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Uh hello, this is my first time posting here.
I usually lurk different chans and boards, rarely do I post in them unless they caught my interest.
But the thread isn't about how am a newfag, it mostly has to do with the social problem I am facing and yesterday it kinda hit me that I am probably spiraling more out of synch lately since I am doing things I don't usually do.

to start off I was a social outcast since the beginning of elementary school which I assume most of /n/ were, back then in elementary I would get bullied and more often than not tricked and ridiculed by my peers, and most of the staff brushed me off as being a liar since most of the kids in my class (at least 2/3rds of them) would say I was lying.
I assume this was the beginning of the end since this stunted my ability to trust other people and open up to them.
The bullying carried on until the end of middle school, of course the damaged was already done i became an apathetic empty person and spent most of my time staying home and skipping classes in high school to drink and do drugs, this was basically the start of my neet-ness.
for 4 years since my freshman year to "senior" year(basically had freshman credits after 4 years of doing nothing) all I did was drink, drugs, videogames, Music, and Movies.
and I had my self to blame, I let my fears control me and influence me that If I went to highschool I would probably get bullied again and that would have been the breaking point honestly, I would have either done harm to myself or to others if that were to ever happen so i shut myself in my mothers apartment and kept to myself. (I would only go outside to either get food or do "business" which I won't specify for the well being of myself and others)

but recently I decided I wanted to change my life around and applied for GED classes, that was around 5-6 months ago I can't remember but that isn't the issue, it's mostly my state of mind currently I almost started to cry in the middle of class and I have been lately feeling a hard pressure near my chest (I would say this the feeling I get when I get emotionally rocky) and I also just feel like giving up and just sit down and take a some time to contemplate some things or just rest,
I don't know if it's the fact that am in an environment that I tried my hardest to stay away from (school) or because this is the end of the road for me.
Of course I felt like this many times since elementary but never as hard hitting as now.

I really don't know what to do and I feel pretty lost at this moment.


It isn't the end for you anon, you have made the right decision in trying to turn your life around. You have what it takes to keep on this path. Sometimes you will feel stressed out or will feel uncomfortable but these feelings are very ephemeral and shouldn't prevent you from focusing on long term goals (such as getting an education). You will be ok.


Thanks it's been really getting too me, so many things are on my mind at once and I can't concentrate.
sometimes I'll just come back home demoralized and sleep in my bed throughout the whole day.


File: 1448654394161.jpg (5.13 MB, 2560x1920, mandelbrot_set_zoom_1.jpg)

I am currently a student and sometimes this happens to me too. I am usually fairly good at keeping on top of things but near the end of the week I usually lose focus and can barely do any work at all, I usually just stay in bed or play games on the weekends and that doesn't help. Despite these shitty end of the week feels I still manage to wake up each day and do what I need to do (when I need to do it of course). I get especially anxious when I have a heavy courseload and I have projects that I procrastinate on, but it usually turns out pretty good at the end. Hopefully things our way.


go our way*


Try to find a foundation to gain social skills in, maybe some kind of game you can play with people in your area.

Whether you can or cannot do that, you should still just try over and over again and eliminate the reasons you fail, and I think slowly you will rehabilitate yourself if you really want to.


Yeah hopefully, still though being in this situation is too stressful.

am fine with videogames as long as it's behind a screen but I fail miserably in actual social interactions


yeah I fail at irl social stuff too. I also really hate giving presentations, and unfortunately for me I have to give a 15 minute class presentation over my term project tomorrow and I havent even started setting up my ppt slides. kill me

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