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Oekaki is back!!!
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Hey guys! I was wondering what you think about a collaborative Yume Nikki Artbook. It would basically be a collection of Yume Nikki art pieces from a variety of different artists. There are already 4 Yume Nikki fan-artbooks out there so I though one made by an overseas team would be pretty cool. Thoughts?

(Pic semi-related. Its just something cool from zerochan. But this is the caliber of art I'm interested in)


Sounds fun, count me in!



I'm about to send an email to Kikiyama asking him how he feels about it. (He'll probably give a positive response, because there are already 4 books out :I). If he does, then we can move onto Kickstarter and produce it.


So this is how this project will happen.

-Kikiyama approves

We proceed to hold a Yume Nikki art contest. People will submit their art, and as long as it is in fact theirs, we will proceed to collect the best of the best. I hope to have a book of about 25-30 pages, with about a quarter being double-paged illustrations.

If we receive enough funding, we will be able to ship out copies to people. I also hope to get a table at cons so that I can sell the books there too.

So, thoughts?


(( Here's the email I've prepared for Kikiyama. If you guys think its okay I'll send it.))

Hello Kikiyama,

A group of fellow artist have been considering putting together an artbook inspired by Yume Nikki. It will contain a collection of fan-produced illustrations from a variety of artists. Of course, we will give you credit for the creation of Yume Nikki. The book will basically be an art book with many different illustrations featuring scenes from the game. I was wondering how you felt about this, and wanted to know if you were okay with us making this, and selling it for profit. Thank you very much.

-The Yume Nikki Tumblr Fanbook Project



- ゆめにっきスキファンブックプロジェクト


I sent the letter to Kikiyama. Now we just await his response.


Question *though it is a stupid question* but I must know, can they be traditional art and digital art? Or just digital? Can they be sketchy, or do they have to be clean-cut illustrations?


File: 1333760589941.jpg (69.09 KB, 550x438, Reactionimage3.jpg)

I honestly think its stupid that people sell things from a FREE game for profit. But oh well, its not like I can stop you guys.


Which con shall you be selling them in? I'm attending New York Comic Con this year as (hopefully) Smile or Madotsuki or Dokutsuki or Irene.


It can be any art form or style.

How is it stupid? If people put money into the production of something and then sell it for free everybody would be on the streets sucking dick for an easy buck. Seriously, that's not how business works. I think its stupid that your not willing to pay something along the lines of 5-10$ for a book. I mean, the Yume Nikki goods store has been open for MONTHS and your bringing this point up now?

I might get some of the people working on the project to try and acquire a table and sell it there, or even get some artist they know to sell it. My best friend's dad is an animator so she can easily get a table or something. Unfortunately I'm over here in SoCal :I


There's no need to sound like such a bitch about my reply. You asked for peoples thoughts, so I gave my two cents. The way you worded your reply to what I said made you look like you think I'm not allowed to, Just sayin'.

You're also implying that everyone knows people were selling Yume Nikki related merchandise when not everyone knows, just because I'm a fan of a game doesn't mean I look up merchandise of it.


Ah I see. Well, yeah. Merchandising is important. And I'm sorry if I came off as a "bitch". I was just flustered because it seemed that you were making a big deal over it.


Quite alright, but I'm not making a big deal about it, otherwise I wouldn't have said "its not like I can stop you."

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