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Oekaki is back!!!
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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1346977311341.jpg (49.53 KB, 346x360, Pigtail Kaibutsu.jpg)


I loves the .flow. So I drew this. The pigtail kaibutsu is so totally the popular one. :P

I'm working on some other stuff related to it so I guess I'll put them up here sooner or later.

Constructive Criticism and the like is more than appreciated.


File: 1346977411380.png (3.32 MB, 1461x1518, Pigtail Kaibutsu.png)

That other version I darkened since my scanner made the real thing unbearably bright, but it also made it really small, so here's the larger, lighter version in case you need to get a closer look.


File: 1347684743775.png (6.63 MB, 1663x2141, Sabitsuki.png)

Sabitsuki of course. But I'm not super satisfied with it. I liked my idea, but I'm not particularly good at drawing heads from scratch yet, and the "rust texture" just got totally out of control, and I don't think it looks like much of anything at this point. I wanna try something like it again.

I've got plenty of ideas, but does anyone want me to draw anything in particular from Yume Nikki/Any of its fan games?


Mado? :3
Mado fan art would be good for me.


Amazing art.
How about Ib, if you played this one?


File: 1353120585761.png (739.26 KB, 340x1046, Madotsuki.png)

Oh, people responded, I wasn't expecting that. Sorry for the delay. I'll totally try any requests you have as long as they're generally related to these games. (Including things like Ib and The Witch's House since those fit in with the series strangely well.)

This is Madotsuki, obviously. I probably should've drawn it bigger, the actual thing is a little under five inches tall, so a lot of the details are really blending together, but I think I get the idea across. Most drawings depict Mado as a teenager or something, but I personally see her as being, like… six. I think she's much cuter that way. Cute little red eyed suicidal Mado. <3

(I've also never tried to draw a young child realistically or in anime so woot for a not-so-failish first attempt! \o/)


File: 1353121266997.png (2.48 MB, 1569x1802, PsychoMaidLovesCleaning.png)

Also, this is a little something I finished on the back of a school paper today. (And jacked up the exposure for effect, sorry for the tackiness.) Partially posting it cuz I'm proud of it and partially posting is BECAUSE I think drawings like this will generally go over better on this board than hyper realism. I want to stick to posting purely Nikki-related drawings here, this is just a reference example of my anime "style".

I'll draw Ib (Along with Mary because she killed Garry and is my favorite character) in this style most likely because she's Loli as can be and would probably work much better as an anime character.


Ohh, little mado is cute!
And your anyme style is good as well.

Do you have a blog/something where you have all your art?


File: 1354682150367.png (2.33 MB, 2179x1689, Ib.png)

I couldn't think of any one thing to draw so I just doodled a whole bunch of Ib stuff, feel free to make any requests you like. (As long as it doesn't involve Garry. Or if it does involve Garry, please include in your request which method of disembowelment he will be undergoing.)

I don't have what you would call a "blog" so much as I just have a Deviant Art. Things like Tumblr are just too much effort for me to keep up. :P

(Please forgive my username. :s)

Lately I just put all my realistic/homework drawings in my main gallery, so if you want to see more anime stuff, you'll need to look in my Scrapbook. But god knows there's a ton of it.

And thanks for your interest!


girl, you can post all the hyper-realism you want. I will love it all. please share more.


File: 1360725831976.jpg (4.04 MB, 2599x3859, Noise.jpg)

I do have some more hyper realism .flow stuff in the works, but I made this and it seemed like it kind of fit in. I told my friend I didn't have the mindset to draw things for a Yume Nikki fan game, but now I'm having doubts. xD

This is a self portrait by the way, so if it wasn't already apparent, I am male. :P


File: 1386011898364.jpg (180.28 KB, 500x1000, Monoe.jpg)

I can do digital shit now I'm so proud.

Monoe is a good excuse to avoid painting in color.



whoa my god, these are grape.


File: 1386128771536.jpg (1.26 MB, 4812x4164, porky.jpg)

I'm new here, the only thing I know is toonyness. please teach.


No, that's perfect, don't ever change.

You can be like John Kricfalusi. Except not a total buttfacejerk


Thanks, man.
Also, I didn't know John Kricfalusi was a jerk. Who knew?


preeeeeeeetty notorious for being a jerk. Which is sad. I wish he wasn't a jerk. But he has a blog where all he does is trash every cartoon that isn't his.

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