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File: 1332899396595.gif (2.29 KB, 50x50, free_icon_wv_by_chocolate_….gif)


Pic unrelated.
Anyways, in this thread, you write about things that piss you off about being an artist.
For me, it's probably either when I want to draw and keep drawing things that look like shit, or when I close the ink pot for my dip pen and it spills on my clothes.


Not having any inspiration, drawing on the wrong side, can't do backgrounds. Can't draw specific things, and how I color.


File: 1376157356048.jpg (41.29 KB, 252x221, 1365874669329.jpg)

>Hey, nice, I like this. Gotta finish that hand to have it ended.
>gotta draw that hand.
>fucking hand can't be drawn.

>Hahahha, I know somehow now how to draw a body, let's start drawing gore
>let's test blood with the colours I have
>colours are shit
>wounds are shit
>argh, goddamn!

Another (more or less what >>2349 said)
>This would look nice with a background, if I could draw backgrounds…

>This looks good, let's look at a mirror to see how the symmetry is…

another (I blame ZUN):
>let's draw a male
>hahaha, fuck, this is a girl.

>this eye is gorgeous, let's draw the other one…

>tfw no manga kit around in my city.
>tfw this pen's ink is shit
>tfw pencil is not the same as screentones


File: 1376961796224.png (397.78 KB, 811x720, have i burning today.png)

>you will never be good enough
>you will never be satisfied
>you must continually study everything, you can never really take a break
>drawing comes before everything else in life
>high probability of never reaching success despite years of continuous and concentrated work and effort
>not having ideas
>not being able to communicate an idea
>family doesn't appreciate/realize how much work you do, always acts offended when you have to leave to work

oh and also
>i hate online art communities


forgot the worst one
>slow as fuck



Feel you, anon. But don't let it burn your dreams, keep going on, I trust in you!


> Lines are never smooth
> Inspiration a short-lived
> drawing things with predefined forms ( such as people )
> effort/energy/time
> never good enough
> coloring
> gradient hair


File: 1378148435952.jpg (6.81 KB, 225x224, images.jpg)


>hey, this looks good
>stop looking for 5 seconds, get another pencil
>looking at the draw again


File: 1378537593710.png (20.42 KB, 111x123, mm7.png)

>ready to start drawing
>getting materials together
>chipper as fuck
>wait what am I doing
>i should be at work
>i should have a job
>i don't have a job
>i live at home
>i'm such a burden
>how can i even think of drawing when i'm such a useless piece of shit
>put away materials
>stare at the wall for an hour

>an hour later

>i haven't drawn in ages
>i should draw something before i fell out of practice
>oh man i have so many ideas
>i cant wait to draw
>i'm so hopeful for the future
>ready to start drawing
>getting materials together
>chipper as fuck
>wait what am I doing


File: 1379654209844.png (21.53 KB, 230x255, y6 u fryugh.png)

>hahaha i'm going to draw a REALLY COOL DYNAMIC PICTURE
>3/4th view headshot of character facing to the left
Or better yet:
>find online art tutorial for the simplest fucking things like poses or building figures
>try to do the simplest fucking things
>cannot do the simplest fucking things
This is why I did not draw for an entire fucking year. It feels like when I was happily churning out animu shit on deviantART and not bothering to improve I was so much happier and improving at a faster rate. I didn't second guess my challenges, I just went for them, even if it was something as simple as drawing more than one character. But I lost that and now it feels like I'm paralyzed by my own self-awareness. Drawing's not even fun for me anymore.


File: 1379654725747.jpg (230.86 KB, 632x840, 1342395266139.jpg)

>This is why I did not draw for an entire fucking year.

I was nine months into my slumpfest, and then I watched the video version of pic related.
(It was originally for writers, but whatever!)


File: 1379659420636.png (26.83 KB, 264x102, coobie pls.png)

Wow, that actually helped a little. I'm still pretty pessimistic bout my art, but this still helped. Thanks.


File: 1380800380258.jpg (21.07 KB, 480x273, FUCK.jpg)

>study art history
>"hey, these movements are pretty neat!"
>REALLY study art history
>"wow, art is completely pointless and only driven by money and political interests"
>attempt drawing again
>rage quit


File: 1380801046150.jpg (40.97 KB, 427x349, 1333736832801.jpg)

>drawing a face
>"This is coming along great. Now to draw the chin and neck"
>chin looks retarded
>whole thing looks retarded



>art is pretty much pointless

>spend 90% of time doing thing that feels so pointless
>don't know anything else, way of living or general skill-wise
>drawing = constant battle to make work and make it not shit
>never feel much satisfaction, if any
>always onto the next thing
>feel like a slow paced assembly line where products are promptly dumped into abandoned warehouse


Art is masochism.


when i draw in my own original style or draw my characters, whatever, something original and nobody notices or says a thing

and then my friend who doesn't care about art draws like, a dragon or something and suddenly Wow shes the best artist ever!!
like, haha thanks guys, it's not like art is the only thing I care about or anything, not to mention you never say a thing about my art.

ugh lack of recognition in general i suppose ticks me off, like, what do you people want to see me draw i dont care just look at my drawings


File: 1386174242477.jpg (37.68 KB, 415x680, Muh-Rei.jpg)

>Hey, it's ben a few months since I draw something, let's do it again
>haha, shit, this is not so bad… it's actually good.
>holy shit this is gorgeous
>fucking eye…
>fuck, this is worse
>holy shit what the fuck this hand
>why this eye looks so bad
>ok, which one looks worse now??
>I hate myself

Well, I just need to fix these dem eyes. But at least I've improved, right?
I love it, but hell, I really need to start drawing eyes again. They are so fucking awful.


File: 1386384217496.png (44.77 KB, 297x600, artgap.PNG)

>Boy I sure love drawing faces.
>I'll just draw another face.
>How about some hair.
>I'll draw a head with a different hairstyle.
>Annnnd another.
>Wow this is fun.
A year later:
>Yay lets draw some more.
>I love drawing heads!
>I should probably draw a body.


File: 1386604926685.jpg (40.28 KB, 1191x670, heavy_derp_guy__by_kressel….jpg)

Why can't i just be good without practice?

Also when people think your amazing even though your just slightly better than the average person. But since they can't draw they think its one of the greatest pictures ever yet the arm/hand/whatever isn't proportional.
That really pisses me off when i say its kinda shitty but their just like "Its better than i can do"
Since when was talent realitive?

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