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Do you brush your teeth?

I don't


yes, I'm very concerned with my health and sanitary needs. to the point where it's a bit obsessive actually, recently I have been neglecting my teeth though, I'll get right on that.


Yes, 6 or 7 times minimum per day. please help me




Once in the evening.
The ones in the upper back are decaying already, its just a question of time.




Haven't in 8ish years. Never had a cavity in my life, and people never seem to notice if i have bad breath/teeth.




Enjoy your random heart attack anon


File: 1447185397073.png (4.32 KB, 203x203, sooooooo.png)

I try my best to but I don't have running water, so sometimes I forget to go outside with a bottle of water to do it.

One of my back teeth is kinda really decayed now. It worries me. There's no black or anything, it just looks… dented in? It doesn't look particularly disgusting, nor does it hurt to eat on it, I just don't like the feel of it. I think it's nearly reached the gum. I should probably see a dentist, but I don't have a car, plus I live in the woods so it's not like I can walk or call a cab.

Ahhhhh hahahaha, I can't wait until I'm rich enough to live in a place with real live actual running water! Then I can go back to brushing my pearly whites up to 4 times a day.


File: 1447200505830.png (36 KB, 500x144, 294.png)

I haven't been, but I need to.


I only brush them every other day.


Twice a day, with feeling. Plus the tongue.


you will once you get your first gum infection


No but I'm hoping by only drinking water and avoiding sugar it will be okay..


I only brush to avoid the pain that comes along with gingivitis. Too painful to put up with.


You guys should!
Do you worry you might get a cavity and over do it? Try and think about the problems brushing so much can cause, they're just as bad as a tooth rotting. Think about the enamel anon!



Or maybe they won't tell you.

Or maybe you already have cavities and don't know it. Not all cavities hurt.



It won't. All foods contain sugars in one way or the other, plus there is a Whole host of dental diseases which do not depend on sugar intake, and can only be warded off by hygiene.

I really don't get this 'no brush' thing, I really don't. We are NEETs, what else do we have going for us beside our (often already compromised enough) health. What difference does to us saving 2 minutes a day by not brushing?


Its lazyness bro, you should know by now that neets can be extremely lazy.
But yes, its bad, if you cant be arsed to brush the, atleast use mouthwash.


I brush my teeth like every few days when they start to feel like they have a film over them. I floss ever time I brush.

Sometimes I will do it every day and feel really good about it then i slip up again

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