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Maybe people havent heard but a textoard neet.nu has closed and now redirects to this board.
I dont know if most people were aware of the existence of both boards, i wanst aware of this board.

So i thought il make a thread to see how many of my old brethren made it here and if you gonna stay here and how you guys feel about this whole situation.

I really liked the old board its a shame it went down, i will miss it certainly.
Well il share my impression of this board.
I read 10 of this board and lots of topics of personal interest, it seems quite extensive, but all in all it didnt seem to be very deep or fairly interesting to me.
This board doesnt have such a good vibe as i had on the old textboard and im not fond of the idea of imageboards since i left 4chan, but i wont judge it because of that.

Im not so sure if il be staying here, but i could use a place with other neets that share my way of life, atleast in most aspects.


File: 1395864971919.jpg (116.67 KB, 593x800, Toi.(Number.8).full.887440.jpg)

If you're looking for some deep and well-thought out conversation, you will probably not find it here. I'd suggest posting a contact and talking to /n/-goers personally. This board is more play and whine than anything else, and actual personality doesn't always shine through.

Either way, welcome abroad, and don't feel discouraged to start topics or reply to existing threads - good posters make a board good.


I just heard about that board and winded up here because of it.


Don't be discouraged by what you see here. If we have some better posters here we will have a better board. I feel almost as if there should be some sort of introduction thread, but that seems rather out of place if everyone's going to be posting as Anon.

It's nice to see some fresh meat.
Welcome aboard.


File: 1395879976403.jpg (84.83 KB, 1280x847, __Orchid_mantis_2nd_instar….jpg)

I was from neet.nu. I'm also quite sad that it's gone. I've been to a few neet/hikikomori boards, and of all of them neet.nu felt the most interesting and welcoming. Maybe we could do what's been recommended previously in this thread and start some kind of irc room or skype chat or something? As long as it doesn't become cliquish like a lot of smaller internet communities get and remains welcoming to new people, it should be fine, shouldn't it?


there is an irc channel on irchighway, #neet. No one ever talks there. Maybe you would?


I was on both boards and I found that neet.nu is more relaxed and friendlier but the difference is not that big.

If you're loking for long "very deep or fairly interesting" start making them. I'm sure that if some will start then others will follow and invest in such topics. There are always people who like what you like.


the network of textboards is pretty strong for what it is. and there are a lot of neets there too. i'm sure that it will come back up soon as i also prefer textboards over imageboards


I only just started using the other textboard a few days before it stopped :(. I personally liked it more, had an easier layout.

Are we able to change the background colour? I'm having to concentrate harder to read against the grey background..



you can change it yourself in the left frame at the top. click [YB] [Y] [U] [UG] [RZ]


/n/ isn't very active, so I doubt an IRC would be particularly well received. I mean to say, few people would use it. It would be nice to see more activity.


I think if we encouraged shitposting it would be much more active
what's the harm? like seriously? gardens need composting.



there's a difference between "some compost to liven up the flowers" and "piles of dog turds dotting the lawn"


While I agree with you, /n/ is not really a very fine or prestigious lawn to begin with.


wth are u talking about there's dog shit everywhere


File: 1395941454816.jpg (207.19 KB, 771x546, uboachan-dog-shit.jpg)


Is anyone here familiar with neet.to? It was a text board for NEETs, but now I can't access the webpage.


Its gone dude, you cant.
You can contact the admin and maybe he will give you the board DB but i doubt it.


Was neet.nu the same thing as neet.to?


Neet.nu was a continued neet.to, so yes.


So, where do the rest of you usually go to?


Aint no place to go i think, il guess il stick around for a while, this place is ok so far.


Why doesn't it do anything when I click on the buttons? Doesn't even work in a different browser.



got javascript on?


I used to check neet.to once in a while. Recently I found out it redirects here now. I guess I could see that coming since the admin took it down for a while before this redirect. Too bad it's gone.


File: 1397333985182.jpg (179.43 KB, 680x1020, 5112092-lg.jpg)


I tried going there awhile ago, but as you said nobody said anything and it felt awkward, so I haven't been back. I just wish neet.nu would return.


File: 1397358945378.png (239.83 KB, 450x370, 1393565848423.png)

I'm sorry you lost your home, OP. There are barely a handful of places left for me online; I would be devastated if they disappeared one day. I just lost guro-chan, for instance, and even though I'm not a fan of gore or scat, their community was always very friendly. Knowing that they existed gave me great happiness, and then one day they all just went poof.

What kinds of threads did you have on neet.nu? I'm curious to know.


File: 1397367293362.jpg (53.02 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)


I'm also curious. I only recently been visiting places like /n/ and wizardchan about three or so weeks ago. I'm trying to find similar sites, though.

But yeah, I know how it feels to end up feeling disconnected from a website after so long. Some of it was due to some forum admin being butthurt of some arguments between some RPers and this one guy, some of it being my fault, or some other reason.


Usually the communities that share weirsd interests and fetishes have the "nicest" people, until you GET to know them. But sometimes by then its too late and they've spread their mental illness thru the internet to you.


File: 1397407655210.gif (50.35 KB, 480x853, 1218743693609.gif)

The #uboachan channel is quite active, try there maybe.
Tough not so sure if you gonna like it, seems a bit wild at times.
Most of my threads were inqueries about stuff like mental problems, drugs and usually peoples experiances in general.
The threads were a genral success i felt.
As i have never really had a life since i have no money of my own and cant find a job im forced to be a nolife.
Not the mention the various mental problems and all ahd jizz probably is the reason why im backed to a corner now.
Im curisous about the outside world, even tough nowadays i know its pretty shitty and not all that cracked up to be.
Still i feel like there is something out there, but its probably just a dilussion.


>welcome abroad
Yeah, that's how I feel here. Thanks for rubbing it in, gaylord.


>I just lost guro-chan


Administrator here,

I'm a bitter, jaded robot. Half of the stuff that's been posted about me isn't true, although most of the stuff about my negative personality is factual. Ask anyone that knows me in IRC about it.

I've taken neet.to/neet.nu down for good – not as a drama bomb or method of getting attention, but because it's ruined. To alleviate some guilt, here are the reasons why:

1. There's a significant amount of shitposting. If I leave the site alone for a day, there are several awful posts waiting for me to silently delete (no message about the deleted post); there's one decent post every two days, and a shitpost every few hours, and it's depressing.
2. I'm too lazy to run the site and update it as promised.
3. There's nobody I can trust to moderate the site.

The board's posts are safely stored in the cloud (sans-poster information), but they won't see the light of day any time soon. The only person that contacted me about hosting the site was an awful person.

It's gone for good and shall continue to redirect to Uboachan until the domains expire (or until I find a better replacement to redirect to).



File: 1397677223539.jpg (226.13 KB, 1294x794, Yes.jpg)

Also, proof, I suppose.


File: 1397677711406.jpg (241.39 KB, 760x353, Touhou_Sakuya_....jpg)

>redirecting all the shitpost to ubuu

That explains a fucking lot. Thank very much admin, things are much clearer now.


in months they will be absorbed into our awkwardness


I don't really think there's anything wrong with redirecting to our board (although it's strange that you did, considering your context), but I think a courtesy heads-up on IRC would've been nice.

Either way, a belated welcome to those who've found themselves here.


Sorry, didn't mean to fuck up Uboachan. I also didn't mean to imply that Uboachan is bad, by 'a better replacement' I mean something more like neet.nu (i.e. another textboard, as a lot of neet.nu's users dislike imageboards). I like /n/ and the rest of the site is pretty cool. I should try Yume Nikki one day.

Also, apologies for the lack of a heads-up. I couldn't find the IRC information and I was in a hurry so I quickly switched. If you want me to remove the redirect, please let me know.


I used to go on both until I became a wage slave. Just tried to go on nu and was sad that it's really gone, but /n/ isn't bad. I don't think I can handle any more textboards being shut down though.


How can I reach you? I would very much like to archive the neet text boards


You're replying to a thread that hasn't been posted in for over a year. I don't think he's here anymore.


Can you post the archive somewhere? Just for the sake of nostalgia.

Too bad it went down the drain, shame nobody helped you, but i know its much work and i cant blame you for it.
I really appreciated the work you did.
Atleast i found this place that way.

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