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Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1334227956705.jpg (80.94 KB, 666x1199, just_an_expiriment_by_kowa….jpg)


Hi~ I'm Rei. I'm a semiprofessional artist, who currently works as a character artist at an un-named company. (I can't throw it around for anonymity reasons.)

Anyway~ I'm just going to dump some images of basic character sketches for the fangame I'm working on on the side.

My websites, In case you like me:





I'm going to upload more recent stuff soon. I mostly have been posting old stuff to my accounts.

As most artists want, just comment on… stuff. Haha.

Tl;Dr: This is art. I'll post more soon.


File: 1334228101569.jpg (523.54 KB, 1200x1200, long hair effect.jpg)

And, just for the sake of my Lang Hair Effect fetish, have a sketch I did of Mado with her hair down.


Augh, that is so lovely!


File: 1336904535207.png (67.16 KB, 320x240, MONOE.Png)

>>1372 Thank you so much. :>

Sometimes when I'm bored I draw Monoe looking like a crazy motherfucker.


File: 1336944769312.png (290.72 KB, 800x600, Monoko.png)

Aaannnnndddddd, here's a really quickly drawn (Maybe five or ten minutes…?) Monoko to go with that Monoe. Herp-Derp.


>drawing noses
At least draw'em so they don't look like drunkard's.
Also, proportions, how do they work?

Do improve.


Um, I'm sorry? I don't understand what's wrong with my noses?

The only things I see wrong with any of these is in the first picture I posted, her hand looks like a potato with testicals, and my sketch of Long-Hair Mado (Which I did in ten fucking minutes) it had big shoulders, but other than that, what's wrong? Is it because I draw red noses? Because I like that sick-looking effect. The monoe has off-balance eyes, I know, but I did it on that one to add an unsettling air to it. :I

You're telling me to improve, but not what on specifically, and you're insulting my nose style. How would you like my noses to look? :I Honestly. I understand critiquing someone, but please leave room for them to have a personal style. And for me, it's dark noses.

Proportioning is another thing. Ane I won't even get into that.


File: 1338470402804.png (166.28 KB, 400x300, sadjay.png)

I thought maybe I would show a few of my other styles off, too…



File: 1338470454942.png (996.32 KB, 600x800, Bluejay.png)

And this is more what my serious style looks like-



It's basically the same style with some crappy filter effects.

About your noses, it's not really much the red thing nearly as much as how far down the face it appears to push the mouth. It's not as bad as Rindre's, but it's definitely noticeable. There's a bunch of other issues as well, but I get the feeling you'll be waving your nebulous "semi-professional" status around more amongst us plebians, so I'll leave it alone.


File: 1338473751614.jpg (37.93 KB, 526x300, 1337856350906.jpg)

..you do realize there is more than one way to draw a face, right? That's called styles. And considering Rei is not exactly going for a realistic one, rather a more cartoony style, you really shouldn't get all up her grill because she draws certain features unrealistically.

Personally, I think this gives her style charm, and that her characters look really interesting because of it. Having unique bits and pieces in your work [as cliche as it sounds] is a good thing and I really don't understand why it bothers you so much.

Ask her to draw a REALISTIC person, not a cartoony one, and then criticize it based on traditional realism.



It would be pretty cool if she actually knew what she was doing before stylization, though. There's a huuuuuuge difference between people who know what they're doing and then stylize and people who stylize straight outta the box.

I mentioned the mouth gets pushed down super far and it looks unsightly with the style she's chosen.



I am appaled that some people still cling to such archaic visions of how artistry, or art in general, works. If the point *is* stylization, as it clearly is in this case, textbook correct anatomy and proportions are not only not a requirement, thoroughly irrelevant. Should they be rehearsed anyway? debatable. If a mouth is slanted because the artist wanted it to be, criticising because it does not respect canonical proportions is a strawman argument.

I should also point out that, even with the best intentions, claiming there is a difference of outcome between methods without giving non-subjective, specific examples, as well as a generic 'proportions how do they work' not only is rude, but also quite useless as a comment or critique.



I'm not the anon who said that, but duly noted… I suppose.

So all art looks good, no matter how unskilled the artist is? There's a fallacy here somewhere, but I feel prodding would just open the floor to more pointless arguing. Carry on kissing her feet.


that's the point - it looks good.
Then again, art appreciation is subjective, and you might only like certain styles, compositions or themes, while others prefer an entirely different spectrum.

My "looks good" isn't entirely subjective. Rei's colour composition, lighting and choice of effects is nice. Technically, it's not bad art at all. She's not professional, sure, but bad? No. I understand that your opinion is different, but keep in mind that everyone has one [not just you] when it comes to things like art or music, and arguing over them is pointless.


Wow, my thread is exploding.

Let me clear a few things up.

I said "Semiprofessional artist" Because I AM a professional artist, it's been my job, and giving me food the past year or so. I'm new to it, but I thought it was relevent information to me as an artist, and this is a thread in artistry. I spend hours on my JOB'S art projects. I have nothing online that I spend more than a half hour on because I DO NOT HAVE TIME.
Being "Professional" JUST MEANS you make money on it. It doesn't always reflect your arts quality.
That is why I put that there.

Saying "The noses look like drunkard's" Isn't constructive to me. I will make the noses dark if I want. That is the final say in that. I think it's cute.

If anybody wants to make any comments like " The placement here is off" or "The placement there is off, you should move it here," I will listen to those. I'm a rational person, and I don't expect everyone to like my art. It's obvious by people who responded to my art that some people will like it, and some people won't. Everyone knows that, I won't get my panties in a bunch because someone doesn't like my art. You can even tell me that you don't like it, I won't care.

But I do have the right to respond and ask why someone doesn't like my art, and to elaborate further so I can take it into consideration.

And truthfully?

My normal art is nothing like this. Want to see what I normally draw?

I am going to warn that these pictures might be frightening to some, however.




I draw horror. It's my life. I upload my "cutsie" doodles to Uboachan, Tumblr, Deviantart, because I want to be part of the community that draws "anime."
I want people to see that art as WELL as my horror. I go to different communities with that stuff.

So help me, but remember that some things are going to be part of my style, and if you're an ass who just says "Noses looks like drunkards, proportions, how do they work?" I will respond to it. :I
I've taken figure drawing classes, and many art courses. I just want to draw in this style. //shrug//


OHMYGOSH those two are amazing. @_@

Ahem. I can see exactly where you're coming from and I agree. Keep up this attitude. I think your style is really nice and different from most things you see [in a good way!] and you should not, by any means, make it look like something else just because people don't like it. There's always room for improvement and general mends and changes, but they should be done as YOU like. It's your style. ^_^

Keep up the good work and don't mind the flames. Uboachan can get a bit overboard with that.


Lol crappy filter effect.
I didn't filter it, though. :I
That's how I drew it.
Those are the colors and textures I picked and added right on paint tool sai.
So, apparently my coloring and texturing method looks like a crappy filter effect?


Thank you! And yeah. I'm pretty used to Uboachan. I've been stalking it for about two years now, so I know not to cry when people flame and whatnot.

But at least now I know that my noses are caressing my mouths, and I need to break them apart. :I This was the first time I ever heard that one. I guess I always drew them farther down because I hate when people draw big old chins. You know, when the chins are REALLY big, and it seems like the artist just filled everything else in small to make the chin look glorious? I hate that.

But, I'll pay more attention to where I smack that thing, now.


Keep up the attitude of ignoring detractors and shoving your job in peoples' face and making excuses. Okay.

So looks like the cancer that /fg/ is recovering from has metastasized and spread to here.




Disregard part of that, but don't let people saying "you're amazing, skill doesn't matter!" get to your head, because you will never improve.


>>1451 Believe me, if I didn't want to improve and listen to a mixture of compliments AND critiques, I wouldn't be posting on the internet, let alone Uboachan, which is known to be full of highly opinionated posters who don't care about other's feelings.

I'm just saying that people should explain in detail why they don't like my art, so that I have something to base it off of instead of just. "Please improve"

. _ . "


File: 1338490020829.png (173.97 KB, 400x300, buggy.png)

I just doodled this 8I

Is this nose placement better at all?

Ignore the eyebleed colors, I was listening to circus music-


nigga yo art fintoostic.

You said that you're a professional artist, so do you have any art books published or anything like that? I would love to see more of your professionally done stuff.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I've only been at it for about a year. And since I've just been working on this project so far, I can't really say or post anything about it until it's done, which it will be relatively soon! And then anyone who wants to will be able to see it and play it!
I'll ask my boss if I can post some of the junked character designs, though, so you can see some of my more polished looking things, and so that I don't just look like a silly person being like "I DO PORFESSONIL ARTS BUT U KANT SEE IT LOLZ"

Because that would be silly.

I do have some stuff from back when I sold at conventions that I could post, and they're a lot more polished and fancy. o v o"

Plus, if you're into fangames, I'm also almost done with one of those. People probably saw my dumb-butt thread for it that I made when I was hopped up and nervous on medications. ; v ; But that's going to have a lot of my polished artwork in it, as well, once it's finished!

I'm sorry, I probably sound really dumb right now~


File: 1338665406531.png (146.82 KB, 400x300, ohteepee.png)

Here's a wip for something…

I'm not even halfway done with it * - *"


File: 1338665562145.png (96.61 KB, 400x300, pink hair lady.png)

And some weird butt character design with a half-assed dress rifqorfq That fleshy thing is her leg, her body looks weird, but I like her face, so I'm uploading it anyway. * - *


Don't worry about it~ I'd say it looks wonderful anyway


File: 1340677785657.png (1.16 MB, 1181x1748, mary2.png)

So, I'm drawing Mary. This is another WIP, I'm still working on the dress, but I like the progress so far. I JUST started the dress, so I know that it looks like batcrap thus far.

But, I'm trying out a style that I used to draw in again.

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