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/o/ - Art / Oekaki

Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1320653496630.png (100.58 KB, 512x600, getting it out.png)


getting it out.


File: 1320653513196.jpg (46.03 KB, 1000x600, devourer.jpg)

out there in the open


File: 1320653573809.jpg (131.01 KB, 987x764, cave copy.jpg)



File: 1320653643464.jpg (82.39 KB, 800x700, mars.jpg)

that's all anyone wants, really


File: 1320653815203.jpg (49.35 KB, 534x525, chrona.jpg)

at least that's what it seems like.


File: 1320653923360.png (4.48 KB, 500x300, 1222391359859.png)

good morning.


File: 1320710573761.png (1.73 KB, 30x50, abaFEsprite.png)

for a forum game i did once


File: 1320710611523.png (2.89 KB, 70x80, BatyaAnelis.png)

this is the second i did


File: 1320710623586.png (997 B, 29x36, BatyaAnelissml.png)


File: 1320710643371.png (6.04 KB, 77x74, Nadezhdaportrait.png)

and third


File: 1320710799914.png (5.32 KB, 50x100, nadezhda copy.png)

nadez and bat are 3 and 5 years old, respectively. wow. a.b.a is 4.


File: 1320711262582.jpg (108.19 KB, 960x1280, 0903112250.jpg)


File: 1320711437969.jpg (223.05 KB, 960x1280, 0903112254.jpg)


File: 1320711564573.jpg (233.08 KB, 960x1280, 0903112300.jpg)


File: 1320711722312.jpg (232.65 KB, 960x1280, 0903112311.jpg)



madotsuki helps me learn spriting.


File: 1321222430488.jpg (164.48 KB, 720x720, climbing.jpg)

left <- right


i just realized how shitty her left foot is


all this work is really nice, i especially like that madotsuki sprite


thank you..


File: 1321571960665.jpg (115.48 KB, 446x680, helmet01.jpg)

i like to think i have some pretty cool designs

Inspired by Miss Tanzania, Miss Universe 2011


File: 1321603436184.png (1.81 KB, 84x120, YN001.png)

i am a fucking idiot and dont know how to save files.

here is the actually updated version of the file, i didnt need to delete the other one.



but honestly and truly, uboachan

why do you draw.

what makes you do it.
what inspires you?
or maybe, what makes you feel pain.

what causes you to draw?


File: 1321693486920.jpg (42.84 KB, 480x640, boabojou.jpg)


File: 1321693500259.jpg (47.22 KB, 640x480, tt.jpg)


man that left foot is still awful. i guess i need to shift it still. augh. PIXELS


File: 1324023289609.jpg (52.67 KB, 650x800, mars.jpg)

well i fucked up


File: 1324178763551.jpg (186.06 KB, 864x720, werew01.jpg)



File: 1324263590418.jpg (57.44 KB, 1008x648, 0345.jpg)


File: 1324266006910.jpg (85.59 KB, 1008x648, 0346.jpg)


File: 1324266033739.jpg (27.63 KB, 1008x648, 0347.jpg)


File: 1324266089792.jpg (34.32 KB, 1008x648, 0348.jpg)


File: 1324268490420.jpg (176.48 KB, 1008x648, 0349.jpg)


File: 1324492442575.png (150.77 KB, 1280x1024, oreko.png)


File: 1324492970141.png (172.66 KB, 1280x1024, oreko2.png)

i love differences in displays SO MUCH IT MAKES ART SO FUCKING EASY

here is a brighter version because apparently it cant be seen.
it's supposed to be dark.



i actually like it when i have a very low angle toward my monitor, this fix is really shitty, totally takes away from my original idea/intent but, i dont know, i dont know how to fix it because i dont see other monitors, i'll just throw it out there anyway


These are amazing! Thank you! I actually think I like the dark one better; it's closer to what I imagined when I made the request. Saved both, though.


File: 1324603106057.jpg (107.79 KB, 1008x576, 0350.jpg)


File: 1324605410260.jpg (37.98 KB, 1008x576, 0351.jpg)


File: 1324605437166.jpg (46.43 KB, 1008x576, 0352.jpg)


File: 1324605455698.jpg (49.33 KB, 1008x576, 0353.jpg)


File: 1324605488716.jpg (80.59 KB, 1008x576, 0354.jpg)


File: 1324605513324.jpg (269.09 KB, 900x576, 0355.jpg)


File: 1324605883170.jpg (219 KB, 900x576, 0356.jpg)


File: 1324605897827.jpg (114.73 KB, 900x576, 0357.jpg)


File: 1324605955417.jpg (109.7 KB, 900x576, 0358.jpg)



File: 1324850927699.jpg (94.16 KB, 648x1008, 0360.jpg)


File: 1325830614535.jpg (130.82 KB, 672x672, 0361a.jpg)


File: 1325831838711.jpg (18.9 KB, 672x480, 0362a.jpg)


These are all very good. but they look lonely and sad. I hope you feel better sometime.


File: 1329343044163.jpg (18.63 KB, 400x400, in waves.jpg)


File: 1338225688472.png (65.57 KB, 800x600, misanya.png)

what do i draw #uboachan edition



File: 1338226616426.png (62.58 KB, 550x447, nekudota.png)


File: 1338227317551.png (31.45 KB, 800x600, dux.png)




File: 1338304746425.png (62.68 KB, 415x505, inspiredby.png)



File: 1338334681856.png (52.39 KB, 600x800, llllllllllllllllllll.png)


Incredible art.

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