRIBLE. That sick bitch. DXM might cause psychotic breaks and is a pretty bad idea if you're emotionally unstable/not in a good mood. I consider myself slighly unhinged, so you'd better appreciate what I did for you, Irisufags.


i dont know why anyone would appreciate what you did as no one asked and using cough syrup as a drug is so common, there is a genre of rap music, based in atlanta, that centers around capturing the feeling of being on cough syrup. They could probably google "what is using cough syrup like" and get the same information that you wasted your time gathering.


I blew it anyway. I re-read the story and it mentions ephedrine and codeine, not dextromethorpan.


First off, the game.
The full english patch.
Second, if you're horribly colorblind like me this helps a lot on Metsu (Where the colors are kinda muted)

Probably got the bad ending (If you can't even score above 20k)

>I've had a sizable part of Irisu spoiled for me
I thought i'd seen all of it too, even got to 100 on metsu by pure chance before i'd unlocked all the pages. Then I found a .txt i'd never seen before in my folder. Really changed the story for me.

I'd say to just delete your score.dat or whatever and try again, I haven't even seen the bad ending untill recently when a friend mentioned how terrible he was and didn't even see [spoiler]nailbat[/spoiler] ending.

Now i've worked up the 6 pieces of Metsu and continuing to get to 100 so I can actually see the end.

Oh, also heres a higher quality version of the OST.



Thank you for the OST; I think I'm gonna try to find that new .txt now.
Can you tell me the name, so beforehand I know if I have it or not? Only if it is not a spoiler.


I just recently got "Used in Art Class", something I didn't get before because I made it to level 100 in metsu before getting the sixth letter.


Oh, no, I don't have it. I'm going to try to unlock it later. Thank you.


>I'd say to just delete your score.dat or whatever and try again

No, by "have had the story spoiled" I meant "I've read what happens in the game on TvTropes and watched it on YouTube instead of playing it myself".

Seriously, don't do that.

Anyway, I actually played the game a couple weeks ago. It's been months since spoiling all that stuff to myself, so I managed to forget most of it.

It's a good game. I really liked the story. You can enjoy it even if you sort of know what to expect, because what happens in the game is of little relevance to the whole picture. The backstory provided in text files is more important.

I still have to get the final unlocks for reaching 100,000 points in normal mode and level 100 Metsu mode. They're something big that shines a new light on the backstory, if I remember correctly.

(I also have yet to alt-tab during the game one day, but I'm not sure what it does, and I think I'm too much of a pansy to find out.)


I alt tab a lot to type quick messages in irc, but i've never had anything weird happen. Friend of mine says it should be guaranteed but I get nothing. Oh well.

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