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How does one become a neet in Canada?

I don't want to be a wageslave any longer and parents might kick me out.


File: 1392592374953.jpg (482.83 KB, 864x684, 1382595937844.jpg)

I am also interested in this… I guess our only option is either fake a severe mental illness or make ourselves insane voluntarily.


File: 1392599127084.png (166.85 KB, 449x450, 1362018295188.png)

>How do I become a person that does not work nor is in training in a specific country?

Let me make a list so you are able to understand it:
1- Do not get a job.
2- Do not get in any training.


How do you sustain yourself if your parents refuse to do it?(this is what I meant)


File: 1392611215044.png (52.48 KB, 200x201, 138354122235.png)

You don't. I can't be a NEET and you should suffer with me.



You can't. Most of NEETs live with their parents, and those who are not sustained by mama and papa live off of NEETbux or friends. Or they start to work.
I guess doing what >>8777 said is the only way you can actually get some support, but it does not seem like something trustworthy since you'll be cataloged as a mentally ill person, which upon time may bring even more troubles than fix them up.


How about welfare? If there's african americans by the billions on welfare surely we could also be on welfare?



Wasn't NEETbux some kind of welfare?
In any case, why don't you look in some government webpage if there's something like that? It will answer that question faster than some anon in uboachan that is not even in that part of the world.


It doesn't answer too much. I was hoping some anon who's a neet in canada could answer some of the questions since he's in the same position. Oh well :/



If any NEET in Canada shows up, he will probably tell you the very same thing I'm telling you: You can't, so leech off money from your parents/friends or work.

There are another ways, like a welfare (if there's any, which you can investigate a little in government webs to find out), or the "fake a severe mental illness" thing, but will they work? I can't be sure.


I wish I could rally all the NEETs and hikkis online to fight for a living wage.
I know you guys hate work, but everyone loves to protest, right?


when and where. I would definitely attend that protest and shout until my throat bleeds


I hear that if you're willing to sacrifice a bit, you can put money to investing until you can afford to live comfortably.


the ability to sacrifice a bit implies that you're already making more than you need to get by


File: 1392658138583.png (5.21 KB, 404x408, 14587654.png)

>Living in canada

mah nigga


Nowhere in particular. There's not exactly a "movement" or anything yet, but the idea of a living wage is picking up in several countries around the world. (Mostly Europe and the US. I think they actually tested it in some town in Canada for a few months, to positive effect. Don't know if they plan on fully implementing it soon.)

Getting more off-topic, but this reminds me of a post in OT - I also wish I could organize a website for NEETs online, like Facebook but more anonymous and closed and no goddamn pandering to the masses. We need a place to grow and nurture our culture. A lot of anons have good ideas, like the ones where you take over an apartment building, or a bit of land, and have several NEETs living together supporting each other, instead of wallowing in an unfitting mainstream.
Argh, I just want you guys to do well and be happy, you know?


File: 1392667174081.jpg (37.43 KB, 511x341, catfeel.jpg)

>I also wish I could organize a website for NEETs online, like Facebook but more anonymous and closed and no goddamn pandering to the masses

So, like 4chan?

Either way, the idea of neet-villages has been talked about on /jp/ several times. However, to actually do that, you need to buy land, to build living quarters, solar panels, to grow and care for food. That is a lot of work that requires expertise and….money! To maintain it, too - it's not really possible to just sit in your room shelled up all the time, if it's a closed community, everyone has to care for it and do chores. Not too appealing to most.

I know a person who lives away from the city in a small house and grows vegetables and cares for a couple of cows. He makes some money by selling the milk in a nearby town. He wakes at 4:30 every morning, and is busy all day. That's probably the only way to live away from society and cookie cutter jobs, but you will be poor, and there will be no time for sitting in the house and playing videogames.

So, unless there is a supporter that can shower you with money and hire professionals to do the dirty work for you, neet villages are nothing but a dream. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

I too wish NEETs could be happy. But the happiness, and the lifestyle itself only lasts so long. Unless you manage to get government funding, you are completely hopeless once your parents/friends or whoever supports you is gone. Then, you either go to work, or you kill yourself.


OK I'm getting kicked out my parents in a few months. the fuck do I do friends? kind of considering suicide



Get a work, get some friends who support you/can help you get a work, or expect the worse.
Maybe if you become a homeless and your parents see it they might take you back.



Move in with grandparents
Move in with a friend
Hastily make a online lover and move in

Wait where are you in canada?


Have no friends, no grandparents.

Im near Toronto


If my memory of toronto is correct, there is a homeless population near chinatown/the artsy university that has shelter at a local community center. This was back when I was younger, I don't know if that is still a thing.


I have a place there, you can crash if you want if you don't have a problem with stranger danger


File: 1392904938076.gif (796.08 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mq0s2sWYy01su5xpxo1….gif)

That is very nice of you to allow some random person into your home. i almost wish i was a NEET in Canada so i could escape from my own place into your kindness. This is why i like this board so much, just about everyone is kind to others.


thanks anon. I'm not getting kicked out yet though.
really hoping parents don't kick me out but they seem really serious about it this time…


not a neet, makin big ol cash, but would love to have some rather quiet neet hanging around at my home to keep me company, to mess around with, to buy weed or to suck my dick regularly


Iktf. I think there should be a thread for this. For people to invite others to live with them


Sure, except now I'm a little worried that a decent amount of that will be people kidnapping neets and raping em'


Damn where did that girl get a g36?


I am currently living in my mother's basement getting $830 a month from disability welfare in southern Ontario, if I move out on my own I will get more, if I have someone living with me as a dependent I will get more. Things seem pretty good, I suppose I will be looking for a roommate or whatever.


File: 1413926779711.jpg (103.39 KB, 960x644, 1389676229759v2.jpg)

That's a lot of money! I was making that much working my ass off at a golf club…

How did you do it ? Did you lie or are you actually disabled ?


File: 1413931766683.jpg (55.18 KB, 386x954, batman-ironman-money-fight….jpg)

I actually am, I didn't lie.
I think I explained most of it in this thread.


Damn you canadifucks and your autismbucks.


Shit, it rhymes.



Fuck I'm jelly.

>got asthma

>also chronic bronchitis
>got so bad I would wake up barley breathing
>had difficulty attending classes
>can't apply for some jobs
>asthma is an automatic disqualification in military
>apply for disability because of this
>"lol, you can't get this just because you have asthma"
>fucking what
>I have seen many doctors because of this
>had a near death experience two times
>I travel to see a lung specialist 2 hours out of my fucking town
>I can provide documents and tell you how hard it is
>"lol sorry no"

Fuck you America I should go to Canada.
I bet the air would be a lot cleaner at least.


what altitude do you live at?



How does this work? It says I need to declare income and expenditures of people in my home, for instance. Yes, I live in the same house but they want me out so I'm practically homeless and need to live alone. Would be nice to get help because it has gotten really bad here and I need to do anything I can to live elsewhere.


just get a hobby


If you don't want the money send it to me faggot.


File: 1450676349499.jpg (153 KB, 1280x720, 1445120824914.jpg)

>i dont deserve this money
>but I won't give it to someone who needs it
Then why are you even complaining?


I wouldn't mind this.

I doubt anyone would find me attractive enough to rape anyway.


>I'm a waste of oxygen.
And what are you going to do about? Just because you haven't worked for what you have, does not mean you cannot do anything to help others or make yourself a better person.

There are so many things you could be doing in your NEET cave. You could be scanning books[1], learning a new language and/or translate literature[2], do fansubbing[3] (if you're monolingual and want to stay that way, I suggest applying as a typesetter[4]), be penpals with strangers around the world[5], and so much more! Seriously, being a NEET is no excuse for being a shitty person, nor does it automatically make you shitty person. If you've done nothing to feel proud of, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

[1]: http://diybookscanner.org/
[2]: https://www.duolingo.com/
[3]: https://www.google.com/#q=fansub+recruitment
[4]: http://unanimated.xtreemhost.com/ts/
[5]: http://www.interpals.net/

tl;dr: Being a NEET is is not the reason your waste of oxygen; the only reason you'd be a waste of oxygen is if you do nothing else for others.

I'm probably rambling, but hopefully you can understand what I meant.


Not the person you replied to but holy shit is your post really nice. You're a good person

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