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Oekaki is back!!!
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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1322462692863.jpg (65.37 KB, 1018x752, diving.jpg)


I need help with anatomy, particularly feet and hands done with a perspective. Like facing forward, looking at the body parts.And I need help with drawing water. Im not used to digital art,so if you have any tips for SAI please do.


This should just turn into a 'Sai Tips/Drawing Tips' thread, I need help as well, especially with body and eyes.

However, I really enjoy the picture, and your hands and feet specifically are quite well, the finger on the right hand seems a bit long in comparison to the others.

I absolutely LOVE what you did with the water effect.

I'm probably not the best person to be a critique, since this is a lot better than what I could ever do.


I wanted to personally go through the old thread ( archive.uhoachan.net/o/res/762.xhtml ) and import the good tutorials and replace the others with more In-depth tuts but it takes some time. I guess. When get back I can do it. I can repost e thread. No wk but if we repos and sticky and don't have edit ability I wanted to make it worthwhile for the time being.
But there is the thread… For now. I take pictures of myself really. And look at other prople's pictures on the Internet. Use references. Ummmm think about how the foot is constructed. Observe it In motion and think about what is happening on a muscular level, think about its shapes and it's movement and tension etc… Take lots of pictures of yourself or look at yourself in mirrors. It helps a lot. You alwayshave access to your own body as a reference. (:


Also for sai. Play with eeeeevery setting and tool just try them all. The best way to learn an art program on a personal level is to explore ityourself. Art is vpersonalby nature… So…the best waytoleandigital art is to do it through solo exploration. Find tuts for or ether programs or sai for ideas for how to play with it.


if anyone would like serial keys for full versions of sai, i can help, i don't mind!
my email is thespidersfrommars@rocketmail.com
i can only do it like once every couple of days though.


also, op, may i redline your picture? I am not the best with anatomy but i may be of help.


OP here. DO REDLINE. PLease it would help so much thank you thank you thank you


File: 1322599855254.jpg (694.52 KB, 1018x723, redline.jpg)

I tried to keep a little more with your style op, but here i hope this helps you!
Things to keep in mind: elbows generally line up with the bellybutton, the belly button is where your body bends and wrinkles, and as far as I know, hair kind of acts more like a blob underwater. a good already-drawn ref of this is, obviously, the little mermaid.
Also, if I'm remembering correctly, the top of your ear is just about lined up with the corner of your eyebrow, and the bottom tip of your ear is just about lined with your nose.


OP here. Wow thank you so much! Those redlines really do help and I never heard of those tips before; I'll make sure to keep them in mind. Thank you! :)


File: 1326675034698.jpg (304.52 KB, 1200x1000, LINEARTNEEDSANATOMYCORRECT….jpg)

i have this problem with making heads too long so i need some anatomy help. also can someone redline where the arms and chest should be? i have this problem with making anatomically correct chest and shoulders from an angle.


this looks fantastic so far.

i'll try at it


File: 1326685218820.jpg (265.46 KB, 700x900, 1326675034698e.jpg)


the way i do it, i draw a doll and then i draw clothes on top of it. nipple placement is important to draw in too in my opinion, or at least think about; it helps visualize and shape the breasts on the chest. don't know how you're wanting to perceive/portray mado either.
don't know how plump you want the cheeks either… remember to think about the shape of them when you redo the lines and shade.

as far as the head goes, i try to keep my head shapes in check by imagining the face as a mask. it helps to keep the hairline in mind for me, and to position the facial features three dimensionally in space.

i'd shift the eyes in a little closer but that might be letting the standard of beauty intrude on the drawing… if you want to move them in closer for an average distance from the eyes then that's what i recommend, but i think it looks really nice as it is. again, i'm not exactly sure what you're trying to get onto paper/what traits with which you're wanting to portray her having.

the green on her chest is a general guideline for space to take up… i didn't go much further than the size

if you want to tuck her arms in a little more make sure to tuck them farther behind her ribs, i was having trouble with it myself…

be careful with letting her become :un-animated"… lifeless, i mean

the way i try to draw people is, i always keep in mind people are never at a full stop, no object is, especially not a living one. each snapshot of a picture is a moment in time, be it in subtle movement or with tons of energy

this looks absolutely fantastic and i personally would keep doing what you were doing, the head being very tall was the only problem i really saw, i think you;re doing very well with the shoulders and im sure the chest wouldnt have been hard for you to add in (:

absolutely fantastic piece and i hope to see the finished product later.


if you want the .sai here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?mg8arierb511jej


just noticed i didnt talk about what i did with the canvas: it's easier to proportion things if you draw it and then clip it, you obviously dont need to add much detail to what you're clipping though!


File: 1326694672948.jpg (463.71 KB, 500x700, maddysuki is pretty.jpg)

ok finished it! i wasnt sure what to do for the background, so i just did practiced with the watercolor brush and the crayon brush. im sorry anon i didnt see your critique until later but i'll be sure to keep your advice in mind so when next time rolls by, i'll know what to do.


and i didnt draw the window because it was weird trying to get the right angle. and originally i was going to draw flowers and they would cover it, but whatever. have a mado without her window..?


poster of >>972 and >>970 here

omg i love it

this is great

i love it i love it
the colors are wonderful, so dreamy and vibrant, i love the style too, it's so great, the braids look fantastic, wow, wow, wow
please post more. please make a thread!!


that looks really great! i agree with >>991

Also I posted earlier offering serial keys, and someone did take me up on my offer but hasnt responded. i just want to clarify that the reason sai isnt easily crackable is the keys are files that are generated to be unique to your system ID. I worry that when i asked for that info that the person who asked was suspicious of me haha.


oh whoops that probably was me. but i never check my email and its okay i got it this other way i just dont remember how. probably illegally. welp.
and yes I will post more art soon thanks so much for the encouragement; you're very sweet. :)


i made this when a girl made a request for her ocs
i didnt spend much time on it becaus ei just wanted to go to bed so the lines are really thick and messy ):


oh whoops forgot the picture for the above message. miss the edit button ):


hopefully the picture shows up. uboachans glitching on me and its been hiding pics

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