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How can one live the NEET life? I just lost my job, I'm incredibly stressed, paranoid and depressed lately. I somehow do not qualify for unemployment because they won't count my last job (which would put me well over the 680 hour minimum hours you have to work to receive it). Since I lost my last job I've only been able to get a part time job as a security guard, I'm only working 7 hours on Mondays and 6 hours on Tuesdays. I have bills to pay and I haven't been paid yet (even though my first pay day was supposed to be last thursday). I'm a straight white male with no physical disabilities (maybe some mental, like my depression and anxiety, but from what I've heard, if you only have a couple mental disabilities like depression and anxiety, you might as well just not bother applying for SSI). I really don't want to move back in with my folks. I'm fucking 22 and it's pretty shameful to still be living with your folks at that age. Losing my last job has got to be the worst thing to happen to me thus far. There's not a day that goes by where I honestly don't want to kill myself ;_;

What do you guys do in order to pay the bills but still stay NEETs?

>pic slightly related


read "a confederacy of dunces" by John Kennedy Toole in order to understanding what being a neet is.

btw I'm 30 yo NEET and I live with parents.
You haven't even grated the surface of of depression.
At night, when you're closed in your childhood room playing videogames or watching anime, that feel of being a gigantic infant….

The shame during family reunion, the shame during job interviews, the shame when you meet someone you know at the department store, the shame of asking money to parents for even a 5 bucks t-shirt….

I wish you the best, but this board isn't for you (yet).


That sounds truly awful my friend, but I believe I'm on the road to it unfortunately. I'm going to admit myself to the hospital on Wednesday for my depression. Since posting this, I have been directed to read the "Uncle Remus guide to being a NEET". In which, it basically just tells you how to become a good actor and collect SSI from the state for your "disabilities". It states that if you want to claim depression and anxiety then you will have a better chance of collecting NEETbux if you admit yourself to a hospital and then go apply, as it shows you're taking some initiative to get better, and admitting yourself to a hospital will give you a paper trail of your disorder.

There was a thread on this board where there were some successful non-neets willing to let some NEETs stay with them for company and shit, which sounds really nice, as well. However I doubt anyone is willing to take me in like that just because they want some company. Hopefully I'll make it.


Run, run while you can, burn your ass to get a job, you don't want this.


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listen >>16490.
No sum of money (and surely not what you can collect with welfare) can pay the humiliating sensation of being an gigantic infant.
Also, before I forget:
>that feel when family friends are bullying your parents with: "But what your son do all day? But is he still in search of a job? how many years are that he is unemployed?" So cause of you your parents have stopped frequenting people.


It doesn't sound like a glamorous life by any means. I just don't know what to do anymore. It's either I feel the shame of becoming a disgusting NEET, but at least not being a basement dweller, or feel the shame of being a grown ass man living with his family and still being a NEET. My ass has been in full gear lately looking for another job, but so far it's been nothing.


File: 1451392482688.jpg (15.39 KB, 480x360, conspiracy.jpg)

It's a conspiracy


Listen to the others, keep going.
Its by no means either, you can afford yourself a break if you feel you really need one but dont withdraw and stagnate.
If you really feel so depressed then maybe its good to get treatment, but dont do it to be a freeloader.

If it really is too much to handle you can always withdraw yourself, keep going for as long as you can maybe you will find something good out there, you wont find it looking at your screen all day long.


I really do. I guess I just want NEETbux to get away from everything for a while, in order to help relieve a lot of my stress and worries so I can get better. I really don't want to be on it forever :(

I'm afraid of wasting my time and just being denied.



Problem is it won't relieve your stress and worries. Its tempting because it appears to you to be away to escape the problems you have in your life now, but every study pretty much ever shows that inactivity and unemployment are incredible stressors. It looks like a chance to run away but you are actually just ending up with stress and worries to and even greater degree. Becoming NEET is not a time out.

Aside from the grinding poverty there is a deep sense of shame and failure that almost inevitably emerges. Its a very negative experience. There are a few people who are exceptions to this rule, with substantial personality differences from the norm or to a degree some on non-stigmatised disability benefits, but those people don't need to ask this kind of question.

To be more positive, you shouldn't be ashamed of moving in with your parents. Its absolutely difficult but its not shameful. More and more people are in that situation precisely because there aren't enough jobs and most of them are shit. You can't blame yourself for shit like that, you just have to keep going even though everything is shit.


I agree with you about inactivity being detrimental to a person's health. However, I'd like to add that I personally think that I think I felt worse while I was working in food service. I might have even been more depressed when I worked fast food than when I wasn't doing anything.

Now that I think about it, it's pretty dang close. It's been a good while since I was a full-time NEET though.


Welcome to the NHK?


File: 1452292958639.png (1.13 MB, 1061x1381, f43f43566ccae8cc8b4b60eb80….png)

No, boku no pico.


You got it.


Hey id like a status report of your neetbux situation. Or maybe we can keep in touch


Damn, how long have you been neet and how did it come to this?

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