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Why is it so hard for a lot of people to simply live for themselves? Why do people so quickly grow bored of themselves and living for themselves and begin to exist with some sort of ideal in mind that when you come down to it is just words? Or people whom their ties to are tenuous? Or goals which amount to empty words on a blackboard marked "future," something that doesn't even exist in the present?

Even being aware that the only lasting peace in life would come as a result of being able to live in comfort with myself and only truly for my own sake, and knowing how ultimately silly it is in a lot of ways to live otherwise rather than just having those things as secondary focuses, I can't. And I'm pretty sure a lot of other people are the same way, that that's a lot of what makes being NEET in the longterm rather shitty. Because you grow bored of yourself and living for yourself, because even as you do you best to enjoy it it becomes stagnation.

Personally I think the root of it is simply that we're a cooperative species and if we were able to live simply for ourselves we wouldn't have gotten nearly this far, that to an extent it's hardwired and ideals and altruism and all those great things are manifestations of that fact. Maybe I'm wrong though.
Whaddya think /n/?


Biologically speaking I think we are hardwired to live as a group, not just for the propagation of our species but as a survival instinct. It would've been incredibly difficult for primitive humans to live on their own without a family or tribe… I do find a certain existential terror in loneliness… like I could just disappear…

But then is this just a survival mechanism of our species? Is it foolish to fall prey to this or… Would denying it go against our very nature?

People like to feel like they are in control, like nature is not manipulating them and guiding their actions but… What are we without it?
Many people try to live for themselves but end up suffering as a result… ironically so…

I don't think it really matters if something is pointless in the end, if what you do amounts to nothing, if it's a waste of time and resources… What really matters is what you truly want… Whether that is to be alone or to be with others… The reason why you want it and the source of your want is irrelevant, so long as you know what you want… that is all that matters.


Yeah, I definitely think that we're social creatures by nature, that it's somewhat hardcoded into us but I think being that we were all raised in a community impacts us a lot too.
Going to a store, to school, to work, a show, to a club or sporting activity; if we didn't do these things while we were raised most people are usually encouraged to and you're looked down upon if you don't 'participate' in society.
I wonder how people bought up in a much more secluded, self sustaining environment would feel.

Then on top of this, we of course have a constant stream of mass media that goes on against living for ourselves.


Yeah. It varies a lot from person to person though, and I think part of that can be because of personal values. They may be derivative to some extent, but they may have an effect for the strong of will. Those that get written about, that end up being considered worth remembering in the annals of the race, are ironically probably largely the people who are the least tolerant of simply existing for their own sake.


I hate the whole "social beings by nature" crap. While its true (to an extent) it ends up being another ideal people blindly pursue in hopes of some happiness and societal acceptance. Plenty of great people in history and even average folks realize the power of solitude, people nowadays are so afraid of being alone because they think they're too weak to face their demons.

If you are truly in tune with yourself/have inner peace the companionship you seek from others changes entirely, you still wish to help our species as a whole but in completely different ways. Being by yourself isn't boredom its taking pleasure in every simple unraveling moment in life-
Alone you can begin to shed to masks you've created, and the things you've been taught were "right and wrong" by people equally as lost and begin to come to the conclusion for yourself, to start your own journey unhindered by those beliefs

Its so hard because we aren't raised to believe this way, you have to break free and find it for yourself, if it were that easy everyone would be an enlightened master. We're born pure but raised to be sheep, conditioned and used as a pawn for the world we live in, not for the betterment of us but for "society" itself. Its why we're instilled values that are seemingly humane but not really, pushing away the natural but dark nature of humans and makes us fear it



This is a really good post, I wish I had more to add but I'm an idiot.

I think we are in a paradox where we have a lot less social contact than we used to, but any contact we do get is of worse and worse quality, and that as well as the ensuing isolation and psychic anxiety causes our personalities to degrade, as you said.

It seems like a reinforcing pattern of destruction.

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