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Why do people try to force one to be part of their society? Just because I was born here I gotta be with them? I didn't decide to be born so why should it be my dedication in life to work for you? I just don't get it…


Its a biological mechanism that is supposed to group up people to increase their chances of survival.

You have to face it that you need to work with people you live with, tough to expect you to conform to their social order is too much.
People shouldnt be forced to live how others tell them.
But thats how it is, or atleast used to be.


File: 1441630946810.gif (1.07 MB, 540x304, IhaveMoney.gif)

Be part of society anon! It's fun and opens your possibilities to an universe of money and joy!


Why should they work to support us though?


Because most people are very narrow minded, at least about certain things, and especially that which has been bred into them and their ancestors for generations.
They don't like that which is different or that which threatens the order of things.
Also as someone else mentioned, it's biological; it's an irrepressible urge in nearly all of us to seek out others which are alike and get along with them, and there's plenty good reasons for this.

I'm sure there are actual studies and people out there who have done more scientific research.

Nobody suggested that.


Because the previous generation is dissociated from their countrymen and more concerned with their own comforts than with ours. Don't worry, once they stop voting or start dying off, we'll take the helm and drive the world in a better direction. Our generation understands what's going on and the bad direction it's taking us, and I'd like to hope we'll all take responsibility for the mistakes of our parents and grandparents and the mess they left behind in due time.

Just don't get lazy, and stay involved in the politics of your respective nation, and you'll have the chance to change the world real soon.


I can't tell if this is a satirical post or not.


It's actually a drunk post, so it's fairly honest.


If you don't want to be part of the society, why are you talking to us? We're still social, though not very much. It's like breathing and sustaining yourself: no one can force you to do that, but it's fun AND practical!

With the world rapidly becoming increasingly liberal, we may soon challenge the very foundations of our social structure. There's no telling what the consequences will be, and I'm quite terrified of the possibilities, the total socioeconomic collapse we may bring about, but there's no turning back now. I can only hope that one day I'll be able to say with confidence: "yeah, I'll vote for Seisatsu, he seems like a reasonable fellow".


That's what our parents said.


Maybe our parents already gave up on changing the world.


If our demographic tries to take control there will just be people all over again who can't work with us cause they're awkward, autistic, have anxiety, got fucked over, ect.

I personally think that more people who feel like they can't work with society is just too scared/lazy to try to appease them or better there own ideas or ways of living with yours. But there is also a great deal of things I do that society doesn't agree with that I just try to not make anyones problems. I don't think my path is going the same direction as societies, but I can help society be more comfortable around me and in return they might make things more comfortable for me.


You have a point here.
I guess we have no choice but to contribute to society if we wanna be part of it, which most people want.
It makes sense, you wanna be part of society and be seen by others in a good way? then earn it, by contributing.
Though, some of us decide not to follow the set of moral and legal rules defined by society and government, and for that we're probably considered scum.

Non of us chose to be born on this world, but we did.
I don't think is that bad not to contribute to society, as long as we're not doing bad instead.


I also think that if you can get away with not contributing much while blending in, than you are contributing enough. A lot of us don't want to go down the path everyone else is and that's totally fine, but if we don't find a way to work together they are going to try to force us to be people they find liveable.


You had alot hadnt you.
Sure there is a part of our youth that is reasonable and most of these mentally ill fuckups too. But most of the remaining youthsters are delinquent trash that know nothing and had everything handed to them and think they are kings.

Older people may be intollerant ignorant assholes, but they did manage to stand on their own, wheres our generation, or degeneration as i like to call it, is a bunch of deluded fuckups incapable to hold out on their own.

The way i see there will be an international civil war at one point in all likelyhood.
There is no way this society can hold itself over water.


File: 1442180784367.jpg (7.59 KB, 224x224, zzzzfgedafdsafrafsdas.jpg)


I already see where this is going, the "you know what's wrong with society these days" arguments, I can not even take those remotely seriously.
I mean first of all there is a huge gray area between right and wrong, things that older generations may have thought of as wrong are now considered completely right, things that we may consider wrong may someday be right. Right and wrong are always a gray area but when it comes to society over a period of time the gray area doesn't even stand still, it moves around. And to say that older generations were wrong about what they thought was right and that what we think is right is truly right and its just the ultimatum that will never be wrong and should never change is bull shit. Things change and things are situational. I also really hate the notion that some problem with society now is only going to escalate until it destroys the world. There are limits to everything and there are limiting factor to certain problems in society, they can only escalate to a certain level and I believe society has more decency to correct itself than people give it credit for. There were things that used to be completely acceptable that could really fuck you up or cause problems for you and the people around you, but nowadays everyone knows that. Everyone knows that cigarettes can ruin your health, everyone knows not to drink and drive. The rapid spread of drug abuse and STDs in the 60s and 70s has ensured that all schoolchildren will spend many hours hearing about how they are bad. People typically have the decency to inform the next generation about how they fucked up. (Perhaps with a bit too much zealous and a good dose of hypocrisy but even so)
But this being said problems that exist in society right now ARE going to fuck things up, it's unavoidable, we can only teach the youth of tomorrow about the mistakes that were made today, we can't proactively fix problems before they occur, and many things that people think are major problems in society are really no more than over exaggerated notions with little grounding in reality, especially problems people simply blame "society" for, it is one of the biggest scapegoats I've ever seen. You really could blame almost anything on society.

The older generation is certainly composed of many intolerant hypocritical assholes but so is the younger one, just go ahead and walk into the wrong neighborhood of any social media and say the wrong thing and you'll be struck down with swift rebuttal. The ideology of younger and older variations of this group are about as far apart as you can get but it's all the same shit. The older ones will eventually die out, but then we will only find ourselves dealing with a new generation of them.

So, all in all society will adapt, we WILL fuck things up just as every generation before us and we WILL also try to fix the problems that got dumped on us and try to teach the next generation from our mistakes just as every generation before.

As for the Op's question I think "you know what's wrong with society these days" arguments are a great example. Just as people want to tell you what's wrong with society they will tell you what you're doing wrong. People want to set things "right" whether that is society or yourself.

… And the whole thing about having to work… that's a bit more than just society, that's also economic and if you want to bring socialism or welfare into the equation it's also very very political.


The way I see it, you can either be part of civilization, or you can not. You can either be part of that global "project", or you can try your best in the wilderness without all the cool gadgets, medicine and security. It's up to you.


File: 1442213333617.jpg (403.45 KB, 1200x811, untitled.jpg)

bla bla tl;dr past the first few sentences. You're wrong, I just don't care about what they do. Stop being such a judgemental cunt.

No you can't, and that's exactly the problem. First of all try to find a spot on earth where you are not in a countries borders. The government will always try to force you to be part of it.
You also can't easily find woods or fields which are not already owned by someone somewhere, so you would be invading their property.
Third of all you probably (given you were born) have people who 'love' you and will try to find you. If you leave, they will try to stop you and if you vanish they inform the police who will try to track you down or additional information about your characteristics will be given out to the public who will be urged to look for you.
Fourth I would argue that this shit starts with conception/birth you are created because someone wanted to have you. Say for example in their family, when a politician says there need more children to be born because most people are getting too old (see Japan) or when someone accidentally causes you to exist because they had unprotected sex but didn't want a child anyways. (not that that would make it a whole lot better)

I really want to get out, I want to live on my own somewhere in cold north North America or Scandinavia where nobody knows I even exist. People will make efforts to prevent this from happening and I wonder why?


This, as expressed by a sophisticated race through cultures that will always and maybe even rightfully should look on outsiders with suspicion.

But yeah, the only way to be truly free of is is to meander off into international waters, it seems like.
Granted, just as we're hardwired to bunch up for better chances at survival, we're wired to need the presence of others to remain even somewhat healthy. So while I can look at the fantasy of building a cabin out in the middle of nowhere fondly, I also know that I and anyone who is being remotely realistic would become lonely very fast. And if you brought others, you'd just make a little scale model society all your own.

That isn't getting into the problems with society. We're raising a generation whose first experience with the internet is more often than not social media and have had just about everything handed to them, are spoiled and dependent and increasingly able to simply google anything they don't remember rather than try to actually learn anything. That isn't to mention the fact that here in the US, they're pretty much dismantling the education system even further, needlessly complicating it in some places and stripping it barren in others. seemingly to reduce everyone to the level of the slowest kid. So much as I would like to agree with sei, I really can't.


The thing I wonder about is: can we afford not to be part of society? What do we stand to gain by detaching from it? I don't care how doable it is, I'd just like to know why one would want to do that in the first place.


File: 1442386751234.jpg (1.96 MB, 2048x1516, 1434876475944.jpg)

You have a point, most of the people like the people in this thread are complaining without doing a thing to solve the problem. They blame society for their problems but solving societies problems will solve your problems too for having to associate with them.

Also, I think it's more like because of how prideful people are, the older generation doesn't try to help us but tries to cover up the shame of their mistakes. They were taught not to really respect the younger generation until they understand the pain they went through (or at least thats what some older people in my family I get along with say, after much bickering). So what they do is try to make sure we feel shame for feeling the same way did while denying they ever felt that way. They cover up the bad parts of their past which is why they say you should be able to succeed the same way they did while they don't admit that we can't. Maybe they can't even tell, they're too delusional.


You mean like, no-internet innawoods? There's tons of places you can go.
Establishing a life there will be the tricky part. Clean water, supplies, growing your own food (preferably). Digging a well will eventually come to mind.

If you want infrastructure (internet), you want to be part of society. If you want medicine, you want to be part of society. How do plan to live without those?


OP, if you'd like to live on literal fringes of society without actually becoming marginalized and ostracized, then did you try living in the woods?

Henry Thoreau lived like that in the 19th century for two years, enjoying plenty of solitude. Maybe it's still possible today. He wrote a book describing in good detail how he managed that, called "Walden". His ideals sounded close to ones you espouse: to maximize his leisure time. (And also to "strip life to its barest basics", i.e. to make it as simple as possible.) I think you could find his observations helpful in your endeavours.


Wasn't Walden more about refusing to participate in a system which he viewed as based on exploitation, more than anything else?


Umm… maybe? I don't think so. I honestly can't remember, but I didn't originally interpret it this way.

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