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File: 1385579795033.jpg (35.41 KB, 960x720, driving.jpg)


Any NEETs here without there driving license? I'm 19 and I don't have mine. I've had some pretty bad experiences on the road. Not with driving but more with the people who were in the car with me.

>First time I went driving my older brother yelled and even hit me.

>Said bad things to constantly put me down.
>Tried driving with my dad but that just ended in more negative feedback
>Tried with a driving instructor and still more negative feedback.

I didn't think I was a bad driver but 'they' kept picking on stuff and it slowly took away my confidence.

Now I avoid driving at all costs because of all the bad experiences I've had.

That isn't good either where I live since everyone sees a driving license as a rite of passage….
Anyway I will stop rambling now.


I don't need a car because 1) i don't have to go anywhere, and places i do go to have a bus every 4 mins. 2) i can't afford fuel 3) severe anxiety.

why would a NEET need a car? Most don't go out enough to warrant owning one.



Doesn't it bother you when people look at you like you're some kind of retard for not having a drivers license tho?


File: 1385581932493.jpg (134.76 KB, 1408x792, y1pNaXfL2FxIv13YC61M-ilN3C….jpg)

I am 20 and I still don't have my license. I plan on trying to go my whole life without one.

Licenses are rites of passage where I live, too. My mom has offered to give me lessons before I take the official test, but she's also letting my sister use the car to drive hundreds of miles, and she doesn't even have a permit, so I guess maybe it's more just being able to drive is what's important.

Besides being lazy, the other reason I'm not getting my license is because the second I do, I know I'm probably going to become the family gopher.

But that's just about licenses. I am never, ever getting a car. EVER. Even if I do get my license, I'm only going to use it to drive in emergencies, or to bus my friends around or something. I'm not even going to bother with a car and all the millions of problems repairs, upkeep, maintenance, insurance, tickets, accidents, etc. bring, and I would rather buy smokes than gas.

I'm a little nervous about driving, but most of it is the kind that goes away with practice. And I guess there's my general slow, cautious temperament - I like to take my time before jumping in, and I feel rushed as fuck on the road. If I started driving, it wouldn't be long before I got so stressed I started gunning right into traffic because I feel pressured to move, or before I totally freeze up and cause a jam.


File: 1385605655810.jpg (758.63 KB, 682x900, Mike__s_new_car__by_Gashi_….jpg)

I'll be 20 in 2 months and I've never even touched a steering wheel.

My parents try to pressure or guilt trip me into driving, but I just can't do it. I'm uncoordinated, easily distracted, not particularly good at anything, and I screw up horribly the first time I do anything. I don't wanna screw up behind the wheel.
My stupid alcoholic dad drives me places while he's drunk half the time, I always think I'm gonna die. I even annoy my friends when they give me rides, I always ask them to drive slower and carefuller and more slowly. Basically, being in a car is too scary for me, driving would me worse.
I guess if I drived myself I wouldn't have to deal with dad's drunken death rides…but he's been a lot better lately.



I never felt worried when other people drove me around. It's the whole criticism thing. If you are pretty nervous to begin with and constantly hear negative feedback you are inclined to quit completely as i did.

I feel inferior because of it to……..


I'm 22. Who ever decided we need to own huge metal death traps to be decent human beings anyways?

Every time I get on anything with wheels short of a bike I hurt myself or the vehicle. I live in a part of town I don't need a car to get anywhere important right now, but in my old town I had to walk three miles to get to town. Made me feel even more isolated.

Insurance is a scam anyways.


I'm 19. Don't have one. Don't want one. Live in NY and it's convenient enough to use public transportation. It would be if I actually went places. Plus, I don't feel like dealing with maintenance, gas money, waiting at red lights, stopping at every stop sign, etc. Too much of a hassle.


no one cares.


I don't care about what anyone thinks, either. Especially if "they" are imaginary/assumed.


I have one but I really don't need one as public transportation can take me anywhere much cheaper. I also don't even have a car, if I had a job I'd buy a car but.. well, no


File: 1385737661077.png (146.96 KB, 349x293, fuckdatoriningen.png)

I had a driver's license but let it expire because I never go anywhere.


driver's licenses expire?
Where are you from?


they expire in america, which is a pretty popular country to drive in



? I thought they expired everywhere. They do in Australia. It's how the vehicle department of your state makes money. By charging you to renew your license.


I'm 20, don't drive and probably never will. Everything around here is in walking distance or in a bus route.


I was forced to get a license as soon as I was old enough.
'Learning' from my stepfather was a huge stress and he often would just yell regardless of the level of my mistakes.
He also would force me to drive using both feet at the same time: one on the gas, one on the breaks.
They basically wanted me to drive my siblings around and do chores for them, but seeing as I am a NEET, I really shouldn't complain.

However, driving is extremely dull and demanding of enough attention that you can't really zone out. It sucks, I hate it, and it is for huge nerds!

So don't feel bad, OP~


I have a driving license and I'm happy with it.
Driving is fun once you shake off the driving lessons PTSD.
Wouldn't be much use without a car, though.


I was forced to learn as well because ever since I was 14 my dad was trying to force me to get a job and I was like…umm.. ok, and just went with it. No success till I was like..19 and even then was a temporary job. Driving lessons were real terror because my instructor took me across a major bridge, as well as major highways while..not being very supportive. My father yelled at me for any manner of turns I would make.

It's like..I have the license but I hate it. I have no desire to leave the house most of the time.


I'm from Germany and mine doesn't. I'll still have my picture of when I was 16 on the license when I'm 80.
>It's how the vehicle department of your state makes money
then again I paid 1800€ to get my license which took about 4 months. Do you just pay a fee and your license is valid again or do you have to do anything else?


File: 1386684499306.gif (376.55 KB, 500x359, tumblr_m24p94fUvU1r6aoq4o1….gif)

I don't have a licence but i'm only 17. I haven't gotten one yet because i don't have a car. the only reason i want one is so i can get a job, but other than that im kinda terrified of driving. I've driven once or twice in drivers ed and it was really unerving. I don't have trouble being in cars, im just afraid of killing someone because of a little mistake i make behind the wheel.
Luckly i have an awesome boyfriend who will drive me around places.


Pay fee. Decide if you want to retake picture, done.


I guess that's alright then. How much do you pay to get the license in the first place? I heard it's like $20 and not many driving lessons but I'm not sure



In Australia its about 50 dollars per driving lesson and for a license its 120 dollars.

To even get a license you need 120 hours of recorded driving time.

One of the reasons why I don't have my license. It can get very expensive not to mention driving with a supervisor for 120 hours isn't a pleasant experience.


I don't have a driving license, but I have no excuse not to have it. Many jobs require you to have one. I did not know about that until I failed out of college and started looking for some dead-end job to sustain my lifestyle.

Where I live, we used to have permanent driving licenses until recently. But I've just heard on the news that starting from this year, everyone has to renew their licenses every fifteen years. That's pretty imteresting.

You know… three-four years ago, when I was practising before taking and failing the practical exam (which is infamous in my country for being both very hard AND unfair, but that is to be expected when the submission fees people pay so they can take their tests are said to be the main source of income for regional traffic centers and its employees) for the first, and so far my only, time, I did not feel very confident. Today, I know I suck at driving, and while the theoretical tests supposedly got much harder since their complete rework earlier this year, I'll just have to keep trying and throwing large amounts of precious bux at drivers education and the regional traffic center while I'm not destitute. Whoo boy, excitement!


I'm 20 and I don't have mine. My mother signed me up for some classes (the ones where you sit in a classroom and a police oficer lectures about driving and you take a quiz, but no actual driving) so I did that. I never bothered to actually pick up a learners permit or try driving. The public transit system is pretty good around here and I can bike well enough, I don't give a fuck.


23 and haven't had one. I drove a bit when I got my learner's permit at 16 and I still have nightmares


I turn 20 in a little over a month, only drove three times for my permit. I never used it and it's probably for the best considering what we did there hardly qualified anyone there to drive. At it's worse not knowing how to drive is just another measure to show my lack of skills, that reminds my parents how shitty I am; getting lectured in front of your younger siblings who are on track isn't fun.

Driving is a bit of a rush though, we weren't allowed to go over 10mph but I was so pumped the entire time I was behind the wheel. If I ever wanted to learn I'd ask a family member other than my parents though, so I don't get hassled and it'll be a good excuse to hang out with family members that you like and don't judge you.



120 hours with an instructor, or 120 hours with a licensed driver?

in southwest burgerstan we have like 15 hours with an instructor, take a driving class (private or via public school) and then log a lot of practice hours with a licensed driver (usually a parent or similar authority figure)

though it varies by state and I'm sure things have changed since I got mine

my instructor was basically newman from seinfeld, a real piece of shit, but I met a few cuties at the driving class


My licence was suspended in January for Drink Driving (mid range)

I get it back in July but I still won't have my own car anyway (still driving mothers car at the age of 23)





I thought I had the worst start to driving. I took a road knowledge course at my highschool and when I was the legal age my parents dropped me off for on road testing. No lessons. I managed to pass just above failing and from what I read here it looks like they made the right choice!


File: 1392755118176.png (155.55 KB, 403x372, im smrt.png)

> I always ask them to drive slower and carefuller and more slowly.

I can't drive because apparently I am perpetually drunk


File: 1392846106745.jpg (103.15 KB, 1280x720, candystore1.jpg)

I've had mine since I was 16. I drive regularly, but I don't particularly enjoy it.

I get nervous driving, since the chances of a collision are surprisingly high whenever you go anywhere.

I wish I could just walk everywhere. I enjoy walking.


File: 1392892093936.gif (2.45 MB, 480x270, Finnish girl doesn't know.gif)

I am 18, my brother made an attempt at teaching me when I was younger, it wasn't a likable experience, I was worried I could hit a someone, and just did not feel comfortable moving that machine around. I didn't give it a secind chance as I found no purpose in driving, as a Neet, it's of no use to me.


File: 1392898324336.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, 1378829575371.png)

22 still don't have it
my brother is going to get an automatic, at which point I won't have an excuse not to learn.

I suppose I'll have to get it eventually.


26, still do not have mine. I may be taking driving lessons for the third time soon though.

I never could get the hang of it because I have a hard time paying attention to a bunch of things at once.


File: 1407349192261.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 2013-11-15 11.0….png)

>I am 20 and I still don't have my license. I plan on trying to go my whole life without one.
Might do this aswell im 20 atm turning 21 next year idk about driving its expensive as hell and im failing anyway I guess


Ive had some lessons from my older brother. Id say Im rather good at it now!

I hope I can get my license soon because I live in a rural place and its difficult not being able to drive when you live out here.

Im rather scared of driving on roads with other cars. Bad things can happen. Horrible, terrible things


File: 1407396634612.jpg (102.24 KB, 400x240, HNI_0089.JPG)

>Be 23
>Still has no license
>Only has a State ID
>Wants to get a moped
>Looks up safety guides on mopeds
>Needs to have a drivers license to legally ride a moped


>Im rather scared of driving on roads with other cars. Bad things can happen. Horrible, terrible things

I try to drive at night if I need to drive because of this. It's not like I have a schedule to keep or anything.


>Tried driving with my dad but that just ended in more negative feedback
Why is it always the dads?

>Tried with a driving instructor and still more negative feedback.

Mine almost killed us both. He wanted me to change lanes and when I didn't do it in 8 seconds because someone was in a blindspot, he got the wheel and tried to force us in. It's one of the few reasons I'm sort of scared of driving, not because I am afraid of cars, but because of stupid people. You have to take care of you and others

Since I'm not doing anything but watching anime and going on the Internet, I decided to get my license and am taking the Behind-the-Wheel in two weeks (again because I couldn't change lanes in time and slowed down to "a dangerous speed" so that the cars would pass by.). The test is easy if you can find a guide to study off of and especially so if the questions are the same.

But why do you want a license? I'm just doing it because my parents are forcing me to lose my NEET status and I need some form of ID other than my passport. I don't even have places to go plus gas is expensive.


How do I learn how to drive? 19 years old in Illinois, here. I have absolutely no idea how to start the process. I've looked it up before and people say to take a test but how the fuck am I supposed to pass a test when I have no idea how to drive in the first place?


Kansas person here, here's what I did:
1. Check Kansas's state website for the department of motor vehicles and see which counties have DMV offices with testing available

2. Go to the DMV office and get my instruction permit. I needed to
A. take a written test,
B. pay a small fee, and
C. have my photo taken
to get the permit. There was no driving test. I got the information I was tested onfrom a booklet available at the DMV office and from the DMV's website. Both places had the same information.

3. After I got my permit, I needed someone with a license to practice driving with. For me, this was my dad. I really have no advice for this practice; it just sucks and there's no way around it.

4. Go to the DMV office again and do all the same stuff I did for my permit AND take a driving test to get my license. The first time I took the driving test, I failed and I had to go back another day and take it again.

This whole process took me several months to complete. I wish you good luck if you are pursuing a driver's license.


thx Anon, I will look for a pamphlet on my DMV's website to study before I go in


You're welcome!

Also I forgot one thing.

When I showed up to get my permit, I had to bring certain documents with me to verify my citizenship status. I know my social security card was included, but I can't remember the others. They should be listed on the DMV's website though.


I have mine (nearly 10 years now), but I hate driving. Driving a car is enjoyable, but constantly paying attention to traffic is not. The roads are crowded here and people drive aggressively. I also hate trying to find a parking spot, there are never enough of them. I've been to the USA and I was surprised how relaxed the drivers were, even in large cities.

I could probably survive without a car for my entire life anyway, since you can go anywhere by bicycle and public transportation here. I don't plan to get a car unless absolutely necessary (and of course if I have the money for it).

I still remember crying during driving lessons because I was so stressed about it…


26, i don't need it at all in the city and cars are loud gross killing machines basically, i bicycle/walk/take metro.


File: 1410793151756.jpg (987.07 KB, 1980x1080, 1406068443647.jpg)

Lucky! Well, I'm sure there are ups and downs to living in a city that is populated enough to have enough public transportation to get by. Driving isn't very important to me; I'd rather just wait until self-driving cars are standard and/or move to a city that has enough public transportation to get by.

I really should get my license though…

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