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Food thread.

What are you guys eating to stay alive?


cereal, peanut butter sandwiches and McDonalds.

I'm not a NEET and have a shit tier fast food job, but I get free food when I work and half price food every day.


File: 1440583772081.gif (364.89 KB, 500x474, 1437206486931.gif)

I used to live on canned chili, oyster crackers, pizza, diet orange soda (I still like the taste of it to this day but can't be fucked asking my parents to start buying it again) and various fast food shit. I ate more variety then but I still ate the same core foods mostly.

I ended up around 320lbs which isn't very fun but I started eating different things a few months ago and have lost some weight (~275 now, maybe 280). Now I mostly eat turkey and ham sandwiches on white bread, greek yogurt, granola bars, chicken breast, and sometimes those frozen dinner things.

I was counting calories for awhile but after a month of eating the same thing every day it's easy to know how much you've eaten.

I've become more lax this week because I've been smoking a lot of weed. Thankfully I've run out and will have no money for months to come so I don't think I have to worry about losing control again (while under the influence at least).

The good thing about never leaving your house and being okay with eating the same thing every day is that you aren't tempted by other people, just yourself.


File: 1440627821566.png (16.88 KB, 365x456, this is just how i live.png)

I have a diet of pizza, candy, lemons, egg rolls and instant ramen. Sometimes I spice things up by buying luxurious microwavable food.

I'm aware it's unhealthy, but if I was honest, I don't give two shits. I'm probably gonna die before I'm 25, so might as well eat what I want.


File: 1440656656874.jpg (35.53 KB, 300x300, 1416322615195.jpg)

Subs from subway.

I always get the 12inch.
Sometimes the clerk gives me a funny smile when I order, no idea what that's about.

I got an odd smile once when I awkwardly said I wanted my 12inch toasted.


I eat once a day since becoming NEET. That usually includes either ramen, a pb&j, rice, mashed potatoes, potato salad, or eggs.


File: 1440725944736.jpg (116.1 KB, 611x636, 1261867915764.jpg)

I live mostly on pizza pops, canned ravioli, and macaroni or rice usually mixed with chili, sometimes in a tortilla or with chips, I also usually have hummus, peanut butter, and crackers of some sort. I usually have whatever cheap soda there is to drink as well. Oh yeah, and multivitamins so that I don't fucking die.

I pretty much only eat once or twice a day because I often more compelled to ignore my hunger than to actually go heat something up, also because I hate spending money on food and I hate making trips to the store, so I make everything I have last as long as possible.

I never eat out or order in except when someone else is paying for it.


I'm broke as a joke and always incredibly nauseated when I wake up, so I've cut back to eating once a day before bed, sometimes twice. I haven't had 3 meals in one day for over a year now. Most of the time its some cheap sandwiches from a drive-thru or a frozen dinner. I'm very self-conscious because of how skinny I am (people frequently ask if I'm eating enough and I always lie) and I'm always fatigued (and sick, judging by the near-constant nausea).


You must have as much energy as a turtle with ebola


Do you have an idea as to why you are always ill? You should probably get that checked out.


Pasta at home and fast-food restaurants when i get bored of eating pasta.


File: 1440795126416.png (95.75 KB, 400x400, 1387782029711.png)

I've only eaten chips and peanut butter crackers for a long time. Wonder how I'm not dead yet.


Where does the money come from to buy this junk food? wouldnt it be cheaper to make sandwiches or something of the sort?


Are you ordering the same sandwich every time? Back when I worked in restaurant, I always liked it when the regulars would order the same thing, as it made it easier on me, and eventually I could start writing up the order and have their drink ready the moment they walked in and just confirm the order with them to save time. So don't be alarmed at the odd smile from the clerk, it's because you're a regular there. Do you ever have any conversations with the clerk?

On topic, I survive on a diet of peanut butter sandwhiches, cereal, and dinner is usually (rice + X) where X is whatever I can get my hands on in terms of meat and veggies.


File: 1440941863386.jpg (213.76 KB, 1367x769, jammu.jpg)

There used to be people who were better at cooking than me where I live, quite a few. As much as I wanted to try to cook for people, others were more proactive and I got lazy, didn't feel like trying anything new. Now it seems like with the recent configuration with people I live with I'm the better cook. I look for ways to improve my roommates health as I learn to cook on my own. I've mostly learned quite a few different styles of pastas, but I'm going to move onto different styles soon. I try to put whatever vegetables, grains, and 'super foods' as they say, that I think will taste good, and cook them different ways to improve them each time.

Having to try and figure out how to spend our food budget wisely has also made it easier to eat healthier. The fact of the matter is if we spend money on anything but core ingredients and spices, we won't be able to afford to live. I started to learn this way back when I started living with one other person who was able to get a very small ammount of EBT by filing as homeless. I had a small bit of my own NEETbux to contribute as well.

When I'm not making a big meal, I usually make some kind of sandwich or wrap with a small amount of veggies and some cheese and eggs.

The joy of cooking has become one and the same with the joy of survival.


My diet is now at least 50% toaster waffles.


This, I live on rice and multivitamins (I'm also only 130 pounds, so I don't need to eat that much)

I want steak.


Whatever's easiest I'll usually eat. Sandwiches like pbj, or I'll buy ham lettuce and tomatoes sometimes if I feel like eating a lot of that on sandwiches. And cereal, usually cheerios and I like to add fruit if I have any, but I don't usually. Occasionally I'll have instant ramen or eggs but not often.


I "cook" a little. Mostly just taking raw meat and cooking it on a pan with olive oil.

I find that I can alleviate my laziness by cooking big batches at a time, so I don't have to cook too often


$1 loaf of bread, $6 for a kg of Chinese made sausages, $1.80 for a can of tomato sauce, $2.20 for a kg of "fries", $6 for 6 mince and cheese pies.
These form the basis of my weekly shops, I branch out depending on what specials are on. Sometimes I get 2L of ice cream for $3.50, hash browns or cheese.

Regularly I do a deal at Burger King, where if you fill out an online survey with a code from a receipt, in return you get a code that grants you a free cheeseburger with any purchase (and cheese burgers here at BK and McD cost $2.90) so what I do is spend $0.70 on a soft serve and get a free cheeseburger with that, $3.60 worth of product for $0.70 which does well to fill up my belly for a bit. If I'm feeling fancy or thirsty I'll get a $1 forzen drink instead of the ice cream.

I mean to get into more noodles but they are slightly more effort in some way, I also have various cans of soupy stuff (mostly gifts) I get into when I run out of other food temporarily.

If I have a few extra dollars I might buy a $5 pizza from Dominos or get a scoop of chips from $2.40 or so from a fish and chips store.


Mostly me and my three roommates survive on my foodstamps
(about $200/mo for four people), but my friend's mother just bought us like $200 worth of groceries, and a friend of mine is visiting from a few counties away and cooked us some ribs and fish and veggies on the BBQ tonight, best meal I've had in a while.

Finances are tough around here nowadays but it's starting to turn around. That's what poor spending habits combined with several sudden unexpected major emergencies will do to you when you're living out in the world. 18k in debt but still kicking. Gotta learn somehow, and what better way than making a bunch of mistakes.


Wait, what? 18 thousand?

Then how is this thing still afloat? Do people using it actually donate enough each month to keep it running?

Um, on topic… I don't really know how to cook, so I just make toasts with ham and cheese, and various toppings, and just buy junk food and ready-made meals in grocery stores. I only keep my diet relatively varied because I still live with my mother at 24 and she cooks dinners for me while I rot away at the computer… wow thinking of it now I might have made some pretty poor life choices

Where do I start learning how to cook something simple to add to my nonexistent cookbook? I know how to make scrambled eggs but that's it.


I have a BMI of 15.1 so…nothing


a) IMHO most people seem either too broke to donate or don't give a fuck. The last 3 months it's come down the last second with $0 in donations, which is when I decide to pay the full $80 to keep the site and everything else than depends on Sei's server and domain afloat.

b)Honestly just think of something you ate before that you liked and look up a recipe or guess what goes into it. You might fail but keep trying.


Cooking really isn't that hard… I am cooking for myself now and my meals are pretty delicious, I would enjoy them if they were served to me in say a restaurant or something. Buying all the ingredients and making stuff yourself is probably cheaper than buying garbage foods, and definitely healthier.


I'm trying to enjoy eating food on a regular basis again after developing really disordered eating habits. I went to a subway with some friends of mine(usually I refuse invitations to go out to eat with others but it wasn't convenient for me to do that at the time and was too hungry to care) and I got very embarrassed after one of them commented that I should have added vegetables to my sandwich, it was a barren meat/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich with no trimmings. I just didn't know what to order and nothing looked appealing. Meat has been really disgusting to me lately.


wow this is my first time on this board and the amount that I can relate to your embarrassment surprised me


Seeing the posts in this thread i believe if we came together and formed solutions to food problems we could probably create a NEET cookbook. It would help a majority of people on the board in my opinion and beyond.


File: 1442112265054.png (493.66 KB, 1242x1080, 1439338636208.png)

I felt like a child. I was also really self-aware of the way I was eating and figured they must have noticed that I've lost weight since the last time they saw me. That's what it is, just embarrassing.


File: 1442141831809.png (441.19 KB, 569x928, 24.png)

Slightly related because I drink to keep myself alive for so long.

I usually prefer eating heavy-fried rice along with booze, aside from the general roasted peanuts. Nowadays though, I just eat convenience store sandwiches with booze.

The fried rice is usually made up of leftover stuff from the fridge and fried with butter if I could afford it.


File: 1442141859357.jpg (61.36 KB, 483x604, 104496514446.jpg)

Not exactly it, but there's a /ck/booru with some good recipes. http://ck.booru.org/index.php

As for the original question, I eat pretty standard food. I love cooking so no boxed dinners or instant ramen for me. Lately it's been sandwiches, some sort of meat+rice, various stir fries, porridge and baby carrots/cauliflower/radishes for snacks. Occasionally I'll have chips or pizza with beer. All is good in moderation.


File: 1442187993016.png (125.48 KB, 330x332, 1419907245914.png)

>Are you ordering the same sandwich every time?

Yeah, it's always the same thing.

>Do you ever have any conversations with the clerk?

No but she did randomly ask me if I was shy and I just looked away and stuttered a "yeah, kind of" to her and she just smiled back. When I got the order I bolted out the door without leaving a tip because we made unconformable eye-contact.


I eat what parents make, if it were not for that i would die of malnutrition.


i ate nothing but off brand cocoa bites for like 3 weeks that was cool


Are you still here? I hope you figured out your stomach problems.


His problem was probably related to gastritis. It could heal by itself with time if he took something like the BRAT diet for half a year
The sandwiches might be fine, but frozen dinners generally have conservatives that really hurt the stomach.
It also can increase a lot with anxiety and it's increase makes you more anxious, creating a vicious cycle. He seemed to be very anxious about it.
I too am worried. I hope he is ok.


I usually buy those "fix" packets (dunno if they're in the US), and required ingredients like meat and veggies and make a big tupperware container worth of it so it lasts me a few days. Then I buy another one and repeat. I also buy pasta salads, buns, cheese and various types of ham for breakfast, quick lunch or supper.

I'm a wageslave unfortunately but at least I can afford to eat something other than ramen everyday.

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