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/o/ - Art / Oekaki

Oekaki is back!!!
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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1421287531542.png (241.99 KB, 700x1000, 01.png)


hey hi Uboachan ,here i will post my OCs, I hope you like it.
tell me your thoughts o/


Very nice OC!! What do the markings on her dress mean?


Thank you! Well they mean "Emerald Dream" and "spirit" my friend who is japanese told me.


Is that her name? Do you have any more characters to share? This one looks good mana, I like the color green you used on her hair.


File: 1421342010619.png (13 KB, 205x273, yeah, sure faggot.png)

>Ran recolor


File: 1421342785929.png (226.41 KB, 700x1000, 03.png)

thank you so much! yes well, here is another one her name is Koto no Amaterasu.

it has barely a similar looking dress, by your point of view any fox-like character would be plagiarism, so nazi.
But I seriously hope you're not saying this because it's some kind of "fox-gurl" because that's sexist, I'm feminist and that would make me golden mad.
My character may not be that great but it does have a big story and original content.

And so so agressive where is your art here uh?


File: 1421369454220.jpg (174.45 KB, 780x770, my_super_kool_oc_by_harlem….jpg)

Whatever you say.

>And so so agressive where is your art here uh?

Here's mine


File: 1421370791754.jpg (188.45 KB, 1000x552, URUSAIBAKA.jpg)

Stob bullying me I have feelings too okay?
My characters may not be the best but they have a lot of followers just letting you know.
I don't need your sarcasm I consider myself a smart person.


File: 1421373787402.jpg (15.19 KB, 150x230, elf_20141116_210007.jpg)

Okay this thread should start again hahaha, please let's pretend it just started.


could everyone please gently unrustle and just let this person post their drawings? It doesn't matter how le edgy or childish you think it might look, this is a board for all art.



My bad, I hit post early like an idiot.

Anyway, your Japanese friend wrote 姦 wrong.


File: 1421722617530.png (651.2 KB, 700x1000, Yighrsr.png)

Well Uboahan I hope you like this one and share your thoughts
I'm trying to develop a new method to build my characteres but I am not sure if I should share it just like this.


>that brokenass anatomy
>pigeon-toed for lack of being able to draw feet
>raggedy outline
>faux 90s anime snout face
>the fuck is going on with that lighting
>hat literally cuntpasted onto the drawing

2/10 would not bang


everyone in this thread is trying way too hard


File: 1421724753707.png (551.58 KB, 1400x1000, welp.png)

So I found the art work you traced this from.
Reckon I should tell the original artist?



Crap! Who recolored my work?!


File: 1421726248064.jpg (27.91 KB, 633x353, 1354160798489.jpg)

>recolor of recolor
I'm dying, specially for those who actually praised this shit. Dear Buddha, please, help me


Owh wait you don't need to bash it that hard I need to improve I got it okay? easy, thanks for the imput tho


File: 1421726586744.gif (3.47 MB, 280x210, 3q6My8g.gif)

Btw I'm still impressed nobody pointed out the design in her dress says "死姦" (Necrophilia)

An you anon >>3468
>pointing out the kanji is not right
>not telling the true meaning



What… Wait, are you serious


File: 1421727137404.jpg (43.26 KB, 421x275, 1420495512654.jpg)

Holy shit I just noticed it also says 「おちんちん」…


What? what do you mean? I don't know japanese


File: 1421727492496.png (16.97 KB, 346x547, 550_2.png)

[spoiler]It means dick[/spoiler]


This is great. Thanks for cheering me up, uboacchan.


Normally I'd do something about this.
But I'll leave it up to the next mod's discretion.
This thread is golden.


jojo pls leave.


File: 1421770866079.jpg (42.81 KB, 640x636, adasfasdf.jpg)

>tfw DA autist recoloring her own art to start drama and make herself popular


File: 1421774808641.png (419.37 KB, 632x475, example of retarded 'artis….png)

lol, author posted a notice:
>Tbh, i work hard on these character designs, and i don't want them to get stolen by someone who has no creativity of their own.
>i work hard on these
>someone who has no creativity of their own.

That sounds funny, specially after checking her DA and noticing all her fucking drawings are blatant copies of touhou characters with minor changes.


File: 1421775017219.png (95.94 KB, 200x369, ranzo.png)

Woah, so odd, I think I just found the character that she traced!!


File: 1421779012385.jpg (100.18 KB, 446x435, doushou11.jpg)

Holy shit I can't believe ZUN actually recolored that OC and put it into one of his games.
What a fag.


File: 1421779580044.jpg (207.12 KB, 680x948, _.jpg)

guys how did you find this goldmine


File: 1421780149404.jpg (482.55 KB, 1162x850, jew-gold.jpg)


File: 1421780238273.jpg (97.91 KB, 424x600, 1947359i.jpg)

Don't tell me they actually think somebody has stolen their work? They're fucking mocking it, not stealing.
And that's also too fucking obvious.


File: 1421780722145.jpg (58.74 KB, 877x812, Flirno.jpg)

Guys check my OC it's called Flirno I worked hard on it and I'm totally not stealing anything from anybody


Hey that's mine,dont steal you recolored my character don't u have creativity??


Ok mana please look up touhuo so you know that "character" is.Besides that I can take you to the office for a checkup for that retardness disorder


File: 1421861422314.jpg (42.87 KB, 331x331, 1354168964228.jpg)

I'd take to take you to the office for a retardness disorder since apparently you can't tell this whole shit is a joke.

Seriously, nobody noticed the fucking nazi hat this bitch's using in one of the "OCs" and the words "Necrophilia" and "Dick" in Ran's design?
C'mon, and let's not talk about the obvious attitude…
>I consider myself smart
>I'm feminist that's sexist

The only faggots who actually may think this is serious are deviantart plebs who really think somebody is stealing their art and don't realize everybody is fucking laughing of it.


File: 1421861519701.webm (1.63 MB, 640x360, This thread forecast.webm)

Board war


File: 1421861527342.jpg (31.02 KB, 444x287, image.jpg)



File: 1421861660803.png (1.03 MB, 892x900, yachattadesu.png)

If this was fun for you we can pretend I am some 12 years old feminist from DA some more.


File: 1421862348896.webm (2.04 MB, 640x360, Completely Finished off.webm)

Well, that was fast. I still want my board war.


File: 1421862504560.jpg (11.84 KB, 255x244, image.jpg)



File: 1421863219451.webm (547.52 KB, 480x208, Dead Nigger Storage.webm)

How about raping a spanish forum?


File: 1421863363157.jpg (77.45 KB, 832x594, yachattaya.jpg)

>#1 poster fooled by obvious joke awards is for


File: 1422042648717.png (11.28 KB, 684x137, GENIUS.png)

guys the fun is not over


File: 1422045945524.png (143.4 KB, 418x512, NewOC.png)

>that website is it looks like some stupid ass 4chan reddit shit and you know how many dumb narcissistic teenagers inhabit them lmao
>From DA


Wow, what a cunt.
I guess we shouldn't have let them know that a horrible 4chan bully was stealing their beautiful art work.


Stop that.
That's my OC Midoreimu.

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