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Oekaki is back!!!

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File: 1486159557854.png (563.08 KB, 500x551, _.flow_Sabitsuki_cut.png)


Think I'll post here any yume nikki and fangames' related work I manage to make.
I've wanted to for a shameful long while, but I'm too much of a scaredy-cat.
Thank you to everybody who sees it and I hope you like it.


File: 1486159920365.png (682.44 KB, 700x510, _.flow__that pipe between ….png)

Only old .flow work for now.

I'm very sorry for any weirdness in some of the lines due to my scanner.


File: 1486160342666.png (728.58 KB, 500x690, _.flow_Smile_cut.png)


Wahhh, nice! You art style's pretty cool.
And the lines don't look weird at all, no worries about that.


This is so cool! I love your art style


Thank you so so much. I didn't expect any comments, even less comments about my style, so this is a wonderful surprise.


File: 1493667082076.png (231.39 KB, 700x1034, Mado_medamaude_1.png)

I owed uboachan at least one Madotsuki.
Medamaude effect, one of my favorite effects concept-wise.
Hope you like it, and sorry for any mistakes.

Sorry for double posting. There was a mistake with the first file that, although faint, blurred the image a bit and left me restless.


File: 1493667281862.png (123.68 KB, 700x888, Mado_severed head_1.png)

One more Madotsuki, severed head effect. I'm unsure which effect to do next.


Man, that's such a cool interpretation for that effect.
>I'm unsure which effect to do next.
How about demon, witch or towel?
You could also go with one of your favorite NPCs if inspiration continues to evade you.


File: 1503164910830-0.png (138.47 KB, 600x850, Mado_demon.png)

File: 1503164910830-1.png (98.94 KB, 600x766, Mado_witch.png)

File: 1503164910830-2.png (83.04 KB, 600x903, Mado_towel.png)


Here they are. Thank you anon for the suggestions, and for taking interest in my stuff! Hope you like these too.

I've been trying to muster the courage to create an account on an art related site, but just thinking of a username makes me shy.


These are very very cool. I wonder if you could find inspiration in the drawing of a uboa - more realistic and less stylized/"cute".


File: 1503711566259-0.png (86.25 KB, 600x463, Headless Uboa.png)

File: 1503711566259-1.png (243.37 KB, 600x599, Uboa skull.png)

File: 1503711566259-2.png (272.89 KB, 600x927, Uboa.png)

File: 1503711566259-3.png (136.14 KB, 600x745, Poniko mask effect.png)

Thank you! Your suggestion is quite a bit of a challenge as uboa is so abstract to me, I'm not sure how to see it with a more defined vision, so sadly these will probably not match your hopes. But I enjoyed drawing them a lot, and having been a challenge motivated me more. Thank you very much for the suggestion, and I'm very sorry if these uboas aren't enough.


I really like everything you've posted. If you need ideas, I would like to see you draw Urotsuki on her motorcycle, but Its fine if you don't want to, I wouldn't want to force you to keep drawing whatever we say since you've already given us a lot of cool stuff.


File: 1521420603886.png (672.49 KB, 826x654, uro bike.png)

I don’t mind drawing your request. I’m in a phase of my learning that I welcome requests. They encourage me to keep working and to give my best, and it is fun trying out other people’s ideas. I had never drawn Urotsuki before, neither a motorcycle, and now I’ve drawn both.

If it is here on ubo, and it’s yume nikki related, I don’t mind giving it a try.

I really wanted to post this sooner, but due to out of my reach technical difficulties (driver problems), I couldn’t do so. I’m not one to give up easily, so I’ve been continuously trying to solve it. Sadly, it was all for naught and only when the driver was updated recently was I able to finally finish your request. Hope you’re still here and that you’ll like it.


File: 1521420908698.png (1.43 MB, 1500x623, little mados.png)

As compensation for the long delay, I’ll leave here Madotsuki’s midget effect, with them trying to reunite into big Mado.
Sorry for any mistake and for any awkward English.


great work!


Thank you!
I’m currently working in another yume nikki related idea. Hope it comes out better than the last one.


File: 1522702646311.png (1.14 MB, 956x870, Frog and cat Mado effects.png)

Both animal effects this time. Incorporated a bit of dream symbolism to them. I want to draw the rest of YN effects, but I miss drawing .Flow and want to draw it again too.
Steadily working to better understand drawing programs.
Hope you all like it.


File: 1524408077817.png (3.6 MB, 1500x1333, Uboa's room of eternal fri….png)

Drawing digitally is still a bit debilitating, but with each work I’m figuring out how to draw like I do with traditional.
Maybe Madotsuki can’t leave Uboa’s world because Uboa doesn’t want to part away from her.


I honestly like your digital drawing more than the traditional, or at least by judging your work posted here.
This picture is fantastic.


Thank you. Good to know that, even though awkward, at least I’m making progress.


thats really tight op! you art style is amazing desu


File: 1524672965758.png (2.1 MB, 1000x1071, Let me tell you about my b….png)

Thank you for the encouragement, and desu to you too.

Toriningen chase Mado away to tiny isolated places, but Ubo sends her to meet the rest of the gang.


WOW, this is incredible. Especially the way you combined Uboa with Akuma-kun, I'm in awe. Do you have any accounts on tumblr/twitter/deviantart/where-ever you'd be alright with sharing?


That is great to hear, and that you’re so interested in my works. Thank you.
I only share them here on ubo at the moment. I’m trying to get enough work of decent quality before getting an account somewhere, so the gallery doesn’t look too empty.


Finally started an art account. At the moment I'm only reposting what's here, and maybe other non yume nikki stuff, but started on another yn drawing and hope to finish it soon.
Still love this game and drawing stuff from it. Hope you will like what I post there


File: 1627583021539.png (385.57 KB, 908x1018, Elle 2.2.png)

Something new. Not YN related, but a friend's character from Sky:cotl
Hope you guys still like it.

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