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Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1318599706318.png (217.88 KB, 795x1649, blini.png)


new board, new start?
have some fail gijinkas of stuff.


File: 1318599741117.png (262.33 KB, 654x1362, horrifica.png)


File: 1318599878390.png (112.32 KB, 511x741, askthegrombl.png)

for an ask blog that i'll probably shut down because no one curr.


File: 1318600176330.png (100.46 KB, 669x642, melefienhk.png)

and now fail genderbendss.


File: 1318600261820.png (278.49 KB, 713x1067, Cruella.png)


File: 1318600495829.png (69.53 KB, 626x1284, dib.png)

nobody likes dib.


File: 1318600700414.png (479.24 KB, 906x1344, betelgeusebetelgeusebetelg….png)


OP you have no idea how much i love you for that first pic


File: 1319085355230.png (51.48 KB, 556x619, Capture.PNG)

Thank you! here is a design for a just for fun costume and weapon for a game I'm working on based on the Pon Pon Pon video. I made a not so great gif of her moving that actually ended up moving in time to the song.





Haha! I love your style! It's so fun and cartoonish!

Would you be willing to take a request from an Ubbuuchoner?


Sure, I'd love to give it a shot c:


Okay okay, Dr. Ochiki from .flow? He doesn't get much fanart and your style would really compliment him…


I'll give it my best shot! I need to draw .flow fan art, it's one of my favourite fan games.


File: 1319220570510.png (779.36 KB, 1019x1731, imsorryousawthat.png)


There you go snufkin.. I hope I'm thinking of the right guy.


Since I'm not one to go into detail as to why something is so wonderful and beautiful (unlike some others here), please understand I cannot thank you enough for drawing the best Dr Ochki art I've seen thus far TT_TT


thank you so much! I'm glad you like it c:


File: 1319321084894.jpg (942.66 KB, 678x980, lazypoltergeist.jpg)

messin around with water colour.
this is one of my favourite levels in Yume 2kki.


File: 1319321330871.jpg (1.02 MB, 620x900, theoceandoesntwantmetoday.jpg)

and then i messed around with inks and made horrible fan art of .flow.


these are great. this is actual traditional art, right? not digital?


yep, The Yume 2kki one is water colour and ink on a piece of cardboard, and the Sabitsuki one is on some kind of cardboard that has a sort of gloss cover on it, if that makes sense? And it's white and black acrylic ink, with a bit of red watercolour. The only digital anything I did was altering the colour a bit because the scan sort of faded the colour


File: 1319489898718.png (251.54 KB, 1056x956, eelparade.png)



also dearest Uboachan, I hate to be a bother, and I know I'm not exactly flowing with talent, but I'm offering commissions over here: http://godgivenass.tumblr.com/post/11851195182/im-working-on-custom-dolls-i-started-two-dolls

if anyone is interested at all, could you take a look? They're all pretty cheap.


pssssssst….. don't sell yourself short. putting yourself down doesn't gain you customers, it loses them…. just do what you do… and keep doin' it 'cause you like it.


Actually that's the opposite for me. if I raise my prices above four dollars I don't get any commissions at all, or I get a lot of "Wow I would love to get one but money is tight" comments from people who go out and buy 30 dollar commissions a little after telling me that. it's not that I'm mad that they spent money on someone elses work, I just figure that means they're too nice to tell me I'm not even worth that much lol. And I hear that advice all the time, that selling yourself short will lose you customers, but judging by all the people who have horror stories about clients trying to weasel stuff out of them for as little money as possible, and stories of how tough it is to find work, that doesn't seem to be true.
sorry, I didnt mean for the comment to turn huge.


no,i mean, don't insult yourself… it's bad advertising.


File: 1319550140394.png (160.66 KB, 282x957, eel-patakk.png)

Eh, once again, not exactly true for me. I Mean I don't insult myself every time I ask for commissions, but It hasn't really effected either way who buys and who doesn't. Thank's for the advice though.


How do you have any way of knowing that?
There is literally… no way for you to check that.
But look at it from a professional (business (what you are conducting)) aspect.
Are you going to buy something that is advertised as good (or even not anything specifically said about the quality of it), or something that is "fail," someone that doesn't seem to take themselves or their capabilities or the effort they can put forth seriously?
As a customer, I am definitely going to purchase from someone/an organization who not only is/are a good artist but who is/are acting professionally, i want to make sure that my business is handled properly (transactions and product) and that i will actually get what I want to pay for (end product). when you get higher and higher up, the effects'll become more noticable, and much more of a deal-breaker, too. the more prominent artists I've followed and seen get into big trades/whatnot, like, personal business from the home or offered avatar: the last airbender board positions type level, don't self-depreciate.

In short: If someone wants to hire you and they look at your resume, They are not going to hire you if you state right there in writing you are not fit for the job.

In addition: "Smile until you feel happy."
Well, it works the opposite way too… saying "I fail" turns into "i actually do fail." you're limiting your own potential subconsciously when you say those words about yourself, and that's probably the worst choice anyone could make for anything… why would one consciously hew oneself especially with something they enjoy, as i assume you enjoy drawing?
you know?
It just, doesn't make sense to do. There are literally no positives to it… at all.

Keep drawing, always.


Haha, I don't insult myself when going out asking for work, I'm aware that it's a dumb idea to self deprecate. and as for the "Jobs seem scarce, people want cheap stuff" is just stuff i've noticed, I don't know if it's a fact.
I just mentioned that I am not flowing with talent, which is true, I got a long way to go, and from personal observation my style isnt very appealing either. I merely mentioned it though because I feel kind of down, I haven't been getting commissions at all, only comments of "I would but I can't afford it" and it seems no matter how low I make my prices people still can't afford it or they just don't say anything.

I don't think that advertisement analogy works for small time commissions, at least in my case. If I see art that looks good and i can afford it, then I'll probably buy it, even if the artist themselves says it's not great, If there's examples right there, i will look despite the "it sucks" foot note.
I understand what you're saying though, and what you're trying to get through to me, but again, personal experiences over the years tell me different, as far as commissions on a personal basis go.
I definitely don't go around linking to my art saying "it sucksxDDD" though. When I go for freelance work I just link to my portfolio blog and say "I hope I'm what you're looking for" and there you go..
I'm also told never to be satisfied with my work by other artists. that my attitude of its never good enough is a great attitude to have, so who knows.


File: 1319601825353.png (679.32 KB, 764x863, hiekki.png)

But I definitely don't think my art is totally terrible, or I wouldn't post it. I feel proud of it to some degree, and I'm happy to in some way have a bit of an ability to bring people i think of myself to life in a way.


in 1/3 of the posts in your thread you have self-depreciated, and even linked saying "I am not good with art but commissions please if you don't mind, i mean, you don't have to, i don't want to be a bother".

there is no way to measure sale success with positive comments made (or none) vs negative comments made, as far as obtaining an actual tangible estimate/number.
but you are doing the things you claim you aren't,
and you yourself state that you have problems with inflow of customers.
everything counts.

I've talked to plenty of people who post "I love your art but I can't afford it", using it as a way to "show support" but not actually wanting to "show support" (money).

Everything counts.

if you are proud of yourself and your work why are you even saying anything bad about anything?


File: 1319651191935.png (1.46 MB, 792x1252, pantyandstocking.png)

I am proud to a degree,but I know I have a long way to go. It's not bad to acknowledge that I'm not all that great. most of the "fail genderbends, fail gijinkas" refer to the designs,that, in my opinion, didnt really turn out that great. I like how the drawings themselves came out for the most part though. I don't know if you're counting the "nobody likes dib" one, but that's a joke that was on the invader zim commentary. if you're also counting th e "I made a not so great gif" comment, that's because I'm not a good animator. I like the art itself.
The horrible .flow fan art comment, is because That was a really messy picture that I don't think turned out right, personally.
Like I said before, when I ask for commissions I don't really talk about how bad I am all over the place. This is the first time in a very long while that I have been all "i suk but commisson me anyweh".
Most of my commission posts are just listing the prices and what people will get for them, I don't say whether I suck or not. When I go looking for freelance work, as I stated before, I link to my portfolio and say I hope I'm what they are looking for. I must be doing something right because the freelance work yields more results than commissions. I just feel that since Commissions don't happen very often for me, I'm not all that great, either technically, or appeal wise. I know some people like what I do but not a lot of people feel that way. I just got to keep working at it, that's all I can do. also hopefully the sage works because I don't want to keep bumping this thread to the top. people are going to get sick of all this nonsense im sure.


your designs are really adorable (: please post more


File: 1319863492491.png (38.72 KB, 560x764, oreko.png)

aw, thank you! I suppose I shall!
Here's a doodle of Oreko


File: 1320459646975.png (103.27 KB, 678x1318, myscrs.png)

dont mind meee


File: 1329730271100.png (94.09 KB, 588x1238, martianjorogumo.png)

I havent posted in this thread in a million years.
This is some loosely based art on my Worlds.com avatar. I think shes adorable for some reason??
(im martianjorogumo, i forgot to use my name when posting in the worlds thread..) but anyway. I was actually really creeped out at first but now its just a fun game to mess about in. I scare so easy haha.


File: 1329730366038.png (274.87 KB, 769x1282, biitrickster.png)

I did a bunch of trickster trolls for people on pesterchum. They actually plan/planned a trickster day on April First because they like my designs so much and it makes me happy.


File: 1329730557454.png (213.43 KB, 991x1396, bs.png)

The last trickster is my fantrool, this one is someone elses.


File: 1329730671771.png (79.88 KB, 936x898, SCP745.png)

I doodled an SCP or two..


some humanized mamettyshabas.
ill stop there
i dont want to bug people lol


File: 1329731393717.png (155.92 KB, 880x762, turretdesu.png)

OOPS it didnt post. aw well :c
have this other thing



colors colors colors
this reminds me of the childrens' story book of the girl who markered all over herself
such vivid colors. colors colors colors


thank you, i mean i hope this is a positive comment, it sounds like one! and colourscolourscolours was my intention!


File: 1331310958717.png (161.49 KB, 1145x128, faec.png)

SirGemini asked me to give making textures a shot. I made some faces! these are the ones im most proud of. Hopefully he can upload them to the worlds server soon.


File: 1333805827438.png (1.6 MB, 806x1420, safetypinday.png)

and i cry out "anyone miss me"


File: 1333806029036.png (482.59 KB, 862x813, chchdgdj.png)

and the board whispers


This is a cool one :) if you're still around here, could you make some more teeth artsies?

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