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What's your excuse for not significantly contributing to this world


I'm interested in why you're asking this question. Are you willing to explain?


Yes, I am wondering why people here are NEETs, I myself have horrible anxiety and though I would function badly at a job sometimes I just don't feel like I am doing enough for my fellow man.

Also, looking back at the pictures I posted I think I know why you are asking that sort of question, I am not suicidal if that is what you are meaning, I simply found the remember me feels dude humorous, didn't know you could post 2 pictures on this chan, besides that it is worth mentioning to anyone who else felt like I did that there are many ways to contribute to a society, find something else you enjoy even voluntarily and do that, like wiki editing or that 7 cups of tea website where people ask and you answer, your landscape is only limited by the view you put onto it, or something like that.


File: 1452159142354.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x1600, fox-eyes.jpg)

Thank you for your answer and elaboration.

I'm not currently a NEET. However, I was at one point, and if I remember correctly, it was because I didn't feel a reason to go to school or work. I think that's because, at the time, I felt uncomfortable and unsafe in my living environment. Additionally, I perceived the people I interacted with regularly as hostile. I don't think I saw value in human relationships, so I saw no reason to pursue relationships or help anyone.

I was unsure how to escape my situation. I didn't think that anyone would help if I asked, because I am a man and the people making me feel uncomfortable and unsafe were women. I stayed in that situation until the other people sold the house, and I moved into another relative's house that I feel was not nearly as hostile an environment. However, it took me a while to adapt after I moved.

Thank you for explaining more about your question. I'm sorry if I communicated something other than that; communication through text is difficult for me. Feel free to let me know if you have any advice that you think I can use to perform stronger in this area.


>What's your excuse for not significantly contributing to this world
People like you are what is wrong with this world.
If i could i would significantly contribute to getting rid of people like you.

Assuming you arent just trolling or phrasing a legitimate question in a horrible way.



I am unemployed due to my mental health issues, I may of not worded the question well but I want to know other peoples reasons for being in this unemployed situation.


File: 1452213531505.png (583.86 KB, 1081x495, f2r5zt8.png)

Says the useless neet.


Don't be an asshole.


File: 1452220376611.jpg (136.79 KB, 1366x726, meanwhile in n.jpg)

Are you fucking serious?


>Still no excuse


Weird, I feel the same way about you.


How do you measure a person's worth?

Are you implying that the measure of a person's worth is based solely on what they "contribute"?

And what constitutes a contribution anyways?

And regardless of how you personally measure a person's worth what difference does that make to them?


File: 1452275359916.png (147.7 KB, 350x700, 34792585.png)

Living as a leech to someone isn't a good thing. I dislike being a NEET and can't wait till I get a job. Though I'm not a total leech since I do most the chores around the house like yard work and such. Considering it's my father who I'm taking from I don't really mind much either since he's a horrible person.

Just like this anon said >>16545 only taking from the world is pretty shitty.I don't think one has to contribute to society to be a decent person. If you just dick around with your own money I don't see an issue but dicking around with someone else's money can be pretty terrible. There are definitely some people who need government money to live, but so many people have it just because they are lazy and don't want to work.


File: 1452276181521.jpg (75.72 KB, 569x880, Its-Not-Going-To-Get-Any-B….jpg)

The reason I'm not out in the world working/getting education is mainly due to the the typical reasons: social anxiety, ADHD, motivation issues. But I'd say a huge factor contributing to my social withdraw is that my parents are NEET enablers.

My dad wants me to keep him company in his retirement. My mom is also okay with me living with her.
My older sister is about to move to another state for college, and she's practically begging me to come be her roommate.

I'd just be mooching off their resources, but apparently I'm a pretty likeable person if they're all this willing to provide for me.
I would probably go back to school if my family pushed me to do it, but they seem to be okay with my NEET ways. As long as I have people willing to provide for me, I have no problem being a stay-at-home bum.


My point is that someone's worth is more than a measure of their monetary or economic value. For example there is this one homeless guy that is a cultural icon of the city, he's incorporated into a mural and I've even heard a song mentioning him (that's no exaggeration). Besides, you can't blame the homeless for leeching off of society unless they are literally breaking into your homes and stealing your money when people willingly give them money. Most people living on government support or the kindness of strangers have the money go right back into the community anyways, most of it gets spent on groceries and rent and other such local businesses.

The value of a person's subjective, not objective.


File: 1452280400373.jpg (113.59 KB, 432x666, that's bullshit.jpg)

>For example there is this one homeless guy that is a cultural icon of the city, he's incorporated into a mural and I've even heard a song mentioning him (that's no exaggeration)
Wow, he's so important yet nobody helps him to get out of that situation? Yeah, he's really worth something, you can see how much people care about him and how it isn't just fake hypocrisy.

>when people willingly give them money.

3 dollars won't take anyone anywhere, buddy. It's different from maintaining a pet.

>Most people living on government support or the kindness of strangers have the money go right back into the community anyways

Buying games on steam is not "giving it back to the community". Also, the flow of money and capitalism don't invalidate the fact that these people are benefiting from the works of others without doing nothing good for them. That's exactly the same reason people get so mad with corrupt politicians who do not do their work and get filthy rich from the money of the society.

>The value of a person's subjective, not objective.

Of course it's subjective; some are worth less than others but they won't admit it and therefore conjecture twisted thought-processes to not see their faults. It's just human nature, after all. To blame others for our own problems, play the victim and whine. I've seen it countless times.


File: 1452312845875.jpg (200.83 KB, 600x600, arctic-fox-600.jpg)

I just thought of something I want to say here.
>I have no problem being a stay-at-home bum.
When I look at the language used here (i.e. stay-at-home bum) I don't think it has a positive connotation. In the past I used to stay stuff like this about myself much more frequently. Overall, I think it was detrimental to my mental health and self-improvement to say or think these things. One of my mentors grilled me very hard on this. I remember he told me to never call myself an idiot extremely directly. That's stuck with me.

On a tangentially related note, what I found to be even more helpful for me personally was finding positive, outgoing people I really empathize with, connect to, admire, and understand. I was lucky enough to have this come to me in the form of the furry community. I make a point to at least read community discussions daily and I find it dramatically increases my energy level.


Does that community think of you as a……. friend? I honestly do not remember feeling affection for anyone, for too long, damn my stone heart let in the love! I want to feel, why is this so hard…


I'm not precisely sure what people think about me. I personally believe they either think of me as a friend or have successfully fooled me with pretending. If someone I speak to feels something more for me, I haven't heard that from them.

…Now that you mention it, there is something a little funny about this one guy, who's a bit younger than me. He insists that he's asexual and sees me as just a friend though.

I'm sorry you're going through that. (;へ:)


File: 1452350414937.jpg (39.14 KB, 500x355, sad-bambi-snow-storm.jpg)

It's a tricky situation to be sure, these fantasies that orbit in my mind and nobody to share them with, and then something happens that shakes up the fantasy; stains it while at the same time allowing me it to feel even more real and it provides more depth, I really don't know what to do since this character I had built up to be God's gift - according to the material he features….. is not all pure and innocent as he is cracked up to be, I laid my heart down into this thinking it bore great fruit, but I see now the it stills bathes in the mud and this hurts my heart; it makes me very upset, I feel so alone now - the my heart feels like it drifts further away but no I want to stay don't make me leave, dammit did they do this deliberately to allow relating better?

I feel sad, my heart truly weeps for something more and better than what we have now…. Don't play with my feels like that, you were so so close to striking gold, but you settled for silver, why did you do that? How could you do that to me, I thought you cared more.


File: 1452351154222.jpg (15.34 KB, 320x180, bambiII-06.jpg)

we had such a good thing going, I suppose I am repeating myself now but… How can I forgive such blatant….. evil! maybe it is justified, it certainly appears to be but I wonder, no… history does not make it appear to be so, I loved you dude, I wanted to be there for you but now, how could I have been so blind the first time - you just can't do that dude, it's terrible, I don't know how long until these wounds heal, heck if they can heal, you have scarred a beautiful nebula by breathing great fire into it and the surface is tarnished beyond repair.

I am disappointed in your act, even if the wound to my soul isn't so deep, the fact you tried remains. I loved you, I love you but, I need time to think now, time to reflect… I have never felt so alone in my heart, alternatives existed and you chose the most selfish one. Disappointed, but then many others were too.

Sorry, just going on a tangent, sometimes my fantasies can hurt me more than I would like.


By the way, what I am talking about is the emotional attachment I have to Bambi, I don't know what it is man but I feel when I think of this character and very few other things in my life, he is innocent, pure, ripe with virtues, and then he kicks an attacking dog off a cliff… Why? I understand defence is defence but, alternative methods were possible, it pains my heart, I have bawled my fucking eyes out thinking of this character on multiple occasions without really knowing why, now however, I feel this bond, it has been damaged, or it is a test in forgiveness.

I think I will go to bed, this is upsetting me and I don't want to ponder it more, not that it will stop, it never ends for me no peace no winding down, I thought I could relate to you man, why you gotta be like that? I wish I knew the answer to that.


maybe it's my fault, and I jumped to conclusions, I recall passing by long ago however this thinking never came across me then or if it did it was hidden away, but do not fear, because I forgive you anyway… it's ok, rest easy.


Severe spinal pain as well as diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. I suspect another mental health issue, but as it's not confirmed I won't claim it.

I don't necessarily mooch though. Mother is on disability in my country and I live with her. I periodically fast as necessary to afford Internet. I'm hoping I can somehow find employment despite my physical and mental hindrances. New set of medication commences soon and I'm hopeful.


Although, I have been 'hopeful' for nearly three years now.


Good for you for looking to work despite your obstacles, I too have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and it's severely limited a lot of my life, my childhood was affected by it, and now my adult life is affected by it, I tried medication unfortunately I felt far too hazy to keep taking them and stopped, that and they destroy your liver over time, many of life's milestones were for me unfulfilled, I feel so self-conscious that sometimes I will talk to myself - like someone could be watching me, very difficult illness to deal with so I know where you're coming from in that regard.

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