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/o/ - Art / Oekaki

Oekaki is back!!!
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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1328267825573.png (470.22 KB, 850x800, Yume Nikki.png)


I figured I might as well stop lurking and actually post something for once.


File: 1328267979781.png (67.02 KB, 500x500, Madotsuki.png)

This month I'm drawing Yume Nikki characters every day, so I'll post progress. If my art isn't too crappy I might even stick around afterwards '3'

Day 1


File: 1328268006242.png (104.85 KB, 500x500, Block Head.png)

Day 2


File: 1328268527052.png (102.41 KB, 500x500, Drooling Ghosts.png)

Day 3


Ooh, I'm tickled pink over this.


File: 1328409929717.png (129.72 KB, 500x500, Keepers.png)

Day 4

Probably should have saved this one for the last day… OH WELL, Hehe.


File: 1328448508880.png (140.76 KB, 500x500, Seccom Masada.png)

Day 5

His hands are up because they're playing his song.


………………………………………….. ◕ ▽ ◕

◕ ▽ ◕
◕ ▽ ◕


thank you for posting these are great i've always loved how clean your art is and i wish i knew how to do that because no matter how hard i try i can't. how do you do it???


File: 1328558142926.png (219.75 KB, 500x500, Mars.png)

Day 6

I use the blood of virgins as my Ink ◕ ▽ ◕




File: 1328702452080.png (195.08 KB, 500x500, Tippy.png)

Day 7


Tokuto-kun <3


File: 1328742961214.png (75.2 KB, 500x500, Kyukyu-kun.png)

Day 8

rub rub rub
wub wub wub
rub rub rub


File: 1328855694078.png (124.32 KB, 500x500, Monoe.png)

Day 9

I'm so tired, here's a half-assed Monoe.


File: 1328919000407.png (183.49 KB, 500x500, Neon Warrior.png)

Day 10


File: 1329029207294.png (109.03 KB, 500x500, Ghost Trio.png)

Day 11

Worst one yet. Tablet sensitivity was acting up as it usually does after waking my computer up from sleep mode, but I was too preoccupied to restart.


File: 1329115932973.png (230.84 KB, 500x500, King of The Hell.png)

Day 12

King of the Hell, that girl ain't right.


File: 1329268073338.png (163.88 KB, 500x500, Mr E and Mr O.png)

Day 13

Actually goes together with 14


File: 1329268108020.png (171.75 KB, 500x500, Toriningen.png)

Day 14

The other Part to Day 13


File: 1329308952500.png (135.17 KB, 500x500, Onsen-san.png)

Day 15

Really happy with this one.


File: 1329453080369.png (236.48 KB, 500x500, Towel &amp; Batsu.png)

Day 16


File: 1329540589522.png (76.9 KB, 500x500, Monoko.png)

Day 17


D'awww <3


File: 1329636294421.png (193.76 KB, 500x500, Barracks Creature.png)

Day 18



still amazing. thank you for posting these.


Cool drawing. It got me to thinking- I wonder if one of those weird things is it's leg and one is it's nose, they are both it's legs, or if it's a giant mouth half-buried in the ground.


File: 1329722434978.png (145.38 KB, 500x500, Creatures of the Docks.png)

Day 19

;w; Thanks

Now you got me thinking too aaaa


File: 1329854840027.png (119.21 KB, 500x500, Neon Parade.png)

Day 20

An assault on your eyes.


File: 1330317841027.png (237.61 KB, 500x500, Roadkill.png)

Day 21

Also welcome Back Uboachan ;3;


File: 1330317863896.png (68.58 KB, 500x500, Takofuusen.png)

Day 22


File: 1330317913967.png (194.61 KB, 500x500, Mouth Monsters.png)

Day 23


File: 1330317941429.png (110.21 KB, 500x500, Organoid.png)

Day 24


File: 1330318013782.png (174.37 KB, 500x500, Train Passengers.png)

Day 25


File: 1330318038915.png (144.45 KB, 500x500, Witches and Kimajo.png)

Day 26

All caught up now



File: 1330381433062.png (142.87 KB, 500x500, Oni.png)

Day 27

We Japanese Goblin now.


Now that you have drawn Oni, Mars-san, and Tokuto-kun, you have now drawn all of my favorite characters. hngng


File: 1330508489572.png (138.91 KB, 500x500, Uboas Trap.png)

Day 28

…and that is the end of Yume Nikki Month 'w'


Well, that was a pretty cool thing. I should try to do a drawing-a-day challenge sometime. Anyways, do you plan on still posting Yume Nikki art(Or, any art) here? :D


File: 1330560512060.png (314.34 KB, 1000x1000, PonikoUboa.png)

Day 29

I lied… ( ゚▽゚)


File: 1330561071308.png (26.34 KB, 640x480, Faceblock.png)

I highly suggest it, a drawing a day is a good way to stay productive and improve~

This is probably the end of my Yume Nikki art for awhile, and my other art probably won't be relevant to the board, but I'll try and pop in every now and then if I do draw something relevant!


Yuuuush *_*


File: 1340573079598.png (44.03 KB, 829x811, Stupid.png)



thank you for posting.


these are some great pieces of artwork, and i would be honored to see more of it please!


What happened to Allyson?


I like this one a lot, it is a thing!


File: 1358917290757.png (247.25 KB, 600x600, YN Cover.png)



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